How to increase your productivity and performance – step by step

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs – Successful people to model


Today, as I was on the train back from my volunteer work, I came across a bunch of articles on Productivity & Performance. I find everything on how to improve yourself and how to be the best version of yourself very interesting.
If we are not evolving, progressing, learning, then whats the point?
Productivity is simply : get more done successfully with less effort. It was a whole lot of reading therefore I have just taken out some of the main points from what I’ve learned:

– Have a set time-frame and a clear plan. This will increase your chances to actually reach your goal.

–  Your goal must be specific and clear. And you must know WHY you want this goal to manifest. When you know why you want something, that will amplify your motivation and assist you to take necessary actions.

– Look over your daily habits. What are those small Rituals you have everyday? Are they benefiting you or are they driving you away from your goal? An example could be to set out a specific time for checking social media. This way you wont unconsciously waste your time and will instead gain more time to complete actions towards your goal. Another example is to put the clothes you are going to wear the night before. This “habit” or “ritual” will overtime save you hours in the mornings. Have you ever wondered why many successful people tend to wear the same outfit over and over? Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Obama, Steve Jobs. Read more about this HERE.

Next is a quick and relatively easy way to productivity and performance is often spoken of by Tony Robbins….

– Modeling. Robbins is over and over recommending people who want to get the most out of life to Model” other, already successful people. Find one or a couple of people you admire. Famous or not and study their behavior. How do they speak, how is their physiology. Do they spend alot of time choosing what outfit to wear in the morning? Will they snooze or wake up early to get more time to get to where they want. Are they willing to study and try to learn from people who know more then them or not? Do they spend a couple of hours a day scrolling true their phone, watching what others are up to?

– The last point I want to make is one from tony It is something he calls “chunking” and I will definitely start using this method in my life. Simplified chunking is: taking everything we have on our ” To Do Lists” and divide them into chunks, depending on where they belong. For example one for relationships, another for work/career and the third for health.
According to Tony once you have chunked these together it is easier to see what result you want.
I especially got motivated to start with Tony´s chunking after reading this ;

“When you start thinking of your to-do’s as clusters of desired outcomes, you’ll keep stress at bay and learn to focus on your greater goals, rather than getting overwhelmed of the minute details. Why? Because you will start to feel inspired, rather than forced to follow through. And when you feel so inspired by a purpose, you’ll come up with a more effective action plan to get there.”

Have a lovely day.xx


Last steps in our Partner Visa Process and changes to morning rituals

Hello hello, Thought I come in quickly to say hi. I have been sitting most of today with the requests from our immi contact person Maja. Our Partner Visa is being finalized, just need to send in the last steps in this whole process. So I have filled in all the documents, sent them in (requested) and paid for police clearance check from the Australian, Sweden and Spanish Police authorities. Next, I have filled in my medical details, printed and scanned everything they asked me for (copy of passport etc ) and booked myself in for a full Medical Examination. Next Thursday 11:30 AM and I have never been more excited to do a health check and do blood test as I am now! If they let me I would go in an get it over with in the middle of the night.
It felt pretty great checking “NO” in all the boxes. Of course because being in perfect health is the ultimate blessing. But honestly, all I could thing was I don’t want to deal with all the additional documents and checks that would be required if I would for example have diabetes!

On a whole different subject… I have mentioned before that I have a set of Rituals (you can read more about them HERE). For instant, one of them are : To get up early in the morning, before 6 am. Anyway, what I wanted to explain was that it is not so much WHEN you wake up, but more how you effectively USE that extra time you get by waking up earlier.
I’ve changed my morning rituals a bit, and because of some small changes, I now feel that I have managed to be done with alot of my “tasks” sooner then before.
For example, 1. don’t talk on the phone at all in the mornings, I don’t even open my email or anything. 2. I do my reading/studying of NLP with a cup of coffee at a cafe as soon as I drop Ambrose off at the train station. 3. After studying, I go straight to the gym and have breakfast after. By changing the order of my Rituals, I am done with all this before 10 am which is great. Then I am free to do all the things on my ” To Do List”, such as dealing with Visa stuff etc.

