How to increase your productivity and performance – step by step

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs – Successful people to model


Today, as I was on the train back from my volunteer work, I came across a bunch of articles on Productivity & Performance. I find everything on how to improve yourself and how to be the best version of yourself very interesting.
If we are not evolving, progressing, learning, then whats the point?
Productivity is simply : get more done successfully with less effort. It was a whole lot of reading therefore I have just taken out some of the main points from what I’ve learned:

– Have a set time-frame and a clear plan. This will increase your chances to actually reach your goal.

–  Your goal must be specific and clear. And you must know WHY you want this goal to manifest. When you know why you want something, that will amplify your motivation and assist you to take necessary actions.

– Look over your daily habits. What are those small Rituals you have everyday? Are they benefiting you or are they driving you away from your goal? An example could be to set out a specific time for checking social media. This way you wont unconsciously waste your time and will instead gain more time to complete actions towards your goal. Another example is to put the clothes you are going to wear the night before. This “habit” or “ritual” will overtime save you hours in the mornings. Have you ever wondered why many successful people tend to wear the same outfit over and over? Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Obama, Steve Jobs. Read more about this HERE.

Next is a quick and relatively easy way to productivity and performance is often spoken of by Tony Robbins….

– Modeling. Robbins is over and over recommending people who want to get the most out of life to Model” other, already successful people. Find one or a couple of people you admire. Famous or not and study their behavior. How do they speak, how is their physiology. Do they spend alot of time choosing what outfit to wear in the morning? Will they snooze or wake up early to get more time to get to where they want. Are they willing to study and try to learn from people who know more then them or not? Do they spend a couple of hours a day scrolling true their phone, watching what others are up to?

– The last point I want to make is one from tony It is something he calls “chunking” and I will definitely start using this method in my life. Simplified chunking is: taking everything we have on our ” To Do Lists” and divide them into chunks, depending on where they belong. For example one for relationships, another for work/career and the third for health.
According to Tony once you have chunked these together it is easier to see what result you want.
I especially got motivated to start with Tony´s chunking after reading this ;

“When you start thinking of your to-do’s as clusters of desired outcomes, you’ll keep stress at bay and learn to focus on your greater goals, rather than getting overwhelmed of the minute details. Why? Because you will start to feel inspired, rather than forced to follow through. And when you feel so inspired by a purpose, you’ll come up with a more effective action plan to get there.”

Have a lovely day.xx


Last steps in our Partner Visa Process and changes to morning rituals

Hello hello, Thought I come in quickly to say hi. I have been sitting most of today with the requests from our immi contact person Maja. Our Partner Visa is being finalized, just need to send in the last steps in this whole process. So I have filled in all the documents, sent them in (requested) and paid for police clearance check from the Australian, Sweden and Spanish Police authorities. Next, I have filled in my medical details, printed and scanned everything they asked me for (copy of passport etc ) and booked myself in for a full Medical Examination. Next Thursday 11:30 AM and I have never been more excited to do a health check and do blood test as I am now! If they let me I would go in an get it over with in the middle of the night.
It felt pretty great checking “NO” in all the boxes. Of course because being in perfect health is the ultimate blessing. But honestly, all I could thing was I don’t want to deal with all the additional documents and checks that would be required if I would for example have diabetes!

On a whole different subject… I have mentioned before that I have a set of Rituals (you can read more about them HERE). For instant, one of them are : To get up early in the morning, before 6 am. Anyway, what I wanted to explain was that it is not so much WHEN you wake up, but more how you effectively USE that extra time you get by waking up earlier.
I’ve changed my morning rituals a bit, and because of some small changes, I now feel that I have managed to be done with alot of my “tasks” sooner then before.
For example, 1. don’t talk on the phone at all in the mornings, I don’t even open my email or anything. 2. I do my reading/studying of NLP with a cup of coffee at a cafe as soon as I drop Ambrose off at the train station. 3. After studying, I go straight to the gym and have breakfast after. By changing the order of my Rituals, I am done with all this before 10 am which is great. Then I am free to do all the things on my ” To Do List”, such as dealing with Visa stuff etc.

A genius way on how to learn to stop procrastinating


So today has all been about rain. Rain, rain and then some more rain. It got me thinking about procrastination, here is why. You know how we humans have the tendency to use anything – in this case, rain, as an excuse to procrastinate things we know we should be doing.
Well I’m no different. In fact this is one area in my life, that if I could radically change, I would. This is, for me, one of the least qualities I don’t like about myself. One that I would pay to stop.
In fact, learning how to stop procrastinating was a factor that got me into the genius world of NLP in the first place.

