Ambrose 30th birthday

December 11. Ambrose’s 30th birthday. We had a big family picnic for him yesterday, just because its easier to get that many people together on a weekend. It was not at all as I expected to be. But you live, you learn.
On his actual birthday, which is today, we have been starting the day with swimming and body surfing at 3 different beaches. Then a big brunch. Go carting with his brothers, birthday cake with Xavier (Ambrose is his Godfather) and then we were starving and wanted to go to this nice restaurant with a beautiful view…. but we did not call beforehand and as we show up there we found out they are closed on Monday’s!! Ahhh. We quickly changed plans ( because we were starving at this point !) So instead we had a very dinner at The Bayview. Seafood platter, extra oysters and grilled beef with creamy garlic sauce. Yum. Very nice, will def be back.

As we still will continue to celebrate with his friends the following weekend i will not say much for now. hahah more to come on this whole birthday madness!


Health exam for our Partner Visa and Margarita cocktails

Pretending to be a Dr

Spicy Margaritas are the best

The restaurant closed so the staff had to get us out true the staff-elevator. Kali found a security vest and thought it was a great idea to steal it.

A post from my last Thursday. It was different to say the least. I started with getting myself all the way to Parramatta. That´s like a 2 h train but I did not care at all. I had my Visa health examination there and I was ridiculously excited. This means one step closer to receiving our Partner or De Facto Visa!

My health exam was done in 3 steps. 1. X-rays, 2. physical check and 3. HIV-test. It takes around two hours and afterwards I met up with Ambrose ( he works in Parramatta) for lunch. We wanted to celebrate that we soon are “a normal/legal couple”. Ahh cant wait!

When he had to go back to work I went on a walk around the park and then did some dress shopping at Myer and David Jones. I do not like shopping and was exhausted after all the test and running around in a huge shopping mall.
Called my friend and we decided to meet up in Bondi Junction for dinner and maybe one drink. That plan went to hell very quickly. Many cocktails later, we were recommended by one of the waitresses to go dancing at this underground Latino club. I don’t even go to normal clubs these days, yet alone an underground club. That was many many years ago I did something that adventurous hahaha

But we had so much fun. Makes me laugh  just thinking about it actually. We dances all night together with the Latinos. Something about their music that makes you want to move 🙂

Now I need to get back to work, or volunteer work. Today I am in the office discussing next Thursdays Ball. Super excited for this event!

Ciao for now. Have a great day.


Time for my health exams

I’ve never been this excited for a doing a health exam! Today I have an appointment at 11:30. after the exam is done, I am just waiting for my police clearance rapports from Sweden, Spain and Australia, and that’s it! After that we have our Partner Visa !!! We have been waiting almost 2 years for this so you can imagine why I am this glad.

Started this morning with some toast and tea. I am looking thru my laptop for pictures to delete. It is time-consuming but needs to be done once in a while. I also saw these pretty pictures that we were tagged in from Ashalee and Stefano’s wedding. So because I forgot to take pictures of my yummy toasts, this will have to do.

After the test ( takes about 3 hours ) I have a lunch date with Ambrose. And I think we will stay in the city tonight. The groomsmen for Bart’s wedding are having their suits tailored this afternoon and then they have a dinner planned. So might as well stay the night. Now I am getting myself ready for X-rays and HIV-test. As you do…..

Oh life as a gypsy girl. xx

Last steps in our Partner Visa Process and changes to morning rituals

Hello hello, Thought I come in quickly to say hi. I have been sitting most of today with the requests from our immi contact person Maja. Our Partner Visa is being finalized, just need to send in the last steps in this whole process. So I have filled in all the documents, sent them in (requested) and paid for police clearance check from the Australian, Sweden and Spanish Police authorities. Next, I have filled in my medical details, printed and scanned everything they asked me for (copy of passport etc ) and booked myself in for a full Medical Examination. Next Thursday 11:30 AM and I have never been more excited to do a health check and do blood test as I am now! If they let me I would go in an get it over with in the middle of the night.
It felt pretty great checking “NO” in all the boxes. Of course because being in perfect health is the ultimate blessing. But honestly, all I could thing was I don’t want to deal with all the additional documents and checks that would be required if I would for example have diabetes!

