We’re on the road again…

Making future plans over a Thai lunch

And just like that, Stockholm turned into Mudgee, Mudgee turned into Woy Woy, and Woy Woy turned into North Sydney:)

We looked at it Friday, said yes then no. Decided to take it during breakfast with Tim & Mia this morning and Monday we move in! Fast decisions. Love it.
Its so strange though that here in Australia you need to buy fridge and washing machine. I think its included in Sweden, maybe I am wrong? My mum said that its the same in Persia. Its like that in most countries I guess. Just coming from a country such as Sweden you often forget or take for granted the good stuff they actually offer their citizens. Unfortunately what they fail to offer is, I guess life quality. And sun ☀hahaha

Hope people out there have a less stress filled day….My God its alot to organize in a move!!!

A place worth calling home

Just look at this place! Wow. We have been inside alot of apartments. Alot. Moving often, Ambrose work, Right now we are searching for a new home in Sydney. And yesterday we walked in this beauty 🙂

I absolutely love seeing this, when an architect done a little extra and not just made an apartment or house, but instead created a place with genius little “extras” that makes you go Wow! That’s talent.

This is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment on the 10th floor with this “glass box” attached to the master bedroom and also the living room. Its in North Sydney so it would be wonderful for Ambrose to just be able to walk to work in like 5 min. Its 800 m from Crows Nest, an area I love, Vibrant and full of cafe, bars and restaurants.

After walking in this apartment we wanted to move in straight away. And then we got to see the rooftop pool, gym and lounge area…….

I could live here:)

Golden heals




Today I found these beauties. Golden and everything! Cant wait to wear them with my new gold choker and maybe a white dress. My new black heals just felt edgy and kind of an complete accessory on its own so I had to get them too. Best is that they are comfortable, well at least for the first couple of hours of the night 🙂



imag0100_1_1Cant stop thinking about candy. Swedish candy, not the crap they have over here. Well, maybe its not crap BUT it is nothing compared to what we have in Sweden. Good old “Lösviktsgodis” Mmmmm!!

Started the day with one of Carla’s classes. She had raised the room temperature as usual for these classes and it was Hot! I was slipping away on my mat, Have to get one of those non-slippery mats but I’m still unsure if I will continue taking her classes or not. I cant wait until my neck is fine again after all this rehabilitation time and I can go back to all the things I loved. Unfortunately right now everything I do hurts!

Anyway, going to start coking with the indigence from these boxes that were delivered to my door today. Well, Ambrose will do the cooking, I don’t think I will be any good at this.





imag1833 imag1832Happy Friday mood ! Ambrose has his day off this Friday so morning surf and then brunch. We shared ( we always share every meal – we are both way too interested to try out as much as possible on the menu 🙂 ) chicken sliders and fish tacos. Both delicious! Cant believe how fresh the fish tacos tasted actually.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Daniel and Rachel, and of course, the love of everyone’s life – Xavier.  The boys went to play some gold and me and Rachel stayed back home catching up instead.We really could not be bothered playing golf. Especially when I suck at it! After a little BBQ at their house we drove back home and watched Ex Machina with the Swedish actress Alicia Vikander which was better than we thought it would be. A bit creepy but good twist.

Wish everyone else a happy Friday 🙂


snapchat-744628937 snapchat-1682036251 snapchat-1822233079Bored waiting in the car to pick up Ambrose. Think I sent stupid snapchats to everyone I know! haha
Sorry everyone 🙂

imag1823 imag1817 imag1821On our drive back home we did a few stops.

Somehow I managed to sleep with my contacts in last night!?! That has not happened since I was a “cool” teenager who was out partying all night and often slept over friends houses. haha
Anyway, because of that little incident I decided to stay home half of the day to just rest my eyes. I have -6.5 so not its not like I can function out in the world without my contacts or glasses. Luckily Anastasia came by and picked me up for a lunch.
Tomorrow Ambrose has a day off so we want to get up early and make a day of it. Now off to bed to watch an episode of “Bob´s Burgers”. Big recommendation here. LOVE Tina and Gene. 🙂


imag1798 imag1802 imag1812 imag1810Dont like shopping so much (I know, its weird) but I am really excited of the stuff I got today! Especially these two golden choker´s. After I spent some time studying at this nice place, of course I cant remember the name 🙁 But I often find that restaurants or cafes that have an half open window space are the best. You get away from the worst noise and crowd, but you are still “in the mix” hahah. Very nice.
Got to message with my beautiful friend Annie this morning. I have the best friends, would be great if Australia was a bit closer to, well, THE REST OF THE WORLD! 🙂
Okey its almost 9pm. Means bedtime at our place.

