Cambewarra Estate

Late nights with espresso martinis, fireplace, single malt and cheese platters. In other words, some some of the best things in life in one place

We ignored the fact that it was rain and went out to max Wall’s boat, jumping from high cliffs and water-skiing. Well I did not do any of those near death experience stuff, left that to the Australians. I just enjoyed life on the boat hahaha

This beautiful house with its even more beautiful surroundings! Even though we went to bed like 4 in the morning, I still forced myself up to have my morning coffee by myself at this spot.

Homemade breakfast lunch and here, dinner are the best. And again, espresso martinis of course! 

Playing gangsters shooting cans and scaring the poor cows who tried living in peace and harmony on the field.

Just came back from a fantastic weekend away. I’m lying in bed, in our brand new mattress that we just bought, and I am exhausted. Here are some pictures from these last few days we had on Wal’s family estate down in Cambewarra I think it was called. The weather was rain, rain and then a bit more rain but as you can see we pretended weather cant bother us. Explain more on each picture tomorrow. I am falling asleep while writing this ZZzzzzz


We even visited a little Buddhist Temple

 Half the fruits and vegetables in here I had never seen our tried before.

Oh what an fantastic day we had today. It felt like a mini vacation 🙂 We drove the loooonnnnggg drive to Cambramata, The Vietnamese Town. Well its at least filled with them and their food which both me and Ambrose love love love.
We had a Pho, some fried chicken, a noodle soup and grilled pork chops. Mmmm.
I kind of wish it was closer to the city so I could pop in that area whenever. All the signs, the menu’s everything is in their language. And the grocery shops. That was just too good to be true! After a bit of shopping and a long lunch I tried to drag Ambrose around a bit longer, he was out the night before and was super tired. But I was after Vietnamese ice coffee. I knew I had seen a sign somewhere in the beginning of the day but it was hard to find back. If you never had Vietnamese coffee I recommend you try it. Its a strong coffee that they make by letting it drip very slowly, I remember back in Vietnam some places put it in front of you and said it would be ready to drink after 15-20 minutes! And they mix that coffee with condensed milk. I mean come on, how good is that. wish I got one of those but instead we bought fruit smoothies filled with exotic fruits for the trip home.

One really heartbreaking thing happened today. Right next to our parked car I found a little bird “glued” to a plastic bad by a piece of gum. The gum was stuck on his chest and his claws were tangled on the bad as well. I guess when the poor thing tried to get itself unstuck. We tried to help him but he was sooo scared that we had to get it to calm down a bit first. Then I think he understood that we wanted to help him so he just lied there with only his little heart beating read hard and fast. We had to get a knife and cut the plastic because we did not want to rip of his feathers.

Australian Open of Surfing 2017

A little picture story of yesterday. We woke up really late and after breakfast we drove to a surf-shop. Ambrose wanted to buy a new wetsuit. After we drove over to Manly, not realizing the Australian surf competition was on. Felt bad for them, the place was full of people and activities but the weather was as it has been for days now, gloomy, rainy and no sun at all! But people still tried their best to enjoy the day. And the surf was good I guess so Ambrose jumped in and I sat at this nice place called “Manly Wine” and tried to learn more about expats in Asia, Dubai and other possibilities for us. Lately we have been talking about out options. Anyway, I really liked this place, I guess inside in great as well but I always lowed sitting at the bar and with the ocean behind be, this spot was just perfect for me. Will definitely come back!

The afternoon was spent at Michael’s parents house. He fell 6 meters on concrete a few weeks ago in South Africa and broke, well alot. This picture of his elbow is scary  enough. I saw one when his whole elbow was ripped open that is too much to put here. So scary. We bought some surf books and magazines for him as he is on recovery rest for 6 months. Poor guy! But I’m not even surprised anymore. Ambrose and his friends are all half-broken from their stupid things they do!

pw in the night

Last night Ambrose had to do some overtime but we still felt like going our for a power-walk even though it was getting late and looked as it was going to rain. Such a pretty city. Liking Sydney more and more everyday actually.
We definitely need to do these walks more often.

Now just one more episode of Vampire Diaries and Im off to my acting classes 🙂 Luckily Ambrose is picking me up after the class for dinner in Pyrmont. Yes!

