Monica & Lachlan’s wedding♡

Here we are getting ready for the wedding at our place. Its not easy getting these people into one decent photo! Except Kali, she is helpful and gets it 🙂

Waiting outside the church for it all to begin.

Hannah was one of the bridesmaids and I think everyone agrees that she looked like a movie star! Pretty Hannah, inside and outside.

Us with Bart & Kali. Ambrose is the best man to Bart on their wedding in December.

People always say the bride is beautiful bla bla bla but Monica was honestly one of the most perfect prides I’ve seen. Everything from the dress, the hair and make-up was spot on! Everyone was swarming her wherever she was hahah. Guess its the life of a bride ( for one day at least)

Lebanese wedding….if you want to sum it up in one world it definitely; FESTIVE. I loved the drums! Told Ambrose while we were dancing that we are definitely having a couple of those amazing drum-men at our wedding for sure!

350 guests and most of us were dancing all night. There is something about Arabic music that makes you happy. I don’t understand a word ( except “Habibi”) but its one of my favorite kind of music to listen to.

My handsome amore♡

All sweaty from dancing we went out to get some air, explore this beautiful venue and pose for pictures 😉

Waiting for our Uber at the end of the night. Monica’s (the bride) father gave me one of the huge centerpieces from the wedding. All white flowers are my favorite so I was pretty excited.

End of a wonderful night. Thank’s a million to Mon & Loc ♡♡♡
This is what happens when you have a lift made of mirrors and you are still hyped from the crazy Lebanese wedding!!


No time to get sick!


So I really don’t have any hot news…or even feel like writing in here today BUT this is what I want to do so I guess its my duty hahaha!! Nothing exciting has been going on and that’s why you guys only get a picture from thus summer when it was all nice and hot. This is at Safa’s old boss’s house and us girls came over and used their pool to the max as you can see.

This morning I was on my way to the first day of volunteering but my “boss” got sick so I start tomorrow instead. I had a coffee in the sun and then went back home and studied NLP all day instead. It is so damn interesting! I honestly cant get enough, just wish I had a book instead of reading off screen. There is a kind of charm with turning pages you don’t get with a laptop. Am I the only one feeling that?

At 2pm I had an Dr appointment for my neck but he was seriously the worst Dr I have ever been in contact with in my life. He did not even check anything and had nothing to say. I am finding a new Dr tomorrow, will not go back to that one.

When Ambrose got home we took the ferry to Balmain, we had left our car there outside Wall’s house from Anzac Day and needed to pick it up. It was freezing though so I now back home I feel my ears hurting every time I swallow 🙁 🙁
Tea and rest, that’s all I’m gonna do rest of tonight. Don’t have time for this at all! Tomorrow I have Dr appointment, volunteering and acting and Friday is Monica’s wedding. So back to resting now, see you guys tomorrow.

Anzac Day 2017

Yesterday was Anzac Day, or technically its still today… sorry such a mess over here. We all went to Wall’s house in the morning for some drinks before we all went to an stupidly overcrowded pub and played 2 Up or whatever its called. I love that game, everyone is so cheerful and happy!

I know we went home sometime around 4pm and I fell asleep instantly. Ambrose woke me up around because he bough a huge pizza and wanted me to eat something. And when I got up I thought it was morning!?! So now I had pizza, I feel sick and I am super confused because it feels like a new day but instead its 10:30 at night and I have to somehow go back to sleep!

Sunday stroll

Good evening little sweethearts out there!

We did not sleet many hours last night. Ambrose was on ANOTHER buxparty ( I know its getting ridiculous right haha) and I cannot sleep before he is home. I am not even tired, so strange! Guess its weirdness that got stuck in my head from my “old” life… Anyway! he came home around 3am and I was up watching way too many episodes of a new series with Jane Fonda. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her.
Again, ANYWAY. I woke up around 9am and knew exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday. Strolling around a new area in Sydney, having coffee’s and lunch at a great spot in the sun. And off course I managed to convince Ambrose to postpone his hangover and accompany me in my Sunday adventures. He seriously is THE best tour guide on earth 🙂

So we went to Tramshed in Gleebe for coffee, tried out the Tram train ( super slow….) strolled around Gleebe, went to the fish market and then we found a super cute little restaurant and had some Pho. Thank you for today, such great day!

Mount Kosiciosko II

I forced Ambrose to ride this thing 4 times up and down. He started to go crazy I think haha

Hot coco on a cold day with a view

One of my most memorable lunches I have to say 🙂

Hey guys, okey lets continue the tip I have if you like hiking, outdoors, nature and like me mountains. For Easter we decided to take a trip to Mt Kosciusko, or as me and Ambrose renamed it to – Mount Koskesh. It means in Farsi, well…its like, never mind…
During our 2 nights we took on 2 hikes. First the 13 km Mt K, and the second day we hiked xxxxx which was not as long. We both felt quite unfit and had “jellyleggs”from the first day. You take a chairlift for about 15 min (this was my favorite activity out of all 😉 ) which takes you up the first bit of the mountain, and from there you start! Its about 4-6 hours return. We did it in about 4 hours, inducing me whining and our 20 min picnic lunch at the top. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen, I was burning red in my face even though I had spf 50 on!

