New Years Eve in Sydney 2017

This is a VERY late post on our new Years Eve in Sydney. Saying goodbye to 2017 with all its highs and lows, and welcoming 2018 with great expectations and excitement!

We spent New Years Eve in View Hills in Sydney. We were a bunch of maybe 25, invited to Ari and Hannah’s new house. And what a fun house, an true entertainment house. Well, that’s the best way I can describe their house. Basketball court, outside BBQ and Pizza oven, tennis court, pool, vine cellar. Just designed for entertainment right!?
And it dose’t hurt that both Ari and Hannah are one of the best hosts ever. They just love having friends over and it really shows.
We started with a mini day New Years party, I think people started around 2 in the afternoon. And most of us spent the night.





Starting the New Years Eve in the afternoon with bbq and hanging by the pool.

haha this picture makes me laugh. Monica’s eyes says it all! This is the panic pizza making team. Imagine 10 people running around trying to make pizzas from scratch. Its harder then it looks that’s for sure. By nighttime it was clearly not enough with all the cheese, dips and BBQ. Ari and Hannah had prepared homemade pizza to be cooked in their stone oven.And out comes 20 plus pizzas. Pretty great I have to say. To the right you see what came poring out of the Piñata. Candy! And all the nice cocktails Ari kept making for us all night. So good.

Here we all are, just after saying goodbye to 2017 and celebrating 2018. This is the now –  traditional – Visa Photo!

The spot where we all stood and watched the fireworks for New Years Eve 2017. We wanted to walk down their neighbors driveway to get a better view but we were to scared. haha

In the morning, everyone were either playing basketball, swimming in the pool or still sleeping. I took the opportunity to sit and enjoy the stillness. You guys now by now I love doing that.

My favorite time. Breakfast.


During the Holidays

Its Thursday and it hasn’t been alot going on over here in Australia for us. I am right now sitting on our bed, trying to ignore the heat and watching YouTube clips on human behaviors. Thing you guys know by now are my interests. Today started really good but just turned out to be one of those days, you know like those that just bother you.
Just to break this bad pattern I took the car, sat at a cafe and read 2 chapters in my book on what shapes us as humans and it is our values. It actually made me feel better because sometimes you just need to get a better or at least a different understanding on what is going on in your head and in the head of others. The book was explaining that we do what we do because of what we, consciously or unconsciously value. What is mostly important to us. Sometimes conflicts occur when the value of those around you differs from your own value. Makes sense doesn’t it?
I am not going into much more details. Still pissed of from this whole day so instead lets have a look at these past couple of holidays around Christmas.

Like mentioned before, Our friends Tim and Mia were visiting from Brisbane. So we had a full boat day which is always fun. What is it with boats that makes you feel alive. Love them!

Yep, it’s happening. After many years as a girlfriend to an Australian man, this is whats happening. He is turning me into a outdoorsy girl. Just a warning to every girl who might fall in love with an Australian… you will need to sleep in one of these at some point. Now that I look at it actually looks like this is where you go to die. I am equally  scared as excited that I agreed to camping.

Picnic is more my kind of outdoorsy haha. Here at the beautiful Palm Beach

During the Christmas holidays we have also acted as puppy sitters for Leggs and Tally. Leggs is a giant puppy that behaves like a grandpa so he is easy. Just eats and sleeps all day. Tully on the other hand is crazy. But I think we did good.




Merry Christmas 2017

At the beautiful Palm Beach

In the boat on the way back it was 45 degrees. Insane!

Christmas food is the best. My absolute favorite is the Swedish Christmas food though. God I miss that so much!

Fresh passion fruit from their garden

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have been surrounded by your loved ones, that is what is important. I always have felt extra sad around the holidays when I see someone that “looks” like he/she is alone. Makes me extremely grateful that I always been surrounded with a big loving family, and still now, I have a an additional family. My Australian family <3
And soon me and Ambrose will have a large family of our own.

Back to our Christmas 2017. I told Ambrose earlier today that this was the least “Christmas like” and he agreed. It has alot to do with the fact that it was around 45 degrees on the 24th of December! Also everything around it, cant really explain it, it just was more like a couple of days of holidays.
On the 24th of December we had our friends Tim and Mia over from Brisbane. The plan for the day was to take the speed boat out to Palm Beach for a picnic and swim with a couple of their friends from London.
Next day was Christmas. The whole family was going to spend it at Leonard and Nicks house. Luckily this day was not as hot as the day before, so we managed to eat! Otherwise at least I have problems having a appetite when its super hot.

