The cultural clash reunion

One normal picture. And that’s because Javier took it on his phone and sent it to me. Dinner at the Greek restaurant Xenos. Very charming place in Crows Nest. Always vibrant which I like.

We could not stop laughing. My camera keeps making these weird pictures where everyone looks, well not great….

After drinks comes dinner and after dinner comes Gelato. A must if you are hanging out with Ambrose.
But this is not your ordinary ice-cream place. This is heaven in you are into ice creams. Or any sweets, they have cronut’s or croissants with ice cream inside…just saying. The place is calles C9 Chocolate & Gelato. Just go there.

Last night we had a proper reunion with some of the old Barcelona crew. Started with an after-work in Crows News and I could not help but t feel like its was like the good old days in Barcelona. It’s such a cultural thing, and of course it helps when you live in a country where the weather actually “welcomes” you to make plans and do something after work.
Yesterday during drinks we were actually discussing the cultural differences we experience.
For example the difference between Swedes and Australians. Swedish people tend to be more direct. In Sweden it is socially accepted to answer your phone with a ” Hello”. Not in Australia. I remember Ambrose being so shocked when he heard me answer my phone. Australians answer more like ; ” Nicci Speaking”.
Another example was asking for something in a store. In Sweden you go to the store attendee and you can say; Hi, shoes? with a smile of course. That means Hi, please tell me where I can find the shoe section in this store. In Australia life is not this easy. Here you have to go; G’day mate! How y’a going?! I am interested in maybe buying myself some shoes. If there is no troubles, would you please help me to find where your shoe section is located bla bla bla……

I mean, who the F*#@k has the time and energy for these kinds of conversations?? Am I wrong? Or have I perhaps too many years in Sweden, becoming a cold and too direct person. I don’t know. Somethings I actually think I moved around too much so now I have a little bit of one too many cultures in my brain. So I am not good in any country!

Okey, back to our evening. Ambrose came after work and so did Ninnie and Javier. I used to work with the two of them back in Barcelona when I worked for TMC. Great memories so it was really great to get a full night with them, just like back in the days.

I can’t wait when we get this whole partner Visa done and we go visit Europe. I am trying to convince Ambrose to do a summer trip this time. I want to show him my favorite spots in Europe, and visit new places that neither of us has been too. Like Croatia and Turkey.

And of course Barcelona. That city will forever be one of my favorite homes in the world.


Baha’i House of worship – A Persian gift to Australia

The other day, after driving back to the coast from another event in Sydney, we drove by this beautiful building. We decided to stop and have a look. I hate those times when you say ; “maybe next time”. That almost never happens, at least not for us.

As we walked towards this beautiful temple  we were approached by a lovely  guide who told us more about it. Apparently this is called Baha’i House of Worship. It is a temple given to Australia as a gift by Persia.

As the guide was showing us around the temple I tried to make a joke to Ambrose, that I (Persian) was a  gift to him (Australia) He did not laugh. hahah. I thought it was such a good one myself!

The temple is as beautiful inside as it was on the outside. It is not much inside, just a couple of chairs and some large flower arrangements. I think they like to keep it simple. People go there mostly to meditate the guide told us. So that’s what we did. Well for a short time at least, I cant get Ambrose to sit still doing nothing for a very long time.

The only rules was that you could not take any pictures if any other person was in the temple. I waited for bit and then we took a couple of pictures of this gorgeous building. Such a nice gift!

If you guys want to find out more you can to so HERE


Beers with an old friend from Barcelona and the Sydney Ballet in Darling Harbour

Yesterday was absolutely full on. Think we got out of bed at 5:50 in the morning and back in it around midnight. But somehow we were both full of energy.
I went to do some volunteer work at the office in Sydney. Felt good after 2 weeks of Christmas holidays.
The afternoon came and it was time for an early Ramen dinner in China Town with Ambrose. We finished our dinner pretty quick  because we had plans to see Javier for a beer. Javier is an old friend and colleague of mine from the time I worked for TMC in Barcelona. I was so excited, have not seen him in over three years. Crazy how time goes by so fast!

Since we had tickets to the Ballet in Darling Harbour and Javier had dinner plans with some friends from Sydney, the beer date ended after just 2 beers. Instead we made some proper plans for next week, dinner and drinks all night in Sydney.

We rushed over to Darling Harbour, trying to find Marnee and the rest of the group. It was our first ballet, neither I or Ambrose have been to one before. We both really liked it, well maybe me more than Ambrose haha.

If you are interested to see it check it out HERE

It must have been around 2 thousand people there. not easy to get out, get our bags ( which they for security reasons made us hand in) and get to the train back to the coast. At the station we bumped into our friend Matty who just arrived from New Zealand. Everything was good until he informed us that the trains had been cancelled due to railroad works and the storm. So we were forced to take a bus and then change, in the middle of nowhere to a train. Gah!!

To keep the story short… the train was delayed from this new place the bus took us. We bumped into another guy we new, Bart’s colleague.  Found out that Matti’s parents lived close to the train station we were stranded at. Made hos dad come pick us up, we drove the dad back to his house, helped him move some heavy pots. Matty drove his car with all of us to the coast. Dropped us at our parked car so we could drive to the house and then took Bart’s colleague home.

At the house we had a shower, laughed about our surreal night and fell asleep like to babies.



the flood in woy woy

The other day it was a crazy flood in Woy Woy. Well, it might not be strange to people here in Australia but I’ve never seen a flood before. Growing up in Sweden where there are not much crazy natural stuff going on. Not like this at least. Most people were walking around, taking pictures. These were some who were not as entertained as we were, they were just trying to get home! haha

Alot of people took the opportunity to go fishing during the flood. But I could not see anyone catch any fish. We were just driving around to try and find the “worst” spot. We thought it was where the whole wharf went under water, and people trying to catch the ferry but then we found the car under water. How this poor guy managed this is so strange to me. Why would you drive over that much water when you clearly can see that the road is completely under water!?

Anyway, its Saturday morning and I have been up for 2 hours. Waiting for Ambrose to leave the bed so we can go start the day. All I can think about is coffee, addicted! Usually we get up early but he is going back to work in 2 days so think he wants to get as much sleep as possible. Soon back to 5:30 in the morning again, I am looking forward to it.

Have a great day. xx