Yesterday I drove to the airport ( way to early out of excitement ) to pick up my 2 sister !!
Had not seen them in about 11 months so was sitting here in the car counting the minutes until their plane arived from Barcelona. Also found one of my favorites on Snap while I was waiting hahaha So damn good!

This is tradition. I am always going to a hotel breakfast with Hanie and Jasmin when we are together in a country together. Always have, always will. This is Hotel Rival in Stockholm. Can highly recommend this place. Think they even have won an award for their breakfast.

After some shopping me and Jasmin sat down at Strandvägen 1 for a coffee break. Waiting for Hanie who had a meeting with the bride and groom to a wedding she is gonna be the photographer for.

I also got to see my dear friend Caroline. We released that we have not seen each other in 8 years. 8 years !!?!?!
She has 2 lovely children now and they live on the canary islands.

Recommendations from Helsingborg And Copenhagen

Lunch at Barfota. The cocktails, service, atmosphere, location and surroundings were 9/10. The food unfortunately only gets 5/10. Sometimes you just have to pick whats more important. Usually I would say ; The Food, but we had such a great time there and this place had so many good qualities so it was kind of okey that the food was not top quality.

Walk along the beachfront. Filled with ice cream bars and restaurants to pick from. Great for PW, biking, and sunbathing. Very child friendly as well.


Helsingborg is filled with beautiful buildings and cozy little cobblestone alleys.
Reminded me those of small charming villages in Italy.

Suzie & Åsa 🙂

When you are drunk and trying to check out some of the art in Copenhagen 🙂

These are the last pictures from our short trip. Hope you guys got some tips. Let me know if you need more information. I think its safe to say that when visiting Sweden, try not just get “stuck” in Stockholm. The capital is truly beautiful and worth visiting but what I am trying to say is that Sweden has alot more to offer.

Happy exploring! xx


trip to Helsingborg and Copenhagen – part II

Oh my God, its so much more pictures then I thought from our trip! I should divide this into THREE different posts, but I cant be bothered to be honest. You guys just have to be patient with me on this one 😉
Prepare yourselves for a picture marathon of me and my Swedish friends.
Lets do this.

I woke up at 5 am, released I would get punched in the face if I woke up any of my friends so I had a shower and then went out to buy breakfast. Åsa has a cute bakery close by so I bought sourdough with walnuts and seeds. Still hot from the oven! Prepared a mini breakfast buffet which we all enjoyed for a couple of hours. After breakfast we took the ferry to Helsingœr and after, Copenhagen in Denmark!


All of Helsingœr looks like this! Cute and charming.

It started raining (of course) as we were doing some shopping in Helsinœr so we hoped in to a restaurant for lunch. We all picked different dishes and were all satisfied. I am so use to sharing a couple of dishes with Ambrose so could not accept that I had to pick just ONE dish. Therefore I choose their brunch plater. Look at this!


Next stop – Copenhagen!

Nyhavn – such an cute area in Copenhagen.

After some shopping and strolling around the city we chose one of the restaurants on Nyhavn. A couple of bottles of Cava and dinner. Think we sat here over 4 hours! Clearly we had alot to talk about hahah
The combination of alcohol, amazing atmosphere and good girlfriends ♥

Think I have to take back what I said earlier. This trip need to be divided into 3 post’s. I am having Emilia & Alexander over and we are watching cartoons. Love spending time with them, especially now that they are leaving on vacation in 2 days, and will be away for 3 weeks.
As soon as they leave I think I will take a bath. You know, one of those with salts and aroma oils and stuff. I went to the gym again this morning and I can hardly move because of all the pain! Hot bath, some stretching and I get back to give you the rest of our Helsingborg and Copenhagen trip.



Helsingborg and Copenhagen

Promised I would give you some pictures from our days in Helsingborg and Copenhagen. We took ALOT of pictures so need to divide this into 2 separate posts. Lest start.

We are on our way ! After years we finally are at the airport together 🙂 Its early in the morning, non of us managed to get some sleep the night before. Excitement was an understatement of what we felt.After about an hour of flight where we disturbed the all the poor passengers around us with all out talk and laughter we landed at the smallest airport. Åsa was there to pick us up and we went back to their place to celebrate with some pick champagne.

After a couple of glasses of champagne 4 tipsy girls and one boy went out  to explore this absolutely stunning town.

Told you…very excited. The whole trip we have been laughing about this picture. From the left, Suzie looks like a the happiest person on this earth, no legs but still. We called her YOLO after this picture. The second weirdo, after this picture Michaela’s name was changed to Michael Jackson. She looks like Michael with a bad wig on. haha Ugliest jump picture in history.

After a long sightseeing and lunch it was time for this pretty place. Called Tropical and right on the beach. Since we were still full from lunch we started with some Irish coffee’s here and continued with rose’ for a couple of hours.