On a whole different subject… I have mentioned before that I have a set of Rituals (you can read more about them HERE). For instant, one of them are : To get up early in the morning, before 6 am. Anyway, what I wanted to explain was that it is not so much WHEN you wake up, but more how you effectively USE that extra time you get by waking up earlier.
I’ve changed my morning rituals a bit, and because of some small changes, I now feel that I have managed to be done with alot of my “tasks” sooner then before.
For example, 1. don’t talk on the phone at all in the mornings, I don’t even open my email or anything. 2. I do my reading/studying of NLP with a cup of coffee at a cafe as soon as I drop Ambrose off at the train station. 3. After studying, I go straight to the gym and have breakfast after. By changing the order of my Rituals, I am done with all this before 10 am which is great. Then I am free to do all the things on my ” To Do List”, such as dealing with Visa stuff etc.

Japanese Gardens

Ambrose…look at him hahaha He was as fascinated- if not more, than all the children there together.
They all had special fish food so I had to go to their little boutique and get him a bag.

I am not gonna pretend to be cool, I was very excited as well!  If you find someone that share your enthusiasm for patting fishes at a Japanese Garden, I say you should stick to that person. hahaha

They had such big mouths and the children (and Ambrose of course) were all putting there feet in the water and let the fish suck on there toes. I draw the line there… super creepy.

These fishes were not shy at all, all they wanted was the food. Some of them were huge.

Okey here you got (sorry) around 1 million pictures from yesterdays unplanned date at the Japanese Gardens.
This is a great place to visit if you are ever up the coast.  Or if you are planing any special event, I saw that you can hire the venue for weddings and such.
Anyway, Sunday we woke up to more rain. We had a shower, went and got some take away breakfasts and went for a drive around the coast. Up to Terrigal, Erina, East Gosford and on the way back to the house, we Somersby. I like all of these places but if you only have a short amount of time, I would say pic Terrigal for sure.
My second suggestion would be this place – The Japanese Gardens located at East Gosford. I only took pictures of the colorful fishes but the whole place, even though it’s quite small, is really pretty.

Other than the Japanese garden they do have an art gallery, a restaurant and a cafe’ at this place. All lovely if you are after something different. A Japanese Garden might not be the first thing you think of when you think Sydney’s coast.


spontaneous date night

I have not been in here for a couple of days now. Sorry! I have to be better at this, I will, promise 🙂

I don’t have alot of pictures from this weekend, we have just been spending time with eachother and chilling out really. Its nice to have some weekends with no plans at all. To do what you feel like at the moment. One of the things I put on my “Daily Rituals List”, wich you can read about here, was to spend less time on social media. I wont say I am spending too much time on it, (some people are just crazy) but I still want to keep that to a minimum.

Anyway, lets jump back to Saturday, out unplanned date night. We slept until waking up with no alarms, had breakfast at Little Piggy’s and then drove to Leonard’s house. Their cousin Rebecka was coming to visit and we had a family lunch date with her and her kids. Last time I saw her was just in the beginning of me and Ambrose dating, so 4 years ago. Crazy. Ambrose brother, his partner came as well and they brought little Xavier. This kid seriously gives me energy, I cant get enough of him <3

So nice to see Rebecka again. Would have liked to have her living more closely so I could get to hang out with her more.
Afterwards on our drive back we saw that there was a football game on, or a soccer game as they called it over here.
Most streets was cut off, people were cheering and walking everywhere. The positive energy from big sports events are so contagious I think. We parked the car to go watch if there were any tickets available. But instead we found a random man just giving us 2 tickets for free! hahaha, long story…
This stadium is amazing! You have the national park on once side, and the waterfront on the other side and surrounded with palm trees. Beautiful Australia.

