The cultural clash reunion

One normal picture. And that’s because Javier took it on his phone and sent it to me. Dinner at the Greek restaurant Xenos. Very charming place in Crows Nest. Always vibrant which I like.

We could not stop laughing. My camera keeps making these weird pictures where everyone looks, well not great….

After drinks comes dinner and after dinner comes Gelato. A must if you are hanging out with Ambrose.
But this is not your ordinary ice-cream place. This is heaven in you are into ice creams. Or any sweets, they have cronut’s or croissants with ice cream inside…just saying. The place is calles C9 Chocolate & Gelato. Just go there.

Last night we had a proper reunion with some of the old Barcelona crew. Started with an after-work in Crows News and I could not help but t feel like its was like the good old days in Barcelona. It’s such a cultural thing, and of course it helps when you live in a country where the weather actually “welcomes” you to make plans and do something after work.
Yesterday during drinks we were actually discussing the cultural differences we experience.
For example the difference between Swedes and Australians. Swedish people tend to be more direct. In Sweden it is socially accepted to answer your phone with a ” Hello”. Not in Australia. I remember Ambrose being so shocked when he heard me answer my phone. Australians answer more like ; ” Nicci Speaking”.
Another example was asking for something in a store. In Sweden you go to the store attendee and you can say; Hi, shoes? with a smile of course. That means Hi, please tell me where I can find the shoe section in this store. In Australia life is not this easy. Here you have to go; G’day mate! How y’a going?! I am interested in maybe buying myself some shoes. If there is no troubles, would you please help me to find where your shoe section is located bla bla bla……

I mean, who the F*#@k has the time and energy for these kinds of conversations?? Am I wrong? Or have I perhaps too many years in Sweden, becoming a cold and too direct person. I don’t know. Somethings I actually think I moved around too much so now I have a little bit of one too many cultures in my brain. So I am not good in any country!

Okey, back to our evening. Ambrose came after work and so did Ninnie and Javier. I used to work with the two of them back in Barcelona when I worked for TMC. Great memories so it was really great to get a full night with them, just like back in the days.

I can’t wait when we get this whole partner Visa done and we go visit Europe. I am trying to convince Ambrose to do a summer trip this time. I want to show him my favorite spots in Europe, and visit new places that neither of us has been too. Like Croatia and Turkey.

And of course Barcelona. That city will forever be one of my favorite homes in the world.


Two shadows at Pearl Beach

Pearl beach. One of my favorites up here at the coast. I like the glow of the sand, makes it look like tiny pieces of gold.
This was on Sunday and whenever Ambrose has time off we are basically on a hunt for waves. And this Sunday was no exception.

I don’t mind it usually because I am normally swimming around and body surfing anyway. The only time it gets annoying is if I am done with the whole beach thing and I cannot get a hold of him because he is far out in the water. And I have the car keys, his wallet, both our phones so it’s not like I can leave, how would he find me ?
Might leave a note in the sand from now on;  “Got bored, at the cafe on top of the hill. See ya”

The normal solution would be to learn how to surf……I tried teaching me one time and it was like I was in the army so I quit. I did not even understand half the things he was talking about. Did you guys know that in Australia you get down on your knees and grab hold of the sand with your hands when a big wave comes over you?! What?

I miss the good old beaches in south of Europe where there is little or no action. Here its a constant fight for survival in the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, I think its much more fun to be in the ocean when there is a bit wavy. But not those that you need to know trick in order to escape death… just saying.

As I was saying a long time ago, Pearl Beach is beautiful, golden and often quite.We were there in the afternoon but there were no one there. We had the whole beach to yourself.  There is not alot of surf here usually, so if you are after that Avoca Beach might be a better option.

Ciao for now. xx


Baha’i House of worship – A Persian gift to Australia

The other day, after driving back to the coast from another event in Sydney, we drove by this beautiful building. We decided to stop and have a look. I hate those times when you say ; “maybe next time”. That almost never happens, at least not for us.

As we walked towards this beautiful temple  we were approached by a lovely  guide who told us more about it. Apparently this is called Baha’i House of Worship. It is a temple given to Australia as a gift by Persia.

