Barcelona on my mind

These last few days my mind has been all about Barcelona. The reason for that is that I might have to fly 30 hours to Barcelona to literally pick up a piece of paper from the Spanish police, stating that I have not committed any crime while living in Spain. I know it sound stupid, I should be able to have that document sent to me but because I am not a Spanish citizen I cannot just get it from the Spanish consulate. Believe me, I have tried.

At first I was really upset, I kind of had enough with the Visa stuff lately and just knowing that I have to fly around the world to pick up this police clearance annoys me.

Ambrose think its funny and keep saying I should be excited because I get to go and enjoy Barcelona. Which is true, but what nobody seems to get is that I am so fed up with this “gypsy life”. I just want one country, one house, one bank in one country and all of those “normal” stuff everyone else have.
Trust me, when you are dealing with everyday situations such as insurance, Dr visits, banks loans, and everything entitling the government or consulates. You want to be in one place!

But!! I get to visit my friends and family in a city that I called home for over 5 years. And I am in love with this city. How could you not love Barcelona?!

Some memories……
These who pictures sums up perfectly a Barcelona day. Rooftop pool during the day, tapas in El Borne by night. Well during the weekends at least

  My birthday many years ago. The theme was Black & White. Here with Montse, Lulu, me, Hanna, Lucy and Sophie

After I lived abroad for 7 years (!) my best friends from Sweden came to visit. So much happened during those 10 days haha. Here with Suzy, Peppi, me, Åsa, Annie and Mikaela My last work lunch at TMC. Best workplace ever. I will definitely visit the office when I am back

Strolling around the old town is one of my favorite activity in Barcelona. Getting lost for hours is a must while visiting this city for sure.

Chiringuitos – eating and drinking on the beach. Another Barcelona must according to me.
Check out this list to find some of the good ones HERE One thing you do a lot in Barcelona is having a drink at a rooftop. There are so many of them so just take your pick. Here on one of my favorites that I always brought friends visiting me – Hotel1898

Oh God, just realized that all the pictures are being out eating and drinking. But it was like that back in the Barcelona days. Also, I must mention that this was my University years. Guess Uni time is party period for most people haha

This is from my last day living in Barcelona. I remember this as one of my most fun and memorable night in Barcelona.

After writing this post I am actually excited to fly to Barcelona. Cant wait to tell everyone I am coming.

The cultural clash reunion

One normal picture. And that’s because Javier took it on his phone and sent it to me. Dinner at the Greek restaurant Xenos. Very charming place in Crows Nest. Always vibrant which I like.

We could not stop laughing. My camera keeps making these weird pictures where everyone looks, well not great….

After drinks comes dinner and after dinner comes Gelato. A must if you are hanging out with Ambrose.
But this is not your ordinary ice-cream place. This is heaven in you are into ice creams. Or any sweets, they have cronut’s or croissants with ice cream inside…just saying. The place is calles C9 Chocolate & Gelato. Just go there.

Last night we had a proper reunion with some of the old Barcelona crew. Started with an after-work in Crows News and I could not help but t feel like its was like the good old days in Barcelona. It’s such a cultural thing, and of course it helps when you live in a country where the weather actually “welcomes” you to make plans and do something after work.
Yesterday during drinks we were actually discussing the cultural differences we experience.
For example the difference between Swedes and Australians. Swedish people tend to be more direct. In Sweden it is socially accepted to answer your phone with a ” Hello”. Not in Australia. I remember Ambrose being so shocked when he heard me answer my phone. Australians answer more like ; ” Nicci Speaking”.
Another example was asking for something in a store. In Sweden you go to the store attendee and you can say; Hi, shoes? with a smile of course. That means Hi, please tell me where I can find the shoe section in this store. In Australia life is not this easy. Here you have to go; G’day mate! How y’a going?! I am interested in maybe buying myself some shoes. If there is no troubles, would you please help me to find where your shoe section is located bla bla bla……

I mean, who the F*#@k has the time and energy for these kinds of conversations?? Am I wrong? Or have I perhaps too many years in Sweden, becoming a cold and too direct person. I don’t know. Somethings I actually think I moved around too much so now I have a little bit of one too many cultures in my brain. So I am not good in any country!

Okey, back to our evening. Ambrose came after work and so did Ninnie and Javier. I used to work with the two of them back in Barcelona when I worked for TMC. Great memories so it was really great to get a full night with them, just like back in the days.

I can’t wait when we get this whole partner Visa done and we go visit Europe. I am trying to convince Ambrose to do a summer trip this time. I want to show him my favorite spots in Europe, and visit new places that neither of us has been too. Like Croatia and Turkey.