The last pictures you see is us ice skating. Or Ambrose ice skates and I am literately Bambi on ice. But this time he actually thought me how to do it! I think I am finally getting somewhere.
After the soccer game Ambrose suddenly was in the mood to ice skate?! Probably because he was high on sugar from the giant Melon Slurpee’s we had earlier…
So we ended our night with a spontaneous date down at the ice skater place, they had a “Disco Night” specials. But that clearly did not stop us haha. xx


Public Holiday

Due to lack of anything else, lets finish off with the end of our fun public holiday weekend….

Strolling around this beautiful city. Here we were in Balmain, with the CBD in the background.

Playing with little puppy “Leggs”. He is THE most sleepy puppy on this planet. This is his position 90% of the time haha. Cutie!

The bright yellow house. Makes me think I am back in the Mediterraneans every time I pass this building.

Clearly I am into colorful backgrounds. Need to stop, seriously.

When we woke up on Sunday morning I walked down the stairs to find these guys half collapsed everywhere in the living room telling stories from the night before. The laugh fest was on again! After showering we decided to go buy some take away breakfast and eat in the park.

Breakfast was followed by strolling around. We found this cool Art Deco store that had some really great pieces. Found a deep blue velvet couch I would not mind to have.
We went back to their house, sat in the sun in their backyard and reminisced pieces of the night that some of us seemed to have forgotten haha.

There was plans of going to the beach, mini-golf etc etc but we decided to drive back to the coast. Half way we turned around. Both of us were in desperate need of some Ramen at Rio’s. Luckily the line was not that long when we arrived.

On the road again in our Golden beauty. Ambrose got me hooked on my latest craving now…. Sour-Apple Slurpee. Amazing and totally worth the brain-freeze.

Now that the public holiday is over I am back on my daily rituals. It is quite hard to do breath exercises and stuff in somebody else’s house filled with people that are hangover! So this morning I did my Priming and went to a BodyPump class. Yesterday was a total disaster in terms of how I want to be. I regret it but I cannot undo it so the best thing is to just leave it and do better.


Daniel’s 32nd birthday at The secret Bunker

Sunday nights celebrations!
Its Ambrose’s brother Daniel’s birthday and this was celebrated at an amazing restaurant called “The Secret Bunker”.

We first met up with everyone at Rachel and Daniels house because they wanted to play with some flying drome thing or whatever its called. I was babysitting Xavier and Rachel was making Dani’s cake from scratch.
It was a great night to be with everyone. Feels pretty nice to have one family in Europe and now one additional family here in Australia hahaha.
If anyone wants great food this is definitely an recommendation from me. All of us were satisfied with everything we ordered, it was all delicious. I started with oysters and for mane course I had the slow cocked duck. If they have something slow coked or duck at the menu I will almost always order that so this was perfect for me.
The restaurant is located in Charmhaven which is pretty far from the city but we have been there a couple of times before for breakfast and lunch and it has always been great. Although their breakfast and lunch is served outside the “bunker”, in their garden. The dining room is as you might see in the pictures quite odd, it is in fact a bunker. To be honest I though I would feel a bit claustrophobic when we got there but I just enjoyed everything too much.

River 1st birthday party

Yesterday was such an good day! We drove to the coast to celebrate little River’s 1st year on this planet 🙂
Jacqueline and Wade had organized such an beautiful little picnic by the ocean at Shelly Beach.
Everything was beautiful and so well done, think I’m going to hire Jacqueline for our child’s birthday party 🙂

People were dressed up as animals which the children ( and I ) loved. The only weird one was Wade’s costume..That was one creepy papa bear so I had to have a couple of pictures with him to show you. He was even shocked himself that the children were not crying out of fear when they saw him.
Thank you guys for having us on River’s special day!