As the guide was showing us around the temple I tried to make a joke to Ambrose, that I (Persian) was a  gift to him (Australia) He did not laugh. hahah. I thought it was such a good one myself!

The temple is as beautiful inside as it was on the outside. It is not much inside, just a couple of chairs and some large flower arrangements. I think they like to keep it simple. People go there mostly to meditate the guide told us. So that’s what we did. Well for a short time at least, I cant get Ambrose to sit still doing nothing for a very long time.

The only rules was that you could not take any pictures if any other person was in the temple. I waited for bit and then we took a couple of pictures of this gorgeous building. Such a nice gift!

If you guys want to find out more you can to so HERE


What an amazing day

This was us a coupe of hours ago. Having a couple of kebab’s at the beachfront. The picture makes me laugh so much, I wanted to take a picture because I thought it was cute that it said “Hers” and “His”. But as was taking the picture a guy walked past and smiled at us. You know one of those smiles that says “ oh those poor losers, they are so happy over their sad little kebab’s that they feel the need to take a picture of it and post it to the world to see”

hahahahha I could just tell from his eyes and his weird smile at us that this was EXACTLY what he was thinking.

One amazing thing happened to me today. Cannot really talk about it yet, but very soon. Or wait… two amazing things happened, Our Visa contact ( or whatever you call them) sent us an email saying that everything we have sent in so far has been approved, we just need the police clearance from Spain. That is something I will finish tomorrow with the Spanish consulate here in Sydney, sent it to Maya ( our Visa contact) aaaannndddd I believe I am in!  My heart just starts pounding thinking about our Visa being finalized.

The other great thing that happened is that today Ambrose sisters Anastasia’s partner Adam proposed to her! can’t wait for another wedding!
“Love is in the air la la la la. Love is in the air la la la”

Okey back to reading my new book by Napoleon Hill. Tomorrow I have another amazing and big day so better get some rest. Ciao


Beers with an old friend from Barcelona and the Sydney Ballet in Darling Harbour

Yesterday was absolutely full on. Think we got out of bed at 5:50 in the morning and back in it around midnight. But somehow we were both full of energy.
I went to do some volunteer work at the office in Sydney. Felt good after 2 weeks of Christmas holidays.
The afternoon came and it was time for an early Ramen dinner in China Town with Ambrose. We finished our dinner pretty quick  because we had plans to see Javier for a beer. Javier is an old friend and colleague of mine from the time I worked for TMC in Barcelona. I was so excited, have not seen him in over three years. Crazy how time goes by so fast!

Since we had tickets to the Ballet in Darling Harbour and Javier had dinner plans with some friends from Sydney, the beer date ended after just 2 beers. Instead we made some proper plans for next week, dinner and drinks all night in Sydney.

We rushed over to Darling Harbour, trying to find Marnee and the rest of the group. It was our first ballet, neither I or Ambrose have been to one before. We both really liked it, well maybe me more than Ambrose haha.

If you are interested to see it check it out HERE

It must have been around 2 thousand people there. not easy to get out, get our bags ( which they for security reasons made us hand in) and get to the train back to the coast. At the station we bumped into our friend Matty who just arrived from New Zealand. Everything was good until he informed us that the trains had been cancelled due to railroad works and the storm. So we were forced to take a bus and then change, in the middle of nowhere to a train. Gah!!

To keep the story short… the train was delayed from this new place the bus took us. We bumped into another guy we new, Bart’s colleague.  Found out that Matti’s parents lived close to the train station we were stranded at. Made hos dad come pick us up, we drove the dad back to his house, helped him move some heavy pots. Matty drove his car with all of us to the coast. Dropped us at our parked car so we could drive to the house and then took Bart’s colleague home.

At the house we had a shower, laughed about our surreal night and fell asleep like to babies.