The evening plans changed to cheese, wine and board-games. The original plans was to go to a music festival and have a picnic. But this is Sweden. So we go from sunny to rain in like 2 seconds. That’s Sweden for you!  You have to be ready to change plans all the time because of the weather. But we didn’t mind as you can see.

Now its time for some stretching. I went to a Tabatah class this morning and feel my body is in desperate need to stretch.
Rest of todays plans are that I am going to watch some trash TV. hahah I know its not a big deal for people, but I never watch any TV so its a huge deal. 🙂

Crown princess

I loved these flowers, that’s why I am posing in front of them…. 🙁
Perhaps a normal person would just take a picture of the flowers…

Swedish weather…during a 30 min boat ride we had a mix of sun and sweating and rain and super cold I think about 5 times!!! Whats wrong with this country?

Back from the celebrations of the crown princess of Sweden! It was actually great, we saw them on their horses and carriage elegantly driving by (do you say “driving” by when its with a horse..?) It did go very quick though. Mum asked me to film the whole thing, I did…and somehow I failed. She has been going on and on about this! She is obsesses with the Swedish royal family… nobody knows why.

After that my auty came and met us up for a boat ride to a restaurant called J. You take the ferry from Strandkajen and get off at Nacka Strand. Its beautiful there so if you are in Sweden its a great place to get some lunch. In summer, in winter Sweden is….well lets just say you wont be outside a lot during winter in Sweden haha.

We just had something to drink at this place, took the ferry back after 45 min. By this time it was about 4pm so we were all starving. Walked to Hötorgshallen, a place you can by beautiful produce and its also filled with restaurants. We chose the the fish restaurant and had their fish and seafood soup wit saffron aioli. Its such a great place and their prices are great too if anyone is after a good lunch place in Stockholm. Its can get very busy though, so be prepared to wait for a table.



Just wanted to go in and say hi ! I have since Tuesday morning been in in Skåne. Together with some of my oldest and closest friends we took a plane to visit our friend Åsa. Its been almost one year ago I spent time with these girls, so clearly we had the best time. I just woke up in the apartment in Stockholm and if I can mention just one memory from our days in Skåne is laughter. I just remember laughing until crying over an over on this short trip.

More stories and pictures from my days with the girls later today. Right now I have a very excited (and slightly irritating 🙂 ) mother who is stressing me to get ready. Apparently the crown princes of Sweden, Victoria, has her 40th birthday celebration today. The city is crazy of course, filled with tourists and swedes who loves the royalties.
Stockholm is giving us sun today so I am looking forward to spend the day with Suz (mum) in the city. Its gonna be great. Like always, the only thing missing, that would make the day perfect is Ambrose.

Spend the day outside if you guys can! Come in here later for to see my recommendations on Skåne and Copenhagen. xx


saturday in stockholm

Hey guys, its Sunday and I am sitting here in the kitchen with a cup of cardamom coffee. I have been cleaning up and now trying to get some admin stuff done before tonight. We are invited to my aunties house for dinner so want to be done with work stuff before we go.

Above you can see some pictures from yesterday. Power-walk right after I woke up, Sweden is ridiculously beautiful this season. The green color in nature is almost looking fake over here because its too “popping” if you understand what I mean? After we had a typical Persian (at least in my family) breakfast. Its all normal I guess except we eat a ton of mixed fresh herbs. Thyme, parsley, coriander, mint, and all those others I cannot remember the name of right now.

Around 9pm we decided to go out for a drink. Well at least Suz (that’s what we call my mum) insisted. We took a cab, started of at Hotel Diplomat then walked a couple of meters down to Strandvägen 1, on the same street. I always go here the last couple of times I visited Stockholm, its a great place for breakfast,lunch and dinner. In the evening it turns into this lovely lounge type of place with a good crowed and feeling. I can highly recommend it if you are in Stockholm and don’t know where to go. We sat at the bar and by the end of the night we were talking with people all over the place. I have to say, I love Swedish people more and more every time I am back here. They are way more friendly, open, lovely and fun.

Such great great night, we had so much fun. Except at the moment when a guy (seemingly normal) that was talking for a while said; “well, I wonder by the end of the night if I will be sleeping with you or your lovely mother”….. haahahahahaha That must be the most disturbing sentence I have ever heard in my life.
No need to mention, I asked him to leave us alone.


Namegiving Milton

I had such luck, made it to little Milton’s name-giving celebration. Usualy I am over on the other side of the world, missing wedding and all these big events that are going on in my family an friends life. This time I made one! 🙂

Our part of the family were all (as usual ) late to the church. Well not me, but all the rest. But that was the only drama of the day haha. The rest was amazing and it was so nice to hang out with these people again!

It was that wonderful charming chaos that Persians have when they all get together 🙂 🙂
So much laughter that only this family can produce when we all get together. Thank God for a large family !


