One tiny piece of document left

Thursday evening and it feels like its been one of those very very long weeks. I am actually ready to have the weekend so we can sleep in a little bit. Well, sleeping in for us usually means until 8am, but still better that these 5 and 6 am that we have had.

It has been alot to do this week and on top of everything else, our Partner Visa is about to be finalized. Only last tiny bit left – A Police clearance from Spain. I have not lived in Spain for many years but one of the requirements is that you need to show police clearance from all the countries you lived in for the past 10 years.

The only issue is that I have a Swedish nationality and I live in Australia. And to get a police clearance from Spain, if you are not a Spanish means well, basically they told me to fly 30 hours to Spain to get a piece of paper and come back.

If any of you wonders how my feelings are about the whole Partner Visa process? Its something like …ZZZZzzzzzzzzz
2 years have past !! Hours of putting together documents. Even more hours proving we are a couple. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent. And it all comes down to ONE tiny document. Which just happens to be across the planet.

I know I know, It sound like I am complaining. Actually I am relived and grateful that its only one tiny piece of document left. Like everything else in life, it depends on how you look at the situation. Now, red wine and take away dinner out on the terrace. xx


What an amazing day

This was us a coupe of hours ago. Having a couple of kebab’s at the beachfront. The picture makes me laugh so much, I wanted to take a picture because I thought it was cute that it said “Hers” and “His”. But as was taking the picture a guy walked past and smiled at us. You know one of those smiles that says “ oh those poor losers, they are so happy over their sad little kebab’s that they feel the need to take a picture of it and post it to the world to see”

hahahahha I could just tell from his eyes and his weird smile at us that this was EXACTLY what he was thinking.

One amazing thing happened to me today. Cannot really talk about it yet, but very soon. Or wait… two amazing things happened, Our Visa contact ( or whatever you call them) sent us an email saying that everything we have sent in so far has been approved, we just need the police clearance from Spain. That is something I will finish tomorrow with the Spanish consulate here in Sydney, sent it to Maya ( our Visa contact) aaaannndddd I believe I am in!  My heart just starts pounding thinking about our Visa being finalized.

The other great thing that happened is that today Ambrose sisters Anastasia’s partner Adam proposed to her! can’t wait for another wedding!
“Love is in the air la la la la. Love is in the air la la la”

Okey back to reading my new book by Napoleon Hill. Tomorrow I have another amazing and big day so better get some rest. Ciao


Ambrose 30th birthday

December 11. Ambrose’s 30th birthday. We had a big family picnic for him yesterday, just because its easier to get that many people together on a weekend. It was not at all as I expected to be. But you live, you learn.
On his actual birthday, which is today, we have been starting the day with swimming and body surfing at 3 different beaches. Then a big brunch. Go carting with his brothers, birthday cake with Xavier (Ambrose is his Godfather) and then we were starving and wanted to go to this nice restaurant with a beautiful view…. but we did not call beforehand and as we show up there we found out they are closed on Monday’s!! Ahhh. We quickly changed plans ( because we were starving at this point !) So instead we had a very dinner at The Bayview. Seafood platter, extra oysters and grilled beef with creamy garlic sauce. Yum. Very nice, will def be back.

As we still will continue to celebrate with his friends the following weekend i will not say much for now. hahah more to come on this whole birthday madness!


Health exam for our Partner Visa and Margarita cocktails

Pretending to be a Dr

Spicy Margaritas are the best

The restaurant closed so the staff had to get us out true the staff-elevator. Kali found a security vest and thought it was a great idea to steal it.

A post from my last Thursday. It was different to say the least. I started with getting myself all the way to Parramatta. That´s like a 2 h train but I did not care at all. I had my Visa health examination there and I was ridiculously excited. This means one step closer to receiving our Partner or De Facto Visa!

My health exam was done in 3 steps. 1. X-rays, 2. physical check and 3. HIV-test. It takes around two hours and afterwards I met up with Ambrose ( he works in Parramatta) for lunch. We wanted to celebrate that we soon are “a normal/legal couple”. Ahh cant wait!

When he had to go back to work I went on a walk around the park and then did some dress shopping at Myer and David Jones. I do not like shopping and was exhausted after all the test and running around in a huge shopping mall.
Called my friend and we decided to meet up in Bondi Junction for dinner and maybe one drink. That plan went to hell very quickly. Many cocktails later, we were recommended by one of the waitresses to go dancing at this underground Latino club. I don’t even go to normal clubs these days, yet alone an underground club. That was many many years ago I did something that adventurous hahaha

But we had so much fun. Makes me laugh  just thinking about it actually. We dances all night together with the Latinos. Something about their music that makes you want to move 🙂

Now I need to get back to work, or volunteer work. Today I am in the office discussing next Thursdays Ball. Super excited for this event!

Ciao for now. Have a great day.


Time for my health exams

I’ve never been this excited for a doing a health exam! Today I have an appointment at 11:30. after the exam is done, I am just waiting for my police clearance rapports from Sweden, Spain and Australia, and that’s it! After that we have our Partner Visa !!! We have been waiting almost 2 years for this so you can imagine why I am this glad.

Started this morning with some toast and tea. I am looking thru my laptop for pictures to delete. It is time-consuming but needs to be done once in a while. I also saw these pretty pictures that we were tagged in from Ashalee and Stefano’s wedding. So because I forgot to take pictures of my yummy toasts, this will have to do.