Summer storms in Syndey and the ballet

Good morning. Or maybe Good evening since I know most of you are in Europe reading this right now. I am sitting at my desk trying to concentrate. Its hard today, cant stop myself to look outside the window. We have had a couple of VERY hot days here in Sydney, I am talking 45 degrees and it has been unpleasant as hell. Heat makes me tired and drowsy and that is not to say that I dislike summer or anything like that. Its just that I think around 30 degrees is summer. This 45 plus nonsense is not really my preference. After it has been hot like it has been the summer storms comes, and that is exactly what is happening outside the windows right now. The rain is poring down, the sky is dark and heavy except for when the lightening and thunders brightens it up.

I have been up since 5:50 this morning. getting myself some breakfast and will start heading to the office soon for my volunteer work. I love the rain because it is much needed, but would like it to stop raining just while I walk to the train 🙂

Later I have date with one of my friends visiting from Barcelona and then the ballet with Ambrose and Marnee tonight! cant wait.


the flood in woy woy

The other day it was a crazy flood in Woy Woy. Well, it might not be strange to people here in Australia but I’ve never seen a flood before. Growing up in Sweden where there are not much crazy natural stuff going on. Not like this at least. Most people were walking around, taking pictures. These were some who were not as entertained as we were, they were just trying to get home! haha

Alot of people took the opportunity to go fishing during the flood. But I could not see anyone catch any fish. We were just driving around to try and find the “worst” spot. We thought it was where the whole wharf went under water, and people trying to catch the ferry but then we found the car under water. How this poor guy managed this is so strange to me. Why would you drive over that much water when you clearly can see that the road is completely under water!?

Anyway, its Saturday morning and I have been up for 2 hours. Waiting for Ambrose to leave the bed so we can go start the day. All I can think about is coffee, addicted! Usually we get up early but he is going back to work in 2 days so think he wants to get as much sleep as possible. Soon back to 5:30 in the morning again, I am looking forward to it.

Have a great day. xx


New Years Eve in Sydney 2017

This is a VERY late post on our new Years Eve in Sydney. Saying goodbye to 2017 with all its highs and lows, and welcoming 2018 with great expectations and excitement!

We spent New Years Eve in View Hills in Sydney. We were a bunch of maybe 25, invited to Ari and Hannah’s new house. And what a fun house, an true entertainment house. Well, that’s the best way I can describe their house. Basketball court, outside BBQ and Pizza oven, tennis court, pool, vine cellar. Just designed for entertainment right!?
And it dose’t hurt that both Ari and Hannah are one of the best hosts ever. They just love having friends over and it really shows.
We started with a mini day New Years party, I think people started around 2 in the afternoon. And most of us spent the night.





Starting the New Years Eve in the afternoon with bbq and hanging by the pool.

haha this picture makes me laugh. Monica’s eyes says it all! This is the panic pizza making team. Imagine 10 people running around trying to make pizzas from scratch. Its harder then it looks that’s for sure. By nighttime it was clearly not enough with all the cheese, dips and BBQ. Ari and Hannah had prepared homemade pizza to be cooked in their stone oven.And out comes 20 plus pizzas. Pretty great I have to say. To the right you see what came poring out of the Piñata. Candy! And all the nice cocktails Ari kept making for us all night. So good.

Here we all are, just after saying goodbye to 2017 and celebrating 2018. This is the now –  traditional – Visa Photo!

The spot where we all stood and watched the fireworks for New Years Eve 2017. We wanted to walk down their neighbors driveway to get a better view but we were to scared. haha

In the morning, everyone were either playing basketball, swimming in the pool or still sleeping. I took the opportunity to sit and enjoy the stillness. You guys now by now I love doing that.

My favorite time. Breakfast.


Healthy lunch option – my recipe

A couple of days since I’ve been in here. My updates must be better I know that. I just have been so low on energy, guess that’s no excuse but I don’t know what else to say. Its 2018 now and like many people I have this urge to change. Ly life, myself, my situation, well alot of things. Honestly can’t even begin to go into all that right now. It’s too heavy and it makes me sad at the moment thinking about it, so I ignore it, pretend it’s not there. Healthy? Definitely not. Necessary? Well, right now yes.
So lets all ignore the real issue and talk about something lighter. Like a healthy lunch option.My own recipe!

