A genius way on how to learn to stop procrastinating


So today has all been about rain. Rain, rain and then some more rain. It got me thinking about procrastination, here is why. You know how we humans have the tendency to use anything – in this case, rain, as an excuse to procrastinate things we know we should be doing.
Well I’m no different. In fact this is one area in my life, that if I could radically change, I would. This is, for me, one of the least qualities I don’t like about myself. One that I would pay to stop.
In fact, learning how to stop procrastinating was a factor that got me into the genius world of NLP in the first place.

But here is what’s funny, and slightly frustrating; when you learn something, and you know that this is a quality you want to change about yourself.  One that you actually can change, and you still don’t follow true and execute the techniques you’ve learned….this can be the most infuriating thing ever.

Today is Friday and I had set as a goal for this week to be up and running with one of these online projects. And still non of them have replied back to me with a position. And the one that did, said that my “skills” are too average, that alot of people have the same. I don’t stand out enough”. So I have spent most of today doing online tests to prove I am more “desirable” than their average clients.
This might not be procrastinating. I actually did alot of tests, and they take on average 40 min each. But my goal is to become one of those genius people who get much more done during their waking hours. They get up like 5 am and work towards their goals until late at night.

If you feel any of this resonates at all with you, then go ahead and click Play on this Youtube video on How to Stop Procrastinating.


Nature lover

Today I was listening to TED Talks and about energy’s and our conscious levels etc. Regardless what beliefs you have, one thing is sure – you do feel whether or not a place or person makes you feel at ease, or in discomfort. I don’t know how anyone could argue with that (?) I find that the more I deliberately focus on myself, my emotions, why I react the way I do and what triggers me to feel good vs bad.  The more I do that consciously, the easier it gets.

If a certain person, situation, or places drains you, takes all you energy and leave you exhausted … well you need to deliberately make the conscious choice to leave that person, situation or place. And if you cannot leave (perhaps it is a family member) then the next best thing is to avoid. Avoid as much as possible. In case of a person, it might be a good idea to, in a kind way mention this so they get a chance to change their negative and draining attitude.

One place that I have where I get energized, that always puts me in a better state is Nature. Of course this will be the same for many of you as well. How can it not! I have as long as I can remember been a nature lover. Maybe not the most outdoorsy girl, but I remember that I have always gone for a walk in the forest when I wanted to “get away”. As I lover of nature I do like all sorts of nature. My number one kind of nature if you like, is the forest. That part of nature is like a fairy tale, like magic. Maybe that’s why I loved The Lord of The Rings so much, specially the screens with the alive trees!

If there would be no spiders on the trees over here I would definitely sit and read under them. This bench have to to for now. I love the nature here in Australia, who wouldn’t. But with kind of nature comes all the little bug’s, and that ehhh I don’t love so much.

Restaurant Guzman y Gomez in Parramatta

Yesterdays madness dinner. After volunteering in the city I went back to Parramatta to pick up Ambrose. Apparently Restaurant Guzman y Gomez had a opening promotion where they were giving out food and you could pay whatever you wanted, as long as it was gold coins. They were telling me that the line had not stopped since midday. We arrived at 6 pm and the line was still going. But it was fun, and the queue went fast. Both me and Ambrose chose their burrito bowl with pulled pork. I tried to make it into a Persian dish by adding a ridiculous amount of cilantro. I am not much for restaurant version of Mexican food, I do like tacos you make at home but if I have the option I have never chosen a Mexican restaurant. However, I would go back to Guzman y Gomez for a burrito bowl, I liked it.

After our chaotic dinner we went back to the creepy little motel in Parramatta where we had parked our car earlier that morning.  We got a insider tip that the receptionist at this place did some side business of her own, by renting our the motel guests car empty spaces to people for 8 bucks. hahaha genius.
An hour of gangster rap singalong in the car later, we bough some blueberries, ice-cream and organic Greek yogurt and had all that as snacks in bed while enjoying an episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Getting up this morning at 5:45 am was hard but I managed to get alot done so I am happy. Because I spend most of the morning talking on the phone with my family, my cousin, my mum and my aunty. It is literately impossible to have a short phone conversation within my family. Maybe that’s why I thought myself to wake up super early… I would not have anything done other way!


