Getting a new puppy?

How is everybody’s Tuesday going so far?
I am trying to rap up a very long day here at the office. Definitely time to go back to the house, my neck pain is just getting worst and worst….

All day I’ve been thinking that we should be getting a new puppy. I cant get it out of my head. Last sunday we got to play with Nick’s new puppy “Leggs” but he was not very “puppylike”. He kept colapsing and sleeping all the time! I guess thats a big part of what puppies do.
But, the other day I ran into one of the cutest puppy’s I have ever seen in my life. Just look at him! He looks like a cuddly bear. I loved his personality as well, he was completely arrogant, playing hard to get. But as soon as you stopped padding him he ran after you for more cuddles. hahah.

Its hard to see in this picture but he is really small but stocky. This puppy was just perfect!

Now: getting some late lunch to eat on the way to the train. I missed lunch and am starting to be really hungry. Unfortunately there is not much “healthy” options around here.

Sleepless in Sydney

My day so far has been great. Except I could not manage to fall asleep, last time I looked at the clock it was almost 2 in the morning! And I wanted to get up at 6am to get my things done without any stress. Well that did not happen. I got up just before 8, did my Tony Robbins Priming (as I do every morning) then after breakfast I went outside and watched the car. Holy crap its tiring to wash a car ๐Ÿ™
Then I cleaned up, changed the sheets and did 2 loads of wash.
After that I had a shower, which I needed, I was a mess haha.
Then I was off to Sydney. I got to borrow my friends apartment for the night so I don’t have to get up super early to drive to the airport tomorrow morning. Ambrose is FINALLY coming home. I have handled him being away pretty good but enough is enough. I want my love back now.

Tonight I met my friends Ninnie for a glass of wine, followed by dinner. She is from Sweden, we met while working together at my old job TMC in Barcelona. Now she is gonna live here for I think at least 4 years. Which is great because then I get to see her more often.
Now I’m lying here watching MasterChef Australia and I am actually crying….Who the hell cries over MasterChef!?!
I’m telling you, I need Ambrose back. My whole system is messed up since he’s been gone.

Just a few more hours!

Tomorrow is gonna be 32 degrees. Guess Ambrose brought the weather with him from Bali. We have Nic’s graduation part at midday at Leonard’s house. Hopefully little Xavier is gonna be there as well, that woul definitely make the day perfect. He is growing up way to fast.


one real and one fake blond girl


I just had a shower and cant wait to start the day. Its sunny outside so I am excited for this Sunday to get started. Today’s plans are to drive up the coast with Kim and show her that part of Sydney. She is originally from Brisbane and so she has not been up there. Our fist stop, after a take away coffee of course is to meet up with my friend, who also lives in Brisbane, for breakfast.
Mia and Tim recently had their baby and I cannot wait to meet her in person!
Afterwards we will probably drive around the coastal area and stop and maybe Soldiers Beach but also Killcare. Two of my absolute favorites. Cannot wait to show Kim.

Here are some pictures of our day in Balmain yesterday. We picked up our coffee, well I did, Kim doesn’tย  drink hot beverages. And she don’t like red wine, chocolate nor shellfish!? Crazy girl. Anyway, she drove me to this place just by the water and we went for a walk in the sun, taking in this beautiful view. The colorful houses made me feel like I was back in Europe. Doesn’t it remind you of Denmark or Holland?

After it was time for lunch. We walked up and down Darling Steet to try and find a place but it was so hard. Every damn place looked amazing! In fact that whole street was just amazing, cant wait to be bring Ambrose here.
Finally we picked Kafeine. We both salads, I think Kim had satay chicken with crispy noodles and I had pulled duck sallad. Both very very nice.
Now: Off to the coast. xx



Its Saturday morning, well actually soon its midday. I am staying at my friend Kimberly’s house for the weekend, right now she is busy adopting two of her rabbits to a family downstairs so I thought I take the time and write in here until she is done. I call her the crazy rabbit lady:)ย  She has a couple of them now, those cute little furry things.

