Xaviers´ Christening

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This is the day this chubby, cute, lovely and absolutely adorable little human being is having his christening ( is that even correct English ?? haha) I cant believe I missed this day! Think both me and Ambrose though I would be there by now. He is Xavier´s Godfather and Im desperately trying to get a cool role as well, but so far Im just “aunty Nicci” wich sucks haha

Im in love with him and I haven’t even met him yet. Super strange, but I started falling in love with him after all the pictures and videos Ambrose sent me. Cant wait to meet him, and all the rest of my Australian family. This picture is from New Years Eve 2014 when we all gathered at the house. We all look ridiculous but so much fun.

So instead of family celebration in Australia I went to Susie’s house, her dad worked at this translation company so he is going to help us translate the visa documents from Swedish to English. I am beyond grateful.
I decided to walk and somehow, because of all the construction sites and rebuilding going on here now, I totally got lost. I could not find my way out of the construction site and because its Sunday, there was no one around to help me. It was all good though, I got to listen to Calvin Harris and Elissa on repeat and pretend im a singer as I ALWAYS done as long as I can remember haha.

Now I have to go shower off this Indian oil treatment- Amla, that is suppose to be really good for the hair.

Spontaneous Supper with Suzie

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Yep, still doing Visa. Spent this beautiful Friday morning emailing around 30 authorized translators for my Swedish documents that I need in English before we can upload them to our Visa. Tried get some support from Ambrose as he was driving from our place in Mudgee to Sydney. But he was way too happy to go spend time with our friends, surf and be the godfather to my little amore Xavier, to even try and be of any assistance. He deserve it though! Im super glad he is gonna have some fun this weekend with all friends and family. Just soooo annoying I wont get to be there for Xaviers christening !!!

When I finally took a break, Suzie called and asked if I wanted to get something to eat.
Spontaneous is my favorite and we got really lucky. We randomly found this place, they had a table right away and the food was great. After eating and drinking for a couple (!) of hours, we had tea and coffee at the bar. Everyone else had their prettiest party dresses and had cocktails 🙂

On the drive back we were blasting Heavy Cross, Fred Falke remix.Such good song to sing while driving!

Swedish summer nights at its best…

Pontiac & Pizza

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Still having my insomnia situation 🙁 Sometimes I look at the time and its around 4am. But Hanie told me to try and get up really early, around 5:30 am, just so I am forced to be super tired at the evening. So today I got up really early, had some coffee and continued our Visa process…Scanning, Attaching, Aaahhhhh!
Then I went to a professional studio to get some recent passport photos with the Australian goverment requirements such as: 35*45 , only face and shoulders, plain background and no smiles…what !??

Felt anxious for leaving the Visa process but we were invited to a friends place. He just bought a house and have a new girlfriend so I decided to take a break and had a really good time at Philips with his girlfriend Emma and their 2 funny dogs. Glad I went, especially since he drove us home is his Pontiac car. haha there were no seat-belts in this car and it made such laud noise so everyone was looking at us hahaha

Nobody wanted to make any dinner so we just went and had some pizzas around the corner later that evening.

July 27th 2016



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This day deserve its own heading because it will now forever be one of my favorite days. Ambrose sends me a screen shot of an confirmation from The Australian Government, stating that he has now paid the application fee for our Partner Visa! Over 6000 AUD but it is what is is.

Ambrose calls me and explains how stupidly exciting he felt when uploading our documents, evidence, stat dec etc. And now that Ive done it myself, ( both have to do it ) I see for myself how amazing it feels!!

Funny how something like that can be so satisfying !? hahaha
Love it!

Before all of this excitement my day looked like this; Morning PW, which is my favorite time to do that because nobody is out and that makes me feel like I have the whole world to myself….  and then in the photo studio with my little assistant Emilia.

Hotel Bar Slut:ing

2016-07-25 18.28.26

Hotel Bar Slutt:ing is just something we say for fun. Sitting at elegant hotel bars must be one of my top 10 favorite ways to spend time. I know it must sound absolutely bizarre for some people but to me its makes me relaxed.
Hotels in general are absolutely lovely to me. When I grow up I will rent the penthouse of an hotel and live there. I just need to convince Ambrose to tag along my crazy ideas! 🙂 🙂

Anyway, I’m hanging here because I am waiting for someone while they are on a date around the corner. I know, I know but sometimes you have to be nice hahaha

oh, and latest news is that I have decided to be “me” as much as possible while I write. Even if that scares the shit out of me right now.

Good Morning

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Still having issues falling asleep, had this for some weeks now and it very annoying because I am a morning person and this makes me get up later than I usually do 🙁
Having a ice almond latte at the mall,  trying to get some paper work out of the way.
Want to be done so I can go swim in the lake with Emila & Alexander.

Ambrose is finally done moving everything from the house back to our old place. My little pumpkin, he has really been working soooo hard! So I’m glad he is going out for dinner with our friend Elle to have a break.

Just realized something…. how incredibly unusual writing like this is for me! I mean I know its just for me, at least in the beginning. But still, its out there. So how personal does one get….?




I am really excited to finally get to write my first post. Initially this was suppose to be together with my 2 sisters, Hanie & Jasmin. But it does not matter any more, it is as it is now and I couldn’t be happier!

So after all, I finally have a place to put everything from the day, in case I ever need to remember things I thought I never had to. Like our Partner Visa…..

and also, this will be a perfect way to stay close with my family now that I am moving back to Sydney.

SydneySkyline dark

Super grateful:)

This picture was taken in 2014. A friend from Dubai invited us all on his yacht where we spend whole day. Ending with yet another perfect sunset overlooking Sydney skyline.
Picture: http://www.hanievaladi.photography/