Why do we do what we do

Some day’s you feel like you are drowning. And you don’t know what to do about it. Today is one of those days.

And all I can manage to do right now is to just study, I study human behavior. Over and over again.
That’s the only thing that works when I am sad.
Search for an explanation I guess..

I don’t feel like doing anything else so I’m sorry but I can at least give you some of what I’ve learned tonight….


Here is what Tony Robbins have to say about ; Why people do what they do.

We all have a reason for WHY we do the things that we do. And there are only 6 reasons.
6 reasons to figure out what drives us. They are not goals and not desired. We all have different goals and desires.
These 6 reasons, we all share, each one of us  The reason we all are so different is because we value these reasons different.
They are called The 6 Human Needs.

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty ( need variety, surprise )
  3. Significance ( need to feel special/unique )
  4. Connection & Love
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution (need to share ones experience with others )

Here is a very interesting fact about our mind:

“Anytime your mind proceeds that Doing something, Believing something or Feeling something meets at least 3 of your needs. Then you will become addicted to that thought, that feeling, that emotion or that action.
Whether its positive or negative for you. ” Tony Robbins

Good night. xx


my True loves

If all else fails. These 4 beautiful souls are my loves. Always, Now and Forever.
I am restless, tired but cannot sleep, wish I was hanging out with any of these 4 right now <3

I am feeling like a roller coaster today and don’t even want to be in here right now. Thought it would clear my head a little but it didn’t. So I am going to go to bed. Good night everyone, take care of those you love.
As corny as it may sounds. Nothing else matters. Nothing. xx


Restaurant Ponds

The other day I meet up at Ponds with one of my friends that I had not seen in many years. I though it was about 8 years ago which is a damn long time. It was actually 13 years since I saw her last time…13 YEARS!
She had not changed one bit. Still beautiful on the inside and out. Funny and sharp haha .Think that is one of her qualities that I admire the most.
The way I would describe Måne Beate is something between; loose and careless mixed with elegant and graceful. Not many people can manage that. She does it perfectly.

While I was somehow trying to recap whats been going on in my life I realized how much can happen in ones life over 13 years.
And I loved hearing about her life, about everything that’s been going on. Life sure is a roller coaster, for all of us. Its the same, just different stories for all of us.

This time in Sweden I discovered something interesting about myself. I noticed that I “study” people I am interacting with in a more conscious way. And I’ve made sure to make a note for myself every time this happens. I read somewhere that instead of trying to learn something or do something from scratch, when inspired by something, for instant a quality someone has, we copy that. For instant, whenever I am with someone, I try to really listen to them, learn from their stories. And if I notice a quality that I like about them, I will implement that into my life.
I think we all do this subconsciously and that be dangerous. But if we notice this we can then choose just the qualities we want.
The reason why I even mentioned this is because of those qualities Måne has. Fun and elegant at the same time. Love that about her. We already made another date before I leave of course. xx



Yesterday after I met my friend Måne for a long lunch I got picked up by Sara and her amazing little daughter Julia. The plan was to meet up with the rest of her family in Sigtuna for dinner. Its quite a drive to Sigtuna from Täby, about 40 minutes. Not in Australian terms haha but here in Sweden you usually don’t drive 40 minutes to someones house. In Sweden that’s like driving to another town hahah.

But I enyojed the drive, got to catch up with Julia who is one of my top five children I know. The way she looks, talkes and behaves is not like any other child. She is more like an character from a Disney movie.
And I’m not the only one saying that. An example of her is this; a family friend asked the other day if they could get a hug from her. Julia’s answer is this; ” No thank you, I don’t want to give you a hug, last time I hugged you, you smelled like farts”. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I mean how can you not love her!?

When we arrived we all went for a walk next to the lake, then sat down for some coffee and ice cream. I cant remember the name of this cafe’ but its just by the water and really cute. They had alot of salads and baked goods. All made at this coffee shot and it looked and smelled delicious. And their garden was super pretty. If you want to see pictures of something typical Swedish, this is it!

