New glasses

A couple of days ago my glasses broke, well no its been more a couple of weeks now BUT I have finally ordered a new pair. For the first time in my life I ordered a pair of glasses online. So great! I just popped in my prescription details, choose the frame’s I wanted and boom, just like that they are being shipped to my front door as I am writing this.

Initially I went to the optometrist to pick out a new pair of glasses when my old one broke. I tried maybe 50 glasses and could not decide which one to pick. Ambrose tried one maybe 5, picked one of them and within that same time picked out a pair of prescription sunglasses as well. It took me about 3 weeks longer that him! You would think this is an urgent matter since I have – 6, so pretty bad vision.

What I am trying to say is that there is always something, a habit, a personality trait anything you can learn from others, and add that to yourself and how you do things. And I am definitely adding “making fast decisions” from him. Such a waste of time taking almost a month just to pick a pair of damn glasses.

As Ambrose said to me, “it’s not the end of the word, you’re not going to wear exactly those glasses for the rest of your life.”
So true.

This picture taken with Snapchat will have to do because these glasses look exactly like the ones I ordered. Round and Brown/Orange:y. Hopefully not as gigantic though.

Recipe for a Bowl of Tuscany

Not much excitement has been going on today to be honest. Besides this bowl of delicious pasta that I “invented”.
I am still so close to be getting sick and I just know that if I rest and eat and drink a little more of the good stuff such as ginger tea and such, I can get past this flu. So this morning I had alot going on but I have spent most of this evening in bed, watching all kinds of crazy stuff on YouTube.

Our friend Mike and Lucinda are getting married in a few weeks so Ambrose are away tonight and tomorrow for Mike’s bucks party. So I took the opportune to just hang out and watch stuff on my laptop. It’s very rare that I allow myself to watch just random stuff. For some reason it gives me anxiety and I always feel I should be doing something more useful or productive while I watch for example trash TV. Resting to prevent getting sick is a perfect time to just give in and binge watch without feeling bad about it, at least this works for me. Weird I know.

As I said before, my only productiveness of today resulted in a recipe we can call a Bowl of Tuscany.

Start with your base sauce:
2 large carrots
2 medium yellow onions
5 cloves of garlic
Chicken salt/ black pepper

I put all the veggies in a food processors to get them into finely diced pieces
Sweat the veggies in a big pot with some olive oil until softened.
Poor over 2 large cans of diced tomatoes
About 15 cherry tomatoes cut in half
Let it simmer for 1,5 hours
Add 2 dl of cream and 2 dl of sour cream
Add your meatballs in the pot
Add fresh basil

Serve with pasta, fresh Parmesan cheese, fresh black pepper and basil
And also a piece of garlic bread to scope up the sauce.


One tiny piece of document left

Thursday evening and it feels like its been one of those very very long weeks. I am actually ready to have the weekend so we can sleep in a little bit. Well, sleeping in for us usually means until 8am, but still better that these 5 and 6 am that we have had.

It has been alot to do this week and on top of everything else, our Partner Visa is about to be finalized. Only last tiny bit left – A Police clearance from Spain. I have not lived in Spain for many years but one of the requirements is that you need to show police clearance from all the countries you lived in for the past 10 years.

The only issue is that I have a Swedish nationality and I live in Australia. And to get a police clearance from Spain, if you are not a Spanish means well, basically they told me to fly 30 hours to Spain to get a piece of paper and come back.

If any of you wonders how my feelings are about the whole Partner Visa process? Its something like …ZZZZzzzzzzzzz
2 years have past !! Hours of putting together documents. Even more hours proving we are a couple. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent. And it all comes down to ONE tiny document. Which just happens to be across the planet.

I know I know, It sound like I am complaining. Actually I am relived and grateful that its only one tiny piece of document left. Like everything else in life, it depends on how you look at the situation. Now, red wine and take away dinner out on the terrace. xx


The cultural clash reunion

One normal picture. And that’s because Javier took it on his phone and sent it to me. Dinner at the Greek restaurant Xenos. Very charming place in Crows Nest. Always vibrant which I like.

