Here is a place I like to recommend. Its not wow, but there is something about this place. Food is good, staff are nice and its always crowded which generally good places are. Its location is Crows Nest and this place is packed with cafe’s and restaurants. But its seems everyone goes to Xenos.

We drove to Crows Nest to get groceries this morning and as always Ambrose wanted to get in and out, quickly. He hates shopping for groceries, his style is he makes a list gets in, get the stuff in a couple of minutes and gets out.
Mine on the other hand, well I actually find grocery shopping therapeutic. It relaxes me and makes me happy. Perhaps sad and tragic haha, but very true nevertheless. So this time I said to Ambrose that he should go in, get the stuff and I’ll wait and have a coffee in the sun instead.
They have great coffee as well which is super important for someone like me, because I usually only drink espresso or long blacks. Its easy to “hide” the coffee taste in for example a mocha or caramel latte. A espresso is like sushi I think, its either good or bad, no where to hide !
Btw, Does it not look like I’m having coffee in Greece? ๐Ÿ™‚

Before home we went to choose color for our new car. We are selling Golden Beauty and Ambrose is getting to lease a car from his work. We decided to go with dark metallic grey. It probably has a name but I cant remember what the car salesman said.

Now back to The Strangest Secret with Earl Nightingdale! Ambrose drove to Narrabeen to surf with Heathย  and I want to listen, understand and take notes on this recordings before he is back so we can spend some time together.

Daniel’s 32nd birthday at The secret Bunker

Sunday nights celebrations!
Its Ambrose’s brother Daniel’s birthday and this was celebrated at an amazing restaurant called “The Secret Bunker”.

We first met up with everyone at Rachel and Daniels house because they wanted to play with some flying drome thing or whatever its called. I was babysitting Xavier and Rachel was making Dani’s cake from scratch.
It was a great night to be with everyone. Feels pretty nice to have one family in Europe and now one additional family here in Australia hahaha.
If anyone wants great food this is definitely an recommendation from me. All of us were satisfied with everything we ordered, it was all delicious. I started with oysters and for mane course I had the slow cocked duck. If they have something slow coked or duck at the menu I will almost always order that so this was perfect for me.
The restaurant is located in Charmhaven which is pretty far from the city but we have been there a couple of times before for breakfast and lunch and it has always been great. Although their breakfast and lunch is served outside the “bunker”, in their garden. The dining room is as you might see in the pictures quite odd, it is in fact a bunker. To be honest I though I would feel a bit claustrophobic when we got there but I just enjoyed everything too much.


Mount Kosiciosko II

I forced Ambrose to ride this thing 4 times up and down. He started to go crazy I think haha

Hot coco on a cold day with a view

One of my most memorable lunches I have to say ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey guys, okey lets continue the tip I have if you like hiking, outdoors, nature and like me mountains. For Easter we decided to take a trip to Mt Kosciusko, or as me and Ambrose renamed it to – Mount Koskesh. It means in Farsi, well…its like, never mind…
During our 2 nights we took on 2 hikes. First the 13 km Mt K, and the second day we hiked xxxxx which was not as long. We both felt quite unfit and had “jellyleggs”from the first day. You take a chairlift for about 15 min (this was my favorite activity out of all ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) which takes you up the first bit of the mountain, and from there you start! Its about 4-6 hours return. We did it in about 4 hours, inducing me whining and our 20 min picnic lunch at the top. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen, I was burning red in my face even though I had spf 50 on!

There are plenty of hikes to do around this area so its more or less just to buy a National Park Visitor Pass (17 AUD/day) and then just explore.

here is a great way to start for information


Mount Kosciusko

Happy Easter!! I am finally in bed and feel every muscle in my body ache. BUT it was worth it, I climbed Mount K which apparently is the highest mountain in Australia. More pictures tomorrow as I am exhausted ๐Ÿ™‚

Bondi Beach RAdio

Started my day with an “interview” at Bondi Beach Radio as a volunteer because I cannot work at the moment.

Met my old friend Manisha at Gusto. As an old tradition I had coffee and their lovely homemade granola, greek yogurt, fresh berries and rhubarb. All we could talk about are when Hanie & Jasmin lived in Australia, the three of us ALWAYS went and sat at the bar at Gusto and had this exact same granola and coffee. Miss those moments…
Recommendation: If you want the best granola, go to Gusto at Bondi beach! Nobody makes it better.

How absolutely stunning are these! With a transparent long skirt…..Mama Mia!Came home late in the afternoon with groceries from my favorite shop in Australia and another big recommendation ; Harris Farm Market. I made a red Thai curry for dinner.