Perfect Sunday with beach and oysters

The “Mademoiselle” sandwich

At the Oyster Festival

Just back from a to the house. I had one of those perfect Sunday´s. You know one of those days without any particular plans, but everything just turns out to be perfect.

We started with my favorite breakfast at This Little Piggy. I’ve told you about this place waaayyyy too many times so I’ll stop. Not everyone gets crazy obsessed over a plate of food. I get that…..
After breakfast we drove to Ettalong. The Oyster Festivals was on and I always wanted to see it but somehow we missed it every time its on. We started by wine tasting. I choose to only taste cold, crispy dessert vines and a couple of port vines. It was way to hot for red vine. There was food stalls everywhere but we were only interested in oysters. they had a couple of  dressings to choose from. We tried “spicy passion fruit” on one oyster but nope. A pinch of salt and fresh lemon is the way to go.

Its started to get a bit too crowded for us, neither me nor Ambrose are very fond of crowds. Instead we drove to Killcare beach which is one of the best beaches around the coast. A couple of dips in the ocean was perfect for a hot day like this Sunday.

In the afternoon we have manage to squeeze in a short walk, a small trip around the coast and some grocery shopping  for tonight dinner. Now we are sitting with a bag of fresh lychee’s out in the backyard. Need to soak up the rest of this perfect Sunday and get some vitamin D from the sun.

It’s going to be nice to just relax for the rest of this evening. Yesterday was Cappa’s 30th birthday party all day. And around 7pm we were invited to a house party with my old colleagues from Barcelona.

Have a good afternoon everyone. xx


best day ever!

And so came the day we have been waiting for for such a long time. Almost 2 years!
I drive down to my coffee place order my regular almond latte. Took a seat outside to get some morning sun, and then I opened my email (I normally never read my emails in the morning). And there it is…..the nicest, most waited for email I’ve ever seen in my life!

I just read the word “finalisation” and burst into tears. Happy tears. very very happy tears. My mum was the first person I called because for months, every time I call her she answers with ; ” do you have some exciting news to tell me”? She is of course asking if we got our Partner Visa. After I called my sisters and told them the great news.

Ambrose got this amazing new just now after dinner. I did not want to tell him over the phone when he is at work. This news are way to big and personal for that!

I bought a blueberry cheesecake to celebrate and his dad brought out some wine. We cheered, ate cake and we feel like we are finally there. The last steps to be done are Police checks from Sweden, Spain and Australia. I have already completed the forms and sent them in. And a health examination which I also booked in for next Thursday morning.
The Australian immigration has asked me for 1. Full health examination 2. Chest X-rays and 3. HIV blood test ???!!

Don’t even get me started on #3 …… super bizarre. Why do they want a HIV test from me? hahaha. But, you know what, I don’t care. I feel like I can do and get anything in this world today after receiving that email.

Now I am gonna fall asleep like a little child with a big smile on my face. ZZZzzzzzzzz


Remedy routines to enjoy with your partner

ways to recover together with your partner by doing a great skincare routine togetherI know we look super scary …. but lets share it anyway 🙂


Hope everyone has had a good day so far! Ours has been filled with all sorts of remedy routines. Ambrose came back from the bucks party quite sick. He is coughing badly and is also sunburned. Unfortunately he did have to go to work this morning and I spend most of my day doing volunteer work ( from a cafe, not the office today ) and studying. But as soon as we both got back to the house we have had all sorts of remedy routines. Well I have forced Ambrose into these face-sheet masks. I always try to do all kinds of different skincare routines on him hahah. He hates it, but he is sick and too weak to struggle against my partner routine madness.

