Its Saturday morning, well actually soon its midday. I am staying at my friend Kimberly’s house for the weekend, right now she is busy adopting two of her rabbits to a family downstairs so I thought I take the time and write in here until she is done. I call her the crazy rabbit lady:)  She has a couple of them now, those cute little furry things.

Fridays lunch in Crows Nest. I decided to spend some time in Crows Nest instead of the city yesterday while waiting for Kimberly to pick me up after work. I don’t know why but I really like this area. Its not big but always vibrant, full of small stores and crazy many cafe’s and restaurants to choose from .Its just perfect. If you are ever in the area, Crows Nest is a must. I am currently cutting out gluten to see if I feel better so for lunch I had a chicken salad with cabbage,coriander, cabbage, mint and spicy sauce on the side.

This is Kimberly and her partner Jackson’s apartment in Balmain. Isn’t it lovely?!  I especially love this type of doors/windows. Last night we wanted to stay in so we filled the house with cheese, wine and dips, followed by takeaway Thai.

Kimberly and Jackson are airbnb hosts so they have all the skills. This is my bedroom for the weekend. Love having my own ensuite bedroom. Woke up feeling I was in a hotel haha. We just finished our eggs and bacon breakfast. I can hear that they are about to wrap it up downstairs so I better get going. And I can see that the sun is finally deciding to show her face so I think first stop of the day will be a big coffee at some nice cafe’. Maybe close to the harbor… hmm lets see what I can get Kimberly to agree on. See you guys later, have a lovely day.

Thinking specially today about John Glad who had a open heart surgery a couple of days ago. My cousin (his wife) sent us the pictures that the surgeons took during the operation.
All I can say is WOW! Very grateful that he is in recovery doing great after all that ♡♡♡



NLP with Jasmin

Finally I can tell you guys about this! I am over the moon proud over my little sister for her new business.
Check out “NLP with Jasmin” Here

Its her brand new web-page where she offers sessions to help people using the fantastic methods of Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP. Jasmin has been studying this for quite some time now and she is now an certified NLP coach.
For those who are unfamiliar with NLP should google it and learn a bit more how transformative it has been for millions of people.

The most famous advocate for NLP must be Tony Robbins. His work and many more such as him has been people Jasmin have studied and learned from for years, and now she is providing coaching on her own. This is great because you can get a collective of the best in just one place : NLP with Jasmin

Ive already signed up 🙂
If you have any questions or want to know how can improve your life, regardless area, NLP with Jasmin is now offering 30 minutes FREE consultation !! To receive this opportunity click here

Now I am going to have a coffee, relax and begin answering the questions I received from NLP with Jasmin.
Spent this morning shopping for a dress as we are going to a wedding this Saturday. Now that the dress is sorted, time to sort the important stuff – me and the progress of my life. Exciting!

Thelma & Louise

Their view is very nice. Trust me. Clearly my camera did not manage to capture that..

When your camera only can take selfies 🙂

I really wanted to write to you about this really cute little waterfront cafe in Neutral Bay called Thelma & Louise. But when Ambrose took me there, (last week) I still had my old phone with the crappy camera. Well, the phone and camera was absolutely fine. I just dropped the phone about 6 times.. all in one day 🙁
And the reason why I took the pictures weirdly like this is because after the 4th drop, only the front camera would work. The front camera gave in and died, forever!

But back to Thelma & Louise waterfront cafe’ as they are called. If you are ever around in that area (Neutral Bay) and want a place for lunch or sweets, this is your place. What I loved most about this place, except from there pretty view, was that they only use organic and locally produce. Alot of there herbs and vegetables are grown in their own back garden.
More places should do that.

If you want better pictures 😉 or their menu, here is a bit more information : /

Have a good Thursday. xx

Asheley’s Hens night at pullman hotel

Just managed to get some blurry pictures from Ashley’s hens night at Pullman hotel on Saturday night, but that have to do 🙂
In just a couple of weeks its Ash and Stefano’s wedding so Saturday night we had been invited to celebrate Ash’s hens and Stefano’s bucks.
I dropped Ambrose off at the boys and drove myself to Kali’s place. Unfortunately my batteries decided that it had to absolutely run out during this drive (!) so I had to manage to find the way to Bronte without GPS. I was in the car for 2 hours…
No GPS and me focusing on driving on the “wrong side” is not a great combination!