And of course Barcelona. That city will forever be one of my favorite homes in the world.


Two shadows at Pearl Beach

Pearl beach. One of my favorites up here at the coast. I like the glow of the sand, makes it look like tiny pieces of gold.
This was on Sunday and whenever Ambrose has time off we are basically on a hunt for waves. And this Sunday was no exception.

I don’t mind it usually because I am normally swimming around and body surfing anyway. The only time it gets annoying is if I am done with the whole beach thing and I cannot get a hold of him because he is far out in the water. And I have the car keys, his wallet, both our phones so it’s not like I can leave, how would he find me ?
Might leave a note in the sand from now on;  “Got bored, at the cafe on top of the hill. See ya”

The normal solution would be to learn how to surf……I tried teaching me one time and it was like I was in the army so I quit. I did not even understand half the things he was talking about. Did you guys know that in Australia you get down on your knees and grab hold of the sand with your hands when a big wave comes over you?! What?

I miss the good old beaches in south of Europe where there is little or no action. Here its a constant fight for survival in the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, I think its much more fun to be in the ocean when there is a bit wavy. But not those that you need to know trick in order to escape death… just saying.

As I was saying a long time ago, Pearl Beach is beautiful, golden and often quite.We were there in the afternoon but there were no one there. We had the whole beach to yourself.  There is not alot of surf here usually, so if you are after that Avoca Beach might be a better option.

Ciao for now. xx


Baha’i House of worship – A Persian gift to Australia

The other day, after driving back to the coast from another event in Sydney, we drove by this beautiful building. We decided to stop and have a look. I hate those times when you say ; “maybe next time”. That almost never happens, at least not for us.

As we walked towards this beautiful temple  we were approached by a lovely  guide who told us more about it. Apparently this is called Baha’i House of Worship. It is a temple given to Australia as a gift by Persia.

As the guide was showing us around the temple I tried to make a joke to Ambrose, that I (Persian) was a  gift to him (Australia) He did not laugh. hahah. I thought it was such a good one myself!

The temple is as beautiful inside as it was on the outside. It is not much inside, just a couple of chairs and some large flower arrangements. I think they like to keep it simple. People go there mostly to meditate the guide told us. So that’s what we did. Well for a short time at least, I cant get Ambrose to sit still doing nothing for a very long time.

The only rules was that you could not take any pictures if any other person was in the temple. I waited for bit and then we took a couple of pictures of this gorgeous building. Such a nice gift!

If you guys want to find out more you can to so HERE



In the Jungle of Bondi

Ambrose choose Trio’s tasting plate. You get a small bite of everything and its to die for. Yum

A couple of pictures from our morning. Started with a jungle looking walk from our rented Airbnb town to the beach. All we wanted was a big breakfast and a swim in the ocean. The weather is hot and sticky so that’s what you want.
We went straight to Trio and luckily we got a table within 10 min. Trio used to be my absolute favorite place back in the days and I wanted really bad to show Ambrose how good this place is. He fell in love as well. We ordered well….everything!

After we got some drink mixture for when people are coming over to ours. I also went in to make a last confirmation on our bookings for tonight’s dinner in Bondi beach. I am starting to think I have some crazy organizational issues. I cant relax wherever I am organizing the smallest event. Really need to learn to relax.

Now the boys came and picked up Ambrose for a quick swim at Bronte beach. I am relaxing for a bit instead here at the apartment. Maybe I have time for a quick nap before people start coming over.

Last night we had dinner and waaaayyyy too many drinks with a couple of friends in Bronte. But think we were all back around midnight so we should be able to do today as well. So the plan for rest of today is : drinks and birthday cake at our place at 3pm. Pub/cocktail crawl, working ourselfs down towards Bondi beach where we will finish tonight with a dinner at Mad Pizza.

Now a quick meditation before I have to get ready. I really want to be meditating at least 20 min a day, so I need to start someday! xx


How to increase your productivity and performance – step by step

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs – Successful people to model


Today, as I was on the train back from my volunteer work, I came across a bunch of articles on Productivity & Performance. I find everything on how to improve yourself and how to be the best version of yourself very interesting.
If we are not evolving, progressing, learning, then whats the point?
Productivity is simply : get more done successfully with less effort. It was a whole lot of reading therefore I have just taken out some of the main points from what I’ve learned:

– Have a set time-frame and a clear plan. This will increase your chances to actually reach your goal.

