Korean lunch & Hotel Diplomat

Today has been a day spent in the city. I left to meet my cousin Sara and she walked with me while I did some of errands. Fist stop was the camera store where we kindly asked Mats (the owner) to take some pictures of us in front of one of their fancy light equipment. I love the light it puts in your face! This equipment  probobly have a pretty name but I just know it as “light thing that makes you prettier”.
Then it was lunch time and we walked down Kungsgatan towards a Korean place with one of the best Bibimbap in Stockholm. At least in my opinion. Sara tried their Bento Box and she loved it. The only “negativity” one can say about this place one could say is that their portions are too big. I never manage to finish it unfortunately. Then Sara wanted to do some shopping so I kindly walked with her for a while. I usually don’t like shopping, especially with someone. But I finally convinced her to have a coffee instead at Wienercafee’t. I always try and visit this pretty place whenever I am in Sweden. Love their interior design.
Around 5pm, I exchanged Sara for my friend Suzie. She left work early to come meet me since she is leaving town for a week and there is a big possibility that I am in Australia by the time she’s back.
We choose to eat something small at Hotel Diplomat. We sat and talked for an hour or two before heading back.

Now I just had a super hot bath, watched some Masterchef Australia, the only one worth watching. I am sitting looking at my Visa, Insurance and flight tickets. Soon time for bed. Alot going on tomorrow and I want to wake up earlier than my usual 7:30 am. Have a great day wherever you are. xx



Grateful goodbyes

I just finished Tony Robbins  “Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life” so I am pretty hyped hahah,  but I try to check in here anyway.

Before I continue about my day, I will leave the link to the Tony Robbins video I just watched at the end. Just in case any of you are curious… I did not just watch, I actually did every crazy thing he asks you to do. Try it for yourself.

Its been alot going on today as always when my family are together. Last night my little sister decided she was gonna sleep next to me. Manages to wake me up 3 times, whereas one of those times was to tell me that I breath strangely so she cannot sleep next to me….
She basically woke up all of us at one stage or another. Then I woke up around 7:30, we all had breakfast together and after run around doing some last minute errands. Came back to the apartment had a huge lunch because I wanted them to finish up everything in the fridge. And then the taxi came which was not so nice. We released that we are probobly not going to see each other for a at least a couple of months, maybe up to a year. And we all started crying. I love my family so much and I am so proud of them. All of them. As their cab was driving away, all I could feel was gratitude that they live in Barcelona where I know they feel great. Its comforting to know they are happy.




Good morning!

I have to say, my picture looks like an ad for Apetina feta cheese 🙂 Its nice weather, I have been up for a while now, waiting for the rest to get up. My sister Hanie was out having dinner and drinks with some friends last night so she needed to sleep in. At least that’s what my mum told us so I was forced to be quite and let Hanie sleep until around 10 am. I was up at 7:30 so incredibly annoying and hard to stay quiet for that long.

Anyway, we all had a nice breakfast together where I am trying to get them to eat up everything left in the fridge. They are leaving back to Barcelona tomorrow evening and I don’t want to be stuck with all the leftovers.

Todays plan is to now slowly getting ready and go into the city for a seafood soup lunch.


Summer in Sweden

Sorry sorry sorry for my absence. But these last days all my time and energy has been going towards spending time with family and friends. I released today that my sister and my mum are leaving in just a couple of days so I want all my focus to go to them. I will soon leave this place and go home, until then I think I will do alot of typical “Swedish” stuff. Promise that I am going to try to take you guys with me 🙂

Lets start with yesterdays lovely BBQ…

We had a bbq evening that never ended haha. When you live abroad as me and my sisters, its always extra fun to spend some time and just hang out with friends and family. Just wish Ambrose was here. Swedish summer and bbq. So many memories from growing up here 🙂
Some nice places I can recommend for when you visit Stockholm:

Hallwylska PalatsetHamngatan 4

Vau De Ville – Norrmalmstorg 6

Sturehof Stureplan 2



Yesterday I drove to the airport ( way to early out of excitement ) to pick up my 2 sister !!
Had not seen them in about 11 months so was sitting here in the car counting the minutes until their plane arived from Barcelona. Also found one of my favorites on Snap while I was waiting hahaha So damn good!