Well, other than taking care of our skin our evening has been filled with ice-cream ( necessary when you are sick ).
Of course also watching cartoon in bed, and lots and lots of soothing tea. I make mine like this:

– Fresh organic fresh ginger (boil it and use the water)
– Fresh organic turmeric
– Manuka honey
– Fresh lemon juice

Now back to snuggles. Speak soon. Ciao



Sydney weekend activities thru my phone

I am back at the house. Ambrose went away to Newcastle last Saturday morning with 30 boys. They hired a farm for 3 nights for Bart’s buck’s party. As soon as he left I took the train to Bronte, neither Kali (Bart’s fiance) nor I wanted to be alone for 3 nights haha.

Our plans were to do absolutely nothing so cant say I did take too many pictures. I mean who want to see a couple of girls having wine and cheese, chitchatting while watching trash TV like The Kardashian’s?! That is mainly what we did but I did manage to get at least a couple of snapshots on my phone… is me on my loooooonnnngggg journey to the big city. It took me 2 hours and 46 minutes door to door!  Its ridiculous. It was raining one hour, and sunny the next, very strange. Luckily I had my Tony Robbins book and these Jacaranda’s trees to look at. Its hard to show you exactly how nice they really are just true my phone. I am in love with them and will for sure have them on my land when we buy a house. saturday night with the girls and alot of wine It started nice, I bought some wine and some dips. Amy came by and she also had bought some wine. Kali had already got some cheese, dips and of course a couple of bottles of wine…..
5 bottles later….. we were dancing, laughing, gossiping about what the guys were up to on the bucks party. We also helped Kali with her vows for the wedding. She read what she was gonna say and we all cried a little bit. hahha I haven’t had this kind of “girly” night in years. Us girls are so emotional! Jezus!
The second picture is from the next day. We went to bed at 2 am and woke up at 7 am. Me and Kali felt pretty good. Amy on the other hand…..

walking in bronte with girlfriends Needed to be carried clearly. hahahaha. I wasn’t even trying to get Amy and Kali in this picture. I was just obsessed with the Jacaranda tree

having sunday breakfast at eugenes in bronte

The three of us had breakfast at Eugene’s in Bronte. Well, me and Kali did. Amy ordered and as soon as the food came she left and sat outside. She was too sick to even see food. We teased her of course and we were too hungry and tired to keep her company poor thing.

the view over bronte in syndey is amazing After breakfast we went back home to just chill for a couple of hours. But as soon as the rain stopped we took the opportunity to go for a walk. One of my favorite activity to do in any city, especially in Sydney is to just walk around for hours. Look what nice spots you can find!

enjoying lunch at bronte beach in sydneyTime for lunch! We chose a Brazilian restaurant down by Bronte beach. I had the Brazilian Bowl, cant remember the actual name, but it was something slow-cooked which is my favorite type of preparation of food always.
Too bad you cant see how Bronte beach behind Kali in this picture. The camera of my phone just would not take it in unfortunately.
train back to the coast from sydney where you get to see the beautiful nature of sydneyOn Monday morning I went in to the office to do some volunteering. Only Marney was in and as always I love working with her. Met up with Kali after work, we got some red wine and ordered Indian home delivery. We spent most of Monday night planing a weekend away with some of our friends. Renting a house and just enjoying summer. We had a quite early night before I headed back to the house up the coast. Even if it takes forever on the train it is pretty beautiful here. Cant complain.

Now I have a lunch date with Ambrose. Three days has felt more like three weeks so want to spend as much time with as possible.
Have a nice day guys. Ciao


Sisters, Barcelona restaurants and Bucks party

sisters in barcelona

Oh these two <3

Without exaggeration, I truly think I have the best sisters in the world. I miss them everyday because we always have such a good time together. If only Barcelona was closer! All of us out eating and drinking at Ciudad Condal must be one of my top three hobbies. And yes, I actually DO consider eating out a hobby. Judge all you want…..

If you ever visit Barcelona, and I highly recommend you do at least one time. The you must must must visit this wonderful Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Click HERE more information. Also make sure to ask for their “Menu del Dia” which is their daily specials and only in Catalan but do what I did ; just point at other people’s dishes sitting around you. You wont be disposed I promise.