I was still a couple of hours early before we had to leave for Ashley’s hens so me and Kali had 2 bottles of rose’ at the balcony before heading to Pullman hotels.
It was really nice to meet her friends before the wedding. We had a really good time, Hacienda is such a beautiful restaurant and bar. Thank you Melanie for organizing such good night and that you for my invite 🙂

Ashley is gonna be such a lovely bride. Cant wait for their wedding!



hair colorist

My camera is living its own life. I had to take the pictures of my new hair in this weird way, because my camera has decided to now only take pictures on “selfie mode”. And makes all my pictures yellow nowadays 🙁
But  love my hair! Thank you Samer.












I thought I would introduce you guys to my hair colorist.
I do have a couple that I go to depending on which country I’m in. This is whenever I am in Stockholm, Sweden.
His name is Samer and he is a genius when it comes to coloring. Since I originally have black hair its is quite hard to turn that into blond, which I have been for some time now. Anyone who have gone true this, knows that you cannot just switch from black to blond without an very good colorist. Samer is that, whenever I go to him, I can fully trust that he knows his job.
Its very important to do some research and be willing to spend some money whenever you want to color your hair. Otherwise your hair can turn orange or in worst case, you can completely damage your hair. Go to Samer if you are ready for a change with your hair, you wont be disappointed.

For more information on what he specifically did on my hair or for bookings follow him on Instagram : @samerhairstyles





Yesterday after I met my friend Måne for a long lunch I got picked up by Sara and her amazing little daughter Julia. The plan was to meet up with the rest of her family in Sigtuna for dinner. Its quite a drive to Sigtuna from Täby, about 40 minutes. Not in Australian terms haha but here in Sweden you usually don’t drive 40 minutes to someones house. In Sweden that’s like driving to another town hahah.

But I enyojed the drive, got to catch up with Julia who is one of my top five children I know. The way she looks, talkes and behaves is not like any other child. She is more like an character from a Disney movie.
And I’m not the only one saying that. An example of her is this; a family friend asked the other day if they could get a hug from her. Julia’s answer is this; ” No thank you, I don’t want to give you a hug, last time I hugged you, you smelled like farts”. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I mean how can you not love her!?

When we arrived we all went for a walk next to the lake, then sat down for some coffee and ice cream. I cant remember the name of this cafe’ but its just by the water and really cute. They had alot of salads and baked goods. All made at this coffee shot and it looked and smelled delicious. And their garden was super pretty. If you want to see pictures of something typical Swedish, this is it!

We had a late dinner at my aunty’s place, around 8 pm because nobody was really hungry and as usual she made food for an whole army and there was a take away bag for all of us as well. Family is the best.


Cafe’ Saturnus

 – Me and the 2 photographers Mats and Hanie 🙂 Jasmin took the picture –

Good morning. A couple of days ago we went for a typical Swedish “fika” at a place I wanted to recommend. Its called Cafe’ Saturnus and is located on a smaller street on Östermalm; Erikbergsgatan 6.
We took in rhubarb pie with warm vanilla sauce, lime cheesecake and I think Mats’s sandwich was salami & brie. We were going for lunch afterwards so I did not even look at their menu. But as the plates were coming out I could see that they looked pretty good. Next time I will go here for lunch.

Think this place is a little famous for their cinnamon buns. They looked like normal buns except they are big enough to feed a whole family. Next time I’ll go there for lunch I try to remember to take a picture of the enormous bun.

Now Im going to jump into the shower and get ready for the Dr’s appointment I have at 9:30. After I think I need to go look for a dress. We have 4 wedding to attend in the months to come. 4!!! So I better start shopping. Afterwards I have alot of stuff to finish, leaving soon and want to be ready.
Enjoy the day. Looks like its gonna be a sunny day. At least here in Stockholm.


Raw sushi & Grill

Spending days with this chubby little thing <3

Here is some pictures from my lovely Saturday. I started with waking up at 6am, did some meditation, work, small breakfast. And then at 9am I got super tired and went back to bed like a weirdo for about an hour. Not like me at all!
Forced myself to get up, had a shower and made plans to go to my cousins house, we planed to get some tan in her backyard. Its rarely very sunny in Sweden so you have to capture the moment as soon as the sun is out!

But of course we got tired of just lying there so after an hour or two we took the whole family out to the city for some shopping. Very bad idea. It was hot and humid. Everyone else had apparently decided to do the same. And it was a massive sale going on. So I took her three children for some ice coffee and cake at NK while Mona and John did his shopping. So much nicer.

Around 6pm we all started to get hungry and I was promised one of the best sushi restaurants in the city.
It called Raw Sushi & Grill and its located at Rörstrandsgatan 9 on St Eriksplan in Stockholm. I can recommend this place to all you sushi lovers visiting or living in Stockholm.
I also had 2 cocktails, of course 🙂 It felt like a “must do” on a beautiful summer nights like that.
First the one I always take; Whiskey Sour, not a hit at this place unfortunately. Second, I had an Raspberry Mojjito, which was much better.