This is tradition. I am always going to a hotel breakfast with Hanie and Jasmin when we are together in a country together. Always have, always will. This is Hotel Rival in Stockholm. Can highly recommend this place. Think they even have won an award for their breakfast.

After some shopping me and Jasmin sat down at Strandvägen 1 for a coffee break. Waiting for Hanie who had a meeting with the bride and groom to a wedding she is gonna be the photographer for.

I also got to see my dear friend Caroline. We released that we have not seen each other in 8 years. 8 years !!?!?!
She has 2 lovely children now and they live on the canary islands.

Recommendations from Helsingborg And Copenhagen

Lunch at Barfota. The cocktails, service, atmosphere, location and surroundings were 9/10. The food unfortunately only gets 5/10. Sometimes you just have to pick whats more important. Usually I would say ; The Food, but we had such a great time there and this place had so many good qualities so it was kind of okey that the food was not top quality.

Walk along the beachfront. Filled with ice cream bars and restaurants to pick from. Great for PW, biking, and sunbathing. Very child friendly as well.


Helsingborg is filled with beautiful buildings and cozy little cobblestone alleys.
Reminded me those of small charming villages in Italy.

Suzie & Åsa 🙂

When you are drunk and trying to check out some of the art in Copenhagen 🙂

These are the last pictures from our short trip. Hope you guys got some tips. Let me know if you need more information. I think its safe to say that when visiting Sweden, try not just get “stuck” in Stockholm. The capital is truly beautiful and worth visiting but what I am trying to say is that Sweden has alot more to offer.

Happy exploring! xx


trip to Helsingborg and Copenhagen – part II

Oh my God, its so much more pictures then I thought from our trip! I should divide this into THREE different posts, but I cant be bothered to be honest. You guys just have to be patient with me on this one 😉
Prepare yourselves for a picture marathon of me and my Swedish friends.
Lets do this.

I woke up at 5 am, released I would get punched in the face if I woke up any of my friends so I had a shower and then went out to buy breakfast. Åsa has a cute bakery close by so I bought sourdough with walnuts and seeds. Still hot from the oven! Prepared a mini breakfast buffet which we all enjoyed for a couple of hours. After breakfast we took the ferry to Helsingœr and after, Copenhagen in Denmark!


All of Helsingœr looks like this! Cute and charming.

It started raining (of course) as we were doing some shopping in Helsinœr so we hoped in to a restaurant for lunch. We all picked different dishes and were all satisfied. I am so use to sharing a couple of dishes with Ambrose so could not accept that I had to pick just ONE dish. Therefore I choose their brunch plater. Look at this!


Next stop – Copenhagen!

Nyhavn – such an cute area in Copenhagen.

After some shopping and strolling around the city we chose one of the restaurants on Nyhavn. A couple of bottles of Cava and dinner. Think we sat here over 4 hours! Clearly we had alot to talk about hahah
The combination of alcohol, amazing atmosphere and good girlfriends ♥

Think I have to take back what I said earlier. This trip need to be divided into 3 post’s. I am having Emilia & Alexander over and we are watching cartoons. Love spending time with them, especially now that they are leaving on vacation in 2 days, and will be away for 3 weeks.
As soon as they leave I think I will take a bath. You know, one of those with salts and aroma oils and stuff. I went to the gym again this morning and I can hardly move because of all the pain! Hot bath, some stretching and I get back to give you the rest of our Helsingborg and Copenhagen trip.



Helsingborg and Copenhagen

Promised I would give you some pictures from our days in Helsingborg and Copenhagen. We took ALOT of pictures so need to divide this into 2 separate posts. Lest start.

We are on our way ! After years we finally are at the airport together 🙂 Its early in the morning, non of us managed to get some sleep the night before. Excitement was an understatement of what we felt.After about an hour of flight where we disturbed the all the poor passengers around us with all out talk and laughter we landed at the smallest airport. Åsa was there to pick us up and we went back to their place to celebrate with some pick champagne.

After a couple of glasses of champagne 4 tipsy girls and one boy went out  to explore this absolutely stunning town.

