memory lane

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Yesterday we got unexpected visitors. Golbarg and Benyamin came with pizza and pasta. But like any other normal Persians, that food was clearly not enough so there was at least 3 additional dishes made, just in case….hahaha. Someone had found an old videotape so we all sat and watched this crazy video with random stuff from 2003, 2004 and 2007. Oh! and I started making fresh juices! But mine are not nice like normal peoples… mine are made from sour apples, fresh turmeric roots, fresh ginger, celery and carrots. Not for everyone so to speak!

Rest of yesterday was just filled with a mix of being emotionally drained and so damn grateful for a certain person. Sometimes its just too much stuff going on and I have choose to just focus on the positive.
Crazy tired right now. Sweet dreams 🙂

The Natural way


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Ohhh we finally submitted our Visa 600 this morning 🙂 🙂 Just to book my flight and 30 plus hours later, I’m home!!

After sitting with Visa I felt I deserved to get out so we went to arrange special Camera lenses for Hanie´s next wedding shoot in France. After we had seafood soup for lunch which non of us could finish.

And look at at these amazing healthy products I bought today! Gojberries, Black Cumin Seeds, Fresh Turmeric, Handmade sugar free chocolate with sea salt and Moringa Powder. All organic and nice.

Have a great Monday. My favorite day of the week.


Sunny Sunday

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Woke up at 5.30 am, made some coffee and sat outside for maybe 2 hours before everyone else started waking up. I think mornings, when its silent and still is the best!

The rest of this Sunday I spent with Samira. We had Thai in the sun and then we continued with “fika” at the Stationary Cafe´, Well until it got unbearably hot. Felt like 30 degrees today!
Also got a haircut, and packed all my clothes. Nowadays my “materialistic” stuff fit into One suitcase.
That makes me smile 🙂

Spinach & Cheese Filo Pie


Woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat so toke some medicine and decided to sleep it off. Don´t have time to get sick. On the phone with Ambrose most of the morning, he went home from work at lunchtime because he felt he was getting sick as well. Guess he caught my germs from across the world 🙂

Rest of the day has been spent grocery shopping for this dish my family has been doing for years.
Here are the ingredients :

6 dl Cottage Cheese
2 blocks of Feta Cheese
1,5 kg Spinach
Butter 1 package Filo Pastry
1 large Onion
2 tea spoons All around Spice
4 eggs
4 dl Cream Fraiche
4 tbl spoon greek yougurt

180 degrees 45 min –  1 hour in the oven.

I usually like it with typical Persian salad: fresh parsley, fresh coriander, cocktail tomatoes, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt/pepper, cucumber. Sometimes its nice to have red or white onion in as well.



Good Morning

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Still having issues falling asleep, had this for some weeks now and it very annoying because I am a morning person and this makes me get up later than I usually do 🙁
Having a ice almond latte at the mall,  trying to get some paper work out of the way.
Want to be done so I can go swim in the lake with Emila & Alexander.

Ambrose is finally done moving everything from the house back to our old place. My little pumpkin, he has really been working soooo hard! So I’m glad he is going out for dinner with our friend Elle to have a break.

Just realized something…. how incredibly unusual writing like this is for me! I mean I know its just for me, at least in the beginning. But still, its out there. So how personal does one get….?