town planners´ Farwell dinner

unspecified6 unspecified5 unspecifiedOn Friday night was Ambros’s farewell dinner. It was such a great night and we all had so much fun.I met some of them before but had no idea they were such fun group! Love to see how much his friends and colleges values and appreciates him. They had small celebration for him from morning, throughout the day and finishing with this dinner and drinks afterwards. Well deserved celebration.


Surfer hospital

unspecified2 unspecified3They all though I was such a nerd, and usually I don’t care about these stuff but I though it was really exciting to walk in to this place where they fix surfboards. Maybe its exciting because we don’t have this back in Sweden. I’m getting my own surfboard as well. Just got to recover my neck first….


Xaviers` first birthday

unspecifiedr unspecified6 unspecified4unspecified1unspecified2unspecified22unspecifiedx unspecifiedl unspecifiedbunspecifiedk unspecifiedYesterday was Xavier’s 1st birthday. Daniel and Rachel had a big BBQ at their house. So great to see everyone again 🙂 The best part was seeing Xavier having his birthday cake. He never had sugar before and he went from super tired to all excited, laughing, trying to talk and playing in the giant jumping castle. We left back to Mudgee straight after the party. Our last week in Mudgee…. And like always the sky was amazing. The sky is always amazing in Australia. ________________________________________

Jet lagged

unspecifiedh unspecified unspecifiedwThought I beat this Jet lagging nonsense this time but nope! It 4:18 in the morning and I haven’t been able to sleep anything. Although last night we did go to bed at 7PM and woke up the next day at 11AM so probably not the best decision….
Was messaging with Hanie and Jasmin and they advised me to get up and do something instead of just laying in bed tossing around. So having tea and looking at some pictures from today. After driving the bbq to Daniel and Rachels house we had brunch with Dad and Anastasia at The Secret Cafe. Their surf & Turf was actually really nice but huge.
Before heading back we went to check the surf ( well Ambrose checked it )
Lenonard and Nick were at the house when we came back so we decided last minute to go to Sushi train and the movies with them. Apparently there is a disco ice rink next door to the movies that Ambrose wants us to go to but they were thank God about to close. Being jet lagged and doing activities is exhausting. Such an 90´s looking place!




1st day back home

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So much to tell about being back but we are about to go to dinner and the movies with Leonard soon are at least some pictures from my fist day back. BEST breakfast just around the corner from the house and after we of course (!) went to see Xavier 🙂 He walked straight to me when he saw me which made me love him even more hahah.

Okey now off to see “Pets”


Crossing oceans

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Dear Diary,
Every time I’m forgetting exactly how long this journey is! The plane left Arlanda at 6:30, then Düsseldorf ( Germany is really growing on my more and more ) and then Abu Dhabi. The best was that there was absolutely no line at customs in Sydney. They did  lose my luggage though. So now Im at Ambrose parents home, waiting for them to bring my luggage.


lunch in the forest

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Dear Diary,
after dealing with the last bank details and paper work I went to have lunch at a Swedish tavern. They served typical Swedish home cooked dishes and we got really lucky with the weather. But the best part was that my family (except Jasmin 🙁 ) was there and that this place was right in the middle of the forest!


farwell part II

unspecified unspecifiedpBecause some of my friends could not come to the dinner/drinks last night, we all made plans to say a second “goodbye” hahaha.
We all met for a recovery brunch at Suzie’s new apartment. She made scones…..mmmm.

farwell part I

unspecified1 unspecified unspecified4 unspecified5 unspecified7 unspecified8Dear Diary,

These blurry pictures are some of the only once I could find today that you actually can see something. The rest are worthless. Anyway, we had drinks and dinner at Nosh & Chow and after that we just went from one place to another dancing. Ended the night by eating burgers at Stureplan, talking to drunk strangers before taking a taxi home just before sunrise. Just like the old days.


signing new Lawyer

unspecified1 unspecifiedToday I signed with my new lawyer and he is absolutely fantastic. So grateful I have him with me now. After I strolled around the city, I really love Stockholm. Went to a church and got in the middle of a baby’s christening and celebrated this my meeting with a lunch at Ikki, Hanies  favorite place. Today for the first time in a long time I did not have a car and on the subway I got a text from Ambrose asking me; here or here? There were a couple of pictures from north of Australia and some from the south. He is taking 2 weeks off between his jobs and we are going on a holiday. I was so excited I think the whole train noticed my huge smile. By the way, I chose north because I really feel like beaches and just a chilled out vacation after ALL this VISA, Injure and stress. And because he sent me a picture of THIS place!!


Okey now I need to go back to the family. We are celebrating my uncles birthday and also My aunt Ferry and cousins are all back from their vacations so finally I have some of my family back. Another late chaotic Persian dinner coming up…


unspecified unspecifiedv unspecifiedw unspecifiedbbI had an early Dr appointment today and I got the best news. So happy that today went perfectly right from the start. Actually I have been weirdly happy all day. And once you are out its not so great to go back inside, even if I know I must rest before the long trip. So I drove around for about 3 hours singing all my favorite songs, really really loudly of course. So now my trough is totally damaged but it was worth it.
Especially love the first picture by the beach front. All I could think of is that I soon will spend endless days on different Australian beaches. Big smile 🙂


unspecifiedWoke up really early and when I walked outside it was the beautiful morning sun. I tried sleeping after that because I want to be fully recovered before my long flight home, but I couldn’t. Too much Vitamin D 🙂

After breakfast I had a small drama situation with one of the French but its all sorted out. Drove him in a rush to the city, just in time for my appointment with Tannaz. Had such a great time with her, we laughed until we cried.

On the way home I got myself a lawyer! And he is just fantastic. Such an grownup nowadays…


unspecified unspecified22 unspecifiedj unspecifieds unspecifiedjjToday I sat at the hairdresser for 6,5 hours!!! I was gonna do a Ombre / Belayage, going from darker roots to much lighter blond ends because I don’t want to redo it every month in Australia. But a couple of months ago Samira put a brown color in my hair and then maybe one more time to fix the roots….and because of this the dark color just wouldn’t let go. It turned orange, then bright yellow, third time I guess maybe it was green…. I lost track 🙁 Honestly I could not care less about a lot of these things, just my hair, and my skin! I’m like obsessed for these two to be just right!

Here are some pictures of the day that went from 3 to 6,6 hours. We actually had 2 girls working just on me. But I am really grateful for Sahar, (her face is the one on the cup of coffee she gave me ) She did an amazing job, working just on me for such a long time.

It was a rainy cold day but I’m super happy I got to get to feed the ducks and the swan just before I went to the hair salon, otherwise I would decently cried in there.

Flea market

unspecifiedHola mi amore,
woke up really early to keep Ambrose company over the phone on his drive back to Mudgee. Luckily we started discussing my arrive date and he actually thought it was gonna be next Friday! Imagine him driving for 4 hours, waiting at the airport and I’m hanging out in Sweden 🙂 So today somehow I ended up strolling around a flea market and then after I went and saw my friends to plan my goodbye dinner for next weekend. Thought I would be more sad but actually all I feel is excitement.

Yoga for life



images1images3images2I have never in my life missed an activity soooo much as I do Yoga! Stupid neck injury ahhh 🙁
Cant wait to get back to my Yoga. There is nothing like it.

Now I am going to introduce the apartment to the new french guy.