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We have been going to a lot of weddings these last couple of years. I love weddings, everything about them makes me happy. Cant wait to start planning mine and Ambrose wedding. I already have a couple of details of what I want in my head. It will be in South of Europe. It will all be outdoor, it will be a very intimate wedding with only the absolute closest. My wedding dress will be a lot of lace, open back and I want to wear a veil.

I still have most of it to decide but one decision that is made for sure for our wedding is the wedding photographer. Without a doubt I want my sister Hanie. The only thing is that I also want her as my bridesmaid and it would be nice if she could be a guest and not working on our wedding…..

But she is so good that I actually might have her work on that day. I don’t want to miss having the opportunity to get amazing wedding pictures. I mean, just look at her work!

If you want to book her for your special day, you can find more information on her web page :


when partnership becomes a value

Photo credit: hanievaladiphotography

Yesterday I realized something within myself. i came to the realization that being a team, partnership, or whatever you want to call it is one of, if not the most important thing for me. That is something I appreciate, something I need just more than anything else I can think of right now.
And I wonder why that is?

Those times in my life I don’t have it is those times I can remember as the most difficult times. And the opposite, whenever I am in a period of my life or even in a moment where I strongly can feel I am in a strong and genuine team with the one I love, its like that’s it. That is how it suppose to be for me to feel whole. To feel complete.

I know I had this conversation with people before. What are some of the basic needs we must have as humans in order to feel good. And many times the answer will be ; food and shelter, a satisfying job. And that is all fine, I do completely agree on all those things. Of course I do. But I just cannot leave out how stupidly satisfying and grateful it has made me feel those times life has been completely shit. For whatever reason I have been mentally exhausted, and I come home I can see, and I can feel how just the knowing that I don’t go true any of it alone. That there is somebody who shares it all with me. To me that is knocks out all the rest.

Everybody is different. Our past has shaped and conditioned us to who we are today. What we value in life and what we don’t give a damn about.
This was just mine.

“Shared happiness is double happiness.
Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

Lonesome happiness is half happiness.

Lonesome sorrow is double the sorrow”

How to develop useful skills

Oh my God! I don’t mean to sound like a grandma but there is so much good and valuable information on the Internet. I feel like I need more that the 24h we are given to actually be able to go true things I am interested in!

Right now my current interests (obsessions) are: 1. Web development, and 2. Self development.

There are some amazing people out there who are taking the time to teach people like myself how to increase our skills in those areas. Two that I personally want to thank and I am learning so much from within the two areas I mentioned are
Robert Mening at WebsiteSetup. If you want to learn more about web development click Here

And Carrie Green at Female Entrepreneur Association.
For more on Self development within female entrepreneurship click Here

Now, what I was suppose to come back and tell you yesterday, but I didn’t. Apologies for that!

So I had booked myself on a online Masterclass with a woman called Christie Marie Sheldon. In this Masterclass Christie Marie goes true 6 steps where she explains how we can “Unblock Abundance”. In step 4 she does a kind of meditation you follow in order to get your subconscious mind to release those limiting beliefs you might got from when you were a child. Those beliefs that can limit us when we have a goal we want to reach.
I will say this. This is definitely NOT for someone who are not open to new and alternative stuff. Even I who am very interested in all this was a bit skeptic after this class. If you are interested have a look Here and judge for yourself.

Got to run now, acting class soon and I need to study my lines !!!



I’m lying in bed drinking ginger tea because I feel something is going on inside my body. So ginger is my secret granny remedy whenever I feel a bit sick. Its Friday and Ambrose made us a very tasty taco dinner, this time with chicken and a proper guacamole Mmmm! Rest of today has been good, studied ALL day. I am now determined to finish reading ” NLP for Dummies” I know I know, but this NLP stuff is really hard! Anyway, another good thing is that I met a girl from our building that I really liked and we accidentally bumped into each other at a coffeshop later that day. We got to talk for a while and I dont want to say much yet but we came up with some good potential ideas. We are meeting next Monday to take it further 🙂

I always think of my cousin Samira when I have Taco’s hahah we used to hate that she had this weird thing to make tacos for 12 people when it was only 4 or 5 of us. Remember how irritated we all used to get of this, and that she always ate so fast when we had tacos hahaha. Sounds funny now. Her f´favorite food are tacos and pancakes. Non of us wanted to eat those dishes with her ahahaha poos Samira, miss her alot! She would love Australia.
Here are some pictures of us one summer in Stockholm. Photographer is the talented, best (better than most actually 🙂 ) Hanie at



WheWhen we were children she used to look up to me. Now I look up to her 🙂

Us in NYC. She forced me to stay on top of the building from sunrise to sunset to get perfect pictures…

Hotel breakfast buffe’ is our hobby. I am not joking

In the philipines, Boracay many many years ago 💚

Lunch in Barcelona!

We drove for hours to find some Persian saffron ice-cream here in LA

In Las Vegas for work


Some days ago it was the birthday of this beautiful human being, my little sister Hanie. As I was looking around to find pictures of her I was overwhelmed, all I feel is pride and love and This girl has always been and still is the best, in every way. She is fun,extremely beautiful and truly kind. We have traveled alot together and as I am seeing all those memories we shared together I feel so grateful that I have the luck to have her as my sister. That might be a strange thing to say but its true, she has that kind of majestic elegance over her that is indescribable. Mixing that with how fun she is to hang out with, well can’t get any better than that can it!?

Everyone, exactly everyone that meets her and spend some time with her fall in love with her. I know its something people only say but it is true that Hanie is unique and rare and everyone who has her as part of their life feel lucky. And I am definitely one of those lucky once. All I wish is that her talent, beauty and kindness mirrors in the kind of life she truly deserves.

Hanie I love you more than I ever told you. Thank you for everything you do for me, Jasmin and mum.
And thank you for choosing to be my sisterbookmark, favorite, health, heart, like, love, scribble icon


Partner visa

swirlingtreePhotography by Hanie Valadi –

I have been organizing our Partner Visa since around 6:45 this morning. About 2 weeks ago we got notified by the Immi people that they have started to look at out application ( happiness!) and that we now have 7 weeks to give them the last part of the evidence. One is ” show evidence of joint invitations”. Because we lost all of our invitations we are now sending out stat declarations to a few of our friends where they can write that we were invited to their wedding or birthday etc. We thought to get from the Keebles wedding, Plain wedding and also Bart and Lenni´s 30th.
We finnished a couple of things they asked for. “10 photographs of us” and “evidence of contact during separation”. So happy to see that Partner Visa in my hands!!
Its raining which makes it feel good enough to sit inside and take care of all this. Ive been to 3 different coffee shops, the library and the Office store. Then I bought some sugar free gummy bears that made me feel so sick I had to rush home. Stupid candy….
Watched a movie alone in bed, which is something I never do, Daddy´s Home with Mark Wahlberg. Its was okey. And as I was lying in bed with candles and was starting to feel a bit better, the roof of our bedroom started leaking and water stared pouring down my side of the bed!
Now, hot shower and if I can, some dinner. I made a chicken pot with salad.

Todays recomendation: lunch at “Galley on Masons”. Looks like a cozy, small beach house. They have nice food, a terrace, wifi and great staff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

this must be a joke!


Ahhh its not funny anymore! It literally  feels i´ve been sick for a year now! I finally took myself to the Dr and she said I have a virus and infection. So more rest….. But all jokes aside, really happy I have this calm, clean, great space to rest. Been thinking alot about those less fortunate and feeling so blessed. Cant even imagine feeling like this and still have to go to work or not even having a place to just be.