Sunny Sunday

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Woke up at 5.30 am, made some coffee and sat outside for maybe 2 hours before everyone else started waking up. I think mornings, when its silent and still is the best!

The rest of this Sunday I spent with Samira. We had Thai in the sun and then we continued with “fika” at the Stationary Cafe´, Well until it got unbearably hot. Felt like 30 degrees today!
Also got a haircut, and packed all my clothes. Nowadays my “materialistic” stuff fit into One suitcase.
That makes me smile 🙂

Meant to be…

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“This was meant to be” – I don’t know how many times we said that sentence to each other tonight!? We were suppose to have something to drink at 6pm and 5 hours later we are sitting in Peppi´s, car having a never ending conversation about well, Life…
How cool is it that I have lived abroad – back and forth now for more than 12 years, and me and my closest friend still can have conversations like we never been apart. Next time we must include some Greek music and Greek food, and it will be perfect!

Got to hang out with Emilia & Alexander today as well. Cant get much better than that 🙂

Yin & Yang

unspecifiedunspecifiedhafiz unspecifiedlake Today has been just one of those days.
Woke up and went straight out. Cant do all the same exerciser I used to, now that I’m recovering my neck but still managed some of them.
Was in such good mood when I was out but for some crazy reason it changes and I was pissed off, yelling and annoyed at everything and everyone rest of the day 🙁
Well that happens to everyone once in a while I guess. I’m just really grateful that now I’m so much more aware of what happens straight away.

How crazy is the link between a thought to a emotion to an action. That you can just create a story in your head, those (real or made up)thoughts create all these emotions inside you and you act and behave in a certain way in real life. And the root cause was that thought, real or fake, it does not even matter. I became really interested in this when I read this article somewhere on how they take athletics, put all these machines on them to monitor whats going on inside their bodies. And them ask them to think and visualize thoughts that they would have when running a race. And it actually works, their entire bodies resembles a body in full action. Without them even moving a muscle. And the article continued by saying how big athletes use this “trick” to win these races. People like Anthony Robin works with these kind of things. So cool.
He would definitely be one of those people I would have at my “imaginary” dinner party. haha Just think, to have someone like Anthony Robbins working with you! Ahh heaven!

Today I was “Gloria” at Ambrose. hahah I just use that term because his friend Bart used to call me that all the time, and I never really understood why. So while speaking to Ambrose today I finally got it! I don’t speak proper English and compared to my cool, calm and collected partner, I am hysterical, making everything into drama, and very loud.
So its good to have a little bit of that Ying & Yang situation going on.

Walt Disney in the Rain

unspecifieddisney unspecifiedikea unspecifiedmir

Hello hello!
Today was spent mostly at IKEA and similar places. We were trying to search for some things for a bathroom renovation. But everything we liked were items they need to order. And the waiting time was between 2-4 weeks! So we left with 2 bathmats and 2 lamps instead of what we actually came for.
I, unlike most people I know LOVE to spend time in IKEA. Without all the millions and millions of people that would say!
Isn’t funny that you never get out of there without at least ONE purchase…?? Every time.

Anyway, I asked Emilia to bring some cartoons so now we are going to eat strawberries and watch as many of these cartoons as possible 🙂 🙂
Latest favorite Disney is Rise of the Guardians. That one is super nice.

Oh and our latest Partner Visa update :
Evidence of Residential Address is now attached and I received Evidence of Name translation from the Certified Translation company, so now that is attached as well.
Tomorrow I’m going to put together a document proofing our communication during periods apart. And Ambrose is finishing up evidence of all our travels together and all our statements and pictures from our friends and families.
Hahahaha now that I see all this in writing I see how this is absolute madness!!!
Back to the world of Walt Disney for now….

Q’s & A’s

I have to start with some great news:
I finally got a hold of the immigration people in Berlin. She was lovely and answered all my Visa questions.
I finished my Visa 600 application and will submit it in the morning! This Visa allows me to be fly and be with Ambrose during the time they are finalizing and granting our Partner Visa. Can life get any better 🙂

Ok, lets celebrate with some Q´s and A´s now…………

1. What is your middle name?: Somaye´

2. What was favorite subject at school?: Drama Class

3. What is your favorite drink?: Sparkling water with ice, Double Espresso with cold almond milk (on the side) and fresh pomegranate juice.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: Hob Kol Hayaty (Elissa) Heaven´s Door (Jeff Jonson) Heavy Cross- Fred Falke Remix, (Gossip) This is what you came for (Calvin Harris) Impossible to just pick just one. And I’m one of those weird people who can listen to the same song on repeat.. my record was listening to the song Seeb while driving from our old county house up north of Sweden back to Stockholm. That drive is around 8 hours long…..

