Our Infinity pool

I don’t know what happened to weather but I was a bit cold last night and today its still a bit of a “Swedish Summer” weather going on here I think. Therefore I thought it would be a perfect moment to have a look down memory lane to the time we had our own infinity pool. Well it was not ONLY ours but whatever hahaha
So many great memories from this beautiful pool. Its actually strange that I newer think back and miss it. I am more ; it was a great time but I love whatever is in the Now. And I am happy about that. Think its such a better life strategy then to always look back.

Anyway, stared my day with a BodyPump class from hell. The teacher or is it called instructor? can you call them teachers? anyway, she was super good. My body sure will feel this tomorrow. Such a rewarding feeling don’t you guys agree? Its kind of addictive.
The only thing is that I made a gym date with Ambrose later this afternoon and right now I am not able to even walk…
Maybe I just try and look cool lifting weights or something because I really want to go with him tonight.

What more has been going on… well last night we came back to the house to find that the power was out in the entire block! Luckily I choose the man in my life to be a former burglar or something because I sure knew how to break in a house easily hahaha. Mi Amore!

But more on that later, I actually have pictures to prove us breaking in. Now I am gonna enjoy a cup of almond latte and email more distant jobs. Wish me luck, it looks good so far. xx


Getting a new puppy?

How is everybody’s Tuesday going so far?
I am trying to rap up a very long day here at the office. Definitely time to go back to the house, my neck pain is just getting worst and worst….

All day I’ve been thinking that we should be getting a new puppy. I cant get it out of my head. Last sunday we got to play with Nick’s new puppy “Leggs” but he was not very “puppylike”. He kept colapsing and sleeping all the time! I guess thats a big part of what puppies do.
But, the other day I ran into one of the cutest puppy’s I have ever seen in my life. Just look at him! He looks like a cuddly bear. I loved his personality as well, he was completely arrogant, playing hard to get. But as soon as you stopped padding him he ran after you for more cuddles. hahah.

Its hard to see in this picture but he is really small but stocky. This puppy was just perfect!

Now: getting some late lunch to eat on the way to the train. I missed lunch and am starting to be really hungry. Unfortunately there is not much “healthy” options around here.

Sleepless in Sydney

My day so far has been great. Except I could not manage to fall asleep, last time I looked at the clock it was almost 2 in the morning! And I wanted to get up at 6am to get my things done without any stress. Well that did not happen. I got up just before 8, did my Tony Robbins Priming (as I do every morning) then after breakfast I went outside and watched the car. Holy crap its tiring to wash a car 🙁
Then I cleaned up, changed the sheets and did 2 loads of wash.
After that I had a shower, which I needed, I was a mess haha.
Then I was off to Sydney. I got to borrow my friends apartment for the night so I don’t have to get up super early to drive to the airport tomorrow morning. Ambrose is FINALLY coming home. I have handled him being away pretty good but enough is enough. I want my love back now.

Tonight I met my friends Ninnie for a glass of wine, followed by dinner. She is from Sweden, we met while working together at my old job TMC in Barcelona. Now she is gonna live here for I think at least 4 years. Which is great because then I get to see her more often.
Now I’m lying here watching MasterChef Australia and I am actually crying….Who the hell cries over MasterChef!?!
I’m telling you, I need Ambrose back. My whole system is messed up since he’s been gone.

Just a few more hours!

Tomorrow is gonna be 32 degrees. Guess Ambrose brought the weather with him from Bali. We have Nic’s graduation part at midday at Leonard’s house. Hopefully little Xavier is gonna be there as well, that woul definitely make the day perfect. He is growing up way to fast.


one real and one fake blond girl


I just had a shower and cant wait to start the day. Its sunny outside so I am excited for this Sunday to get started. Today’s plans are to drive up the coast with Kim and show her that part of Sydney. She is originally from Brisbane and so she has not been up there. Our fist stop, after a take away coffee of course is to meet up with my friend, who also lives in Brisbane, for breakfast.
Mia and Tim recently had their baby and I cannot wait to meet her in person!
Afterwards we will probably drive around the coastal area and stop and maybe Soldiers Beach but also Killcare. Two of my absolute favorites. Cannot wait to show Kim.

Here are some pictures of our day in Balmain yesterday. We picked up our coffee, well I did, Kim doesn’t  drink hot beverages. And she don’t like red wine, chocolate nor shellfish!? Crazy girl. Anyway, she drove me to this place just by the water and we went for a walk in the sun, taking in this beautiful view. The colorful houses made me feel like I was back in Europe. Doesn’t it remind you of Denmark or Holland?