Told you…very excited. The whole trip we have been laughing about this picture. From the left, Suzie looks like a the happiest person on this earth, no legs but still. We called her YOLO after this picture. The second weirdo, after this picture Michaela’s name was changed to Michael Jackson. She looks like Michael with a bad wig on. haha Ugliest jump picture in history.

After a long sightseeing and lunch it was time for this pretty place. Called Tropical and right on the beach. Since we were still full from lunch we started with some Irish coffee’s here and continued with rose’ for a couple of hours.

The evening plans changed to cheese, wine and board-games. The original plans was to go to a music festival and have a picnic. But this is Sweden. So we go from sunny to rain in like 2 seconds. That’s Sweden for you!  You have to be ready to change plans all the time because of the weather. But we didn’t mind as you can see.

Now its time for some stretching. I went to a Tabatah class this morning and feel my body is in desperate need to stretch.
Rest of todays plans are that I am going to watch some trash TV. hahah I know its not a big deal for people, but I never watch any TV so its a huge deal. 🙂

Crown princess

I loved these flowers, that’s why I am posing in front of them…. 🙁
Perhaps a normal person would just take a picture of the flowers…

Swedish weather…during a 30 min boat ride we had a mix of sun and sweating and rain and super cold I think about 5 times!!! Whats wrong with this country?

Back from the celebrations of the crown princess of Sweden! It was actually great, we saw them on their horses and carriage elegantly driving by (do you say “driving” by when its with a horse..?) It did go very quick though. Mum asked me to film the whole thing, I did…and somehow I failed. She has been going on and on about this! She is obsesses with the Swedish royal family… nobody knows why.

After that my auty came and met us up for a boat ride to a restaurant called J. You take the ferry from Strandkajen and get off at Nacka Strand. Its beautiful there so if you are in Sweden its a great place to get some lunch. In summer, in winter Sweden is….well lets just say you wont be outside a lot during winter in Sweden haha.

We just had something to drink at this place, took the ferry back after 45 min. By this time it was about 4pm so we were all starving. Walked to Hötorgshallen, a place you can by beautiful produce and its also filled with restaurants. We chose the the fish restaurant and had their fish and seafood soup wit saffron aioli. Its such a great place and their prices are great too if anyone is after a good lunch place in Stockholm. Its can get very busy though, so be prepared to wait for a table.



Just wanted to go in and say hi ! I have since Tuesday morning been in in Skåne. Together with some of my oldest and closest friends we took a plane to visit our friend Åsa. Its been almost one year ago I spent time with these girls, so clearly we had the best time. I just woke up in the apartment in Stockholm and if I can mention just one memory from our days in Skåne is laughter. I just remember laughing until crying over an over on this short trip.

More stories and pictures from my days with the girls later today. Right now I have a very excited (and slightly irritating 🙂 ) mother who is stressing me to get ready. Apparently the crown princes of Sweden, Victoria, has her 40th birthday celebration today. The city is crazy of course, filled with tourists and swedes who loves the royalties.
Stockholm is giving us sun today so I am looking forward to spend the day with Suz (mum) in the city. Its gonna be great. Like always, the only thing missing, that would make the day perfect is Ambrose.

Spend the day outside if you guys can! Come in here later for to see my recommendations on Skåne and Copenhagen. xx


sun tanning

Can you see that I’m desperately trying to do a peace sign in this picture?

Hello lovelies! Today I finally got to spend some time in the sun. My whole morning went to sort things out over the phone which is too tiring to even write about …Zzzzz.
Anyway, after all those calls I found a book, put on some music, had some pink grapefruit (so damn juicy and delicious) and a bottle of sparkling Coconut water and soaked up some Swedish sun out on the balcony.
I might, just might got a bit of a tan. I put on spf 30 all over my face and body.

Makes me laugh, if this was in Australia, I would have been burned by now. Here in Sweden, I wasn’t even sweaty after 2 hours in the sun!

I know its not real and its Snapchat, but I love round glasses. Regret so much that I bought a square shaped one 🙁

Last night we had a small Persian feast at my auntie’s. She was suppose to make me ox tongue, and as you can see here she did not stop after one dish (not that any Persian in history ever has…) She made 4 different dishes! And instead of being grateful, it actually pissed me off a bit. haha Three out of those dishes are my favorites, but they absolutely don’t go together! So I had to pick…. I picked the tongue. I have not had that dish in maybe 5 years so it was an obvious choice.