We had a late dinner at my aunty’s place, around 8 pm because nobody was really hungry and as usual she made food for an whole army and there was a take away bag for all of us as well. Family is the best.


Cafe’ Saturnus

 – Me and the 2 photographers Mats and Hanie 🙂 Jasmin took the picture –

Good morning. A couple of days ago we went for a typical Swedish “fika” at a place I wanted to recommend. Its called Cafe’ Saturnus and is located on a smaller street on Östermalm; Erikbergsgatan 6.
We took in rhubarb pie with warm vanilla sauce, lime cheesecake and I think Mats’s sandwich was salami & brie. We were going for lunch afterwards so I did not even look at their menu. But as the plates were coming out I could see that they looked pretty good. Next time I will go here for lunch.

Think this place is a little famous for their cinnamon buns. They looked like normal buns except they are big enough to feed a whole family. Next time I’ll go there for lunch I try to remember to take a picture of the enormous bun.

Now Im going to jump into the shower and get ready for the Dr’s appointment I have at 9:30. After I think I need to go look for a dress. We have 4 wedding to attend in the months to come. 4!!! So I better start shopping. Afterwards I have alot of stuff to finish, leaving soon and want to be ready.
Enjoy the day. Looks like its gonna be a sunny day. At least here in Stockholm.


Spanish lesson

I can recommend this book if you, like me are on beginners level and want to learn Spanish. Like how simple and clean they’ve structured the book.

Noticed I look a little hunchback:d in the first picture 🙂 🙂 But its okey, I’ll give you that anyway.

Sitting here having my tea and trying to learn Spanish. Going pretty well I must say 🙂 Regret not taking classes and being a coward not practicing the language while I was actually living in the damn country!  But, no need to think about it now. Its done and I can start now instead. I do know quite alot, at least I do understand alot. What I need is to practice speaking. I’ve decided This is my book for the long flight back home. Traveling from Sweden to Australia gives you well enough hours to learn a new language haha.

Just wanted to look in and say hi. Have an lunch date with an old friend I haven’t seen in years so got to run. She is waiting downstairs to pick me up. More about that later. xx



There is no way around say it. Today I was bored. So damn bored! It was all boring. That rarely happens to me anymore so it was a strange an slightly annoying feeling. All I could think about was all the things I could do with my time, all the things I should be doing. But somehow I could not get myself to workout or study Spanish, NLP or whatever the hell is useful.
Instead I was just annoyed. Annoyed and disappointed of myself. I wanted to go outside for a powerwalk but it was raining all day. And whats shitty is that I could actually feel myself secretly enjoying that the rain stopped me from my powerwalk.

The only positivism I can get is that I am now that much “alert”, that much aware and conscious, that I get these moments. Usually we tend to just continue as we do/are, even if its negative, even if its harming us. Why? Because our mind loved safety, familiarity and focusing on fear. It takes alot of “training” to get out of the conditioned mind. The mind that just wants to continue in the same old patterns. Lazy piece of shit hahah.

So I went out on a powerwalk anyway. That is my only story of the day. Perhaps not so much fun but it is as it is today. Goodnight.


Korean lunch & Hotel Diplomat

Today has been a day spent in the city. I left to meet my cousin Sara and she walked with me while I did some of errands. Fist stop was the camera store where we kindly asked Mats (the owner) to take some pictures of us in front of one of their fancy light equipment. I love the light it puts in your face! This equipment  probobly have a pretty name but I just know it as “light thing that makes you prettier”.
Then it was lunch time and we walked down Kungsgatan towards a Korean place with one of the best Bibimbap in Stockholm. At least in my opinion. Sara tried their Bento Box and she loved it. The only “negativity” one can say about this place one could say is that their portions are too big. I never manage to finish it unfortunately. Then Sara wanted to do some shopping so I kindly walked with her for a while. I usually don’t like shopping, especially with someone. But I finally convinced her to have a coffee instead at Wienercafee’t. I always try and visit this pretty place whenever I am in Sweden. Love their interior design.
Around 5pm, I exchanged Sara for my friend Suzie. She left work early to come meet me since she is leaving town for a week and there is a big possibility that I am in Australia by the time she’s back.
We choose to eat something small at Hotel Diplomat. We sat and talked for an hour or two before heading back.

