weekend in pictures

Monday here and I am happy, lots going on, but I am still and very happy.
Lets have a look of some of the things that went on during the weekend πŸ™‚
Spend some time doing long walk with Ambrose, here we are in a very windy Coogee.Β  Ambrose had things to do so I asked him to drop me off in Bondi. As soon as I got out of the car I realized I left my phone, wallet, bus-card everything in the car. Did not have anyone’s number and started to freak out a bit when I realized I was stuck. Luckily I found a waitress who helped me out! Ambrose came back with my stuff and I could stay and do some work. With this view πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

We have become regulars at the Spanish Tapas restaurant down the street from us! They serve great breakfast. I had salmon, truffle eggs, avocado and I swapped my grilled tomatoes for grilled halloumi. I don’t like hot tomatoes, weird but what can I say…

As I said, we really like the Spanish place so we booked table for their Sunday tapas & sangria specials. We had reservation for 2pm, think we finally ended up there after 4pm… But we had Kathleen, Heath, Bart and Kali over for some pre-sangria at our place and we had so much fun so non of us wanted to leave. After a couple of hours of bar hopping and gambling (here in Australia its very common to go to a pub and bet on horses) we got hungry again. Or maybe it was drunk-hunger, who knows but we got into this very Chinese restaurant that always looks amazing and started ordering well, everything. I was too busy enjoying so missed taking pictures but damn it was soooo good! We are definitely going back and I suggest anyone who likes a bit elevated Chinese food do the same. Location is: 101 Miller St, North Syndey


Night out in town

Good evening! or good day if you are in Europe πŸ™‚
Here are the rest of our night out last Thursday. Such a perfect night!

Started by taking the ferry again. best way to see most of Vivid I think.

I kind of wish they had the light show more often than once a year. I mean look at this magic!
We were all starving so after a quick stroll around the city, we headed to The Bavarian Bier Cafe’

The bier, the food, the shots, the service, the atmosphere….. GO THERE!

After almost 3,5 h of eating, drinking and doing shots we headed to next amazing place; a whiskey bar hidden in an alley.
I love love love this city. One of my favorite cocktails, whiskey sour. And here they know how to make them perfect.

I will update this post with street names etc to all these places later. I have to go set up our night, we have tapas with an old movie coming up πŸ™‚ Its raining outside so this feel perfect on a night like this. Enjoy your evening. xx


picnic in north Sydney

Even though I was a bit grumpy today turned out to be great! We just came home from a perfect night out in the city. More about that tomorrow, just wanted to show you what a nice picnic we had today in North Sydney.
For lunch today I made these lovely but easy fish tacos and then some fresh watermelon. With a great view thats all you really need πŸ™‚
I made alot of food today as you can see, I was actually excused so I meditated in the sun in the afternoon and fell asleep straight after. I never ever sleep in the middle of the day! But it was good that I did, would not make the whole night in town otherwise πŸ™‚

Now sleep, more from tonight with lots of great tips for you guys in the morning. xx

Vivid Sydney

We are just back from our first Vivid night ! It was really good except the millions of people everywhere…. More about Vivid in Sydney tomorrow. Thought I was gonna give you some tips on the best spots to get to see Vivid.

Anyway, back home now and this is all we had at home so this was our dinner. It also happens to be 2 of my favorite dishes. Ambrose did not like it at all.
Its frozen spinach heated up with a bit of chicken stock and a soft boiled egg. And 2 minute chicken noodles with one teaspoon sour cream, tarragon and lots and lots of lemon / lime. Its so damn yummy. Nobody believes me when I tell them but it is, I promise hahah

Somehow I feel a bit sick again! I just got over one cold the other week and now again. So Im back in bed resting. Made myself and Ambrose tea with honey and lemon to get better. So nice to just get to chill sometimes, don’t you think?

pictures from my phone

Friday evening arrived and we had 2 big events ahead. First stop was my acting group organizing a big dinner ( around 80 pp) in Pyrmont. I was in charge of dessert, a chocolate mousse, that did not go as planed. The taste was there but the texture of the mouse was more like diarrhea… πŸ™
I cant do desserts !!!!