Fridays lunch in Crows Nest. I decided to spend some time in Crows Nest instead of the city yesterday while waiting for Kimberly to pick me up after work. I don’t know why but I really like this area. Its not big but always vibrant, full of small stores and crazy many cafe’s and restaurants to choose from .Its just perfect. If you are ever in the area, Crows Nest is a must. I am currently cutting out gluten to see if I feel better so for lunch I had a chicken salad with cabbage,coriander, cabbage, mint and spicy sauce on the side.

This is Kimberly and her partner Jackson’s apartment in Balmain. Isn’t it lovely?!ย  I especially love this type of doors/windows. Last night we wanted to stay in so we filled the house with cheese, wine and dips, followed by takeaway Thai.

Kimberly and Jackson are airbnb hosts so they have all the skills. This is my bedroom for the weekend. Love having my own ensuite bedroom. Woke up feeling I was in a hotel haha. We just finished our eggs and bacon breakfast. I can hear that they are about to wrap it up downstairs so I better get going. And I can see that the sun is finally deciding to show her face so I think first stop of the day will be a big coffee at some nice cafe’. Maybe close to the harbor… hmm lets see what I can get Kimberly to agree on. See you guys later, have a lovely day.

Thinking specially today about John Glad who had a open heart surgery a couple of days ago. My cousin (his wife) sent us the pictures that the surgeons took during the operation.
All I can say is WOW! Very grateful that he is in recovery doing great after all that โ™กโ™กโ™ก



the meaning of marriage

Last Saturday and it is wedding time again! I have to say, I love weddings – the ultimate love-fest – whats not to love?
I have been noticing at the last couple of weddings that Ambrose and most his friends are more “relaxed” during wedding ceremonies than I am. I asked him about it and we think it has to do with the fact that they all go to so many weddings! haha.
Think here in Australia, like in America or middle-eastern countries, weddings are, well common. Whereas, in Sweden, its not. In Sweden its more normal to be “sambo” (couples living together) or even “sรคrbo” (couples living separate).
Often you have children and might later on, or never get married. The meaning of marriage is very different depending on countries.

Many consider marriage just a piece of paper. Perhaps not even understanding what will really be different before and after being married. To me its a celebration of our love for eachother. its a complete dedication and a conscious statement that this person is, and will forever be my number one, my best friend.

To me a wedding is a love-fest where all those you love are gathered together in one space, joined only for one single purpose; to celebrate and partake in two people’s love and devotion for one-another.

And why should it be celebrated? Because nowadays its so rare so when it happens, it must be a party!

We stayed in a Japanese style airbnb that weekend, you see our futons on the floor. We both liked the place, just our style – minimalist. It was in a perfect spot, right above a street full of shops and restaurants. Unfortunately that made the whole place smell like grease which was not nice at all.

I was a bit unsure of the colors and style of this dress. I noticed that Ambrose did not like it so much either so after the wedding, the dress had to go. haha But I loved my new shoes, got to buy more colorful shoes.

Now: back to the house for a quick lunch before heading to the gym. Think I will try their HIIT today.

street girl

I slept like 10 hours last night. 10 hours! Not like me at all but well needed.
And to be fair, I was a street girl yesterday, at least I felt like I had been wandering the streets forever. Instead of driving back to the house after dropping Ambrose off at the airport, I made the mistake to think I should stay in the city. I drove to see my friend Manisha in Bondi, had a coffee and breakfast on the grass in Bondi Beach. And after all that it was only like 8 am. After I drove and returned a dress and did some shopping at Bondi Junction. Had some Japanese for lunch around 1:30 pm and then I started to be a bit bored. Luckily the sun was warming up so I drove to Bronte beach with some coconut water and my bikini and just fell asleep at the beach. Had SPF 50 so no burns yet ๐Ÿ™‚

I had dinner plans with my friend Kali, went to her house around 5pm and had such a good time. I brought some dips, olives and vine with me so instead of going out we decided to stay in and watch trash TV. I never do this but last night a perfect night for it. Exactly what I needed. We know each-other true our partners. Her fiance Bart is one of Ambrose’s best friends. Last night me and Kali discussed their whole group (they are many) and their partners. Its funny to hear others perspective on everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ For dinner we ordered a bunch of delivery food from Oporto’s. Sometimes you just cant be bothered to even go get food, even from across the street.