The plan was to finish te evening with a movie at their place but in the car on the way back I felt that maybe its time to go back to the apartment. I had been with them since breakfast haha

Love days like this. I want to spend as much time as possible with the people I love here in Sweden before returning back home.
Have a great night amore’s. xx


Korean lunch & Hotel Diplomat

Today has been a day spent in the city. I left to meet my cousin Sara and she walked with me while I did some of errands. Fist stop was the camera store where we kindly asked Mats (the owner) to take some pictures of us in front of one of their fancy light equipment. I love the light it puts in your face! This equipment  probobly have a pretty name but I just know it as “light thing that makes you prettier”.
Then it was lunch time and we walked down Kungsgatan towards a Korean place with one of the best Bibimbap in Stockholm. At least in my opinion. Sara tried their Bento Box and she loved it. The only “negativity” one can say about this place one could say is that their portions are too big. I never manage to finish it unfortunately. Then Sara wanted to do some shopping so I kindly walked with her for a while. I usually don’t like shopping, especially with someone. But I finally convinced her to have a coffee instead at Wienercafee’t. I always try and visit this pretty place whenever I am in Sweden. Love their interior design.
Around 5pm, I exchanged Sara for my friend Suzie. She left work early to come meet me since she is leaving town for a week and there is a big possibility that I am in Australia by the time she’s back.
We choose to eat something small at Hotel Diplomat. We sat and talked for an hour or two before heading back.

Now I just had a super hot bath, watched some Masterchef Australia, the only one worth watching. I am sitting looking at my Visa, Insurance and flight tickets. Soon time for bed. Alot going on tomorrow and I want to wake up earlier than my usual 7:30 am. Have a great day wherever you are. xx




Yesterday I drove to the airport ( way to early out of excitement ) to pick up my 2 sister !!
Had not seen them in about 11 months so was sitting here in the car counting the minutes until their plane arived from Barcelona. Also found one of my favorites on Snap while I was waiting hahaha So damn good!

This is tradition. I am always going to a hotel breakfast with Hanie and Jasmin when we are together in a country together. Always have, always will. This is Hotel Rival in Stockholm. Can highly recommend this place. Think they even have won an award for their breakfast.

After some shopping me and Jasmin sat down at Strandvägen 1 for a coffee break. Waiting for Hanie who had a meeting with the bride and groom to a wedding she is gonna be the photographer for.

I also got to see my dear friend Caroline. We released that we have not seen each other in 8 years. 8 years !!?!?!
She has 2 lovely children now and they live on the canary islands.

saturday in stockholm

Hey guys, its Sunday and I am sitting here in the kitchen with a cup of cardamom coffee. I have been cleaning up and now trying to get some admin stuff done before tonight. We are invited to my aunties house for dinner so want to be done with work stuff before we go.

Above you can see some pictures from yesterday. Power-walk right after I woke up, Sweden is ridiculously beautiful this season. The green color in nature is almost looking fake over here because its too “popping” if you understand what I mean? After we had a typical Persian (at least in my family) breakfast. Its all normal I guess except we eat a ton of mixed fresh herbs. Thyme, parsley, coriander, mint, and all those others I cannot remember the name of right now.

Around 9pm we decided to go out for a drink. Well at least Suz (that’s what we call my mum) insisted. We took a cab, started of at Hotel Diplomat then walked a couple of meters down to Strandvägen 1, on the same street. I always go here the last couple of times I visited Stockholm, its a great place for breakfast,lunch and dinner. In the evening it turns into this lovely lounge type of place with a good crowed and feeling. I can highly recommend it if you are in Stockholm and don’t know where to go. We sat at the bar and by the end of the night we were talking with people all over the place. I have to say, I love Swedish people more and more every time I am back here. They are way more friendly, open, lovely and fun.

Such great great night, we had so much fun. Except at the moment when a guy (seemingly normal) that was talking for a while said; “well, I wonder by the end of the night if I will be sleeping with you or your lovely mother”….. haahahahahaha That must be the most disturbing sentence I have ever heard in my life.
No need to mention, I asked him to leave us alone.


Whale watching in Sydney

The morning before my flight to Europe we made sure to enjoy as much as possible. I am a person who usually wakes up at 6 am. I don’t need that many hours. Ambrose on the other hand needs his 18 plus hours of sleep haha. My love…
So I woke up, went out to out beautiful living area at our hotel and did a meditation. After that I sneaked to the bakery and got us breakfast. Fresh juice, ham and cheese croissant and a baguette. All hot from the oven !