After all the yummy Christmas food it was time for presents, desert and games. When everyone went home me Ambrose Nick and Leonard kept playing a game called “Hat” until midnight. I love this game. I will introduce this to everyone now. Even now, I just wish I had a couple of people around me so I could keep on playing. That’s how much fun I had.

Oh, in case any of you wondered about presents. For this years Christmas we had secret Santa and we got hotel nights in Hunter Valley as a Christmas gift. Very nice, cant wait to get there. Wine tasting, cheese tasting, hotel beds, hotel breakfast… Yeay!


Byron Bay

Today has been a day filled with just studying for me. Not much of a intrest for you guys so I thought instead of trying to teach you what I am learning over the Internet, I would go trough the days before and after the wedding in Byron. After all, we were there for almost a week. And we were not alone, I think most of their guests turned the wedding day in Byron Bay to a mini vacation. The pictures Ive found are so random, a little from here and there so bare with me okey?

Don’t remember if this one is taken on the way there or when we left Byron Bay. But it was a 8 hour drive so not close.
Well with beautiful surroundings and lots of music made it go fast.
Here are some pictures from when we arrived. The house was very cute and we liked it straight away. I always make sure I relax and do nothing alone before a big event or if I know I have to be surrounded with alot of people. I never thought about it but I need to do it otherwise I get stressed out and uncomfortable. Weird I know, I don’t even listen to anything or watch anything. Just nothing hahah

2 nights before the wedding. We were invited to have dinner with Bart’s (the groom) family. Ambrose is more like a family member and I heard he apparently has his own bedroom in Bart’s parents house <3

The morning of the wedding. Me and Nour went to the beach for a swim and to get some tan ( we both got burnt btw). Stopped by the brides house to watch them get ready. Nobody was nervous. Only me. I think we were people in our house. Me, Ambrose, Nour, Adam, Elch, Kelly, Tiago, Cappa, Tani and Justine. Yep that’s 10! We had a very big house so it worked out well. We were about 20 meters from the bride and grooms house so that was fun. Days before and after the wedding we went to the beach, had house parties and had breakfast together.

Random pool party.  We were driving Andy back to the house they were renting in Byron Bay. He asked us to come and have a look, the house tour turned into a mini cocktail and floaties party.

From the recovery party. The plan was to have the recovery at Bart and Kali’s house but since they were leaving for their honeymoon the next day they were not keen on having 50 people over. Smart.


birthday party 2.0

The birthday boy relaxing before it strarts

hahaha Cappa, the only one posing for my photo

Brown Sugar – one of the best places for breakfast in Bondi

Yesterday we had Ambrose’s 30th birthday 2.0. Starting with drinks and cake at our place from 3pm. I soon realized that we did not enough chairs for everyone so it quickly became a circle on the floor. Normally this would stress me, but I am learning to let go a little bit. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Sometimes it is at it is and that’s perfectly fine. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. These people are great hahah

The plan to just have one drink and go for a pub crawl did not really work out either. Everyone had way too much fun at ours. So we left the apartment late, managed to fit in one place for some drinks before it was time to head to the restaurant. Ive arranged that we had the upstairs for ourselfs. As you can see there is no pictures, just that one. I am so glad most people could make it 🙂

After the restaurant, which by the way was really good, we went to Bondi hotel to have drinks and dance. At 3am I got most people out, I started to get tired but most of them wanted to keep going. In the end it was just me and some of the boys left. Of course they went for a skinny dip at Bondi beach instead of going home. Ad not just a dip, they went body surfing at until 4am in the dark.

We finished the night with birthday cake at 5 in the morning back at our place. I forgot to serve the cake at the party. Of course…..hahhaha All good, it will be fine!



In the Jungle of Bondi

Ambrose choose Trio’s tasting plate. You get a small bite of everything and its to die for. Yum

A couple of pictures from our morning. Started with a jungle looking walk from our rented Airbnb town to the beach. All we wanted was a big breakfast and a swim in the ocean. The weather is hot and sticky so that’s what you want.
We went straight to Trio and luckily we got a table within 10 min. Trio used to be my absolute favorite place back in the days and I wanted really bad to show Ambrose how good this place is. He fell in love as well. We ordered well….everything!

After we got some drink mixture for when people are coming over to ours. I also went in to make a last confirmation on our bookings for tonight’s dinner in Bondi beach. I am starting to think I have some crazy organizational issues. I cant relax wherever I am organizing the smallest event. Really need to learn to relax.