Memories on a stick

img_4569 img_4568 img_4580 img_4579A few days ago my friend gave me a USB stick with old pictures on it she said. I have not had a chance to look at them before and just having a fresh juice and looking trough them. They are so great! Its September 2013, Ambrose really really loves carnivals, rides and all that stuff, I don’t….hahaha. Anyway he got all of us to go with him to some weekend carnival he used to go to as a child. They all went on all these crazy – near death experience” rides and Ambrose was asking me over and over to go on something. So I did, and as you wan see I was not well. Stupid crazy death-rides 🙂
Just remember me struggling to decide between either holding on to my (very) short skirt and not flash everyone OR to hold on to the wall so I wouldn’t fly and crash. Tough decision. Looks like I decided to live and to flash!
But how fun does it not look seeing all of us like nerdy children, super excited over the tickets we just bought.


imag1793 imag1791Good Morning!

Got up really early (before 5:30am, which is my usual time) and started with a little super quick workout, well as much as a workout that I can do with my neck being in this pain. After driving Ambrose to the train I had my breakfast out on the terrace, just before it gets too hot. Yesterday was ridiculous, so hot and humid. I was sticky and gross all day. We actually drove straight down to the ocean after I picked Ambrose up from the station yesterday afternoon.
Just had about 1,5 hour of laughing with my family over the phone, and now MeditationYoga.

13 hours

imag1732Walked Ambrose to work. Best views!


“Brewtown Newtown”. A must try for breakfast and their excellent coffee.

imag1737Sums up the “looks” of Newtown. Very charming. Very London.


Christmas decorations are up at QVB.

imag1750 imag1753

Swarovski were clearly in charge of the Christmas decor.

imag1755Going Malaysian for dinner.

Had such an looongg day in the city yesterday. We drove to Sydney around 5:50am. Got to walk over this little bride that gave us the best view! We had some coffees in the park right outside Ambros’s office, everything was great but just when he left for work I just found myself overwhelmed with all these draining thoughts that I actually had 10 hours to kill (!) before we were meeting for the couples massages I had booked us in for earlier this week….
Lately I have found myself feeling exactly like this. Overwhelmed, anxious, sad and its just so annoying. What is the worst is that I am tired, and I don’t mean a little, I mean like extremely tired. Absolutely exhausted. Just the other day I called Ambrose because I got really scared after driving the car back home and I realized that I was like an zombie, completely out of it like I was tired and drunk at the same time. And this is while driving on a very busy road!
Now I know I understand that alot has changed. I was super busy at my last job as a coordinator at Karolinska Hospital. We were just in the process of re-recruiting and totally re-restructuring the entire organization of the hospital and this is one of Europe´s biggest and most influential University hospitals so there was alot all the time. Right around this time I was in a accident, the bus I was on had a big crash and I (and others on the bus) really hurt my neck. Ever since that alot have changed, in my daily routines, my overall health and even though I continuously have been to Dr´s and physiotherapy, I’m still in alot of pain everyday. This alone makes me tired and now that we are waiting to receive our Partner Visa I am not aloud to anything in Australia. Being injured and on hold for a Visa turns out to be a very very bad combination hahaha.

Anyway, enough of this. Just wanted to write this down, to get it off me a bit but also because writing is suppose to help when we overthink. And when you have as much free time as I  do, well then you over-analyze EVERYTHING 🙂

Here was our lovely Thursday; Breakfast at “Brewtown Newtown” was something I do recommend! I had the poached chicken,bacon,tomato/salad and orange aioli sandwich and iced coffee with sparkling water. Please do order that! Just have a look at their menu:
No Wifi. Decent prices. Sparkling water to the table instead of just plain tap which is very nice. A broad range of interesting and delicious coffee´s. Excellent variety to eat. cozy and trendy atmosphere, but gets very busy. Friendly staff. Will definitely return to this place.

Then I wondered around the city. Newtown in the morning, met Ambrose midday to look at a apartment for us in Crows Nest. Unfortunately it was to small for us, but I loved the neighborhood. Back to the inner city and finished our day with a couples massage and then went to China Town for excellent Malaysian dinner on Sussex St. We have no real experience of this  cuisine so we just ordered alot of different dishes and hoped for the best! Really yummy, unfortunately I don’t know the name of the restaurant.

Drove back home 13 hours later. We both fell asleep 2 seconds after our heads touched the pillow.


nlp-description1 image-0-02-07-be349485bfcb9f0372341b6ba3df094abcddb1b422ddcca245f68ead2d1a67ed-v image-0-02-07-96ae096be98d9d6c2d9f97930b82fa98f80e1da22897e7a0540b86108a95ccac-v

How cool are these Fig tree´s!?!

Few things intrests me such as NLP. I really don’t want to mess up the description of what this amazing thing actually is so here is an more “professional” description by Robert B Dilts:

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a name that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create. Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behavior (programming).

I have since Ive first read about this stuff wanted to study it, learn more about it and practice it in my everyday life. On myself and with those around me. To me, that sentence where he writes; “world we create” alone gives me an erection hahaha. How cool is this! Today I am seriously looking into NLP courses and who knows, maybe I start next week 😉

Monday Off



Luckily Ambrose is off this Monday so we had an extra day to spend time together. Mondays are my favorite day of the week, it always have been. We slept long, mostly because we lied in bed watching “Bob´s Burgers” until well pasted midnight so I was really tired when I woke up. Anyway, here I am trying something new, and yet delicious at now our favorite breakfast place –  “This little Piggy” Its toasted pumpkin bread, prosciutto, smashed avocado and lime, Persian feta, rocket and eggs. Again DO VISIT this place when you are around. God they are good at what they do!
We had a quick drive to see if it was worth getting into the water, but because the temperature had dropped down from 35 (yesterday) to just above 20 something today we skipped it. Instead we drove to Hornsby for shopping and some sushi.