But here is what’s funny, and slightly frustrating; when you learn something, and you know that this is a quality you want to change about yourself.  One that you actually can change, and you still don’t follow true and execute the techniques you’ve learned….this can be the most infuriating thing ever.

Today is Friday and I had set as a goal for this week to be up and running with one of these online projects. And still non of them have replied back to me with a position. And the one that did, said that my “skills” are too average, that alot of people have the same. I don’t stand out enough”. So I have spent most of today doing online tests to prove I am more “desirable” than their average clients.
This might not be procrastinating. I actually did alot of tests, and they take on average 40 min each. But my goal is to become one of those genius people who get much more done during their waking hours. They get up like 5 am and work towards their goals until late at night.

If you feel any of this resonates at all with you, then go ahead and click Play on this Youtube video on How to Stop Procrastinating.


Nature lover

Today I was listening to TED Talks and about energy’s and our conscious levels etc. Regardless what beliefs you have, one thing is sure – you do feel whether or not a place or person makes you feel at ease, or in discomfort. I don’t know how anyone could argue with that (?) I find that the more I deliberately focus on myself, my emotions, why I react the way I do and what triggers me to feel good vs bad.  The more I do that consciously, the easier it gets.

If a certain person, situation, or places drains you, takes all you energy and leave you exhausted … well you need to deliberately make the conscious choice to leave that person, situation or place. And if you cannot leave (perhaps it is a family member) then the next best thing is to avoid. Avoid as much as possible. In case of a person, it might be a good idea to, in a kind way mention this so they get a chance to change their negative and draining attitude.

One place that I have where I get energized, that always puts me in a better state is Nature. Of course this will be the same for many of you as well. How can it not! I have as long as I can remember been a nature lover. Maybe not the most outdoorsy girl, but I remember that I have always gone for a walk in the forest when I wanted to “get away”. As I lover of nature I do like all sorts of nature. My number one kind of nature if you like, is the forest. That part of nature is like a fairy tale, like magic. Maybe that’s why I loved The Lord of The Rings so much, specially the screens with the alive trees!

If there would be no spiders on the trees over here I would definitely sit and read under them. This bench have to to for now. I love the nature here in Australia, who wouldn’t. But with kind of nature comes all the little bug’s, and that ehhh I don’t love so much.

4 little tips on what to choose to improve your day

There is so much power in focusing on the little things. If you really thing about it we might have, if we are lucky, around 70 years on this planet. If you are not careful and really conscious, you might just have life as something that just passed you by.
I don’t mean all this “be positive and fake happiness all the time” bullshit. I mean the only real power we have over our life is our ability to choose.
This morning, as I was working on statements to use on our social media for our Sister2Sister program, I thought of these little, but powerful tips :

– As you open your eyes in the morning, make sure to carefully choose your thoughts. Decide how you would like your day to be. What are your goals, not for your entire life (although also important) but only for this particular day. This goal includes things you want to have achieved, feeling you want to have and all the small progresses before you the end of the day. Mine for today is: to start a 7 day challenge with this , just to see if I can do it. Complete the 3 things on a “List of Importance” me and Ambrose promised to do for eachother. One hour at the gym.

– Use the fact that it is easy for us to trick our brain into a change of habit for ourselfs. Our brains can be divided into the conscious and the unconscious part if you will. Learn about this and put it to the test. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Change your body posture and your body movement to represent a posture and movement of pose, grace, confidence and joy. Do this enough and you be surprised how your thoughts and emotions follows whatever your body does. It is real “easy”. Whatever we do often enough, even if it is not “real” at that moment will cause our subconscious to actually believe we are just like that. This is not religion, this is not hokus pokus. This is a fact. Use it.

– Surround yourself with those who lift you up, those who want you to succeed. Positive people, hard working and genuine people. People who might not have alot but are always striving for more. People who believe in possibilities, in you, in themselves, in life. Again, we only live a short time on this planet, there is no room for anything less. Sometimes unfortunately, this means getting rid of people closest to you. I don’t mean hating anyone, blocking people out or never speaking to loved ones again. But I absolutely don’t believe you need to constantly hang out with a draining, negative and selfish person just because he or she is your close family member. Wish them the best from a distance. Christmas and birthdays are enough.