After a couple of hours we were sent home with homemade cupcakes and we finished the day with a BBQ at the house and then whine by an open fire. Beautiful day.

Monica & Lachlan’s wedding♡

Here we are getting ready for the wedding at our place. Its not easy getting these people into one decent photo! Except Kali, she is helpful and gets it 🙂

Waiting outside the church for it all to begin.

Hannah was one of the bridesmaids and I think everyone agrees that she looked like a movie star! Pretty Hannah, inside and outside.

Us with Bart & Kali. Ambrose is the best man to Bart on their wedding in December.

People always say the bride is beautiful bla bla bla but Monica was honestly one of the most perfect prides I’ve seen. Everything from the dress, the hair and make-up was spot on! Everyone was swarming her wherever she was hahah. Guess its the life of a bride ( for one day at least)

Lebanese wedding….if you want to sum it up in one world it definitely; FESTIVE. I loved the drums! Told Ambrose while we were dancing that we are definitely having a couple of those amazing drum-men at our wedding for sure!

350 guests and most of us were dancing all night. There is something about Arabic music that makes you happy. I don’t understand a word ( except “Habibi”) but its one of my favorite kind of music to listen to.

My handsome amore♡

All sweaty from dancing we went out to get some air, explore this beautiful venue and pose for pictures 😉

Waiting for our Uber at the end of the night. Monica’s (the bride) father gave me one of the huge centerpieces from the wedding. All white flowers are my favorite so I was pretty excited.

End of a wonderful night. Thank’s a million to Mon & Loc ♡♡♡
This is what happens when you have a lift made of mirrors and you are still hyped from the crazy Lebanese wedding!!


Finishing our partner visa day

imag1601 imag1603 imag1602This day was, no kidding, divided into two very different parts ; Fist half – our favorite breakfast, driving around with Michael to find a perfect beach, with the perfect surf. Reading Eckart Tolle on a beach towel in the sun while Ambrose and Michael surfed. Lunch by the beach. We shared vegetarian pizza, spicy chicken wings and a jambalaya filled with seafood!
Part two: me and Ambrose locked ourselfs in out bedroom, kicked poor Micheal out and started to seriously finish our partner visa. Its almost midnight and we are still going…. Our bodies are in pain, our minds cant even focus anymore, Puh! Worth it though 🙂 🙂

Got to go back to VVVIIIIISSSSAAAA. God, think I’m going insane.

Wedding day :)

imag1587 My latest recomendation. If you are in Rhodes have stop at “Lid & Jar” . Super friendly staff, nice breakfast, free wifi and not expensive. And afterwards go to the asian grocery store just next to Lid & Jar.
imag1589 Went to mine, Hanie and Jasmins sushi train place in the city. Not as nice as when I had them there…imag1590

This is the UNBELIEVABLE unromantic place where we registered our relationship. Our “priest” was called Augustus, just like my fav character from Disney and I laughed the whole time we were there because the whole thing felt so bizarre. 🙂


I don’t know what these tree´s are called but I think they look so nice with their purple flowers.
unspecified3 unspecified2Registration dinner was at a this great Greek restaurant called “Xenos” on Burlington St in Crows Nest. Ambrose had the Crackling Pork Belly and I had the mousaka with greek salad. Both really delisious. This place has outdoor settings, great vibe, and a decent vine list. Its cosy and the staff were nice as well as their prices. I especially liked their bar setting and the open kitchen. The only thing missing was the greek music which would make the ambiance too much more authentic in my wiew. Also the fact that they had stupid TV screens!!? Such a turnoff when restaurants have that. We are already planing to go back to have their specialty; pork with scallops. The table next to us were having it and we got jealous. Good to remember is that their portions are quite big so don’t order too much. Overall, Im super glad this was where we had our registration dinner 🙂

tricking family to come to me

unspecifiedGoooddd Moorrniiinnngg 🙂

This is where I was having my morning walk earlier today. Super tired when I woke up at 5:30 though. I always think after I drop Ambrose off, that I’m going to drive back home and go back to bed. But this is the road I pass so there is absolutely no way I am going to sleep after this view.
Left on my To Do List is:

Find a workout/Yoga
Picking up Dry cleaning
Finding a place to fix the windshield on our car
Order contacts
Cancel Physio appointment
Finish “Evidence of Joint Travel”
Upload Evidence of contact during separation”
Ask Kelly, Nour and Kali for invitations for the Partner Visa
Clean the car

Its more work to NOT have a job! Jeezzus.
Anyway, sitting now with our cousin group chat planing for 2 of my cousins to come and visit us in Australia. So happy! I wonder if I should book them on maybe AirBnb or if they should stay with us in the house. Its enough rooms at the house but if they are just here for 2-3 weeks it might be a bit far from the city? Not essentially the distance but more the crazy traffic Sydney has.

Well back to our Visa. Leonards stat dec is done. I sent one this morning to the lovely Tim & Mia who said they would happily help us out. Think I’m going to finish the “Evidence of Joint Travel” today so better get to it…

Almost forgot! Today I am sitting at a place called: “Gnostic Mana Cafe”. We have been going here for years now because Gabe, Ambrose dad likes this place ( we think its because he is a regular here and they treat him like a celebrity here 🙂 )
What I would say about this place? Well on the plus side: Its cozy, they have free wifi, the staff are nice, they have a good variety of food and drinks on their menu, open for breakfast and lunch (no dinner) no extra charge for almond/soy milk or/and if you like to swap something on your dish. kids friendly, good outdoor seating and their bathrooms are clean. Also an open kitchen which I like and free books/magazines to read.
On the less positive side: can get quite busy and noisy. it has happened a few times that they have messed up my order, but overall for me its a 3* out of 5*
Have a nice day.

Partner visa

swirlingtreePhotography by Hanie Valadi –

I have been organizing our Partner Visa since around 6:45 this morning. About 2 weeks ago we got notified by the Immi people that they have started to look at out application ( happiness!) and that we now have 7 weeks to give them the last part of the evidence. One is ” show evidence of joint invitations”. Because we lost all of our invitations we are now sending out stat declarations to a few of our friends where they can write that we were invited to their wedding or birthday etc. We thought to get from the Keebles wedding, Plain wedding and also Bart and Lenni´s 30th.
We finnished a couple of things they asked for. “10 photographs of us” and “evidence of contact during separation”. So happy to see that Partner Visa in my hands!!
Its raining which makes it feel good enough to sit inside and take care of all this. Ive been to 3 different coffee shops, the library and the Office store. Then I bought some sugar free gummy bears that made me feel so sick I had to rush home. Stupid candy….
Watched a movie alone in bed, which is something I never do, Daddy´s Home with Mark Wahlberg. Its was okey. And as I was lying in bed with candles and was starting to feel a bit better, the roof of our bedroom started leaking and water stared pouring down my side of the bed!
Now, hot shower and if I can, some dinner. I made a chicken pot with salad.

Todays recomendation: lunch at “Galley on Masons”. Looks like a cozy, small beach house. They have nice food, a terrace, wifi and great staff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Checking of the list…..

unspecifiedMonday morning and I am checking of things from my “To do List”! Luckily I am getting help and advice from Nick & Leonard this morning. Nicks mum is a nurse so she will be our witness on the stat dec to prove that I was invited to Leonard´s 30th birthday, 3 years ago. I’m also having Tim and Mia filling one in as proof of joint invitation for their wedding 2 years ago. Finally the Keeble´s wedding last year. That should cover “evidence of Joint Invitations”.
Ive been sitting at “This little piggy” all morning, so now some lunch before Leonard picks me up for my Physio appointment. I promised myself I will have most of this VISA stuff done by the end of this day.