You start by cutting fresh salmon into cubes. (remove the skin of course)
Marinate in: lemon juice, and lemon zest. sesame oil. Salt and pepper.
Mix a big bowl of fresh salad. I like to use baby spinach, rockets and a bag of crispy mix salad. Cut up in thin slices one whole hard green pear.
Put 1/2 lemon juice, 1 table-spoon mayonnaise, salt pepper. Let them all blend well.
Boil one egg pp.

Now start plating. first the salad. Then the marinated salon cubes. Over this you sprinkle fried noodles. ( I buy them from normal supermarkets ) Serve with the egg.

Bon appetit!



During the Holidays

Its Thursday and it hasn’t been alot going on over here in Australia for us. I am right now sitting on our bed, trying to ignore the heat and watching YouTube clips on human behaviors. Thing you guys know by now are my interests. Today started really good but just turned out to be one of those days, you know like those that just bother you.
Just to break this bad pattern I took the car, sat at a cafe and read 2 chapters in my book on what shapes us as humans and it is our values. It actually made me feel better because sometimes you just need to get a better or at least a different understanding on what is going on in your head and in the head of others. The book was explaining that we do what we do because of what we, consciously or unconsciously value. What is mostly important to us. Sometimes conflicts occur when the value of those around you differs from your own value. Makes sense doesn’t it?
I am not going into much more details. Still pissed of from this whole day so instead lets have a look at these past couple of holidays around Christmas.

Like mentioned before, Our friends Tim and Mia were visiting from Brisbane. So we had a full boat day which is always fun. What is it with boats that makes you feel alive. Love them!

Yep, it’s happening. After many years as a girlfriend to an Australian man, this is whats happening. He is turning me into a outdoorsy girl. Just a warning to every girl who might fall in love with an Australian… you will need to sleep in one of these at some point. Now that I look at it actually looks like this is where you go to die. I am equally  scared as excited that I agreed to camping.

Picnic is more my kind of outdoorsy haha. Here at the beautiful Palm Beach

During the Christmas holidays we have also acted as puppy sitters for Leggs and Tally. Leggs is a giant puppy that behaves like a grandpa so he is easy. Just eats and sleeps all day. Tully on the other hand is crazy. But I think we did good.




Merry Christmas 2017

At the beautiful Palm Beach

In the boat on the way back it was 45 degrees. Insane!

Christmas food is the best. My absolute favorite is the Swedish Christmas food though. God I miss that so much!

Fresh passion fruit from their garden

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have been surrounded by your loved ones, that is what is important. I always have felt extra sad around the holidays when I see someone that “looks” like he/she is alone. Makes me extremely grateful that I always been surrounded with a big loving family, and still now, I have a an additional family. My Australian family <3
And soon me and Ambrose will have a large family of our own.

Back to our Christmas 2017. I told Ambrose earlier today that this was the least “Christmas like” and he agreed. It has alot to do with the fact that it was around 45 degrees on the 24th of December! Also everything around it, cant really explain it, it just was more like a couple of days of holidays.
On the 24th of December we had our friends Tim and Mia over from Brisbane. The plan for the day was to take the speed boat out to Palm Beach for a picnic and swim with a couple of their friends from London.
Next day was Christmas. The whole family was going to spend it at Leonard and Nicks house. Luckily this day was not as hot as the day before, so we managed to eat! Otherwise at least I have problems having a appetite when its super hot.

After all the yummy Christmas food it was time for presents, desert and games. When everyone went home me Ambrose Nick and Leonard kept playing a game called “Hat” until midnight. I love this game. I will introduce this to everyone now. Even now, I just wish I had a couple of people around me so I could keep on playing. That’s how much fun I had.

Oh, in case any of you wondered about presents. For this years Christmas we had secret Santa and we got hotel nights in Hunter Valley as a Christmas gift. Very nice, cant wait to get there. Wine tasting, cheese tasting, hotel beds, hotel breakfast… Yeay!


Is walking on sand good for you?