– Be open-minded. Be cool enough to try different things. Just because you don’t understand something or it sounds weird doesn’t mean it does not work. All this The more I read and learn about our brain, specially our subconscious mind, the more I think its crazy, bizarre and well, alot of ” I cant see it therefore I cant believe it” kind of stuff. But what if it is real? My biggest fear in life is that I am about to die and I then realize that it was all real, that I could have done a difference for myself, for my life on my own. That’s my biggest fear in life.

I mean can all these people be wrong about this: Jim Carry, David Lynch, Oprah, Mirranda Kerr,Tony Robbins, Jerry Seinfield, Deepak Chopra, Ray Dalio, Martin Scorsese, Dr Oz, Russel Brand, Ellen Degerenes, Gisele Bundchen, Hugh Jackman…….Really?


how to be getting the most out of your morning

One thing that is not my, well, thing is stress and hysteria in the mornings. I like peaceful and one thing at a time kind of mornings. I don’t mean snoozing and dragging in bed for hours, not that kind of “peacefulness”. I rather get up a bit earlier than I have to, just to make sure I got my alone time and that I can set things at my own pace. I think this is a great way to be getting the most out of your morning.

This morning did not consist of any of that. As Ambrose was leaving he asked if I wanted the lights off, when I replied that I am getting up anyway he said ; great, can you then drive me to the station. So I literary put whatever I could find and ran down to the car so we would be on time for the train.
During our hectic drive we both noticed that the water looked like a mirror. This is around 6am so still a bit dark but after we said goodbye I decided to park the car near the boathouse and go for a morning walk and watch the sunrise.

So somehow I did get the kind of morning I prefer – in stillness. Except the stupid cars and trucks that were swarming right behind me hahaha. Sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got! xx


when partnership becomes a value

Photo credit: hanievaladiphotography

Yesterday I realized something within myself. i came to the realization that being a team, partnership, or whatever you want to call it is one of, if not the most important thing for me. That is something I appreciate, something I need just more than anything else I can think of right now.
And I wonder why that is?

Those times in my life I don’t have it is those times I can remember as the most difficult times. And the opposite, whenever I am in a period of my life or even in a moment where I strongly can feel I am in a strong and genuine team with the one I love, its like that’s it. That is how it suppose to be for me to feel whole. To feel complete.

I know I had this conversation with people before. What are some of the basic needs we must have as humans in order to feel good. And many times the answer will be ; food and shelter, a satisfying job. And that is all fine, I do completely agree on all those things. Of course I do. But I just cannot leave out how stupidly satisfying and grateful it has made me feel those times life has been completely shit. For whatever reason I have been mentally exhausted, and I come home I can see, and I can feel how just the knowing that I don’t go true any of it alone. That there is somebody who shares it all with me. To me that is knocks out all the rest.

Everybody is different. Our past has shaped and conditioned us to who we are today. What we value in life and what we don’t give a damn about.
This was just mine.

“Shared happiness is double happiness.
Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

Lonesome happiness is half happiness.

Lonesome sorrow is double the sorrow”


One thing that is truly underestimated is to make time to lie in be and read a book. I have all this time and yet somehow I never seem to take the time to do something like that. After we came back from the airport it only took a couple of hours and Ambrose started to get sick, he got a fever and because we both were sleep deprived, we fell asleep for a couple of hours. I woke up and wanted him to continue resting so he would get better. I decided to read a book I wanted to read for a very long time. The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

For me its important to find a balance in reading/watching both relaxing things, stuff that don’t really give you much. I call those things “Trash TV” 😉 Its not trash, but you get my point. Mine are MasterChef Australia and Graham Norton Show.
Although mostly I find myself drawn to reading or watching something that teaches me how to get more out of myself that before. Its hard to explain but here is an example of something I read and started implementing in my life;

They say success, whatever that word means to you, don’t come from ONE big thing or event. It arrives from your daily Rituals. Your daily habits. In other words, those small things you do everyday its what defines you and the quality of your life.
I thought this statement was interesting so I started to write down some “rituals/habits” that I wanted to have on a daily basic, because I know these are good for me. Of course this will vary from person to person. But here are some of mine:

– Warm water with lemon
– Omega 3, Turmeric and Black Seed oil
– Exercise minimum 45min/day
– Priming
– 15 min meditation
– Begin & end my day with auto-suggestions to my Subconscious Mind
– Wake up before 6AM
– “Shake it off” mentality
– Water. Min 3 bottles/day
– Cut out sugar as much as possible
– Do at least One thing that brings be closer to my goal
– Learn at least One new thing/day

I write these down on a piece of paper and next to it I put the days of the week, similar to a schedule. And then I put an “X” on those days I have completed one particular ritual.