5. What is your favorite food?: Again, such difficult questions! I guess if I absolutely have to stick with just one, it have to be sandwiches because you can have such varieties. Sweet, savoury, hot and cold etc. And my mums home made Persian food! Without a doubt.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: Ecological black cumin seed oil.

7. Favorite book of all time?: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Could not say enough good things about this book and this man.

8. Favorite Color?: White ( yes to me its a colour!) That the colour you would see me wear the most.




9. Do you have any pets?: 
Yes, we have a beautiful blue Fighting fish named Lolah.


10. Favorite Perfume?: Orange, Hugo Boss

11. Favorite Holiday?: Christmas

12. Are you married?: Will be when me and my partner are both in the same country 🙂

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Oh…just going to say yes. I originally wanted to call this this blog/journal: “The Gypsy Girl”, but it was taken.

14. Do you speak any other language?: Apart from English, I speak Farsi, Swedish, Dari I have studied French and Spanish but would not say I can speak any of those languages unfortunately.

15. How many siblings do you have?: 2 sisters, Hanie & Jasmin. They mean the world to me! This is the three of us having lunch at the market on Ramla in Barcelona last year.


16. What is your favorite shop?: Don’t mean to sound strange but covered food markets, small genuine shops that are specialised for example on cheese or bread, those you can find for example in south of France. Well, all grocery shopping beets clothes shopping for me. It always has, it always will. I do love clothes,shoes, bags etc. But just not as much as groceries.

17. Favorite restaurant?: So many. I have been fortunate enough to eat at a lot of amazing restaurants because I lived in different countries and i love to travel and find new genuine restaurants. But La Provenca in Barcelona was more or less our second home when I used to live there. And now its this small Thai place on our street in Bondi. Because I had my first date with Ambrose there and it was the best date I’ve ever been on in my life.

      La Provenca


18. When was the last time you cried?: Yesterday. Visa and fever together…..

19. Name three favorite´s in life?: My family/Ambrose. Traveling. Eating at restaurants.

20. Favorite Movie?: I really liked the Loard of the Ring movies.

21. Favorite TV shows?: Seinfeld will always be one of, if not the best of all time. We saw Game of Thrones and loved it.  Could not stop watching.

22. PC or Mac?: Mac

23. What phone do you have?: HTC M9 One

24. How tall are you?: 1.68

25. Can you cook?: Yes




Apartment with a view

unspecified unspecifiedbrekky unspecifiedmum

Nothing much was going on today. I woke up and after breakfast tried calling the Australian Immigration in Berlin. I was on hold for like an hour and still I could not reach them which was so frustrating. Ambrose called and after talking with the Visa people in Australia  it seems as I can travel there on a Visitor Visa and be home during the Visa process time. Although I really want someone to clarify some things to us. How can I attach the Police clearance for Sweden and Spain, as a document if I was told not to open the envelope or it gets invalid!? Can I do a Australian Police clearance when I get there or do I need to complete it from here?! What are form 1221 and do I need to complete this form as well!? What is the best Visitor Visa for me to apply for until we receive our Partner Visa…600, 601, 651 ??
I know its all fine, and everything is going to be great. It always does. But I woke up still having a sore throat and a bit of a fever and I suddenly felt overwhelmed by it all. I sent around 500 annoying messages to Ambrose haha poor love! And like always he made me understand its all not that massive as I make it in my head. But I can say this, I would NOT be going true this with anyone else but Ambrose! I’m really proud and grateful for him. He works all day and then comes home and fix our Visa stuff and gets to listen to me complaining ….

Well, after all this drama 😉 I had this to eat, well half of it, painful to eat with a sore throat. I was also re-reading one of my favorite books of all time; A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
People call this book a ” self help” book and similar things. But honestly, its so much more than that. And who wold not want to be the best he/she can be? We all get one short life on this planet. Why would you not want be the best and receive the best from it?
I love Eckhart Tolle Exclamation Point

In the afternoon I went to visit an small apartment in Täby, look what an great view it had! After that, I went for a walk with mum and took funny pictures.