Now the boys came and picked up Ambrose for a quick swim at Bronte beach. I am relaxing for a bit instead here at the apartment. Maybe I have time for a quick nap before people start coming over.

Last night we had dinner and waaaayyyy too many drinks with a couple of friends in Bronte. But think we were all back around midnight so we should be able to do today as well. So the plan for rest of today is : drinks and birthday cake at our place at 3pm. Pub/cocktail crawl, working ourselfs down towards Bondi beach where we will finish tonight with a dinner at Mad Pizza.

Now a quick meditation before I have to get ready. I really want to be meditating at least 20 min a day, so I need to start someday! xx


Birthday picnic by the beach

Last Sunday we I had organized a family picnic by the beach for the family. It did not go exactly as I had hoped for but it was a beautiful day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a big Christmas ham with french mustard, BBQ chicken on sticks, pesto pasta salad, cheeses, dips. And buckets filled with beer and cider for everyone.

I choose this spot because this beach does not have alot of waves. Safer for all the kids. We played games, someone brought a canoe to take out. Water activities are the best. Especially when it is as hot as that Sunday.

Nick brought their new puppy. They just picked him up yesterday and he looks like one of those catalogue model puppies

You can’t really tell but I totally burnt my shoulders in this dress. I went 2 hours earlier to save the picnic spot and set up all the birthday decorations. 2 hours in the Australian sun was enough! Still hurts when I wear a bra.This is how a normal person holds a puppy…… This is how I hold a puppy……. I just hate the licks in the face!!

And then the family photo……trial number One……Lets give the family photo one more try….trial number TWO ….

Finally! We got ONE good one 🙂 Thanks everyone for coming!

Ambrose 30th birthday

December 11. Ambrose’s 30th birthday. We had a big family picnic for him yesterday, just because its easier to get that many people together on a weekend. It was not at all as I expected to be. But you live, you learn.
On his actual birthday, which is today, we have been starting the day with swimming and body surfing at 3 different beaches. Then a big brunch. Go carting with his brothers, birthday cake with Xavier (Ambrose is his Godfather) and then we were starving and wanted to go to this nice restaurant with a beautiful view…. but we did not call beforehand and as we show up there we found out they are closed on Monday’s!! Ahhh. We quickly changed plans ( because we were starving at this point !) So instead we had a very dinner at The Bayview. Seafood platter, extra oysters and grilled beef with creamy garlic sauce. Yum. Very nice, will def be back.

As we still will continue to celebrate with his friends the following weekend i will not say much for now. hahah more to come on this whole birthday madness!


Bart & Kali’s wedding part II

Luckily (or unlucky for me of course 🙁 ) I am still having this damn virus so all I can do is rest. Which means I have time to put up all the remaining pictures from Bart and Kali’s wedding in Byron Bay.
The only big achievement for today is to find a good spot for next Sunday when the whole family is gathering to celebrate Ambrose 30th. I was totally exhausted after that. Coughing like crazy, so I ordered a take away coffee and went back to the house. I HAVE TO get well before the weekend comes!

What a nice memory these lovely Byron Bay and especially the wedding has now become. Every picture makes me smile. Hope Bart and Kali have an amazing honeymoon!

Lets have a look at the picture rain I just put up here, shall we?

Me and Anastasia. Sipping champagne after a very hot ,but very fun bus ride to the venue

With the pretty girl Amy. I hardly recognized myself when I saw this picture.
Doesn’t really look like me for some strange reason..

hahaha You just gotta love Jess

I snuck up to the groomsmen’s loft to see what they had been up to the night before the wedding.
And also to steal their nice whiskey. I don’t know why but I can only drink one glass of champagne. I drank whiskey sour rest of the night

The temporary Byron Bay ladies. They are all old friends of Bart (the groom)
From the left: Jessica, Kate, Suzy, Natalia, Talia and Monica


Bart’s handsome groomsmen; Ambrose, Kappa, Latif, and Andy. Ambrose has been best man to a couple of his friends now. One of the guys told me that we will probably have to have a whole damn train of groomsmen for our wedding….

Best man assisting with the brides wedding bouquet. Kali had chosen beautiful native flowers throughout the whole wedding which was really nice

Handing over the wedding rings

Stunning bride and groomWe were all on the dance floor pretty much most of the evening. Exactly how I think a wedding should be.