Baby Harley’s Confirmation

Trying a couple of times to take a picture without Kappa in it. Impossible…

Monday morning has arrived and I am spending my day at home organizing stuff I have put on hold way loo long now. Just made a smoothie with mango, frozen berries, unsweetened almond milk and some Chinese powder Karli gave me that is suppose to  be great for, well alot of stuff haha. It taste like shit but I’m gonna stick to it and see what happens.
Here are a rain of pictures from Sunday. It was little Harley’s confirmation and we were suppose to be at the church 11:30 but Ambrose was such a mess from the engagement party the day before so we run in to the church JUST when its over! I’m guessing we were going to miss the entire day if it wasn’t for Karli. She took care of the gift,took an Uber to ours and practically forced Ambrose out of bed.
And I am glad we went, true most of us were like zombies from the Saturdays celebrations BUT when somebody has a baby and invites you to celebrate, you go and respect that. End of story.
After a couple of hours we should have gone home and chill but instead we somehow ended up at Bart & Karli’s in Bronte for a bbq. Maybe not the best idea thinking of how bad Ambrose felt haha. I make him some nice food and maybe get a movie so he can rest tonight, poor Bambi 🙂

By the way, came over this Tony Robbin’s “priming morning” video on YouTube this morning. I tried it out and I loved it. Will see if I can find it again and I put it up here. Now we are going to get some groceries, there seems to be an echo in our fridge.

Kelly & Tiago’s engagement party

Saturday night we had Kelly & Tiago’s engagement party. It was such a great night, even though it rained, the venue, the atmosphere, food, service, it was all really enjoyable. And I think everyone would agree.  The wedding is not until next year but Im sure it will be great. After the engagement we got back to our area, went to The Rag and Femish or whatever the place is called, hoping to continue drinking and sing karaoke but the list was already full so we went back to ours. Natalia, Ambrose, John and Kappa broke in tho the pool for a swim at 1 in the morning and I was scared of getting caught so I waited like a scared mouse by the elevators. So stupid that the pool in our building have all these restrictions.

BBq in bronte

Before I asked them to look their best. Everyone is involved in their own stuff

haha such forced posed group

Its almost 01:00 and we are showered and about to go to bed but thought I get in here and say hi (to jaz:) )
Ambrose took today off so we woke up and went to Bronti for some swim and some surfing. Had some lunch at Bart’s at his apartment afterwards, he had furniture getting delivered so we were stuck inside waiting for the guy to come. When he finally got his things delivered we all went to snorkel at Clovelly beach. I was thinking today that I’m actually kind of proud of myself for not being scared of snorkeling anymore! Well I still don’t want to see a giant octopus or a sea snake and things like that but like today, I saw a big Groper fish and I loved it, instead of being scared I followed it which would never happened before. I guess I am around Ambrose so much, a person who is not really afraid of any of these things, so I must have adapt.
We ended today with a bbq at Karli and Bart’s place.







Well hello there. This is a few pictures I took in the car when we drove to Narrabeen, around 30 min drive from us. Ambrose had made a playdate with Heath, John, Kappa and luckily Natalia so we all met at the beach for some surf and swim. I did not swim though, the ocean was rough and a storm was about to come so I skipped it and sat at the beach instead. After a couple of hours that was not fun anymore so got up to have a defaf coffee at a really nice restaurant just by the beach. Yep, decaf….that’s me now 🙁 Honestly, I am terrified to have that crazy heart experience again so I am trying to avoid caffeine just to see if I feel better.
The boys came and picked me up at this place after there surf, we had some sushi and headed home because of the storm. But the storm kind of decided to not show up, when we got home it was a beautiful sunny summer day again all of a sudden! Thanks climate change!

Anyway, today I had a quick smoothie, my new obsession and then my phone reminded me of Reform Pilates at 10:30 so off I go.


South Coast

Team Snorkeling at Guerilla Bay

Crazy 1 and crazy 2 decided to jump from this very very high
cliff! Like I didn’t have trouble breathing as it is already !

Hiiiiii 🙂 🙂

We are back! Had a great time but the 5 h drive back with around 48 degrees (!!!) in a car where the A/C is not at its best was, well, exhausting hahaha .
Anyway, I am trying to learn to get a video of our trip up here. Think its the only way to show some of these incredibly beautiful places I had the pleasure to see during these last days.

Some of us went back to our house to somehow trying to survive the heat together. So now night-swim and pizza!
Enjoy your Sunday:)


30th #2 – Bart

Yesterday it was Bart’s time to have his 30th birthday celebration! He had rented the back garden of Bucketlist in Bondi and it was a really fun night. This time I did not drive, and I drank, ALOT, which is not like me at all. So the first picture is from this morning, I thought I was going to die and with the little energy I had we managed to take the lift up to the roof for a wake up swim. Because they keep the stupid pool super cold it actually worked, the water was so could so it recovered my Headache.

Now we drove to Ambrose parents house up the coast. The plan is to recover here by lying on the couch in A/C, have tapas and watch cartoons. Nothing else 🙂
Tomorrow we have a date with the love of eveyone’s life – Xavier. Cannot wait!!