It may seam like alot but its really not. You have to remember that whatever you train yourself to do regularly will after some time become part of you. After some time you don’t have to even thing about it, its becomes your “natural state”. That’s what I’m after.

See if you can make one for yourself. What are the Rituals / Habits that you would like to incorporate into your life?


Reflect, refocus and decide

One stormy day at Bronte Beach

I haven’t been in here for many days now. I needed the time. Time to reflect. Time to refocus. Time to decide.
These three pictures, I believe represents my last days here in Sweden.

I have spend all my energy and dedication on doing just what these couple of sentences from Tony Robbins sais.

I should have been totally exhausted. Instead I just feel more empowered, enthusiastic and calm as Ive ever have felt before. Funny that. I don’t understand it but I think the explanation is that I am on the right tracks now.

Life; if your not who or where you should be, everything feels exhausting. When you are who and where you should be, nothing exhausts you.

The little time I had left I spend outside and with these crazy boys 🙂

Now I am 100 % ready to go home. My beautiful home. I could not be more excited.


Quote of the day

I took this picture last time I was in Sweden during autumn. I think I will get married during that season. As my mum always says; “nature is sooo beautiful with all its colors that you actually don’t need to spend alot of thought on decoration, nature does that for you for free during autumn”

I want to start something new here. I want to add quotes from people I admire, learn and grow from. Lets start with one from a new “teacher” of mine, Dr Joe Dispenza.
Hope you like it.xx
“Meditation opens the door between the conscious and subconscious minds. We meditate to enter the operating system of the subconscious, where all of those unwanted habits and behaviors reside, and change them to more productive modes to support us in our lives.”
 – Dr Joe Dispenza

Creating your life on purpose

Everyone who knows me do know that I am passionate about discovering  ways to get the most out of life.
I do believe we have more power than we have been led to believe.

I do believe that we are here such a short time and to me, not at least trying to go for your success is absolutely tragic. Whatever that success might mean to you.

I will use this place as a platform to share with you things that I learn.
So here we go.

Here is a list that I came across yesterday. I call this list – Creating My Life on Purpose -.
Its main aim is to, metaphorically speaking, empty you “cup” (your life) of all those blockages that is of hindrance to you. And then fill that “cup” with what do benefit you in order to get to where you want to be.

– Creating My Life on Purpose –
1. What is it that I want to achieve? Be specific on one goal.
2. Why do I want to achieve this goal? What does this mean to me?
3. What kind of person do I need to become in order to achieve this goal?
4. Identity what limiting beliefs and blockages I currently have within. Things that are not in alignment with my goal.
5. Use exercises that are for releasing these blockages.
6. Re-Program my mind with new beliefs.
7. Repeat step 6 until the new beliefs becomes a habit.Continue Reading


Good morning!

I just came across a couple of sentences while studying that perhaps explain in an easy way how we can “use” our subconscious also known as unconscious mind. And why we should!
I often try to explain the importance of this but since English is my third language I feel I sometimes cannot do that properly. Okey here we go:

First they talk about that people of course have different “starting points” in forms of e.i supportive and loving parents, born and raised in a developed country, financial stability and other external circumstances that one might argue could help you in life. However, not every successful person had that. Far from it.
What successful people have in common is faith. Not religious but internal faith in them self and their own worth.

They continue by saying ;
Wealth, fame, position, and peace of mind cannot be gifted to you, so you must admit that internal drive to achieve your goals is one big factor that can make your dreams come true.

Your subconscious mind is that powerful internal drive!

What they are saying here is that our internal drive, our will that makes up get up in the morning to do something, our motivation and most importantly (I think at least) that feeling inside that tell us we are worth it. All these personal traits are inside our subconscious mind. And if we want to change one of them, if we want to for example change our fear to confidence? Well we do this true re-programing our subconscious mind.
You do this true repetition of a new belief. and once your subconscious mind has accepted this new belief/way of being you have about yourself, your mind will rewire and this becomes a habit. You just act that way without any effort on your part.

Read this sentence below a couple of times and really try to get it in :

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it faith.
– Carl Jung


Crashed phone

They were doing studies on what “successful” and happy people did in common. The list is as you see above.

