Baby Blue

Saw my first “big” spider in Randwick

At Maroubra Beach

Good Monday everyone πŸ™‚
Both me and Ambrose love hotels, and even if we are not traveling we find any excuse to check into a hotel a weekend or a night. For me, this obsession with hotels has been going on for years. When we stayed up the coast we had way more excuses to check into a hotel. It was too far to catch a taxi back after an event in the city πŸ™‚
Nowadays, we don’t really have the same need to stay in a hotel. Our home IS like a hotel haha.

Here are some pictures from when we were in the city for some birthday or some party, dont remember, but we stayed at The Randwick Lodge

They had just done a massive renovation and I really really liked this place. Very small but it had that classic french decor which I love. I would have stayed in most of the time at this place and just order room service, but my partner has ants in his pants so as you can see, there was not much “hanging around the room” going on.
First we visited a pet shop that had alot of birds you could play with. We had soo much fun in there. I am not used to all these animals growing up in Sweden! In the afternoon we went to Maroubra Beach to eat lunch and check out these tiny kids doing the most amazing things in the skate-park. One of the best thing being a kid is that you are fearless. I was impressed!

My Monday has been dedicated to learning. I would like to start putting up some videos. I think its easier to “experience” and get the real feel of things from a video than just text and pictures. We see how it goes!

La Carnival

– Me and Anastasia behaving like children:) –

-Ending the Carnival madness with some take away onion rings for the ride home back to North Sydney-

A couple of days before the New Years it was time for some crazy “tradition” Ambrose has – The Carnival that comes to town. Let me just remind you that this is not some fancy schmanchy carnival with high tech stuff and glossy people. Nope, this is some scary carnival filled with weird people and rides that was hand build by the local drunk…

You come here if you want to see “cool” dudes with neck tattoos some friend draw on them in their parents basement. And you come here if you are interested in picking up teenage mums that smokes while breastfeeding their babies. But Ambrose LOVES going on rides so if we are driving by this place when its on ( its only once a year ) we have to go in!

Anastasia and Ambrose are so damn enthusiastic about the rides so they went and got unlimited rides wristbands! So annoying because me and Adam don’t like to go on these stupid “death-rides”, so we were basically phone and bag – holders while they were screaming on rides. But just look at these great pictures I got of them ! πŸ™‚

Love the sky here in Australia. Never been anywhere in the world where the sky is as majestic as here.
So if you are in Gosford between Christmas and New Years Eve and want to go on a “Risky Bizznezz” ride, this is your place!

Wake board morning in Woy Woy

β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ So good at this !

A couple of days ago we had date with Tim & Mia, our friends who live in Brisbane. Like every typical Australian the date was to meet them 6 in the morning and go wake boarding at some place that used to be famous for having alot of sharks….I dont even ask questions anymore, I just wake up and tag along. There is no point, they all just laugh at my reaction to things anyway. Like I am joking.

Tim and Mia has alot of exciting things going on. They are going to have a baby and they bought a very very cute puppy. She looks exactly like one of those adorable catalog puppies you see in commercials.

So Mia being pregnant and me being scared of sharks ( and wake boarding !) resulted in us being the cheerleaders of the even instead of being cook girls out in the water ! But next time I will definitely try. Hate missing out of things that looks amazing and fun just because of fear!


new address, new view

Woke up at 5 am and now 15 hours later I am a City girl πŸ™‚
I cant even write more, even typing is exhausting!
Tomorrow we get more things done, not much left really – we are very good at this sort of stuff by now !!

But for tonight…Goodnight ZZZzzzzzzzz

night out with the Latino’s

I finally got my shit together and managed to organize a dinner with Raymundo. We used to live together back in the days in Bondi. We haven’t seen each other in around 2 years now. All these times I’ve been back and forth but I stayed mainly in Mudgee with Ambrose, and every time we drove to Sydney either we had plans or Raymundo did. AAnnnyywways, he has a new (well they been together like 2 years now…) Camilla, she is from Chile like him and she is great! Beautiful and lovely.
We were laughing until they brought us the check, as if “thank you for coming, now fuck off we are closing” haha
There is something about Raymundo that always (!) makes me laugh. Have such great memories with him and Jose, our other friend that I used to live with. Kindest and funniest guys!
Cant wait until we travel to Chile to visit them. Heard its amazing over there!

Today I just got back from the workout that absolutely murdered every part of my body. Only wish my neck could be better so I can work even harder πŸ™
Its around 37 degrees right now so I’m melting while writing this. Got to get back to learning how this Instagram business works Zzzzzzzz. Promised my friends back home to have the same like this but on Instagram. Its easier for them to keep in touch that way but come on! Its going to take me forever to figure that out.

So far I have a name ; nicci.marquart AND I have one picture out there YEAY. The point is to have that as a preview of what I’m actually writing here.
Going to try work it out… ehh 10 minutes…..

Oh almost forgot…the restaurant you see here.
We love Vietnamese and got a recommendation for this place called Uyen on 27 Albion St. Think it was in Bronte. The food was tasty and it was really busy which always is a good sign. Half open kitchen and you could see how authentic it was. The decor, the chefs, all of it felt like you were eating in a restaurant in Vietnam. Loved that! Prices was Not like back in Vietnam though hahaha. That was aaaallll Sydney, but still fair enough. I had the pork with black bean sauce. Very Yum.


The gift

Sunday morning we continued the celebrations haha. For his present I had a helicopter ride over Sydney planed as a surprise. The best was to see how happy he got.
We really took our time at the hotel in the morning, late checkout and the we went to have a big nice birthday breakfast at One Six Nine Cafe on 169 Alison Rd. Recommend this place to if you are ever around Randwick area.

Because this was a surprise, I did not want him to know anything until we literately drove up to the damn helicopters. But having to deal with Ambrose, keeping this a secret was not easy. He is without a doubt Curious Bob or whatever he is called. So many questions from one person Aahhhggg…..makes it very very hard to plan and execute a surprise.


Mi Amore’s birthday celebrations

What an amazing day! No wait, what an amazing weekend! And all for an amazing human being. Aside from my sisters and mum, Ambrose is without a doubt my favorite human being. Everyone should have an Ambrose in their lives πŸ™‚
ThatΒ΄s why it feels even better that he had one of his best birthdays so far. If anyone deserves it, its him.
So much was going on.
Friday – checking in to our beautiful hotel. Dinner and drinks with our south American friends in Clovelly.
Saturday- the whole group got together to celebrate Ambrose the way he wanted, playing barefoot Balls. It was waay too much alcohol involved, at least for me. I’m such an disastrous day drinker, I don’t get why!?!? Anyway, it was crazy fun and I think everyone had as much fun as we did. Somehow we managed to get our self’s from that location to Bondi and dinner and more drinks. Of course we managed to lose bits and peaces of the party. (apparently they were dancing upstairs hahaha) but by this time we could barely walk so we took a cab back to our hotel. Got some snacks up to the room, put on air conditioner and loved our room and life even more.
Sunday- a Big breakfast at this great cafe (will write another bit where I can recommend all the great restaurants we ate at this last few days) the staight to Ambrose’s big surprise birtday gift – a 30 min helicopter ride over Sydney πŸ™‚
We then drove back to the house where everyone had got together and made this amazing birthday lunch. Thank God for great family!