We got ready and went out to the city. Ambrose had prepared a surprise for me  and we had to be at a certain location at midday. I had forgot my handbag back at the house. Luckily for me Leonard (Ambrose brother) met up with us to give me my bag! Our meeting point was this cool place. Loved it!

The food-truck in the background served Lebanese dishes and were blasting absolute amazing Arabic music.
A must return to place for me….

My surprise was whale watching ! What kind of lovely person gives this perfect present <3
The best part was that the guide who has been doing these tours for years told us that we were unbelievably lucky. he said they had never spotted that many whales ever! There were around 30 enormous whales around us.
We literally had whales surrounding our boat.

After a couple of hours on the boat we meet up with some friends for some drinks and dinner at this cool Korean bbq restaurant. Such a fun place!! I am gonna find out the name of this place for you guys, because I can really recommend it. We finished the night off with ice cream before going home and falling asleep on Ambrose’s chest.
Perfect day from the moment I opened my eyes till I fell asleep <3


Danks street produce merchants

I have no idea if I have mentioned it before because its been alot these last few day BUT we are moving from our apartment in North Sydney. Yesterday the moving truck came and the day was just focused on getting it done!
We have both moved quite a lot so we got it all done in 4 hours which is pretty great. With moving help of course!

After we had unload everything we decided to be done with it all for a while. We drove back to our now empty apartment, took the longest shower and went out for dinner. We wanted Rio Noodles, the number one Ramen place in Sydney, but the line was about 20 meters of people waiting just to get in so…no thank you!
Instead we went to, what must be The Best Thai around this area. Its called Triology and its located on the main street ( where all the restaurants are) in Neutral Bay. So damn good every time! We had red curry with duck and crispy pork belly Pad see ew.

Now its Sunday, we woke up early at Ambrose family house and drove straight in to the city. First stop was breakfast at
Le Renaissance Patisserie, french style, which for me is coffee and croissant. Fantastic start of the day if you ask me 🙂

After that we strolled around the Danks street produce merchants which is filled with local produces. Amazing place!
We decided to have a “picnic” of tapas our last night in our house, and this market had all the great stuff for it.
I am already excited about this. We have no furniture at all so we are going to sleep on a mattress on the floor. We have candles, a picnic and maybe a movie on our laptop. Late night swim at the rooftop pool.
Its gonna be great!!

Thai food at its best.


Wine tasting in Mudgee

Fireplace, great wines, amazing view overlooking the fields of grapes that you are sipping on. Whats not to like!?

One last stop before heading back home. HERE at Logan Wines

Ambrose and Heath always being “too friendly” hahaha. Such little creeps! Wonder what the poor woman who took this photo for us must have though…. 🙂

Beautiful beautiful Mudgee! Felt so good being back here.
I am planing to make you guys a list of my personal favorite wineries for wine tasting in Mudgee. Would you guys like that?
I have not yet been in Hunter Valley, which is probobly the most famous area for wine here in Australia. However, I do have alot of friends who has been there and they are all in agreement that Mudgee out-beats Hunter Valley. Its just a level of charm and authenticity among the wineries here that is very unique I think. Ambrose always tells me that we should buy a house here, and I have always told him no. But visiting Mudgee this time, I am really starting to change my mind. I would love to have a weekend getaway house here.

I will return with my list of “Must visit while in Mudgee” for you guys. Until then, get you Mudgee inspiration HERE


Glow Worm Tunnel

I know I have been away from here for a couple of days, sorry about that. It has been a long-weekend here in Australia, God knows why, queen birthday again or something… It really doesn’t matter, we used these days to the fullest haha!

One of our friend was invited us to celebrate his 30th birthday on his parents farm 30 minutes outside of Mudgee. As you might remember, we used to live in Mudgee for a while. We have been planing to go back and visit for some time now, so this long-weekend plus Boner’s birthday was perfect.

We managed to squeeze in quite a lot of things on this trip, I have therefore decided to post them in separate post’s in here. Otherwise it will be way too long! Lets start with something I really recommend – The Glow Worm Tunnel. Its this an old rail tunnel, 40 kilometers outside of Lithgow NSW. Inside this 400 meter long tunnel, which is pitch black by the way, you find these worms that glow in the dark. Its magnificent, I’ve never seen anything like it.

The 33 km long road to get to this place is an old dirt road. If you are not Australian, you probobly dont understand what this mean. All I can tell you is that its rough to drive on, no, actually this road was shit to drive on. It takes about one hour because the road is full of big wholes. If you have a normal car, don’t even think about it. You need a robust 4WD car to make it true. And prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!

But its worth it! Now I am going to finish my breakfast and run some errands, feels good to be back home! More stories from our weekend away later today. xx