You need:
Coconut Cream
Red Curry Paste
Yellow onions
Bamboo shots
Jasmin Rice


My birthday surprise trip part II

Sun in my face ๐Ÿ™‚

ย  Huge breakfast at out AirBnB

Crazy sunsets

Siding Spring Observatory

Whitegum Lookout in Warrumbungle National Parkย 

Here comes a hell of a lot more pictures from my birthday trip that Ambrose got me. And its a recommendation for sure. If you like nature, space, the milky way, stars and all that has to do with the Universe, planets and astronomy. This is your place to visit when in Australia. The one thing seriously missing is good food. The restaurants that were here was in this town is not even worth mentioning. Although it is just a small town so..

Okey now back to my studies! NLP here I come.

Birthday with the stars

Finally I have some pictures from my birthday surprise. Thursday morning we woke up very early and drove off to Siding Spring Observatory. I had no idea and only found out where we were going when Ambrose handed me a birthday card in the car that same morning.
If anyone is fascinated by stars and planets as I am I really recommend this place. The area is called Coonabarabran and it’s 5 1/2 hour drive from Sydney. It was a long drive, I wont lie but so damn worth it!
Here are some pictures from our stay there and I will post more tomorrow. I have a full day but I am enjoining doing this writing on a everyday basis and having the possibility to go back and look at all these wonderful experiences I have in my life. Keeps me humble and it keeps me grateful.

See you tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

This city by foot

This library was too beautiful !

At the ancient Chinese exhibition we practiced their calligraphic

How freaking big isn’t that spider!? And they where everywhere.

As a girl who grew up in Sweden you get pretty excited when you see a banana tree

So much amazing art. This one is Aboriginal.

Again, this damn city is pretty. So damn pretty. We woke up really early and let in the electrician who did some work in the kitchen for us. After that we went straight to have a tourist day in the city. We started with a coffee in our favorite building and then it was full on. Museums, art galleries, libraries and of course The Botanic Garden.
After many many hours we were absolutely exhausted. The humidity, noise and all the buzz in a busy city is more tiring than one imagine. Or maybe its just us hahaha, anyway we walked all the way so I could get my delicious Ramen from my favorite Ramen restaurant. Ambrose is not a fan of this place, but it is my birthday week and all so…… ๐Ÿ™‚

Now we are home cooking dinner and watching the crazy storm, its like the sky has opened up and let all its rain fall down at once! And tomorrow we are off to some adventure. I have no idea where or what, its a birthday surprise…

South Coast

Team Snorkeling at Guerilla Bay

Crazy 1 and crazy 2 decided to jump from this very very high
cliff! Like I didn’t have trouble breathing as it is already !

Hiiiiii ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

We are back! Had a great time but the 5 h drive back with around 48 degrees (!!!) in a car where the A/C is not at its best was, well, exhausting hahaha .
Anyway, I am trying to learn to get a video of our trip up here. Think its the only way to show some of these incredibly beautiful places I had the pleasure to see during these last days.

Some of us went back to our house to somehow trying to survive the heat together. So now night-swim and pizza!
Enjoy your Sunday:)


Baby Blue

Saw my first “big” spider in Randwick

At Maroubra Beach

Good Monday everyone ๐Ÿ™‚
Both me and Ambrose love hotels, and even if we are not traveling we find any excuse to check into a hotel a weekend or a night. For me, this obsession with hotels has been going on for years. When we stayed up the coast we had way more excuses to check into a hotel. It was too far to catch a taxi back after an event in the city ๐Ÿ™‚
Nowadays, we don’t really have the same need to stay in a hotel. Our home IS like a hotel haha.

Here are some pictures from when we were in the city for some birthday or some party, dont remember, but we stayed at The Randwick Lodge http://www.sydneylodges.com/randwick-lodge/

They had just done a massive renovation and I really really liked this place. Very small but it had that classic french decor which I love. I would have stayed in most of the time at this place and just order room service, but my partner has ants in his pants so as you can see, there was not much “hanging around the room” going on.
First we visited a pet shop that had alot of birds you could play with. We had soo much fun in there. I am not used to all these animals growing up in Sweden! In the afternoon we went to Maroubra Beach to eat lunch and check out these tiny kids doing the most amazing things in the skate-park. One of the best thing being a kid is that you are fearless. I was impressed!

My Monday has been dedicated to learning. I would like to start putting up some videos. I think its easier to “experience” and get the real feel of things from a video than just text and pictures. We see how it goes!

Luna Park

ย  There were also a big snake, I touched them all! Fearless ๐Ÿ™‚

I totally forgot this! Last week we were driving around and somehow ended up at Luna Park. The place itself if perhaps not the most exciting theme park as most role coasters are small BUT we as we entered there was hundreds of Asians arriving as well, must have been some company even thing going on. They had film crew’s running around, fantasy caterers on stilt’s, exotic animals to pet. We had such a good time! Look at us as sexy dwarfs ๐Ÿ™‚

We also had a look inside the Olympic Pool, located just by the water, Luna park and the Harbour Bridge. Isn’t it spectacular!? Cant wait until I get to swim there.