On the schedule today is Ambrose’s brother Leonard and sister Anastasia’s birthday lunch at 3pm. After that I am taking myself down to Bronte. All the boys are away for a three nights to celebrate Barts bucks party ( do you say celebrate??) so I am spending the weekend with Kali – the bride to be. Our weekend plan is simple : Rose’, trash TV, take away food and cheese. It’s such a shit weather so it fits perfect.

Earlier this morning was coffee with Ambrose followed by buying alcohol for the bucks party. It’s over 30 guys going to this thing, x three nights, so you can imaging how many cans and bottles Ambrose bought. He brought me to the shops as his side kick. I was pretty useless, did not carry anything, BUT I did put in a couple of bottles of champagne in the trolley. There is something about the popping and the bubbles that represents celebration. Nothing does that better than champagne. Perfect for a bucks party.

Alright enough chit-chat. Ambrose took our car so I need to find a train out of here.
I’ll see you guys again from Bronte. xx



Ettalong beach

view ov ettalong beach in sydney view over etalong beach in sydney

Ettalong beach in Sydney, Australia. How dreamy is this place!

Hello, how are we today ? I am in such a good mood. hahah I know, sometimes even I think I might be a bit bipolar….
But I am working on it believe me! Today I am not really writing because I have anything to say. The reason I am writing this because I was threatened by my little sister earlier this morning. She sometimes have a coffee and read my blog so I am forced to have an adventures life so she has material to read…

Unfortunately nothing exciting is going on today. I am sitting at the library (I love libraries) trying to work but this annoying women in front of me is humming to herself. People humming to themselves is always annoying, but in a library it is more then annoying! I want to throw something hard on her so she shuts up. But I don’t think that’s legal in this country…hmmmm 🙁
Last week it was another women who was eating chips. She was chewing slowly, trying to not draw any attention to herself. But seriously, out of everything to eat in a quite place – chips is the worst.

The pictures are taken earlier this week. It was 37 degrees so I decided that I would go to the beach. I choose Ettalong beach which is not far from the house.  If you are in Sydney, Ettalong beach is located up the coast and as you can see ineradicable.


Hen’s Party at mrs Sippy

A very late post from last Saturday night – Kali’s Hen’s party at Mrs Sippy in Double Bay.
I can see from the pictures now after that we actually did this for 10 hours! My makeup slowly is getting messy and my eyes are getting blurry with every cocktail.
I might have mentioned it before that my favorite cocktail is whiskey sour. The bartender (poor guy, he must have alone made over 100 of cocktails for us ) recommended Amaretto Sour which I quickly swapped to, and stuck to for the rest of the hen’s party. How could I have forgotten about this tasty cocktail??

We started off at 1pm and I think I put myself and Nour into an Uber around 11pm. For Kali’s Hen’s party we started with our own are upstairs at Mrs Sippy. We had our own bartender and finger food for a couple of hours which was great.  I got to meet Kali’s family, more of her colleagues and friends, all fun so I know the wedding is gonna be great. If you think about it its not so much the place or anything else that makes an event amazing. Its the people. If they are fun, outgoing, kind, then every event can be really memorable. And that’s what I think will happen on their wedding day. Which is all you could ask for, and Bart & Kali really deserve it because they are great people.

We played games; “who said what” which is a game where we had to guess if either Kali or Bart said a particular statement. We all lost, mainly because Bart lied on most of the things! haha
Like this one for example; ” I do most of the dishes” – Bart said he does. I’ve never seen him even clean one cup!

Yep – more Amaretto Sour to the people!

Barts mum (in the middle/front) sent me this picture. haha such a good one

Pretty girls!

I think Mrs Sippy is a perfect venue for special events such as Hen’s, Bux, birthdays etc. Or even just a fun night out. HERE you can find out more about this venue.