After a couple of hours of trash TV, rose’, spicy chicken and laughter, it was time for this “street girl” to head to bed. I was excused! As soon as I put my head on the pillow I fell straight to into sleep.

Today I am back, full of energy and working away at Sister2Sister. We have great plans ahead so very excited. xx


days before Bali

Good morning!
Today we woke up super early to drive Ambrose to the airport. He is going away on a surf trip to Bali, I could not go with him because I cant leave the country on my Visa. I don’t even want to talk about it….
But because I have hardly slept anything and I am sleepy like a little child, I though I keep it simple and just go true the last couple of days, before Bali with you ๐Ÿ™‚

Last Thursday was Ambrose’s last day at work. Apparently they had a big farewell for him, with presents, speeches and after-work drinks. When Ambrose came home we were lying in bed reading what all these nice colleagues had been writing to him. I could not stop laughing. Fist of all, Ambrose hates being the center of attention. So when they have a speech for him and 40 people stands around starring at him is like hell for him. He was traumatized when he came home and told me what happened to him. Then I was laughing at him as he was reading his farewell card, he did not know who 80% of them where haha.

We woke up after a good sleep in and went for our favorite breakfast. You will see the same pictures of my breakfast because I ALWAYS pick the same when we are at “Little Piggi’s”. Ambrose is normal and try new stuff.

We drove and did all our errands we needed done before the trip. Went to the beach shortly, I did try to get into the water but its still freezing in the water. Stopped over to see the view. Its such a cool neighborhood. Cant remember the name but its like an island, so all these lucky houses gets this view to die for.

Saturday was Ash & Stefan’s wedding. It was an pretty amazing wedding at Taronga Zoo. (More about that later) We stayed over in a really cool, Japanese style airbnb in the city after the wedding. And This is how we spent most of Sunday day/night. After packing and an intense wedding weekend that’s all I wanted.

Now I have to run to the car, stupid 2 h parking…..

Fun and unnecessary facts

One of many lovely lunches we had in south of Europe. Grilled octopus for lunch in a garden in Greece.
Whats not to love!?

  1. Last person I texted
    All 9 of my cousins, in our group-chat.
  2. Battery percentage
    64% Ambrose bought me a new HTC, so I am not stressed out with bringing my charger with me everywhere all the time any longer. The old phone drove me crazy.
  3. Do I have a crush
  4. Nickname
    “Nic”. Thats it! How sad that I have no more nicknames haha.
    In Sweden there is a saying: “Kรคrt barn har mรฅnga namn” which means (more or less); “a loved child has many names”. I guess that’s just not me. haha
  5. Night in or go out
    What a hard question. I like both. But if have to choose one, it will be night in.
  6. Last song you listened to
    with Ed Sheeran. I have been listening to it on repeat since yesterday. That how I usually listen to music, I repeat on song over and over until I gag over the thought over it …. a weirdo, I know.
  7. Middle name
  8. Favorite place
    Oh…ehhh. My alone time in the mornings with a cup of black coffee at a cafe’. Anywhere together with Ambrose and my sisters/family. South of Europe. Like small villages in France or Italy is heaven to me.
    And this one might be embarrassing, but if I don’t at least mentioned it I’ll be lying – Restaurants. I just love the atmosphere of friends and family together on a large table with amazing food to share.
    So yes, restaurants. There I said it!
    This choosing only one thing/place might not be my thing…. ๐Ÿ™
  9. Height
  10. Three facts about you
    I start and end my days with thinking and feeling of something that makes me happy.
    Drinking from a cup/glass that is wet on the outside is something I find disgusting (don’t know why)
    I have lived in 7 different countries. Persia, Germany, Yugoslavia, Sweden, France, Spain and now Australia.