There are plenty of hikes to do around this area so its more or less just to buy a National Park Visitor Pass (17 AUD/day) and then just explore.

here is a great way to start for information


Mount Kosciusko

Happy Easter!! I am finally in bed and feel every muscle in my body ache. BUT it was worth it, I climbed Mount K which apparently is the highest mountain in Australia. More pictures tomorrow as I am exhausted 🙂

The Threehouse

I got some (un)professional help with my lines that night! 

Good day everyone 🙂 Here are some loose and pixly pictures I somehow managed to get from Friday night. It started with some drinks at 4:40pm with my former boss and friend Ida and another colleague from Barcelona. I met them at The Threehouse, a really beautiful place I can recommend for drinks, lunch and dinner.

Ambrose join us after work and we had a really great time before I had to leave for acting in Pyrmont. But when I was on my way back home later that night, Ambrose texted me and said he is still at The ThreeHouse so I went back. Apparently he met up with Natalia, John, Jessica, Lee and some Irish friend, and decided to continue the party with them. Anyway, I joind them and all I can remember is laughing until my stomach hurt for hours. Like always, unplanned nights are usally those that end up being the best nights.

My birthday surprise trip part II

Sun in my face 🙂

  Huge breakfast at out AirBnB

Crazy sunsets

Siding Spring Observatory

Whitegum Lookout in Warrumbungle National Park 

Here comes a hell of a lot more pictures from my birthday trip that Ambrose got me. And its a recommendation for sure. If you like nature, space, the milky way, stars and all that has to do with the Universe, planets and astronomy. This is your place to visit when in Australia. The one thing seriously missing is good food. The restaurants that were here was in this town is not even worth mentioning. Although it is just a small town so..

Okey now back to my studies! NLP here I come.

Monica’s Hens

Some pictures from Monica’s Hens last night. And what a successful night! Hannah and the girls had organised everything so nice, I am really impressed. I a love love love how generous, kind and fun these girls are! Thank God that Ambrose’s girlfriends are as crazy fun as my friends back in Europe!

We drank too much, at too much, danced too much and harassed the DJ waay to much. In other words – A perfect night 🙂

Today I had brunch booked in with my former boss and friend Ida. I was really good to see her, think we haven’t seen each other for maybe over 2 years! I took her to my favorite strip of restaurants on Blues Bay road and we sat for a couple of hours and just talked old memories, laughed at crazy moment at TMC ( our workplace) and we tried to tell each other whats been happening for the last years in our lives. Not easy to be done over just a brunch haha but of course we are meeting again soon. Perhaps a wine tasting road trip to Mudgee. Or The Great Barrier Reef….we see but I would love to do something with her now that she is her. She is definitely one of my favorite people I met during my years in Barcelona! After a couple of hours Ambrose came and joined us and of course he liked her a lot as well which I knew he would.

Now dinner and sleep, last night was intense ……..

Birthday with the stars

Finally I have some pictures from my birthday surprise. Thursday morning we woke up very early and drove off to Siding Spring Observatory. I had no idea and only found out where we were going when Ambrose handed me a birthday card in the car that same morning.
If anyone is fascinated by stars and planets as I am I really recommend this place. The area is called Coonabarabran and it’s 5 1/2 hour drive from Sydney. It was a long drive, I wont lie but so damn worth it!
Here are some pictures from our stay there and I will post more tomorrow. I have a full day but I am enjoining doing this writing on a everyday basis and having the possibility to go back and look at all these wonderful experiences I have in my life. Keeps me humble and it keeps me grateful.

See you tomorrow 🙂

Miami party

I have alot of stories from these last couple of days, and even more pictures but I want to start with last night. Ambrose friend Cherise and her boyfriend got engaged and had a party. As you might be able to see from these (incredibly blurry)  pictures the theme was Miami, that’s why we all looked as we did!
Me and Ambrose was really tired from the almost 6 hour drive back from my birthday surprise in Coonabarbran (will upload all those beautiful pictures tomorrow) so we did a small effort to go out and buy Miami clothes, like a white blazer for Ambrose but we could not find anything at the shops and decided to make some outfit up from what we had in our closet instead. And this was the result. I looked like a Latino prostitute and Ambrose looked like Pablo Escobar’s white cousin. Ambrose wanted to shave everything and just leave a mustache but after I forbid him he took my mascara and sort of “painted” himself an “Miami Vice” mustache hahaha Love it”

This city by foot

This library was too beautiful !