–  Your goal must be specific and clear. And you must know WHY you want this goal to manifest. When you know why you want something, that will amplify your motivation and assist you to take necessary actions.

– Look over your daily habits. What are those small Rituals you have everyday? Are they benefiting you or are they driving you away from your goal? An example could be to set out a specific time for checking social media. This way you wont unconsciously waste your time and will instead gain more time to complete actions towards your goal. Another example is to put the clothes you are going to wear the night before. This “habit” or “ritual” will overtime save you hours in the mornings. Have you ever wondered why many successful people tend to wear the same outfit over and over? Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Obama, Steve Jobs. Read more about this HERE.

Next is a quick and relatively easy way to productivity and performance is often spoken of by Tony Robbins….

– Modeling. Robbins is over and over recommending people who want to get the most out of life to Model” other, already successful people. Find one or a couple of people you admire. Famous or not and study their behavior. How do they speak, how is their physiology. Do they spend alot of time choosing what outfit to wear in the morning? Will they snooze or wake up early to get more time to get to where they want. Are they willing to study and try to learn from people who know more then them or not? Do they spend a couple of hours a day scrolling true their phone, watching what others are up to?

– The last point I want to make is one from tony It is something he calls “chunking” and I will definitely start using this method in my life. Simplified chunking is: taking everything we have on our ” To Do Lists” and divide them into chunks, depending on where they belong. For example one for relationships, another for work/career and the third for health.
According to Tony once you have chunked these together it is easier to see what result you want.
I especially got motivated to start with Tony´s chunking after reading this ;

“When you start thinking of your to-do’s as clusters of desired outcomes, you’ll keep stress at bay and learn to focus on your greater goals, rather than getting overwhelmed of the minute details. Why? Because you will start to feel inspired, rather than forced to follow through. And when you feel so inspired by a purpose, you’ll come up with a more effective action plan to get there.”

Have a lovely day.xx


Remedy routines to enjoy with your partner

ways to recover together with your partner by doing a great skincare routine togetherI know we look super scary …. but lets share it anyway 🙂


Hope everyone has had a good day so far! Ours has been filled with all sorts of remedy routines. Ambrose came back from the bucks party quite sick. He is coughing badly and is also sunburned. Unfortunately he did have to go to work this morning and I spend most of my day doing volunteer work ( from a cafe, not the office today ) and studying. But as soon as we both got back to the house we have had all sorts of remedy routines. Well I have forced Ambrose into these face-sheet masks. I always try to do all kinds of different skincare routines on him hahah. He hates it, but he is sick and too weak to struggle against my partner routine madness.

Well, other than taking care of our skin our evening has been filled with ice-cream ( necessary when you are sick ).
Of course also watching cartoon in bed, and lots and lots of soothing tea. I make mine like this:

– Fresh organic fresh ginger (boil it and use the water)
– Fresh organic turmeric
– Manuka honey
– Fresh lemon juice

Now back to snuggles. Speak soon. Ciao



Sisters, Barcelona restaurants and Bucks party

sisters in barcelona

Oh these two <3

Without exaggeration, I truly think I have the best sisters in the world. I miss them everyday because we always have such a good time together. If only Barcelona was closer! All of us out eating and drinking at Ciudad Condal must be one of my top three hobbies. And yes, I actually DO consider eating out a hobby. Judge all you want…..

If you ever visit Barcelona, and I highly recommend you do at least one time. The you must must must visit this wonderful Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Click HERE more information. Also make sure to ask for their “Menu del Dia” which is their daily specials and only in Catalan but do what I did ; just point at other people’s dishes sitting around you. You wont be disposed I promise.

On the schedule today is Ambrose’s brother Leonard and sister Anastasia’s birthday lunch at 3pm. After that I am taking myself down to Bronte. All the boys are away for a three nights to celebrate Barts bucks party ( do you say celebrate??) so I am spending the weekend with Kali – the bride to be. Our weekend plan is simple : Rose’, trash TV, take away food and cheese. It’s such a shit weather so it fits perfect.

Earlier this morning was coffee with Ambrose followed by buying alcohol for the bucks party. It’s over 30 guys going to this thing, x three nights, so you can imaging how many cans and bottles Ambrose bought. He brought me to the shops as his side kick. I was pretty useless, did not carry anything, BUT I did put in a couple of bottles of champagne in the trolley. There is something about the popping and the bubbles that represents celebration. Nothing does that better than champagne. Perfect for a bucks party.

Alright enough chit-chat. Ambrose took our car so I need to find a train out of here.
I’ll see you guys again from Bronte. xx