We could not stop laughing. My camera keeps making these weird pictures where everyone looks, well not great….

After drinks comes dinner and after dinner comes Gelato. A must if you are hanging out with Ambrose.
But this is not your ordinary ice-cream place. This is heaven in you are into ice creams. Or any sweets, they have cronut’s or croissants with ice cream inside…just saying. The place is calles C9 Chocolate & Gelato. Just go there.

Last night we had a proper reunion with some of the old Barcelona crew. Started with an after-work in Crows News and I could not help but t feel like its was like the good old days in Barcelona. It’s such a cultural thing, and of course it helps when you live in a country where the weather actually “welcomes” you to make plans and do something after work.
Yesterday during drinks we were actually discussing the cultural differences we experience.
For example the difference between Swedes and Australians. Swedish people tend to be more direct. In Sweden it is socially accepted to answer your phone with a ” Hello”. Not in Australia. I remember Ambrose being so shocked when he heard me answer my phone. Australians answer more like ; ” Nicci Speaking”.
Another example was asking for something in a store. In Sweden you go to the store attendee and you can say; Hi, shoes? with a smile of course. That means Hi, please tell me where I can find the shoe section in this store. In Australia life is not this easy. Here you have to go; G’day mate! How y’a going?! I am interested in maybe buying myself some shoes. If there is no troubles, would you please help me to find where your shoe section is located bla bla bla……

I mean, who the F*#@k has the time and energy for these kinds of conversations?? Am I wrong? Or have I perhaps too many years in Sweden, becoming a cold and too direct person. I don’t know. Somethings I actually think I moved around too much so now I have a little bit of one too many cultures in my brain. So I am not good in any country!

Okey, back to our evening. Ambrose came after work and so did Ninnie and Javier. I used to work with the two of them back in Barcelona when I worked for TMC. Great memories so it was really great to get a full night with them, just like back in the days.

I can’t wait when we get this whole partner Visa done and we go visit Europe. I am trying to convince Ambrose to do a summer trip this time. I want to show him my favorite spots in Europe, and visit new places that neither of us has been too. Like Croatia and Turkey.

And of course Barcelona. That city will forever be one of my favorite homes in the world.


Two shadows at Pearl Beach

Pearl beach. One of my favorites up here at the coast. I like the glow of the sand, makes it look like tiny pieces of gold.
This was on Sunday and whenever Ambrose has time off we are basically on a hunt for waves. And this Sunday was no exception.

I don’t mind it usually because I am normally swimming around and body surfing anyway. The only time it gets annoying is if I am done with the whole beach thing and I cannot get a hold of him because he is far out in the water. And I have the car keys, his wallet, both our phones so it’s not like I can leave, how would he find me ?
Might leave a note in the sand from now on;  “Got bored, at the cafe on top of the hill. See ya”

The normal solution would be to learn how to surf……I tried teaching me one time and it was like I was in the army so I quit. I did not even understand half the things he was talking about. Did you guys know that in Australia you get down on your knees and grab hold of the sand with your hands when a big wave comes over you?! What?

I miss the good old beaches in south of Europe where there is little or no action. Here its a constant fight for survival in the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, I think its much more fun to be in the ocean when there is a bit wavy. But not those that you need to know trick in order to escape death… just saying.

As I was saying a long time ago, Pearl Beach is beautiful, golden and often quite.We were there in the afternoon but there were no one there. We had the whole beach to yourself.  There is not alot of surf here usually, so if you are after that Avoca Beach might be a better option.

Ciao for now. xx


Baha’i House of worship – A Persian gift to Australia

The other day, after driving back to the coast from another event in Sydney, we drove by this beautiful building. We decided to stop and have a look. I hate those times when you say ; “maybe next time”. That almost never happens, at least not for us.