I just realized why Ambrose makes fun of my obsession with food….I spent half this post about dinner last night.. 😲
Ehhhh I’m gonna go now.Think that will be best for everyone. hahha

Have a lovely afternoon. xx

saturday in stockholm

Hey guys, its Sunday and I am sitting here in the kitchen with a cup of cardamom coffee. I have been cleaning up and now trying to get some admin stuff done before tonight. We are invited to my aunties house for dinner so want to be done with work stuff before we go.

Above you can see some pictures from yesterday. Power-walk right after I woke up, Sweden is ridiculously beautiful this season. The green color in nature is almost looking fake over here because its too “popping” if you understand what I mean? After we had a typical Persian (at least in my family) breakfast. Its all normal I guess except we eat a ton of mixed fresh herbs. Thyme, parsley, coriander, mint, and all those others I cannot remember the name of right now.

Around 9pm we decided to go out for a drink. Well at least Suz (that’s what we call my mum) insisted. We took a cab, started of at Hotel Diplomat then walked a couple of meters down to Strandvägen 1, on the same street. I always go here the last couple of times I visited Stockholm, its a great place for breakfast,lunch and dinner. In the evening it turns into this lovely lounge type of place with a good crowed and feeling. I can highly recommend it if you are in Stockholm and don’t know where to go. We sat at the bar and by the end of the night we were talking with people all over the place. I have to say, I love Swedish people more and more every time I am back here. They are way more friendly, open, lovely and fun.

Such great great night, we had so much fun. Except at the moment when a guy (seemingly normal) that was talking for a while said; “well, I wonder by the end of the night if I will be sleeping with you or your lovely mother”….. haahahahahaha That must be the most disturbing sentence I have ever heard in my life.
No need to mention, I asked him to leave us alone.



Today has not been exciting enough to take pictures of haha. I have been cleaning the house, running errands, grocery shopping, visit to my physiotherapist and acupuncture for my neck. Nobody wants to see pictures of me running errands 😉

I have also tried to look up some pictures from when I was visiting Denmark with Ambrose. Think it was end of 2015 or beginning of 2016. I am flying to south of Sweden with some friends in a couple of days, and we have decided to take the train over to Copenhagen while we are down there. I am trying to get some memories back from looking at our old pictures because we had such a great time there. I especially wanted to find this lovely restaurant where we had breakfast one morning. But I cant find it! There are too many pictures from our trip, here are some. How charming isn’t Copenhagen!?!

If we ever would move back to Scandinavia, I could seriously consider living in Copenhagen. Its the perfect mix of north and south of Europe.


Namegiving Milton

I had such luck, made it to little Milton’s name-giving celebration. Usualy I am over on the other side of the world, missing wedding and all these big events that are going on in my family an friends life. This time I made one! 🙂

Our part of the family were all (as usual ) late to the church. Well not me, but all the rest. But that was the only drama of the day haha. The rest was amazing and it was so nice to hang out with these people again!

It was that wonderful charming chaos that Persians have when they all get together 🙂 🙂
So much laughter that only this family can produce when we all get together. Thank God for a large family !


Samira’s birthday

I don’t know why but I look like I am about to go out and kick someones ass ! 🙁
Anyway, here I am getting ready with the birthday girl <3

Sunday night I joined my cousin Samira and some of her friends to celebrate Samira’s birthday. We had reservations at one of the most popular Persian restaurants in Stockholm right now – Sharzad. Loved the atmosphere, the food was great but best of all was the company. Samira always complaints because I never ever come with her whenever she goes out with her friends. This is something we have been arguing over for years now, but I just have not been that “interested” in her group of friends.

This evening I decided that I have not spent much time with her and she is going overseas for 2 weeks. So I agreed to join them. Also, I am more “mature” (hahahaha) now and can handle a night out with people who I normally would not hang out with. It turns out this group were fantastic and I ended up having such a great night, we all did. As you can see from the last picture, we “closed” the restaurant. Luckily Samira and a couple of the girls new the owner so it was alright.

Again, a Big Happy Birthday to Samira, one of the most amazing people on this planet who deserves only the best! xx