On a different planet

don’t took any pictures this morning so this one from a cave will do. Kind of represents how I feel today anyway haha

Good morning!

just about to finish breakfast while sitting with the laptop at the kitchen counter. Planning to get a little bit done before heading to the gym. Missed yoga this morning so instead its gonna be a class with lifting weights.

Don’t really want to do any of it. Even earlier, after dropping Ambrose off at the station, I always do my Priming exercise. But this morning I just had to turn it off, I got into such a down mood, I am pissed off and I feel stuck because as hard as I try, sometimes you just don’t see any changes. And its just so very disappointing.
And when you been told again again that its because of you, or that what you are feeling is wrong, you start to believe it, which is sad. Every time this happens I realize how much I don’t “fit in” and how much I try to. I cant do that any longer.

Australia is amazing but at times like this, I just feel very very far away, like I am all alone on another planet.

Anyway. this writing turned up to be just as low as I am feeling right now, so lets just ended here haha.
I am going to clean up a bit before heading to the class.
And lets do Saturdays Hen’s party after that. Have a good morning!


Yacht club restaurant

Some pictures from earlier today. A pretty well spent Sunday after all. Started my morning at my friend Nour & Adams place in Cogeee, I slept over at theirs after the Hens’s party from Saturday. More on that later.
They have the most fatty, cute, funny dog called George. He was all about trying to steal our food, farting and snoring all night. I have never met a more funny dog than George. Wanted to take him home.
After some coffee and gossip over Saturday nights party I headed over to Surry Hills, had another coffee and read a couple of chapters from my new book – an Tony Robbins book ( of course haha)

Couple of my friends picked me up later on, we had lunch reservations at the yacht club restaurant down in Woolarah I think it called.
Beautiful restaurant, its something very relaxing about watching all these boats and yachts float around in that deep blue water.
I had the grilled fish before heading back to the coast by bus…yes by bus! it took almost 3 hour!

They are doing some work on the stupid train track so this was my only option. Ambrose dropped my off to Sydney but he was going to a family event and could not pick me up. Unfortunately. But finally I am back in our bed.
Tomorrow I see if I can find some nice pictures from Saturday – Kali’s hens. I had about 19 cocktails so I was not focusing too much on taking pictures but I think some of the girls sent me theirs. So hopefully there be another entry tomorrow. Ciao for now xx



My boring obsessions

I know I know, I haven’t been in here for days! But honestly have not been doing much exciting stuff to tell you about anyway haha
I had an interview over Skype the other day, and I think that’s the most “action” I´ve have for days!

Spent most of my days learning more about NLP. Obsessed I know! But I found that if you gonna obsess about anything, it might as well be something that you actually can use to progress in life from.

Another thing I am obsessing about is Ambros’s 30th birthday. I have so many ideas, and he sais he doesn’t want to do anything for his birthday…..hmmm. I want to listen but I cant. You have to celebrate that day right?

Anyway tomorrow I am off to one of my friends Hen’s party so hopefully I have a bit of gossip for you. xx

Afternoon at Sydney train station

And just like that another nice day is over. Today I was a big girl and took the train into the city aaallllll by my self! haha
I usually take it as early as Ambrose, but it just make no sense because I start 2 hours after him. And we aren’t even allowed to talk on these Sydney “quiet! trains.

It was a good day at The Life Changing Experiences Foundation where I volunteer. Although, I always have a good time whenever I am at the office. I think all this good energy at this place comes from the fact that we do work for such a good and valuable cause; young girls who come from some of the hardest backgrounds. And to see that people who do care can and do make a change for these girls. If you want to learn more about us or help our in any way please look HERE

In the afternoon, after both of us finished work we met up with some old friends from Mudgee for after-work. But not too long though, after a couple of drinks and sliders for dinner we took the train back to the coast. How gorgeous is the afternoon light at Sydney train station!? Always liked when train stations have that old look. Like in those old romantic black and white movies.