Yesterday I decided in the late afternoon that I should go walk on the sand at the beach. Read somewhere that the feeling of sand is suppose to be good for you. Don’t know if that is true bu I suppose walking in any surroundings with nature must be better that just sitting around. I had an early start with waking up around 6am, coffee and being on the phone to Europe before my Yoga class that started at 8:30am.
I spent most of the day listening to podcasts on bonds and shares and Bitcoin and all that. I took a brake in the afternoon, downloaded alot of music, super tired of all the songs on my Spotify list right now. And then with good music its always a good idea to have it on full volume while driving around. That’s how I ended up at the beach. I walked for almost 2 hours and drove back just before sunset. Sunset here in Australia, well at least during the summer is like 8pm. How lovely is that!


Sweating at the gym

As tired as I was yesterday I still forced myself to go to the gym. I am not tired because of lack of sleep or anything. Just tired because it is 35 degrees hot outside, and very very hot inside. Heat always makes me drowsy and steals all my energy I feel.
Anyway, the gym instructor asked us to do 30 reps of all these exercises. Times 2 !! As always it feels good afterwards, I’m still in pain today from it. But while I was doing them I felt like I wanted to murder her for “forcing to so all of them twice hahah.

Today I did Pilates at the gym, could not go trough yesterdays madness today. I am now having a bit of lunch, Sweet soy chicken with salad. After I am planning to try to get a hold of a career planner, or whatever they are called over here. I know our partner Visa is on its way and I want to be on top of everything. Would be great to start a new job the day after my Visa arrives! Am I slightly desperate to start working…Yes.

Now I have to leave this nice, cool cafe’ and head back to my boiling car…
Hope you guys have nicer weather than me. Ciao for now.


Just finished packing up everything in the apartment. Tomorrow morning Ambrose goes to work from here and I plan to go to the beach for a swim and breakfast at Bondi beach. Might also go to Sister Sister and get some work done. We see how I go. Think the cleaners come around midday so I could just stay here and relax but would rather enjoy Bondi a bit before heading back to the coast.

We did not have alot of energy too much today. After last nights craziness with the skinny dipping and coming home around 5 in the morning was tough on us today. Ambrose forgot his work clothes so I went with him to Westfield for some shopping and lunch. I could not eat after our huge breakfast at Brown Sugar this morning. So I sat there with my large coconut water and felt sick. But when I was offered Ramen for dinner I did NOT say no. I don’t think I will ever say no to a bowl of Ramen.

Feels like all we have been doing this last couple of days is food and alcohol. Wednesday we start with the healthy lifestyle again. Looking forward to it actually. You get tired and slow from all this!

Now we are going to lie in bed and watch something funny for a while. We both have a large glass of water next to us. Ramen and alcohol makes you ridiculously thirsty.

Hope you guys have a good night sleep. I know I will. Ciao for now.


birthday party 2.0

The birthday boy relaxing before it strarts

hahaha Cappa, the only one posing for my photo

Brown Sugar – one of the best places for breakfast in Bondi

Yesterday we had Ambrose’s 30th birthday 2.0. Starting with drinks and cake at our place from 3pm. I soon realized that we did not enough chairs for everyone so it quickly became a circle on the floor. Normally this would stress me, but I am learning to let go a little bit. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Sometimes it is at it is and that’s perfectly fine. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. These people are great hahah

The plan to just have one drink and go for a pub crawl did not really work out either. Everyone had way too much fun at ours. So we left the apartment late, managed to fit in one place for some drinks before it was time to head to the restaurant. Ive arranged that we had the upstairs for ourselfs. As you can see there is no pictures, just that one. I am so glad most people could make it 🙂

After the restaurant, which by the way was really good, we went to Bondi hotel to have drinks and dance. At 3am I got most people out, I started to get tired but most of them wanted to keep going. In the end it was just me and some of the boys left. Of course they went for a skinny dip at Bondi beach instead of going home. Ad not just a dip, they went body surfing at until 4am in the dark.

We finished the night with birthday cake at 5 in the morning back at our place. I forgot to serve the cake at the party. Of course…..hahhaha All good, it will be fine!