Now I just had a super hot bath, watched some Masterchef Australia, the only one worth watching. I am sitting looking at my Visa, Insurance and flight tickets. Soon time for bed. Alot going on tomorrow and I want to wake up earlier than my usual 7:30 am. Have a great day wherever you are. xx



Grateful goodbyes

I just finished Tony Robbins  “Creating an Extraordinary Quality of Life” so I am pretty hyped hahah,  but I try to check in here anyway.

Before I continue about my day, I will leave the link to the Tony Robbins video I just watched at the end. Just in case any of you are curious… I did not just watch, I actually did every crazy thing he asks you to do. Try it for yourself.

Its been alot going on today as always when my family are together. Last night my little sister decided she was gonna sleep next to me. Manages to wake me up 3 times, whereas one of those times was to tell me that I breath strangely so she cannot sleep next to me….
She basically woke up all of us at one stage or another. Then I woke up around 7:30, we all had breakfast together and after run around doing some last minute errands. Came back to the apartment had a huge lunch because I wanted them to finish up everything in the fridge. And then the taxi came which was not so nice. We released that we are probobly not going to see each other for a at least a couple of months, maybe up to a year. And we all started crying. I love my family so much and I am so proud of them. All of them. As their cab was driving away, all I could feel was gratitude that they live in Barcelona where I know they feel great. Its comforting to know they are happy.




Good morning!

I have to say, my picture looks like an ad for Apetina feta cheese 🙂 Its nice weather, I have been up for a while now, waiting for the rest to get up. My sister Hanie was out having dinner and drinks with some friends last night so she needed to sleep in. At least that’s what my mum told us so I was forced to be quite and let Hanie sleep until around 10 am. I was up at 7:30 so incredibly annoying and hard to stay quiet for that long.

Anyway, we all had a nice breakfast together where I am trying to get them to eat up everything left in the fridge. They are leaving back to Barcelona tomorrow evening and I don’t want to be stuck with all the leftovers.

Todays plan is to now slowly getting ready and go into the city for a seafood soup lunch.


Summer in Sweden

Sorry sorry sorry for my absence. But these last days all my time and energy has been going towards spending time with family and friends. I released today that my sister and my mum are leaving in just a couple of days so I want all my focus to go to them. I will soon leave this place and go home, until then I think I will do alot of typical “Swedish” stuff. Promise that I am going to try to take you guys with me 🙂

Lets start with yesterdays lovely BBQ…

We had a bbq evening that never ended haha. When you live abroad as me and my sisters, its always extra fun to spend some time and just hang out with friends and family. Just wish Ambrose was here. Swedish summer and bbq. So many memories from growing up here 🙂
Some nice places I can recommend for when you visit Stockholm:

Hallwylska PalatsetHamngatan 4

Vau De Ville – Norrmalmstorg 6

Sturehof Stureplan 2



Yesterday I drove to the airport ( way to early out of excitement ) to pick up my 2 sister !!
Had not seen them in about 11 months so was sitting here in the car counting the minutes until their plane arived from Barcelona. Also found one of my favorites on Snap while I was waiting hahaha So damn good!

This is tradition. I am always going to a hotel breakfast with Hanie and Jasmin when we are together in a country together. Always have, always will. This is Hotel Rival in Stockholm. Can highly recommend this place. Think they even have won an award for their breakfast.

After some shopping me and Jasmin sat down at Strandvägen 1 for a coffee break. Waiting for Hanie who had a meeting with the bride and groom to a wedding she is gonna be the photographer for.

I also got to see my dear friend Caroline. We released that we have not seen each other in 8 years. 8 years !!?!?!
She has 2 lovely children now and they live on the canary islands.