Our party filled Saturday

Since I was too tired to do Saturday last night I thought we get on it right now instead.
We have not been out partying for such a long time so I guess that’s why I was totally wrecked on the Sunday. Or maybe it was that suspicious Indian “midnight snack” that Bart tricked us into having hahah. I have a picture of it, its not pretty.

Starting with breakfast in Manly with this wonderful person – Lisa. She honestly is one of those people you like to be around all the time!

Posing with mi amore. I am wearing a long dress which is pretty rare for me. But I got so many compliments for this dress so maybe I should continue in the long dress trend?After breakfast it was time for party number one : Chris & Jessica’s (Ambrose second cousin) engagement party. They chosen such a great spot. Loved this place, right by the water in Manly.

After all these years with Ambrose I’ve only met his family on his dad’s side. This is the first time I got to see his mum’s side of the family. It got a bit emotional, some of them had not seen Ambrose in years.
The plan was to stay only for a short while but we had so much fun spending time with the family so we were about 5 hours late to ….

party number two! Tim’s birthday at Gazebo in Kings Cross. These people had been partying for a couple of hours as you can see. But we got right into it. I had so much fun! Again, thank God for Ambrose’s friends and their girlfriends! Specially when I miss my girlfriends back in Europe. These girls are exactly as fun, the Australian version and its pretty great.

Everyone decided to have an after-party at Tim & RAchels’s place back in Kirribilly. And we were not popular when we told them we had to go to another party.

Hurried into yet another cab and here we are, at the third and last birthday party, with the next bunch of crazy people. As you can see from the pictures, the night got blurrier and blurrier. I have issues and always want sharp and crisp pictures. But what can you expect after hours and hours of party and celebration.
At this place all that that was left to do was to dance, to old classic bad songs that everyone knows the lyrics to. You know the kinds?

When you get a lap-dance from a bunch of lawyers but you don’t have a poker-face so you just stare at them uncomfortably…. hahaha I remember he danced, just for me, for a whole song. That’s a VERY long time when you are don’t know the person dancing for you!

Okey, the rest of the pictures are just way to blurry. I only had to show you what Bart recommended to take home as drunk food. Is that what its called in English, drunk food?? In Sweden we call it “fylle-käk” ahahah
I have to say, at the time, it tasted great. And the place was packed which always is a good sign for a restaurant. Just wondering if it was just packed with people like us that night. Alcoholics with no taste buds what so ever..
See you guys tomorrow. xx

Cozy Sunday with Sculpture by the Sea

Hey guys, just popping in to say hello. We have just finished out dinner – grilled sandwiches, non of us felt like cooking. Last night was amazing, we had one engagement party, followed by two birthday parties to attend to. So its safe to say we are making this Sunday as cozy and chilled as humanly possible.
We started the day with a long beach side breakfast with Bart and Kali in Bronte.
The whole day has been quite cozy actually. Besides the time we decides to do the walk from Bondi to Tamarama to see The Sculptures by the Sea. Its pretty amazing so if you are interested you can read more about it HERE.
But it was a sunny Sunday around the beautiful beaches of eastern suburbs. That means a couple of thousands of other people had the exact same idea as you… I don’t know if you can see it from the picture but there was people the whole way.
It was me, Ambrose and Kali, all tired, thirsty and very hangover. The last thing we wanted was to jostle with all those people. We decided to get some lunch instead. We chose Ramen, which has no become like a Sunday tradition for us.
Afterwards we were absolutely dead so drove back to their apartment to lie on the couch and watched Sex & the City for a couple of hours before driving back to the house.

Also got to see Kali’s wedding-dress. She picked such an beautiful dress, perfectly suited for her! I got goosebumps haha
Next week it her hen’s party. I need this whole week without alcohol because I know we will have alot of cocktails at the hens. I am such a week drinker. Cant handle anything!

Now: back to my cozy Sunday. Wonder if I can get this man next to me to watch some Sex and the City with me? I saw that he secretly enjoyed watching it back at Bart and Kali’s place. haha