Tonight is the Super moon so back home now, planing where best to go to see it. Happy Moon day everyone 🙂

The 5 AM Club


No use just writing about changes I want, I need to execute this stuff as well otherwise I’m just a loser hahaha.
The change I want to implement into my life : joining The 5AM Club!
So far I have;
1. read a bit about it. So that I have some informative support from those with far more experience than myself.

2. Downloaded an app called “Loop Habit Tracker” to my phone. For motivation.

3. Harassed my family, Ambrose and friends to join me on this. This is typical Nicci behavior! I have always preached about stuff that I found and excite me to those closest around me. Now that I am far far away from everyone I know, Ambrose is away most of the day for work and I have absolutely no friends I am doing my preaching here hahahha beeeyyoonnd sad, but it is as it is now as my dear friend and role model Eckhart Tolle tells us. 😉

4. I wrote down a few but important points about firstly, what I want to get out from this and secondly, what I will do during this additional time I will gain from getting up earlier. Well, I do this to have at least one hour 100% dedicated just to Myself & my Goal. AND I do this to overcome my procrastination.

5. I’m not going to lie. This gave me some anxiety, I thought to myself well, what the fuck are you going to do EVERY morning at 5am for 66 days that will drive you closer to your goal?!?! But just as quickly I decided to NOT make life so difficult. I am going to get the fuck up, accept that I am tired and unmotivated and I am going to do just one – small or big thing. Meditate, a Tabata workout, do a couple of sun salutation sequences, skipping ropes at the terrace while I watch the sun go up, listen to a podcast, write in my journal (this is my journal). Simple as that.

6. Take advice from those with experience. Here is what Ive learned from others;

– Go to bed early, around 10 -11 PM. Which is fine by me, me and Ambrose go to bed around 9PM the latest.

– Track my Habit. Done and Done! My app is installed on my phone and ready to go.

– Avoiding TV, laptop and phone 20 minutes before bedtime. This used to be so easy back in Europe but here Ambros’s family are watching the news every day, something I haven’t done for years! Its really hard to avoid listening to the TV when its on and they are talking about all the crazy stuff going on in the world. And Ambrose himself is one of those people who LOVES learning new things all the time, always reading. I actually call him my personal Google, whenever I want to know something I´ll ask him. Cant be bothered with Google:ing like normal people anymore haha. And if he don’t know something, 9 times out of 10 he goes silent and you know he is reading about it. He is the most curious person Ive ever met. He is Curious Bob for sure! ❤

– Keep my alarm far away from my bed. This way it harder to find excuses to snooze and continue sleeping.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-18-27-32Yeay I am really motivated! Now to when to actually start my 66 days? Just remembered that we hired a house in Newcastle for this weekend for a big party Ambrose friends are having. I want to start this but how hard is it going to be do get up at 5AM after a party with crazy Australians? Or maybe this is the best challenge ever? hmmmm

Our Habits in this world

How Heroes Install Habits


Has anyone read “ The Monk who sold his Ferrari ” by Robin Sharma? If not, I highly recommend this book. Ive read it twice while living in Barcelona and this book opened my eyes and was kind of assisting me during some pretty challenging time in my life. The reason why I mention this book at all is because that I after seeing the whole US election circus last night felt a bit as ” this is kind of overwhelming, disturbing and chaotic. I feel powerless and tired of the world but what can I do”. And I know alot of people have the same thoughts and feelings when shocking events in the world directly or indirectly hit us. The feeling of “well, what can I do about it ?” surely goes true most of peoples heads in times like this. And true, most of us cannot change much on a bigger scale, but if it is true as all the greats say, that we are all connected, that each one of us are part of the whole energy that makes up the totality of our Universe and its outcomes. Then maybe it is also true that  each one of us are a bit responsible for all the shit that is occurring. Over and over again. Maybe if each one of us started making even the slightest changes with our self to be greater, then perhaps we together could assist the world to be a bit greater as a whole.

Ive posted a link to a short video by Robin Sharma where he explains our Habits, and how we can in 66 days ( this is scientifically proven) change our habits, or more correctly, add habits that we want to see in our self. Who knows, one small habit change such as becoming and spreading more kindness and positivity around might do some good for our planet. Now imagine a couple of million of us doing this….

So Donald Trump is the president now, well that’s interesting…..



imag1622After running some errands early this morning I finally got to my workout. After a though warmup I did 30 min Tabatha. Highly recommend this if you want to feel  done AND done afterwards. After that it was coffe and my getting into this whole acting world and final touch on our Partner Visa.
Now wrapping gift for Anastasia & Leonard, they both have birthdays today.

Oh btw, Mango season is starting here in Australia 🙂 🙂 🙂