The reason why you get old exciting stories is because I have been sick for a while now. Not only my neck but now also a have been coughing for 2 weeks and I have a tight chest (sounds like I’m dying haha). Finally today I got my shit together and went to organize my Medicare Card. This is a card you will need in order to go to the Dr over here. Don’t be like me, a procrastinator, get it straight away. If you are from certain countries, Sweden being one of them, you will get free medicare here in Australia. I just found that out. I absolutely love Sweden for that. So grateful to have a background from such a well established county that takes care of its people.

Legolas hair

Fresh out from the hairdresser! I had an appointment today for a balayage and like always I closed the place. We (me and my hairdresser Jasmine) started at 12:30 am and finished at 4:30 am. I am absolutely exhausted, cant even imagine how she feels.

Going from dark to light is always a long process so I am used to it by now. My recommendation for anyone of you who want this is to – research and get a experienced hairdresser, look at pictures of their “work”.ย  – ask them to use OLAPLEX. It cost way more but my God its worth it. She works at “Envy by Jodi & Susi” in Caringbah.
Make appointments at: (02) 9531 2767 or https://www.facebook.com/Envybyjosieandsusie/

Its very “ashy”. Jasmin did her best to strip off all the natural yellow/orange that I had in my hair, which has got even worst due to all the sun, saltwater and chlorine exposure my hair had. I look now something between Legolas and Khaleesi and I love it. Great work Jasmin!

Now I am going to spend the rest of my night (and the rest of my life:) ) with Ambrose. I had a very draining day, to say the least , and I walked in my beautiful apartment with him giving me flowers, a glass of red and he is preparing my favorite food. My other recommendation is to make sure you spend your life with someone like this.

Goodnight โ™ก

La Perouse

A couple of days ago Ambrose took me to a great spot – La Perouse. Seriously this guy should be a tour guide! I sell his tour services in anyone is interested ๐Ÿ˜‰
And as always I got a little history lesson about this place. Dont remember it all but basically this is the location the french and the britts first arrived when they came to Australia. They fought over the land and because the britts won this is now a British colony. Could as easily have been a french colony which is very fascinating to me!

Location info #2 is that Mission Impossible 11 was filmed here. That island in the picture was the “forth” in the movie and apparently Tom Cruise drove over the bridge in from of me as in got blown to pieces by the bad guys.ย  Maybe I should see the movie…

Anyway, this is suppose to be a great spot to scuba dive and snorkel but the water was not that clear so I saw no fish this time ๐Ÿ™



Started with a (not so nice) breakfast at Piato in McMahons Point

Look at these majestic tree trunks!!

Finish the afternoon off with a dip. Only thing to do when its 40 C

Anastasia came over for a full day. We started with breakfast around 7AM at Blues Point Road. They liked it and the atmosphere is super nice but I will not return for breakfast there. Not a disaster, just not so great.
Anyway, after we took the ferry which has become our favorite way to get around nowadays, to Circular Quay. We strolled around in Pretty The Rocks. Since it was still early morning I guess the heat wave had not hit the city yet. But it did, wholy shit how it did! I don’t do so well with humidity haha, or at least my hair don’t…
We decided to have lunch in North Sydney instead of in the City. I made these poor people move around like 3 different restaurantsย  before we went back to place we started. Its called The Terrace and I can tell you, their burgers are Wow, really really recommend that for burgers.

Afterwards there was nothing else to do but to just go to the pool. It was windy as hell but still better than walking around in 40 degrees.

The afternoon we had planes to have a BBQ at Bart and Karliยดs new place in Bronte together with everyone else. We picked up Kappa and Hilary at the boys house and got to Clovelly a couple of hours before the bbq to go snorkeling. Somehow, I really still don’t understand what happened, but it got to be way too many people for the bbq at their apartment so the location changed to bbq at the beach at Bronte. Then it changed to be no bbq at all….. then we planed to go to some Pub for dinner, that changed because John did not want to eat there bla bla bla. hahaha It was all good at the end, we all managed to get our shit together and have dinner at The Clovelly Hotel.


This City – bit by bit


The heat dropped a couple of degrees so I went out and about in the city. First stop was Paddy’s Market in china town but that turned out to be a very short visit. I have been here before a couple of years ago, and like then I was, I don’t know, feeling like I could not get out of there fast enough. Don’t ask me why, but its something about this place that not resonates with me. Next stop was Darling Harbour. again, it was years ago I was here and it was nice to see it again! There are constructions going on everywhere but still very much worth a visit if you’re in the city.

By now it was lunch and I really really wanted Ramen but when I got there it was closed so a random Noodle soup got to be it. Very tasty actually:)

The Chinese Garden of Friendship in Darling Harbour got to end my touristic day in the city. I could have gone for hours but the heat is just not for me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Even from the outside this garden is wonderful

In front of Chinese Garden of Friendship with the big city behind us