NLP with Jasmin

Finally I can tell you guys about this! I am over the moon proud over my little sister for her new business.
Check out “NLP with Jasmin” Here

Its her brand new web-page where she offers sessions to help people using the fantastic methods of Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP. Jasmin has been studying this for quite some time now and she is now an certified NLP coach.
For those who are unfamiliar with NLP should google it and learn a bit more how transformative it has been for millions of people.

The most famous advocate for NLP must be Tony Robbins. His work and many more such as him has been people Jasmin have studied and learned from for years, and now she is providing coaching on her own. This is great because you can get a collective of the best in just one place : NLP with Jasmin

Ive already signed up ๐Ÿ™‚
If you have any questions or want to know how can improve your life, regardless area, NLP with Jasmin is now offering 30 minutes FREE consultation !! To receive this opportunity click here

Now I am going to have a coffee, relax and begin answering the questions I received from NLP with Jasmin.
Spent this morning shopping for a dress as we are going to a wedding this Saturday. Now that the dress is sorted, time to sort the important stuff – me and the progress of my life. Exciting!

Beautiful Australia

Beautiful Australia. Australia is so beautiful it’s crazy. Every time we drive somewhere, I am always amazed of the nature of this place. Today we woke up late and I went out to get us some breakfast. Toast, eggs and cherry tomatoes with a cup of tea. Then we picked up our take away coffees and drove to the beach. Ambrose surfed shortly and I tried to get a tan quickly. I say quickly because as soon as Ambrose comes up from the water he wants to leave straight away. To get him to lay around on the beach is not so easy.

We drove and got some necessary shopping done. Work clothes for Ambrose and a new dress for me. We are going to a wedding next Saturday and I wanted to get something. Could not find anything under stress so have to go back looking tomorrow unfortunately. Don’t like shopping at all. Love when its done but the actually shopping bit is not my thing.

Its going to be a short evening. Tacos for dinner shower rand then straight to bed. “See” you guys tomorrow.


Today we started our day with a beach day. Its the second day of spring over here and 21 degrees. But it was just a short beach day. We left quite early to Leonard’s house where the renovation was full on. At first I just felt I was in the way so I took Aiylaa and palyed around in the garden. We found fresh veggie’s and herbs. Just look at all this parsley! I took alot of it back to the house. Going to make tabbouleh tomorrow for lunch.

Ambrose took of his clothes for the renovation. He loves being with as little clothes as possible.
Any excuse he can get to take his be half naked he takes ๐Ÿ™‚

After a while I got bored of playing, so when the boys asked if I wanted to help with the renovation I was excited. The whole house was painted in this old pink or and yellow paint. Started looking great as we painted it more and more in white. Still alot more to do with the renovation though. But its nice to see progress, painting is like meditation.

We gave the renovation 5 hours of our time, that was it. On the way back in the car we were discussing how renovating is such a hustle. We might skip major renovation on our house and maybe get one that just needs minor renovation. I was tired after just 5 hours! Imagine months of renovation!?

Anyway, because we want I day for ourselfs tomorrow we will miss out celebration of Ambrose’s father for Fathers Day. Instead we took him out for drinks and dinner tonight. The Thai just down the road is seriously one of the best Thai’s I’ve ever had. They always deliver. We shared fish cakes, Tiger prawns in creamy souse, seafood fried rice, pork pad e seew. And alot of drinks. Therefore I am absolutely exhausted tonight.

We are back at the house now. Having a massive open fire, wine and some chocolate. And someone just put on Tina Turner on full volume. hahah I need to go sing along.