As we walked towards this beautiful temple  we were approached by a lovely  guide who told us more about it. Apparently this is called Baha’i House of Worship. It is a temple given to Australia as a gift by Persia.

As the guide was showing us around the temple I tried to make a joke to Ambrose, that I (Persian) was a  gift to him (Australia) He did not laugh. hahah. I thought it was such a good one myself!

The temple is as beautiful inside as it was on the outside. It is not much inside, just a couple of chairs and some large flower arrangements. I think they like to keep it simple. People go there mostly to meditate the guide told us. So that’s what we did. Well for a short time at least, I cant get Ambrose to sit still doing nothing for a very long time.

The only rules was that you could not take any pictures if any other person was in the temple. I waited for bit and then we took a couple of pictures of this gorgeous building. Such a nice gift!

If you guys want to find out more you can to so HERE


What an amazing day

This was us a coupe of hours ago. Having a couple of kebab’s at the beachfront. The picture makes me laugh so much, I wanted to take a picture because I thought it was cute that it said “Hers” and “His”. But as was taking the picture a guy walked past and smiled at us. You know one of those smiles that says “ oh those poor losers, they are so happy over their sad little kebab’s that they feel the need to take a picture of it and post it to the world to see”

hahahahha I could just tell from his eyes and his weird smile at us that this was EXACTLY what he was thinking.

One amazing thing happened to me today. Cannot really talk about it yet, but very soon. Or wait… two amazing things happened, Our Visa contact ( or whatever you call them) sent us an email saying that everything we have sent in so far has been approved, we just need the police clearance from Spain. That is something I will finish tomorrow with the Spanish consulate here in Sydney, sent it to Maya ( our Visa contact) aaaannndddd I believe I am in!  My heart just starts pounding thinking about our Visa being finalized.

The other great thing that happened is that today Ambrose sisters Anastasia’s partner Adam proposed to her! can’t wait for another wedding!
“Love is in the air la la la la. Love is in the air la la la”

Okey back to reading my new book by Napoleon Hill. Tomorrow I have another amazing and big day so better get some rest. Ciao


Beers with an old friend from Barcelona and the Sydney Ballet in Darling Harbour

Yesterday was absolutely full on. Think we got out of bed at 5:50 in the morning and back in it around midnight. But somehow we were both full of energy.
I went to do some volunteer work at the office in Sydney. Felt good after 2 weeks of Christmas holidays.
The afternoon came and it was time for an early Ramen dinner in China Town with Ambrose. We finished our dinner pretty quick  because we had plans to see Javier for a beer. Javier is an old friend and colleague of mine from the time I worked for TMC in Barcelona. I was so excited, have not seen him in over three years. Crazy how time goes by so fast!

Since we had tickets to the Ballet in Darling Harbour and Javier had dinner plans with some friends from Sydney, the beer date ended after just 2 beers. Instead we made some proper plans for next week, dinner and drinks all night in Sydney.

We rushed over to Darling Harbour, trying to find Marnee and the rest of the group. It was our first ballet, neither I or Ambrose have been to one before. We both really liked it, well maybe me more than Ambrose haha.

If you are interested to see it check it out HERE

It must have been around 2 thousand people there. not easy to get out, get our bags ( which they for security reasons made us hand in) and get to the train back to the coast. At the station we bumped into our friend Matty who just arrived from New Zealand. Everything was good until he informed us that the trains had been cancelled due to railroad works and the storm. So we were forced to take a bus and then change, in the middle of nowhere to a train. Gah!!

To keep the story short… the train was delayed from this new place the bus took us. We bumped into another guy we new, Bart’s colleague.  Found out that Matti’s parents lived close to the train station we were stranded at. Made hos dad come pick us up, we drove the dad back to his house, helped him move some heavy pots. Matty drove his car with all of us to the coast. Dropped us at our parked car so we could drive to the house and then took Bart’s colleague home.

At the house we had a shower, laughed about our surreal night and fell asleep like to babies.