At the ancient Chinese exhibition we practiced their calligraphic

How freaking big isn’t that spider!? And they where everywhere.

As a girl who grew up in Sweden you get pretty excited when you see a banana tree

So much amazing art. This one is Aboriginal.

Again, this damn city is pretty. So damn pretty. We woke up really early and let in the electrician who did some work in the kitchen for us. After that we went straight to have a tourist day in the city. We started with a coffee in our favorite building and then it was full on. Museums, art galleries, libraries and of course The Botanic Garden.
After many many hours we were absolutely exhausted. The humidity, noise and all the buzz in a busy city is more tiring than one imagine. Or maybe its just us hahaha, anyway we walked all the way so I could get my delicious Ramen from my favorite Ramen restaurant. Ambrose is not a fan of this place, but it is my birthday week and all so…… 🙂

Now we are home cooking dinner and watching the crazy storm, its like the sky has opened up and let all its rain fall down at once! And tomorrow we are off to some adventure. I have no idea where or what, its a birthday surprise…

Cambewarra Estate

Late nights with espresso martinis, fireplace, single malt and cheese platters. In other words, some some of the best things in life in one place

We ignored the fact that it was rain and went out to max Wall’s boat, jumping from high cliffs and water-skiing. Well I did not do any of those near death experience stuff, left that to the Australians. I just enjoyed life on the boat hahaha

This beautiful house with its even more beautiful surroundings! Even though we went to bed like 4 in the morning, I still forced myself up to have my morning coffee by myself at this spot.

Homemade breakfast lunch and here, dinner are the best. And again, espresso martinis of course! 

Playing gangsters shooting cans and scaring the poor cows who tried living in peace and harmony on the field.

Just came back from a fantastic weekend away. I’m lying in bed, in our brand new mattress that we just bought, and I am exhausted. Here are some pictures from these last few days we had on Wal’s family estate down in Cambewarra I think it was called. The weather was rain, rain and then a bit more rain but as you can see we pretended weather cant bother us. Explain more on each picture tomorrow. I am falling asleep while writing this ZZzzzzz


We even visited a little Buddhist Temple

 Half the fruits and vegetables in here I had never seen our tried before.

Oh what an fantastic day we had today. It felt like a mini vacation 🙂 We drove the loooonnnnggg drive to Cambramata, The Vietnamese Town. Well its at least filled with them and their food which both me and Ambrose love love love.
We had a Pho, some fried chicken, a noodle soup and grilled pork chops. Mmmm.
I kind of wish it was closer to the city so I could pop in that area whenever. All the signs, the menu’s everything is in their language. And the grocery shops. That was just too good to be true! After a bit of shopping and a long lunch I tried to drag Ambrose around a bit longer, he was out the night before and was super tired. But I was after Vietnamese ice coffee. I knew I had seen a sign somewhere in the beginning of the day but it was hard to find back. If you never had Vietnamese coffee I recommend you try it. Its a strong coffee that they make by letting it drip very slowly, I remember back in Vietnam some places put it in front of you and said it would be ready to drink after 15-20 minutes! And they mix that coffee with condensed milk. I mean come on, how good is that. wish I got one of those but instead we bought fruit smoothies filled with exotic fruits for the trip home.

One really heartbreaking thing happened today. Right next to our parked car I found a little bird “glued” to a plastic bad by a piece of gum. The gum was stuck on his chest and his claws were tangled on the bad as well. I guess when the poor thing tried to get itself unstuck. We tried to help him but he was sooo scared that we had to get it to calm down a bit first. Then I think he understood that we wanted to help him so he just lied there with only his little heart beating read hard and fast. We had to get a knife and cut the plastic because we did not want to rip of his feathers.

Australian Open of Surfing 2017

A little picture story of yesterday. We woke up really late and after breakfast we drove to a surf-shop. Ambrose wanted to buy a new wetsuit. After we drove over to Manly, not realizing the Australian surf competition was on. Felt bad for them, the place was full of people and activities but the weather was as it has been for days now, gloomy, rainy and no sun at all! But people still tried their best to enjoy the day. And the surf was good I guess so Ambrose jumped in and I sat at this nice place called “Manly Wine” and tried to learn more about expats in Asia, Dubai and other possibilities for us. Lately we have been talking about out options. Anyway, I really liked this place, I guess inside in great as well but I always lowed sitting at the bar and with the ocean behind be, this spot was just perfect for me. Will definitely come back!

The afternoon was spent at Michael’s parents house. He fell 6 meters on concrete a few weeks ago in South Africa and broke, well alot. This picture of his elbow is scary  enough. I saw one when his whole elbow was ripped open that is too much to put here. So scary. We bought some surf books and magazines for him as he is on recovery rest for 6 months. Poor guy! But I’m not even surprised anymore. Ambrose and his friends are all half-broken from their stupid things they do!