Wish you guys a wonderful weekend.xx


vacation in Andorra

My family have been on vacation in Andorra for almost a week. A couple of days ago they sent me this photo. I always ask them to send me so I can feel included. It looks so cozy! Like a ski lodge. Well, Andorra is a place you normaly go on ski vacation, but its perfectly fine to visit during summer time as well.

I cannot believe I’ve lived in Barcelona for years and never took the time to vacation in Andorra. Its just about 2 – 3 hours drive. And I bet you the drive is really nice too.
Oh well, I believe we will have a life half in Australia and half the time over in Europe anyway. So I get to take Ambrose with me and have a vacation in Andorra next time we are over there. That sounds good too.

But whats up with the portion sizes in Andorra!?? Hanie’s steak looks like something Fred Flintstones would order. and she is a vegetarian…well sometimes haha ) And Jasmin’s plate is a serve to feed an entire family. Looks yummy though, don’t you think?

Miss them alot. This lovely group of people.

Today we drove to the city because our car needed service. I decided to come too, because I can actually go and help out at Sister2Sister for the day.


Mayweather vs McGregor

Photocredit:ย  Photo ยฉ buzzpls.Com – LBC9 Now that I have a new phone I have to remember to take pictures! I keep forgetting and I think its because I broke my phone a while ago so just not used to do it anymore. I wanted to at least take some from when we were all watching the fight of the year – Mayweather vs McGregor.
Anyway, here are some pictures from end of last week.

Had one of my favorite breakfasts with my favorite person.
Is it obvious how much he hates it when I take his picture? haha.
On Sunday we woke up early at Bart & Carlitta’s place in Bronte. Well, I woke up 5:30 am, Bart and Karli around 7:30 am and then Ambrose… Him we had to drag out of bed if we wanted to get some breakfast and start the day.

After we drove to the Harris Farm and got groceries, bears and rose’ for the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.
Loved watching it. Cannot believe how nervous and excited I was!? We all were actually. It ended stupidly way too fast in my opinion. For all you who did not watch it, Mayweather won. And I lost the 20 bucks I bet on McGregor haha.
After the fight me and Ambrose decided to skip the BBQ we had planed to have after the fight.
Way too tired after the weekend. I am definitely not used to drink as the Australians. Got to step up a notch! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now its time to get back to the house and get some lunch, chicken wrap is all I can think of now. Did a class this morning called Yogalates, a mix of Yoga and Pilates and it really took it out of me! I have to get some muscles, especially in my arms. The plan for rest of the day is to learn more about remote work and after I might pump myself to get to class number two – DanceFit.
No promises though….xx

Break a sweat at the gym

I know I promised to write about the first days back home. But I have to start today with letting you know about this great gym I found! They are called Planet Fitness .I will go into more details about them later on but for now I just wanted to encourage everyone to make sure to break a sweat everytime you go to the gym or do any type of exercise. Otherwise, whats the point!?

If you don’t want to break a sweat at the gym, at least get your heart pumping. Its so good for you. Even if you will look like me here, a washed cloth hahah, at least you know you gave it your all.

Exercise, worlds best endorphin.

Okey that’s enough on breaking sweats at the gym ๐Ÿ™‚ Now: back to getting myself back on track with remote work and remote studies!


Reflect, refocus and decide

One stormy day at Bronte Beach

I haven’t been in here for many days now. I needed the time. Time to reflect. Time to refocus. Time to decide.
These three pictures, I believe represents my last days here in Sweden.

I have spend all my energy and dedication on doing just what these couple of sentences from Tony Robbins sais.

I should have been totally exhausted. Instead I just feel more empowered, enthusiastic and calm as Ive ever have felt before. Funny that. I don’t understand it but I think the explanation is that I am on the right tracks now.

Life; if your not who or where you should be, everything feels exhausting. When you are who and where you should be, nothing exhausts you.

The little time I had left I spend outside and with these crazy boys ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I am 100 % ready to go home. My beautiful home. I could not be more excited.