Samira’s birthday

I don’t know why but I look like I am about to go out and kick someones ass ! 🙁
Anyway, here I am getting ready with the birthday girl <3

Sunday night I joined my cousin Samira and some of her friends to celebrate Samira’s birthday. We had reservations at one of the most popular Persian restaurants in Stockholm right now – Sharzad. Loved the atmosphere, the food was great but best of all was the company. Samira always complaints because I never ever come with her whenever she goes out with her friends. This is something we have been arguing over for years now, but I just have not been that “interested” in her group of friends.

This evening I decided that I have not spent much time with her and she is going overseas for 2 weeks. So I agreed to join them. Also, I am more “mature” (hahahaha) now and can handle a night out with people who I normally would not hang out with. It turns out this group were fantastic and I ended up having such a great night, we all did. As you can see from the last picture, we “closed” the restaurant. Luckily Samira and a couple of the girls new the owner so it was alright.

Again, a Big Happy Birthday to Samira, one of the most amazing people on this planet who deserves only the best! xx


lazy days in Stockholm

Here are some pictures from Thursday (when I arrived in Stockholm ) and from Friday. It has has been a good couple of days. Relaxed, spent with family and friends. I notice I have been away for quite a long time from the children. They are completely different from last time I spent time with them, they talk and they walk.

Sweden is green and pretty as I remembered. I go from one house to another, not a dull moment. This time, I have put a note in my calendar the dates people are away on vacation. I came to visit in July, in Sweden, this is prime vacation days. Everybody is leaving somewhere. And as I mentioned before, I have, as much as possible, eliminated stress and unnecessary drama from my life. That is why I put as much as possible in my calendar. That way I can organize and plan so that I can spend quality time with every person, and enjoy it. Where as before it was all stressful, I often felt guilty for not giving time to one person. Or people felt that I was neglecting them while I was visiting. Now, I make plans, both for my own and my friends and families benefit.

One thing I realized recently is that I am really proud over how much I simplify Life in comparison to before.
How easy I react to different outcomes. How effortlessly I let go of things that no longer serves me. And how much more harmony I experience in my life. Really proud of that.


Whale watching in Sydney

The morning before my flight to Europe we made sure to enjoy as much as possible. I am a person who usually wakes up at 6 am. I don’t need that many hours. Ambrose on the other hand needs his 18 plus hours of sleep haha. My love…
So I woke up, went out to out beautiful living area at our hotel and did a meditation. After that I sneaked to the bakery and got us breakfast. Fresh juice, ham and cheese croissant and a baguette. All hot from the oven !

We got ready and went out to the city. Ambrose had prepared a surprise for me  and we had to be at a certain location at midday. I had forgot my handbag back at the house. Luckily for me Leonard (Ambrose brother) met up with us to give me my bag! Our meeting point was this cool place. Loved it!

The food-truck in the background served Lebanese dishes and were blasting absolute amazing Arabic music.
A must return to place for me….

My surprise was whale watching ! What kind of lovely person gives this perfect present <3
The best part was that the guide who has been doing these tours for years told us that we were unbelievably lucky. he said they had never spotted that many whales ever! There were around 30 enormous whales around us.
We literally had whales surrounding our boat.

After a couple of hours on the boat we meet up with some friends for some drinks and dinner at this cool Korean bbq restaurant. Such a fun place!! I am gonna find out the name of this place for you guys, because I can really recommend it. We finished the night off with ice cream before going home and falling asleep on Ambrose’s chest.
Perfect day from the moment I opened my eyes till I fell asleep <3


Touchdown Sweden

Hello again from a very weird time 🙂 I was unsure were I was when I woke up 🙂
I think now its about 6am, I woke up at 4 in the morning….
Really tried lying in bed sleeping some more but my body was ready to get up so no point arguing. I am sitting here in a empty apartment with like no food at all. The store is not open yet but its fine because I have a breakfast date with 2 of my favorites I haven’t seen in almost a year now ; Emilia & Alexander  💜

After that I have a ton of errands I need to do before meeting my beautiful friends tonight.
I have been waiting for the day to start since I have all these people I cannot wait to see. Been waiting since 4am haha !!

Yesterday after my last flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm Arlanda it was lovely to see my friend Suzie’s face at the airport. She picked me up and since I had the best sleep on (all) my 3 flights I was not tired at all. So instead of going to the apartment and rest we went to pick up some Swedish food I really have missed went to her parents house and had a small feast. Missed talking to my girlfriends here in Sweden so much !

We stayed and talked until around 10 pm, you do have alot to catch up on after almost 11 months….
after she drove me to the apartment. It was there when it got a bit weird. haha it felt so strange, maybe because usually my family are there or something but I felt like I was in someone else house. Not where I grew up. Very bizarre.

