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Friday evening arrived and we had 2 big events ahead. First stop was my acting group organizing a big dinner ( around 80 pp) in Pyrmont. I was in charge of dessert, a chocolate mousse, that did not go as planed. The taste was there but the texture of the mouse was more like diarrhea… 🙁
I cant do desserts !!!!

After the acting event we hurried back over the bridge. Jessica’s 30th dinner party was up next….
I had so much fun! Laughed all night of all their stories so not many pictures unfortunately.
The venue is so nice. Perfect if you are planning a dinner with friends. The outside area has open fire which makes it even more cozy, specially now during winter. Make reservations and check out their menu Here


Saturday morning. We had nothing booked in, the weather was amazing which is a perfect combination. We jumped into the car and decided to explore a new(ish) area here in Sydney – Petersham. This is known as the “Portuguese” area of Sydney, which means full of delicious Portuguese food. A big recommendation is restaurant Silvas.
They are famous for their chicken burgers and I now understand why! If you are in this neighborhood check this place out

Black coffee is a must after a heavy lunch like that.

Before heading back home, we drove by an area called Breakfast Point. We were walking by their lake and suddenly Ambrose slipped in the mud literately flew of the ground and crashed on his back. That was the end of our exploring since he was now covered in stinky mud 🙂 🙂

Chocolate mousse

What a day. I don’t know where to even start! But I can tell you this, this day has included a lot of everything you can possibly imagine, and more…

Don’t really have time to go into details nor do I feel like it either. I just sat down for a moment to write you guys and then I’m back at it again. Tonight we have the dinner for the Pyrmont community and we at the theater group are holding the dinner this year. Around 80 people are showing up so alot of food has to be prepared.  I am in charge of desert together with Josh. They decided on chocolate mousse. I have never made chocolate mousse in my life. In fact, I have never even MADE a dessert in my life. Savory dishes I know, sweets….not so much!
And for that many people 🙁

After that we drive straight back over the bridge because its Jess’s 30th tonight. Yeay!

Hoping my mousse sets in the fridge right now! Please, pretty please just set. One batch looks great but the other one is a bit runny still. Fingers crossed.

Be back later with some pictures from tonight. Until then, enjoy your Friday everyone. xx

Graffiti Girl

What a strange day we had over here! At least the first part of it. We got up late, had some breakfast and decided to watch an episode of Sence8 and wait until the heavy rain would stop. After that episode, and still rain we were just hanging out, playing with our phones a bit and starting to get well, extremely bored hahaha.
We went out for a walk but decided quickly that it was too chilly even though the rain stopped. So we jumped into the car and drove to Summer Hill, an area I never been too for some coffee.

Now back home for some inventive tacos.
I improvised this recipe because this is what was in out fridge and non of us felt like going out in the cold for groceries.It turned out to be fantastic. At least if I can judge myself 🙂

Prepare the meat as usual, onions, cheese and whatever else you have have. I do recommend the meat to be half pork, half beef. Just tastier that way.
Now, instead of iceberg salad and cucumber and stuff, I made slaw. This way you have an pre-made salad with all the goodies instead of butting them all in bit by bit.

Shred all these ingredients into an bowl :
1/2 pink lady apple – 3 dl kale – 3 pickled cucumbers – 1 carrot – 3 dl cauliflower. 2 tbs sour creme – 1 tbs mayonnaise – salt/pepper . Mix and enjoy inside a heated up wrap with the minced meat, tomatoes, onion and salsa.

Lamb shanks my way

Its right before bed but I just had to share this recipe of Lamb shanks I made for dinner tonight, it was too good not to share!

Brown the shanks in some olive oil for 5-8 min, then put them aside.
In the same pan, put in 6 gloves of garlic, i big onion, 2 carrots and 2 sweet potatoes, all in big chunks.
Put in 1 can of organic crushed tomatoes and a big splash of red wine.
Add chicken salt,fresh grinned black pepper, cover and put it all in the oven. 160 degrees for 2-3 hours.
Sooo Yummy!

Now to something not so nice…..while I was cooking I got splashed with the hot oil from the pan 🙁 on my left hand and arm. And….on my breast and nipple area 🙁 The pain was, well not so nice so I had to cancel acting tonight.
Ambrose forced me into the shower where I had to stand in freezing water for a long time to get the burning down. So yes its been a hectic night, so much for my ” lazy, resting at home day” haha.

Over and out, literally!

Bondi Beach RAdio

Started my day with an “interview” at Bondi Beach Radio as a volunteer because I cannot work at the moment.