After the test ( takes about 3 hours ) I have a lunch date with Ambrose. And I think we will stay in the city tonight. The groomsmen for Bart’s wedding are having their suits tailored this afternoon and then they have a dinner planned. So might as well stay the night. Now I am getting myself ready for X-rays and HIV-test. As you do…..

Oh life as a gypsy girl. xx

Last steps in our Partner Visa Process and changes to morning rituals

Hello hello, Thought I come in quickly to say hi. I have been sitting most of today with the requests from our immi contact person Maja. Our Partner Visa is being finalized, just need to send in the last steps in this whole process. So I have filled in all the documents, sent them in (requested) and paid for police clearance check from the Australian, Sweden and Spanish Police authorities. Next, I have filled in my medical details, printed and scanned everything they asked me for (copy of passport etc ) and booked myself in for a full Medical Examination. Next Thursday 11:30 AM and I have never been more excited to do a health check and do blood test as I am now! If they let me I would go in an get it over with in the middle of the night.
It felt pretty great checking “NO” in all the boxes. Of course because being in perfect health is the ultimate blessing. But honestly, all I could thing was I don’t want to deal with all the additional documents and checks that would be required if I would for example have diabetes!

On a whole different subject… I have mentioned before that I have a set of Rituals (you can read more about them HERE). For instant, one of them are : To get up early in the morning, before 6 am. Anyway, what I wanted to explain was that it is not so much WHEN you wake up, but more how you effectively USE that extra time you get by waking up earlier.
I’ve changed my morning rituals a bit, and because of some small changes, I now feel that I have managed to be done with alot of my “tasks” sooner then before.
For example, 1. don’t talk on the phone at all in the mornings, I don’t even open my email or anything. 2. I do my reading/studying of NLP with a cup of coffee at a cafe as soon as I drop Ambrose off at the train station. 3. After studying, I go straight to the gym and have breakfast after. By changing the order of my Rituals, I am done with all this before 10 am which is great. Then I am free to do all the things on my ” To Do List”, such as dealing with Visa stuff etc.

Japanese Gardens

Ambrose…look at him hahaha He was as fascinated- if not more, than all the children there together.
They all had special fish food so I had to go to their little boutique and get him a bag.

I am not gonna pretend to be cool, I was very excited as well!  If you find someone that share your enthusiasm for patting fishes at a Japanese Garden, I say you should stick to that person. hahaha

They had such big mouths and the children (and Ambrose of course) were all putting there feet in the water and let the fish suck on there toes. I draw the line there… super creepy.

These fishes were not shy at all, all they wanted was the food. Some of them were huge.

Okey here you got (sorry) around 1 million pictures from yesterdays unplanned date at the Japanese Gardens.
This is a great place to visit if you are ever up the coast.  Or if you are planing any special event, I saw that you can hire the venue for weddings and such.
Anyway, Sunday we woke up to more rain. We had a shower, went and got some take away breakfasts and went for a drive around the coast. Up to Terrigal, Erina, East Gosford and on the way back to the house, we Somersby. I like all of these places but if you only have a short amount of time, I would say pic Terrigal for sure.
My second suggestion would be this place – The Japanese Gardens located at East Gosford. I only took pictures of the colorful fishes but the whole place, even though it’s quite small, is really pretty.

Other than the Japanese garden they do have an art gallery, a restaurant and a cafe’ at this place. All lovely if you are after something different. A Japanese Garden might not be the first thing you think of when you think Sydney’s coast.


spontaneous date night

I have not been in here for a couple of days now. Sorry! I have to be better at this, I will, promise 🙂

I don’t have alot of pictures from this weekend, we have just been spending time with eachother and chilling out really. Its nice to have some weekends with no plans at all. To do what you feel like at the moment. One of the things I put on my “Daily Rituals List”, wich you can read about here, was to spend less time on social media. I wont say I am spending too much time on it, (some people are just crazy) but I still want to keep that to a minimum.

Anyway, lets jump back to Saturday, out unplanned date night. We slept until waking up with no alarms, had breakfast at Little Piggy’s and then drove to Leonard’s house. Their cousin Rebecka was coming to visit and we had a family lunch date with her and her kids. Last time I saw her was just in the beginning of me and Ambrose dating, so 4 years ago. Crazy. Ambrose brother, his partner came as well and they brought little Xavier. This kid seriously gives me energy, I cant get enough of him <3

So nice to see Rebecka again. Would have liked to have her living more closely so I could get to hang out with her more.
Afterwards on our drive back we saw that there was a football game on, or a soccer game as they called it over here.
Most streets was cut off, people were cheering and walking everywhere. The positive energy from big sports events are so contagious I think. We parked the car to go watch if there were any tickets available. But instead we found a random man just giving us 2 tickets for free! hahaha, long story…
This stadium is amazing! You have the national park on once side, and the waterfront on the other side and surrounded with palm trees. Beautiful Australia.

The last pictures you see is us ice skating. Or Ambrose ice skates and I am literately Bambi on ice. But this time he actually thought me how to do it! I think I am finally getting somewhere.
After the soccer game Ambrose suddenly was in the mood to ice skate?! Probably because he was high on sugar from the giant Melon Slurpee’s we had earlier…
So we ended our night with a spontaneous date down at the ice skater place, they had a “Disco Night” specials. But that clearly did not stop us haha. xx