Bart & Kali’s wedding part I

The guests arriving…

The stunning venue – “Forget me not weddings” in Byron Bay

Mrs and Mrs Kennett !! <3

The witnesses signing – Best man Ambrose and made of honor Kali’s sister Nikki


Having a drink with the girls Jessica, Suzie, Natalia, Kate, Talia and Monica

I finally got together some of the pictures from Bart & Kali’s wonderful wedding. Sorry it took so long, I am still sick and went to the Dr today.

Bart and Kali had organized one of the most amazing wedding I’ve even been to! Cant have been easy but somehow everything was perfectly planned and they looked stunning! I smiled so much my face almost hurt at the end of the evening. The are both amazing people and they deserve this – an amazing wedding.
I am glad Bart and Ambrose are best friends. So I now get to have Bart and Kali as friends <3

I have to find some better pictures of Kali. She looked magical as she walked down. But it will have to wait until tomorrow, it’s getting late and we are getting up at 5am, someone wants to go surf before work….hmmm. xx

Celebrating Nicolas Birthday with a picnic and paddle boarding

Love this picture of Anastasia, Leggs and Harper

Anastasia, I and the birthday boy Nicolas

Some of us are clearly not dressed for paddle boarding….

The Entrance Beach

Today we went to Canton Beach to celebrate Nicolas birthday. We did that with a picnic and some paddle boarding.
That is what he wanted and I was all for it, I love paddle boarding and picnic. The whole family was there, well the immediate family.
I am still not 100 % recovered so tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. But I could not stay away from the paddle boards! I want to get one for us, they are such relaxing and fun activity. Perfect for a country such as Australia were you have so many months where the weather allows you to be outside. It an investment the way I see it haha.

After a couple of hours we wrapped it up. Me and Ambrose were not ready to go home just yet so we got some take-away coffee’s and drove to The Entrance. There is apparently an ocean pool eight by the beach there that we wanted to check out. Unfortunately it was not all that impressive. Iceberg down at Bondi Beach still wins in our opinion.

Now after a shower, grilled sandwiches in front of David Attenborough. Well for me at least, just looked up and saw that Ambrose has fallen asleep <3

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Health exam for our Partner Visa and Margarita cocktails

Pretending to be a Dr

Spicy Margaritas are the best

The restaurant closed so the staff had to get us out true the staff-elevator. Kali found a security vest and thought it was a great idea to steal it.

A post from my last Thursday. It was different to say the least. I started with getting myself all the way to Parramatta. That´s like a 2 h train but I did not care at all. I had my Visa health examination there and I was ridiculously excited. This means one step closer to receiving our Partner or De Facto Visa!

My health exam was done in 3 steps. 1. X-rays, 2. physical check and 3. HIV-test. It takes around two hours and afterwards I met up with Ambrose ( he works in Parramatta) for lunch. We wanted to celebrate that we soon are “a normal/legal couple”. Ahh cant wait!

When he had to go back to work I went on a walk around the park and then did some dress shopping at Myer and David Jones. I do not like shopping and was exhausted after all the test and running around in a huge shopping mall.
Called my friend and we decided to meet up in Bondi Junction for dinner and maybe one drink. That plan went to hell very quickly. Many cocktails later, we were recommended by one of the waitresses to go dancing at this underground Latino club. I don’t even go to normal clubs these days, yet alone an underground club. That was many many years ago I did something that adventurous hahaha

But we had so much fun. Makes me laugh  just thinking about it actually. We dances all night together with the Latinos. Something about their music that makes you want to move 🙂

Now I need to get back to work, or volunteer work. Today I am in the office discussing next Thursdays Ball. Super excited for this event!

Ciao for now. Have a great day.


Puppy sitting and family weekend by the lake

I think I seriously have to learn how to blog on my phone. I feel totally behind with the “updates”. Anyway, here are some from this weekend. Or at least from Saturday and today, Sunday. Friday was a whole other story. Had 7 cocktails at a Mexican bar with my friend Kali, followed by dancing at an underground Latino club. We take that maybe tomorrow.

So Saturday we had plans to stay over at Leonard and Nick’s house and baby sit their new puppy Leggs. If you think he looks like a giant instead of a puppy it’s because he is a Grate Dane and is enormous already. We all plan to ride him like a horse when he is fully grown. Just kidding….

Afternoon walks. He was way more into Ambrose then me. hahaha

Leggs loves the water so we took him down to the lake to splash around some water.

The plan was to wake up early and rent two paddle boards on Sunday morning before meeting everyone for breakfast by the lake.

Because the kitchen is still under construction we had homemade BBQ burgers in the garden. For starters dips with crackers and veggies. We curled up on the couch with the puppy and watched the entire season one of FARGO.