Good morning from The Shed

Good morning from The Shed in Paramatta. Yes this is where I am hanging out nowadays. Well, first time but yes..
We decided to drive today and due to lack of parking spaces in Paramatta, well in whole of damn Sydney, we asked Ambrose’s boss. She recommended a Motel (!?) nearby. We called to confirm and this grumpy yet husky voice told us the drill. You get in, park your car, visit “Nicoletta” at the reception and you pay 8 dollars. In Cash, she was very specific about the cash. We Could not stop laughing. This crappy Motel was the dodgiest place parking so far. And there was no normal way out of once you parked your car so we had to hunch and half crawl out from their “garden”.

Now Ambrose left for work and I am finishing my almond latte with cinnamon at The Shed. Lovely staff, makes such a difference. And great coffee, very very important 🙂
Alrighty now, (internal joke for Jasmin) time to find my way out of this place back to the city. Today is volunteering day and I am really looking forward to it. You guys have a good morning.



Japanese Gardens

Ambrose…look at him hahaha He was as fascinated- if not more, than all the children there together.
They all had special fish food so I had to go to their little boutique and get him a bag.

I am not gonna pretend to be cool, I was very excited as well!  If you find someone that share your enthusiasm for patting fishes at a Japanese Garden, I say you should stick to that person. hahaha

They had such big mouths and the children (and Ambrose of course) were all putting there feet in the water and let the fish suck on there toes. I draw the line there… super creepy.

These fishes were not shy at all, all they wanted was the food. Some of them were huge.

Okey here you got (sorry) around 1 million pictures from yesterdays unplanned date at the Japanese Gardens.
This is a great place to visit if you are ever up the coast.  Or if you are planing any special event, I saw that you can hire the venue for weddings and such.
Anyway, Sunday we woke up to more rain. We had a shower, went and got some take away breakfasts and went for a drive around the coast. Up to Terrigal, Erina, East Gosford and on the way back to the house, we Somersby. I like all of these places but if you only have a short amount of time, I would say pic Terrigal for sure.
My second suggestion would be this place – The Japanese Gardens located at East Gosford. I only took pictures of the colorful fishes but the whole place, even though it’s quite small, is really pretty.

Other than the Japanese garden they do have an art gallery, a restaurant and a cafe’ at this place. All lovely if you are after something different. A Japanese Garden might not be the first thing you think of when you think Sydney’s coast.


How to enjoy the weekend in Sydney

Saturday is here which is great, although it is raining, and they say that this is going to be a “wet” summer. But we decided to get out and make the most of and enjoy the weekend anyway. First stop, brunch – This Little Piggy’s.
This has now become a little enjoying the weekend tradition in our family. Family nowadays me & Ambrose. Hahah smallest gang, but we do alright.

Ambrose brother Leonard came by and joining us as we had our brunch under the rain. Luckily is not cold here in Sydney when it rains so perfectly fine to still sit outside. Quite cozy actually.

After running some errands we both went to do some exercise, I went to the gym to and Ambrose went for a long bike ride along the river.
The evening came and we ditched our original plans – Ice-skate Disco ( yep this is one way we do enjoy our weekend here haha) and went to see a movie instead. Blade Runner. Have you guys watched it yet? Soo good. We were both into it from beginning to end which is pretty hard because it went for 3 hours.
After watching this movie you will probobly appreciate nature and our planet more. Go see this movie and you understand what I mean.


Walking on Sydney beaches

Good evening beautiful people. We just finished dinner and are sitting down with some red wine and dark chocolate in front of David Attenburg’s lovely Planet Earth series. Right now its about polar bears, my absolute favorite animals!
Me and Ambrose dad agree that David Attenbourg’s has lived the ultimate life. Just imagine what he has seen and experienced.

I picked Ambrose up from the station with our swimwear, we drove to Umina beach, hoping for a dip. But it was too cold in the water. Instead we took a walk on the beach. Oh Sydney beaches, walking on Sydney beaches must me on many peoples wish list. And I understand you. I remember all those travel shows always recommending all these amazing Sydney beaches, or Australian beaches I should say. They sure are beautiful.
If you have the opportunity, you should experience these Sydney beaches. Come visit us !
Yes, I say “us” now. Very close to my Visa 🙂

Okey I need to say goodbye for .now. My show and chocolate are waiting. Have a great Thursday. xx




Photo credit: Pintrest

Good morning, or I would actually like to say good afternoon. I have already been up since 5:30 am so now that its almost 10 am it seams quite late into the day.