Australia Day 2017

Happy Australia Day! A couple of days later though, super busy days over here with alot of celebrations going on!

We did not have any specific plans for Australia Day. We decided to just go with the flow and show up wherever, which turned out to be the best plan! Like most times in life, when you don’t put too much into crazy expectations, it often turns out to be great. We started by going to Tim’s house in Kirribilly. They have the most amazing view over the festivities that is going on for Australia Day. The had fireworks, Jets, helicopters, canon salutations, a singing choir, “dancing” sailing boats to ballet music and anything else you could think of. The only thing was parking…. deciding to take the car was my idea aaannnnddd it was stupid!
Anyway we saw all of this from our own private garden, away from the crowd which could not be any better. After a couple hours we drove to celebration number 2, picnic in Watsons Bay that Asher had organized. He even had got up early in the morning to prepare delicious  food for everyone. Great Australia Day 2017!

Spending sunday as it should be spent

Hi Turtle’s 🙂

This is dedicated to my little sister Jasmin who seemed pissed of as there were not much to read here this morning when she came in here for her first coffee of the day. haha sorry….

Yesterday we woke up and went to see Drew, one of Ambrose’s friends from Mudgee. He was staying at Tim’s place in Kirribilly. I honestly wish I took some pictures because the view from their place was simply amazing.

After breakfast we picked up Heath and they went to some Cricket game and I took my bikini and spent the day at Saf’s. She was house sitting in North Bondi and some of the girls came by for a swim and rose´. The house is just by the golf coarse, a bit stange as it was too close. They all said hi as they played along, at one point some of them asked if he had some cold beer’s. Guess its sweaty playing gold in that heat 🙂

Because we all are more or less black from being in the sun so much these last few weeks, me and Saf put on Zink on our face. We looked like Geisha’s but anything for protecting the skin! Much more than that was not done on this day. I was a but tired from Michael’s 30th the day before so this was perfect for me.
Ambrose came to the house later in the evening, and we all went to get fish&chips and sat and watched the sun set at the grass. Just like back in the days.

Good Sunday.


30th # 1 – Mikael

Hello!! Yesterday we had the first of many 30th birthday celebrations coming – Michael’s. Its started with lunch and drinks at a South African restaurant where we had the whole of upstairs reserved. I honestly had so much fun from start to the end. Well our “end” was getting escorted out from the The Beresford Hotel by a security  guard. Because of Ambrose, always Ambrose….hahahaha. This last picture is actually taken by “our” security guy haha. I love how everyone tries their best to look like this is just another picture being taken! Especially Ambrose, just look at him, he look proud! 🙂

Anyway, great night! I’m really lucky Ambrose has such fun and nice friends. I think I was laughing 90% of the night! Would be real shitty if they were not this great bunch of people, especially since all my friends are back in Europe.

Rest of this Sunday will be having a quick coffee with Drew who is here from Mudgee, quick swim at the pool with Heath and then they are going to some crickets game for the rest of the day and I go have lunch a a swim with Safae in North Bondi.


The Tama House

Hello dear old friend’s 🙂

I have to say, I feel that over here around every corner I turn, it seems to be yet another beautiful place. I mean just look at this view for instant. I’ve only been to the house at night when the boys were having one of their parties so I have never actually seen how great it also is during the day. My friend Safae is staying here for a couple of days and we decided to chill at the tama house ( its in Tamarama, therefore the name ) until the afternoon, just to avoid the worst sun hours of the day.
We had some chilled coconut water and avocado on gluten-free toast, which is very very typical Australian thing to have, and we sat on the terrace for hours talking about pro’s and con’s of living in in Australia and other countries. Safae is born in Morocco but lived in USA most of her life.

After boiling (even in the shade) on the terrace we walked down to Bondi Beach for a afternoon swim and people watching. That was my Tuesday, such a good day with Saf like always 🙂 !
We each had one Messina Ice-cream for the road before I went back to the city to have dinner with Ambrose and Leonard.

La Perouse

A couple of days ago Ambrose took me to a great spot – La Perouse. Seriously this guy should be a tour guide! I sell his tour services in anyone is interested 😉
And as always I got a little history lesson about this place. Dont remember it all but basically this is the location the french and the britts first arrived when they came to Australia. They fought over the land and because the britts won this is now a British colony. Could as easily have been a french colony which is very fascinating to me!

Location info #2 is that Mission Impossible 11 was filmed here. That island in the picture was the “forth” in the movie and apparently Tom Cruise drove over the bridge in from of me as in got blown to pieces by the bad guys.  Maybe I should see the movie…

Anyway, this is suppose to be a great spot to scuba dive and snorkel but the water was not that clear so I saw no fish this time 🙁