Ambrose sister Anastasia and Xavier <3

As you can see we did not get to paddle-boarding on the lake. Instead it was breakfast by the lake with the whole family. 

After breakfast we took Xavier to play at the children’s playground. ( think the other parents at the playground thought we looked suspicious when walking in with ten grownups with only one child. Haha ) Back at the house for some video-gaming and to plan Christmas. We each picked a name from a hat. Decided to do secret Santa instead of one present to each person. I got Nick and I am happy with that. He should be easy to pick a gift for.

We finished our Sunday with a family dinner out at the terrace.  

My Australian family <3



How to increase your productivity and performance – step by step

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs – Successful people to model


Today, as I was on the train back from my volunteer work, I came across a bunch of articles on Productivity & Performance. I find everything on how to improve yourself and how to be the best version of yourself very interesting.
If we are not evolving, progressing, learning, then whats the point?
Productivity is simply : get more done successfully with less effort. It was a whole lot of reading therefore I have just taken out some of the main points from what I’ve learned:

– Have a set time-frame and a clear plan. This will increase your chances to actually reach your goal.

–  Your goal must be specific and clear. And you must know WHY you want this goal to manifest. When you know why you want something, that will amplify your motivation and assist you to take necessary actions.

– Look over your daily habits. What are those small Rituals you have everyday? Are they benefiting you or are they driving you away from your goal? An example could be to set out a specific time for checking social media. This way you wont unconsciously waste your time and will instead gain more time to complete actions towards your goal. Another example is to put the clothes you are going to wear the night before. This “habit” or “ritual” will overtime save you hours in the mornings. Have you ever wondered why many successful people tend to wear the same outfit over and over? Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Obama, Steve Jobs. Read more about this HERE.

Next is a quick and relatively easy way to productivity and performance is often spoken of by Tony Robbins….

– Modeling. Robbins is over and over recommending people who want to get the most out of life to Model” other, already successful people. Find one or a couple of people you admire. Famous or not and study their behavior. How do they speak, how is their physiology. Do they spend alot of time choosing what outfit to wear in the morning? Will they snooze or wake up early to get more time to get to where they want. Are they willing to study and try to learn from people who know more then them or not? Do they spend a couple of hours a day scrolling true their phone, watching what others are up to?

– The last point I want to make is one from tony It is something he calls “chunking” and I will definitely start using this method in my life. Simplified chunking is: taking everything we have on our ” To Do Lists” and divide them into chunks, depending on where they belong. For example one for relationships, another for work/career and the third for health.
According to Tony once you have chunked these together it is easier to see what result you want.
I especially got motivated to start with Tony´s chunking after reading this ;

“When you start thinking of your to-do’s as clusters of desired outcomes, you’ll keep stress at bay and learn to focus on your greater goals, rather than getting overwhelmed of the minute details. Why? Because you will start to feel inspired, rather than forced to follow through. And when you feel so inspired by a purpose, you’ll come up with a more effective action plan to get there.”

Have a lovely day.xx


Perfect Sunday with beach and oysters

The “Mademoiselle” sandwich

At the Oyster Festival

Just back from a to the house. I had one of those perfect Sunday´s. You know one of those days without any particular plans, but everything just turns out to be perfect.

We started with my favorite breakfast at This Little Piggy. I’ve told you about this place waaayyyy too many times so I’ll stop. Not everyone gets crazy obsessed over a plate of food. I get that…..
After breakfast we drove to Ettalong. The Oyster Festivals was on and I always wanted to see it but somehow we missed it every time its on. We started by wine tasting. I choose to only taste cold, crispy dessert vines and a couple of port vines. It was way to hot for red vine. There was food stalls everywhere but we were only interested in oysters. they had a couple of  dressings to choose from. We tried “spicy passion fruit” on one oyster but nope. A pinch of salt and fresh lemon is the way to go.

Its started to get a bit too crowded for us, neither me nor Ambrose are very fond of crowds. Instead we drove to Killcare beach which is one of the best beaches around the coast. A couple of dips in the ocean was perfect for a hot day like this Sunday.

In the afternoon we have manage to squeeze in a short walk, a small trip around the coast and some grocery shopping  for tonight dinner. Now we are sitting with a bag of fresh lychee’s out in the backyard. Need to soak up the rest of this perfect Sunday and get some vitamin D from the sun.

It’s going to be nice to just relax for the rest of this evening. Yesterday was Cappa’s 30th birthday party all day. And around 7pm we were invited to a house party with my old colleagues from Barcelona.

Have a good afternoon everyone. xx