I have already been on the phone for a couple of hours. First my friend Suzie in Sweden and then both my sisters (on speakerphone) in Barcelona.
Topic has been skincare. I have for a couple of days now obsessed about skincare products and everything around this subject. Retinol, Cleansing, Glycolic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, SPF, Toner …….
There is so much to learn in skincare. I actually find it all very interesting. It is for sure one of those things you wish you invested some time and money on later on in life.

I am going to the gym for a class soon. Have been hiding in the bedroom for an hour or so because I saw a lizard in the living room and I’ve been in hiding ever since. The funny thing is that I was had just called my friend Suzie as I saw the lizard. I started screaming and Suzie thought I screamed out of excitement to speak with her so she is started raising her voice too, to match my excitement. What she did not know is that I was running around with her on the phone, kicking the sofa trying to get that lizard to run out of the house! hahaha I could not be bothered to tell her the lizard story so I just kept on talking. Guess she will find our her instead…

I know lizards cannot harm me, but just knowing that something is living underneath where I am sitting is just not my cup of tea.
I would run out but it is cold and raining, so I guess the gym is where you will find me today. Ciao!


Volunteering in Sydney

Holy crap I’ve been tired today! waking up 5:45 in the morning to catch the train to the city. Today is Tuesday and that means volunteering with the Sister 2 Sister.
I have mentioned before how chocked I was that Sydney has made some of their train carriages “Silent carriage”. I used to hate that because I wanted to babble on to Ambrose for the whole hour of our train ride and it was forbidden….
This morning I have to say, for the first time, I got it. I really really would punch someone in the face if they would start talking. I just wanted to relax, lay on Ambrose shoulder and half sleep as I starred out the window. I did try to read the last chapters of my book by Joseph Murphy, but was way too sleepy.

Luckily I got some energy while having my usual long back at my cafe’ on Elizabeth St. I always get in around 7:30 and we start working at 9:30, so it has become tradition now, coffee and calling back to someone back in Europe for a chat. Its a good time to call Europe around 7 or 8 in the morning Sydney time, they are still awake.

Today’s volunteering work, after our usual morning meeting was first the usual, researching grants. And then Jess asked me to find a appropriate venue for the yearly reunion we are starting. The plan is to reunite big and little sisters for an lunch. We will start with year 2005, that is when Jess started this whole thing. Amazing, now that I cannot work I am at least glad that this is the place I am volunteering.

Back at the house, could not be bothered to go to the gym so did around 25 min laps of running, HIIT style, or whatever you call it? And now: waiting for Ambrose to put his laptop down so I can, again, fall asleep in his arms. Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams! Zzzzzzzz


how to be getting the most out of your morning

One thing that is not my, well, thing is stress and hysteria in the mornings. I like peaceful and one thing at a time kind of mornings. I don’t mean snoozing and dragging in bed for hours, not that kind of “peacefulness”. I rather get up a bit earlier than I have to, just to make sure I got my alone time and that I can set things at my own pace. I think this is a great way to be getting the most out of your morning.

This morning did not consist of any of that. As Ambrose was leaving he asked if I wanted the lights off, when I replied that I am getting up anyway he said ; great, can you then drive me to the station. So I literary put whatever I could find and ran down to the car so we would be on time for the train.
During our hectic drive we both noticed that the water looked like a mirror. This is around 6am so still a bit dark but after we said goodbye I decided to park the car near the boathouse and go for a morning walk and watch the sunrise.

So somehow I did get the kind of morning I prefer – in stillness. Except the stupid cars and trucks that were swarming right behind me hahaha. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got! xx


when partnership becomes a value

Photo credit: hanievaladiphotography

Yesterday I realized something within myself. i came to the realization that being a team, partnership, or whatever you want to call it is one of, if not the most important thing for me. That is something I appreciate, something I need just more than anything else I can think of right now.
And I wonder why that is?

Those times in my life I don’t have it is those times I can remember as the most difficult times. And the opposite, whenever I am in a period of my life or even in a moment where I strongly can feel I am in a strong and genuine team with the one I love, its like that’s it. That is how it suppose to be for me to feel whole. To feel complete.