Spontaneous Supper with Suzie

unspecifieddinner unspecifiedsuzi unspecifiedsupper

Yep, still doing Visa. Spent this beautiful Friday morning emailing around 30 authorized translators for my Swedish documents that I need in English before we can upload them to our Visa. Tried get some support from Ambrose as he was driving from our place in Mudgee to Sydney. But he was way too happy to go spend time with our friends, surf and be the godfather to my little amore Xavier, to even try and be of any assistance. He deserve it though! Im super glad he is gonna have some fun this weekend with all friends and family. Just soooo annoying I wont get to be there for Xaviers christening !!!

When I finally took a break, Suzie called and asked if I wanted to get something to eat.
Spontaneous is my favorite and we got really lucky. We randomly found this place, they had a table right away and the food was great. After eating and drinking for a couple (!) of hours, we had tea and coffee at the bar. Everyone else had their prettiest party dresses and had cocktails 🙂

On the drive back we were blasting Heavy Cross, Fred Falke remix.Such good song to sing while driving!

Swedish summer nights at its best…

Pontiac & Pizza

unspecifiedvisa unspecified unspecifiedpizza

Still having my insomnia situation 🙁 Sometimes I look at the time and its around 4am. But Hanie told me to try and get up really early, around 5:30 am, just so I am forced to be super tired at the evening. So today I got up really early, had some coffee and continued our Visa process…Scanning, Attaching, Aaahhhhh!
Then I went to a professional studio to get some recent passport photos with the Australian goverment requirements such as: 35*45 , only face and shoulders, plain background and no smiles…what !??

Felt anxious for leaving the Visa process but we were invited to a friends place. He just bought a house and have a new girlfriend so I decided to take a break and had a really good time at Philips with his girlfriend Emma and their 2 funny dogs. Glad I went, especially since he drove us home is his Pontiac car. haha there were no seat-belts in this car and it made such laud noise so everyone was looking at us hahaha

Nobody wanted to make any dinner so we just went and had some pizzas around the corner later that evening.

July 27th 2016



2016-07-27 13.19.53 2016-07-27 10.11.55 2016-07-27 10.05.46 2016-07-27 10.02.55

This day deserve its own heading because it will now forever be one of my favorite days. Ambrose sends me a screen shot of an confirmation from The Australian Government, stating that he has now paid the application fee for our Partner Visa! Over 6000 AUD but it is what is is.

Ambrose calls me and explains how stupidly exciting he felt when uploading our documents, evidence, stat dec etc. And now that Ive done it myself, ( both have to do it ) I see for myself how amazing it feels!!

Funny how something like that can be so satisfying !? hahaha
Love it!

Before all of this excitement my day looked like this; Morning PW, which is my favorite time to do that because nobody is out and that makes me feel like I have the whole world to myself….  and then in the photo studio with my little assistant Emilia.

Hotel Bar Slut:ing

2016-07-25 18.28.26

Hotel Bar Slutt:ing is just something we say for fun. Sitting at elegant hotel bars must be one of my top 10 favorite ways to spend time. I know it must sound absolutely bizarre for some people but to me its makes me relaxed.
Hotels in general are absolutely lovely to me. When I grow up I will rent the penthouse of an hotel and live there. I just need to convince Ambrose to tag along my crazy ideas! 🙂 🙂

Anyway, I’m hanging here because I am waiting for someone while they are on a date around the corner. I know, I know but sometimes you have to be nice hahaha

oh, and latest news is that I have decided to be “me” as much as possible while I write. Even if that scares the shit out of me right now.

Good Morning

thumb_unspecified_10242015-11-08 09.37.35

Still having issues falling asleep, had this for some weeks now and it very annoying because I am a morning person and this makes me get up later than I usually do 🙁
Having a ice almond latte at the mall,  trying to get some paper work out of the way.
Want to be done so I can go swim in the lake with Emila & Alexander.

Ambrose is finally done moving everything from the house back to our old place. My little pumpkin, he has really been working soooo hard! So I’m glad he is going out for dinner with our friend Elle to have a break.

Just realized something…. how incredibly unusual writing like this is for me! I mean I know its just for me, at least in the beginning. But still, its out there. So how personal does one get….?




I am really excited to finally get to write my first post. Initially this was suppose to be together with my 2 sisters, Hanie & Jasmin. But it does not matter any more, it is as it is now and I couldn’t be happier!

So after all, I finally have a place to put everything from the day, in case I ever need to remember things I thought I never had to. Like our Partner Visa…..

and also, this will be a perfect way to stay close with my family now that I am moving back to Sydney.

SydneySkyline dark

Super grateful:)

This picture was taken in 2014. A friend from Dubai invited us all on his yacht where we spend whole day. Ending with yet another perfect sunset overlooking Sydney skyline.