After the acting event we hurried back over the bridge. Jessica’s 30th dinner party was up next….
I had so much fun! Laughed all night of all their stories so not many pictures unfortunately.
The venue is so nice. Perfect if you are planning a dinner with friends. The outside area has open fire which makes it even more cozy, specially now during winter. Make reservations and check out their menu Here


Saturday morning. We had nothing booked in, the weather was amazing which is a perfect combination. We jumped into the car and decided to explore a new(ish) area here in Sydney – Petersham. This is known as the “Portuguese” area of Sydney, which means full of delicious Portuguese food. A big recommendation is restaurant Silvas.
They are famous for their chicken burgers and I now understand why! If you are in this neighborhood check this place out

Black coffee is a must after a heavy lunch like that.

Before heading back home, we drove by an area called Breakfast Point. We were walking by their lake and suddenly Ambrose slipped in the mud literately flew of the ground and crashed on his back. That was the end of our exploring since he was now covered in stinky mud πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Chocolate mousse

What a day. I don’t know where to even start! But I can tell you this, this day has included a lot of everything you can possibly imagine, and more…

Don’t really have time to go into details nor do I feel like it either. I just sat down for a moment to write you guys and then I’m back at it again. Tonight we have the dinner for the Pyrmont community and we at the theater group are holding the dinner this year. Around 80 people are showing up so alot of food has to be prepared.Β  I am in charge of desert together with Josh. They decided on chocolate mousse. I have never made chocolate mousse in my life. In fact, I have never even MADE a dessert in my life. Savory dishes I know, sweets….not so much!
And for that many people πŸ™

After that we drive straight back over the bridge because its Jess’s 30th tonight. Yeay!

Hoping my mousse sets in the fridge right now! Please, pretty please just set. One batch looks great but the other one is a bit runny still. Fingers crossed.

Be back later with some pictures from tonight. Until then, enjoy your Friday everyone. xx

Graffiti Girl

What a strange day we had over here! At least the first part of it. We got up late, had some breakfast and decided to watch an episode of Sence8 and wait until the heavy rain would stop. After that episode, and still rain we were just hanging out, playing with our phones a bit and starting to get well, extremely bored hahaha.
We went out for a walk but decided quickly that it was too chilly even though the rain stopped. So we jumped into the car and drove to Summer Hill, an area I never been too for some coffee.

Now back home for some inventive tacos.
I improvised this recipe because this is what was in out fridge and non of us felt like going out in the cold for groceries.It turned out to be fantastic. At least if I can judge myself πŸ™‚

Prepare the meat as usual, onions, cheese and whatever else you have have. I do recommend the meat to be half pork, half beef. Just tastier that way.
Now, instead of iceberg salad and cucumber and stuff, I made slaw. This way you have an pre-made salad with all the goodies instead of butting them all in bit by bit.

Shred all these ingredients into an bowl :
1/2 pink lady apple – 3 dl kale – 3 pickled cucumbers – 1 carrot – 3 dl cauliflower. 2 tbs sour creme – 1 tbs mayonnaise – salt/pepper . Mix and enjoy inside a heated up wrap with the minced meat, tomatoes, onion and salsa.

Lamb shanks my way

Its right before bed but I just had to share this recipe of Lamb shanks I made for dinner tonight, it was too good not to share!

Brown the shanks in some olive oil for 5-8 min, then put them aside.
In the same pan, put in 6 gloves of garlic, i big onion, 2 carrots and 2 sweet potatoes, all in big chunks.
Put in 1 can of organic crushed tomatoes and a big splash of red wine.
Add chicken salt,fresh grinned black pepper, cover and put it all in the oven. 160 degrees for 2-3 hours.
Sooo Yummy!

Now to something not so nice…..while I was cooking I got splashed with the hot oil from the pan πŸ™ on my left hand and arm. And….on my breast and nipple area πŸ™ The pain was, well not so nice so I had to cancel acting tonight.
Ambrose forced me into the shower where I had to stand in freezing water for a long time to get the burning down. So yes its been a hectic night, so much for my ” lazy, resting at home day” haha.

Over and out, literally!