I know I had this conversation with people before. What are some of the basic needs we must have as humans in order to feel good. And many times the answer will be ; food and shelter, a satisfying job. And that is all fine, I do completely agree on all those things. Of course I do. But I just cannot leave out how stupidly satisfying and grateful it has made me feel those times life has been completely shit. For whatever reason I have been mentally exhausted, and I come home I can see, and I can feel how just the knowing that I don’t go true any of it alone. That there is somebody who shares it all with me. To me that is knocks out all the rest.

Everybody is different. Our past has shaped and conditioned us to who we are today. What we value in life and what we don’t give a damn about.
This was just mine.

“Shared happiness is double happiness.
Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

Lonesome happiness is half happiness.

Lonesome sorrow is double the sorrow”

Our Infinity pool

I don’t know what happened to weather but I was a bit cold last night and today its still a bit of a “Swedish Summer” weather going on here I think. Therefore I thought it would be a perfect moment to have a look down memory lane to the time we had our own infinity pool. Well it was not ONLY ours but whatever hahaha
So many great memories from this beautiful pool. Its actually strange that I newer think back and miss it. I am more ; it was a great time but I love whatever is in the Now. And I am happy about that. Think its such a better life strategy then to always look back.

Anyway, stared my day with a BodyPump class from hell. The teacher or is it called instructor? can you call them teachers? anyway, she was super good. My body sure will feel this tomorrow. Such a rewarding feeling don’t you guys agree? Its kind of addictive.
The only thing is that I made a gym date with Ambrose later this afternoon and right now I am not able to even walk…
Maybe I just try and look cool lifting weights or something because I really want to go with him tonight.

What more has been going on… well last night we came back to the house to find that the power was out in the entire block! Luckily I choose the man in my life to be a former burglar or something because I sure knew how to break in a house easily hahaha. Mi Amore!

But more on that later, I actually have pictures to prove us breaking in. Now I am gonna enjoy a cup of almond latte and email more distant jobs. Wish me luck, it looks good so far. xx


Getting a new puppy?

How is everybody’s Tuesday going so far?
I am trying to rap up a very long day here at the office. Definitely time to go back to the house, my neck pain is just getting worst and worst….

All day I’ve been thinking that we should be getting a new puppy. I cant get it out of my head. Last sunday we got to play with Nick’s new puppy “Leggs” but he was not very “puppylike”. He kept colapsing and sleeping all the time! I guess thats a big part of what puppies do.
But, the other day I ran into one of the cutest puppy’s I have ever seen in my life. Just look at him! He looks like a cuddly bear. I loved his personality as well, he was completely arrogant, playing hard to get. But as soon as you stopped padding him he ran after you for more cuddles. hahah.

Its hard to see in this picture but he is really small but stocky. This puppy was just perfect!

Now: getting some late lunch to eat on the way to the train. I missed lunch and am starting to be really hungry. Unfortunately there is not much “healthy” options around here.

Sleepless in Sydney

My day so far has been great. Except I could not manage to fall asleep, last time I looked at the clock it was almost 2 in the morning! And I wanted to get up at 6am to get my things done without any stress. Well that did not happen. I got up just before 8, did my Tony Robbins Priming (as I do every morning) then after breakfast I went outside and watched the car. Holy crap its tiring to wash a car 🙁
Then I cleaned up, changed the sheets and did 2 loads of wash.
After that I had a shower, which I needed, I was a mess haha.
Then I was off to Sydney. I got to borrow my friends apartment for the night so I don’t have to get up super early to drive to the airport tomorrow morning. Ambrose is FINALLY coming home. I have handled him being away pretty good but enough is enough. I want my love back now.

Tonight I met my friends Ninnie for a glass of wine, followed by dinner. She is from Sweden, we met while working together at my old job TMC in Barcelona. Now she is gonna live here for I think at least 4 years. Which is great because then I get to see her more often.
Now I’m lying here watching MasterChef Australia and I am actually crying….Who the hell cries over MasterChef!?!
I’m telling you, I need Ambrose back. My whole system is messed up since he’s been gone.

Just a few more hours!

Tomorrow is gonna be 32 degrees. Guess Ambrose brought the weather with him from Bali. We have Nic’s graduation part at midday at Leonard’s house. Hopefully little Xavier is gonna be there as well, that woul definitely make the day perfect. He is growing up way to fast.