This morning it felt much better. I managed to find the wifi and some tea so I am good to start the day. Alot going on today, always like that the first couple of days.

Have a lovely day everybody. xx


Reporting directly from Abu Dhabi

Hi guys, I know its been days since I’ve been in here but as I am leaving for some weeks to Europe, I wanted to spend all my time with Ambrose!
As I am writing this I am sitting in a cafeteria in Abu Dhabi Airport, after a 14 hour flight…. That was packed by the way!
Luckily for me I slept most of the flight, wold be crazy otherwise I think hahaha.
My next flight, to Amsterdam, is in about 45 minutes so I thought I take this time and tell you a little about the last couple of days in Sydney.

I am just gonna be gone a couple of weeks so I haven’t even made a big deal about this trip. The love of my life on the other hand, he made sure we had some great days. As always.
He took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of from work. He asked me to pack and the first surprise was that we would spend some days before my flight (on Wednesday) in a apartment hotel. We got an amazing corner room, floor to ceiling windows, overlooking, well most of Sydney 🙂

We just spent time being together, eating my favorite stuff in beautiful cafeterias in the sun.
Swimming ( in winter !!) at Bondi beach.
And On Tuesday…he surprised me with a – whole day whale watching safari boat. More about that later. All I can say is that it was more than we could hope for, we saw around 30 whales !!! That is beyond luck.

I need to start heading towards my gate now. Don’t know how far away it is and I don’t feel like missing it and get stuck at this (sorry) boring airport.

I leave you guys with some pictures of our days.




Sorry for such bad update! And sorry again for today’s blog because its just gonna be a short one! As I am leaving for a few weeks in just a couple of days, I just want to spend some time with Ambrose. Today we both slept in, well needed, especially for Ambrose who has been moving,commuting and working like crazy this last week.

We woke up, met up wit Leonard and Nick for breakfast at Coast. Coast is usually packed and we always have to stay in line for a while, fortunately today we got a table and our order in straight away. The place was still packed but I guess we just got in on a perfect time-sloth I always take the vegetarian quinoa bowl whenever we are at Coast. Today I tried some Moroccan pork bun with avocado and things…not as good as my good old quinoa bowl. Well, you gotta try to learn 🙂

After a long breakfast me and Ambrose drove to see Rachel and one of my favorite human – Xavier. Whom we have not seen in over 2 months! We were there for a couple of hours. And I of course used his cute little squishy face to take some snapchat.  This child is just too cute, I honestly cannot handle. When you spend time with him it gets worst! That face, his chunky body mixed with his adorable personality….holy shit. Tooo much cuteness!

In the afternoon we drove even further to see Ambrose’s sister Anastasia and Adam. I wanted to get to meet them too before Europe.

Now back home, we are about to get to bed. I am just gonna try our a new relaxation meditation before going to sleep. These last days I had way too much in my head then I would prefer. Way too much….


trivia night with sister2sister

Hours before all the gusts arrive. Prep, prep, prep

Emotional speeches. Hearing what some of these girls have been trough was not easy to hear. Made me even more proud to be part of Sister 2 Sister. Such an amazing thing Jessica has built up!

Bidding on some of some of those amazing things such as diamond necklaces,  resorts, whiskey, etc. Forced Ambrose to pose for me all night 🙂

Winner of the diamond necklaces!

One of my favorite part of the night was when the actual trivia started. Every table was involved which was so much fun to watch and participate in. Here is part of our table which was big and little sisters, volunteers, staff, the founder Jessica, newsreader Jacinta Tynan, and of course, Ambrose!  <3

Prep-talk before going on stage.

One of the winner tables from last night.

Auction started and everyone was trying to get their hands on the goodies.

My absolute favorite part of the night! We are all exhausted and had too much energy in our bodies I think. Jessica said that we could take some balloons with us. I am a huge fan of balloons, strange thing to be excited about but nevertheless, I am! I took almost ALL of the balloons with me. Forced them into our cab with Ambrose , Marnee and Aliye.

Great night. Thank you to everyone involved!

Well today I decided to spend my whole day chilling. I woke up early to drive Ambrose to the train (had the biggest smile on my face when I saw all the balloons in the garage this morning! ) back at the house I did my morning meditation.

Made myself some tea and spent the rest of the day in bed studying NLP. I don’t ever remember spending a whole day in bed, but its so damn colt! And my feet are seriously damaged from wearing high heals from 11 am to 11pm yesterday. I was in charge of taking all the pictures and handling all our social media for our trivia night for Sister 2 Sister yesterday. Maybe not the best idea to wear high heals…….

Anyway, that has been my whole day, had no food and way too lazy to get out and buy some so it was biscuits and tea in bed. I never take the time to read anymore. So glad I did today because I have learned so damn much about our brain and habits and values and beliefs. I am going to share with you guys. Just not tonight, I just want to go back to reading more more more 🙂 🙂