After it was time for lunch. We walked up and down Darling Steet to try and find a place but it was so hard. Every damn place looked amazing! In fact that whole street was just amazing, cant wait to be bring Ambrose here.
Finally we picked Kafeine. We both salads, I think Kim had satay chicken with crispy noodles and I had pulled duck sallad. Both very very nice.
Now: Off to the coast. xx



Its Saturday morning, well actually soon its midday. I am staying at my friend Kimberly’s house for the weekend, right now she is busy adopting two of her rabbits to a family downstairs so I thought I take the time and write in here until she is done. I call her the crazy rabbit lady:)  She has a couple of them now, those cute little furry things.

Fridays lunch in Crows Nest. I decided to spend some time in Crows Nest instead of the city yesterday while waiting for Kimberly to pick me up after work. I don’t know why but I really like this area. Its not big but always vibrant, full of small stores and crazy many cafe’s and restaurants to choose from .Its just perfect. If you are ever in the area, Crows Nest is a must. I am currently cutting out gluten to see if I feel better so for lunch I had a chicken salad with cabbage,coriander, cabbage, mint and spicy sauce on the side.

This is Kimberly and her partner Jackson’s apartment in Balmain. Isn’t it lovely?!  I especially love this type of doors/windows. Last night we wanted to stay in so we filled the house with cheese, wine and dips, followed by takeaway Thai.

Kimberly and Jackson are airbnb hosts so they have all the skills. This is my bedroom for the weekend. Love having my own ensuite bedroom. Woke up feeling I was in a hotel haha. We just finished our eggs and bacon breakfast. I can hear that they are about to wrap it up downstairs so I better get going. And I can see that the sun is finally deciding to show her face so I think first stop of the day will be a big coffee at some nice cafe’. Maybe close to the harbor… hmm lets see what I can get Kimberly to agree on. See you guys later, have a lovely day.

Thinking specially today about John Glad who had a open heart surgery a couple of days ago. My cousin (his wife) sent us the pictures that the surgeons took during the operation.
All I can say is WOW! Very grateful that he is in recovery doing great after all that ♡♡♡



the meaning of marriage

Last Saturday and it is wedding time again! I have to say, I love weddings – the ultimate love-fest – whats not to love?
I have been noticing at the last couple of weddings that Ambrose and most his friends are more “relaxed” during wedding ceremonies than I am. I asked him about it and we think it has to do with the fact that they all go to so many weddings! haha.
Think here in Australia, like in America or middle-eastern countries, weddings are, well common. Whereas, in Sweden, its not. In Sweden its more normal to be “sambo” (couples living together) or even “särbo” (couples living separate).
Often you have children and might later on, or never get married. The meaning of marriage is very different depending on countries.

Many consider marriage just a piece of paper. Perhaps not even understanding what will really be different before and after being married. To me its a celebration of our love for eachother. its a complete dedication and a conscious statement that this person is, and will forever be my number one, my best friend.

To me a wedding is a love-fest where all those you love are gathered together in one space, joined only for one single purpose; to celebrate and partake in two people’s love and devotion for one-another.

And why should it be celebrated? Because nowadays its so rare so when it happens, it must be a party!

We stayed in a Japanese style airbnb that weekend, you see our futons on the floor. We both liked the place, just our style – minimalist. It was in a perfect spot, right above a street full of shops and restaurants. Unfortunately that made the whole place smell like grease which was not nice at all.

I was a bit unsure of the colors and style of this dress. I noticed that Ambrose did not like it so much either so after the wedding, the dress had to go. haha But I loved my new shoes, got to buy more colorful shoes.

Now: back to the house for a quick lunch before heading to the gym. Think I will try their HIIT today.

street girl

I slept like 10 hours last night. 10 hours! Not like me at all but well needed.
And to be fair, I was a street girl yesterday, at least I felt like I had been wandering the streets forever. Instead of driving back to the house after dropping Ambrose off at the airport, I made the mistake to think I should stay in the city. I drove to see my friend Manisha in Bondi, had a coffee and breakfast on the grass in Bondi Beach. And after all that it was only like 8 am. After I drove and returned a dress and did some shopping at Bondi Junction. Had some Japanese for lunch around 1:30 pm and then I started to be a bit bored. Luckily the sun was warming up so I drove to Bronte beach with some coconut water and my bikini and just fell asleep at the beach. Had SPF 50 so no burns yet 🙂

I had dinner plans with my friend Kali, went to her house around 5pm and had such a good time. I brought some dips, olives and vine with me so instead of going out we decided to stay in and watch trash TV. I never do this but last night a perfect night for it. Exactly what I needed. We know each-other true our partners. Her fiance Bart is one of Ambrose’s best friends. Last night me and Kali discussed their whole group (they are many) and their partners. Its funny to hear others perspective on everyone 🙂 For dinner we ordered a bunch of delivery food from Oporto’s. Sometimes you just cant be bothered to even go get food, even from across the street.

After a couple of hours of trash TV, rose’, spicy chicken and laughter, it was time for this “street girl” to head to bed. I was excused! As soon as I put my head on the pillow I fell straight to into sleep.

Today I am back, full of energy and working away at Sister2Sister. We have great plans ahead so very excited. xx