So the time has come, for me to crash my phone. I used to think my phone was immortal :), you cant believe how many times its been falling out of my hand or pocket. And time after time I pick it up and laugh because there has not even been a scratch. This morning I was at the gym and I dropped it as I was working out on one of the machines. I was so surprised when I picked it up and saw that it was smashed into pieces. I had to look over and over to believe it hahaha.

Okey, enough about my phone. Its not the end of the world.
What I came here to say was that I have started this Hour of Power. Its what tony Robbins do and have done for 20 something years. He is an inspiration to me and I honestly respect and trust his work. I will definitely go to one of his VIP workshops but for now I will just copy his morning routine. Here is a summery of what its about:

First. Instead of dragging and snoozing, jump out of bed. Directly start moving your body. Go for a run a brisk walk, anything. As you walk, do this breath exercise;  4 quick breaths in, followed by 4 quick breaths out.

Second. Think, see and feel gratitude. Start with yourself, your loved ones, family, what you are blessed with, your health, your bed, whatever. Its important to get yourself in a “state” of complete gratitude so don’t just think it, really feel it fill your body.

Third. Think, see and feel yourself with gratitude for something you really desire As If it is already in your life. For example, if your goal and dream is to be free from an illness, then feel how you would feel as if your body was already healthy.
Remember, the mind cannot decide what feelings are real and what is not.

I believe in magic. If you don’t that is alright. This is not about some magic coming in and changing your life. Its hard work, well maybe not hard but consistent work if you will. I say this because some think that I think you do these steps transform you. NO. You transform you.
Whatever you believe and don’t, nobody can argue that shifting focus from a tired, snoozing, complaining, resenting morning to a morning where you jump out of bed, exerciser, focus on your breath and fill your body and mind with gratitude is a bad thing to do.

Its safe to say that majority of us are not exercising enough. We are absolutely not focusing on our breath as much as we should, that thing that is synonymous with Life itself. And we are definitely not focusing on what we are blessed with in our lifes, more on whats wrong.

Its not even about having a different opinion or not. I think I can be bold enough to say that only a complete loser can argue against focusing on health, breath and gratitude.

Ohhh, maybe I am a little pissed crashing my phone! Sound so harsh 🙂 🙂 🙂


Use me

Isn’t this such nice quote from Martin Luther King? I was look around and trying to understand more about Instagram. Yes I know its not rocket science but I just got it and not that into it to be honest. Anyway, somehow I got into Adriana Lima’s and saw she had posted this quote. And I just loved it. Maybe the part of “God” might scare some but now me. That world is equal to “Life” or “Universe”  to me so I don’t mind it at all. In fact, it makes me enthusiastic and calm at the same time, its hard to explain. I am a true believer in this Omnipotent, this Power, this something Greater.
I am not religious at all, in fact I believe religion to be the cause of most pain in this world. So no, that’s not it, to me there is something far more greater that one of us alone, that “thing” that includes all of us, that force that we no matter who we are, surrender to when there is nothing else that we can do.

Who cares what we call it, its there! And I believe sooner or later all of us will experience that.

Yesterday at my Pilates Reformer class I noticed that they had printed some quotes on the walls. You know as they do in Yoga or gym studios. This one was so nice. They had asked Mother Theresa what she says when she prays and she said; “I say nothing. I listen”.   ♡ ♡ ♡



Format Link

I learned this exerciser from Anthony Robbins whom I admire. This is how he starts his day. This way he “sets the tone” of his day. Listen up folks;)

  1. taking a quick shower, swapping with first hot and finishing off with ice-cold water.
  2. doing some kind of exerciser to get your heart rate up.
  3. Here is the breath practice he uses: 4 fast inhales true your nose, followed by 4 fast exhales true your mouth (lips shaped like a duck). Do this for about 3 minutes.
  4. sit in a quiet place, think,see and feel for a couple of minutes of that you are grateful of. Importance here lies in FEELING.
  5. Finish it of by visualizing one situation you’d like to see manifest throughout your day.

Keep doing this for at least 30 days. This breath supersize is, according to Robbing scientifically proven to boost your joy, health and energy level. This kind of stuff has been known for centuries. I just find it tragic that we have not got on board this kind of stuff earlier, speaking mainly for myself hahaha

I choose to use one of the pictures from because well, first its amazing, second because this photo of the leaf remind me so much of our lungs in the body! Right!?