Recommendations from Helsingborg And Copenhagen

Lunch at Barfota. The cocktails, service, atmosphere, location and surroundings were 9/10. The food unfortunately only gets 5/10. Sometimes you just have to pick whats more important. Usually I would say ; The Food, but we had such a great time there and this place had so many good qualities so it was kind of okey that the food was not top quality.

Walk along the beachfront. Filled with ice cream bars and restaurants to pick from. Great for PW, biking, and sunbathing. Very child friendly as well.


Helsingborg is filled with beautiful buildings and cozy little cobblestone alleys.
Reminded me those of small charming villages in Italy.

Suzie & Åsa 🙂

When you are drunk and trying to check out some of the art in Copenhagen 🙂

These are the last pictures from our short trip. Hope you guys got some tips. Let me know if you need more information. I think its safe to say that when visiting Sweden, try not just get “stuck” in Stockholm. The capital is truly beautiful and worth visiting but what I am trying to say is that Sweden has alot more to offer.

Happy exploring! xx


trip to Helsingborg and Copenhagen – part II

Oh my God, its so much more pictures then I thought from our trip! I should divide this into THREE different posts, but I cant be bothered to be honest. You guys just have to be patient with me on this one 😉
Prepare yourselves for a picture marathon of me and my Swedish friends.
Lets do this.

I woke up at 5 am, released I would get punched in the face if I woke up any of my friends so I had a shower and then went out to buy breakfast. Åsa has a cute bakery close by so I bought sourdough with walnuts and seeds. Still hot from the oven! Prepared a mini breakfast buffet which we all enjoyed for a couple of hours. After breakfast we took the ferry to Helsingœr and after, Copenhagen in Denmark!


All of Helsingœr looks like this! Cute and charming.

It started raining (of course) as we were doing some shopping in Helsinœr so we hoped in to a restaurant for lunch. We all picked different dishes and were all satisfied. I am so use to sharing a couple of dishes with Ambrose so could not accept that I had to pick just ONE dish. Therefore I choose their brunch plater. Look at this!


Next stop – Copenhagen!

Nyhavn – such an cute area in Copenhagen.

After some shopping and strolling around the city we chose one of the restaurants on Nyhavn. A couple of bottles of Cava and dinner. Think we sat here over 4 hours! Clearly we had alot to talk about hahah
The combination of alcohol, amazing atmosphere and good girlfriends ♥

Think I have to take back what I said earlier. This trip need to be divided into 3 post’s. I am having Emilia & Alexander over and we are watching cartoons. Love spending time with them, especially now that they are leaving on vacation in 2 days, and will be away for 3 weeks.
As soon as they leave I think I will take a bath. You know, one of those with salts and aroma oils and stuff. I went to the gym again this morning and I can hardly move because of all the pain! Hot bath, some stretching and I get back to give you the rest of our Helsingborg and Copenhagen trip.



Crown princess

I loved these flowers, that’s why I am posing in front of them…. 🙁
Perhaps a normal person would just take a picture of the flowers…

Swedish weather…during a 30 min boat ride we had a mix of sun and sweating and rain and super cold I think about 5 times!!! Whats wrong with this country?

Back from the celebrations of the crown princess of Sweden! It was actually great, we saw them on their horses and carriage elegantly driving by (do you say “driving” by when its with a horse..?) It did go very quick though. Mum asked me to film the whole thing, I did…and somehow I failed. She has been going on and on about this! She is obsesses with the Swedish royal family… nobody knows why.

After that my auty came and met us up for a boat ride to a restaurant called J. You take the ferry from Strandkajen and get off at Nacka Strand. Its beautiful there so if you are in Sweden its a great place to get some lunch. In summer, in winter Sweden is….well lets just say you wont be outside a lot during winter in Sweden haha.

We just had something to drink at this place, took the ferry back after 45 min. By this time it was about 4pm so we were all starving. Walked to Hötorgshallen, a place you can by beautiful produce and its also filled with restaurants. We chose the the fish restaurant and had their fish and seafood soup wit saffron aioli. Its such a great place and their prices are great too if anyone is after a good lunch place in Stockholm. Its can get very busy though, so be prepared to wait for a table.