Met my old friend Manisha at Gusto. As an old tradition I had coffee and their lovely homemade granola, greek yogurt, fresh berries and rhubarb. All we could talk about are when Hanie & Jasmin lived in Australia, the three of us ALWAYS went and sat at the bar at Gusto and had this exact same granola and coffee. Miss those moments…
Recommendation: If you want the best granola, go to Gusto at Bondi beach! Nobody makes it better.

How absolutely stunning are these! With a transparent long skirt…..Mama Mia!Came home late in the afternoon with groceries from my favorite shop in Australia and another big recommendation ; Harris Farm Market. I made a red Thai curry for dinner.

You need:
Coconut Cream
Red Curry Paste
Yellow onions
Bamboo shots
Jasmin Rice


last few days from my phone..

These last few days in pictures. Snapchat and looking at the sky has always been two things I do when I relax a just hand out at home. Now I found myself with repeatedly going for this new drink (well its new to me) Think its called Tumeric Latte and its as strange as it is tasty. And healthy! Ever since I had my little heart things I try as much as I can to stay away from coffee. Witch sucks penises because I love coffee even though its a drug, bad for you bla bla bla. I have a coffee now and then, I just added this Tumeric Latte situation into my life.

Its hot coconut milk, grated tumeric, grated ginger and cinnamon. Its all fair trade and organic.
I get it at
Love that place.
That is one of my goals, to have as much as possible of the products I consume to be organic and fair trade.

Now to something else, this morning after a short but incentive workout I found this guy called  Brendon Burchard on Youtube. He is the author of “The Motivation Manifesto”, a book I never heard of BUT that’s not relevant. I was speaking to my sister and we were agreeing that its more vital to actually DO and ACT out in our daily lives everything we learned so far instead of just continuing reading without putting it into action.
I just wanted to share one short video from this Brandon guy where he recommends some pointers on: How To Stay Focused. Its simple, as everything great is BUT it inspired me a little so here you have it:




he shou wu








I have always loved trying new things. I am open for suggestions on new products, especially when it’s organic, all natural stuff we are talking about. I believe different things works for different people and we all go true stages in our lives when different things are suitable for us, for that particulate period of our lives.

On myself, I have noticed a slight change ever since I have come to Australia this time. ( I have been back and forth countless times it seems! )This time’s challenges has been;

– being away from my family and friends. This has had an tremendous negative influence on me because I am used to being surrounded by these people, day and night.

-not working. One of the requirements of applying for de facto partner visa is that I am not allowed to work nor study in Australia. I am used to be busy, like all the time. My last work at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden before my neck injury was beyond hectic. The entire hospital were under a complete “makeover” and I was part of the coordinator team, that meant stress, chaos and overtime.

– Unknown in regard to Visa. It has taken alot from both me and Ambrose to collect, organize and send in every evidence they Australian Immigration requires. The stress of that is one thing. Now we are in a stage where they are asking us to just wait….for perhaps up to 2 years….just waiting. That uncertain waiting alone is a whole chapter of stress on its own hahah.

Going from a busy life filled with daily activities and the support and laughter from family and friends to well, waking up everyday knowing you have nothing really to do, and you have nobody to do nothing with. That my friends is not ideal 🙂

The reson for this veeerrryyyy lllooonnngggg entry is that I have been trying different things to make my less stressed. One thing I am currently trying are Chinese Herbs. I got these 2 things from a friend; Karli who is into these things. I would never use just medicine but these are all natural, flowers, herbs and root mixes so I thought I give it a try.

I am also trying to eat better. Since I think I feel better without gluten I am having these kinds of breakfast; egg, smoked salmon, avocado and lots of greens. Green tea and smoothies from frozen berries and almond milk is also one of my favorite things right now. I can mix in the Chinese herbs into the smoothie and kind of get away from the nasty taste of it that way.


Seafood marinara

Let me give you a little recipe of mine. Here is what you need for 4 pp:

1 yellow onion, cut in small pieces
3 cloves of garlic, shopped
800g mix of mussels, calamares, shrimps
and  pieces of fish, I like salmon and white fish
Sesame oil
Lemon zest
1/2 lemon juice
fish stock

make some noodles and have in as base on the plate
have some salad on top on that
and then put the seafood marinara on top

Voila! enjoy 🙂



Again at the hospital, this time to monitor my heart rate. For a couple of weeks now I had some issues with my breathing. Now they have taken blood tests, X-ray’s and now this heart monitor which I have to wear for 24 h. My mom always says health is everything, and yep, it sure is!
In the evening I went to Apple store on George st for a short coarse on IMovie. Did not got all the information I needed, might go back again but at least I got the basics now.
Been the longest day so now off to bed. I fill in the rest of the story tomorrow. Good night 🙂


So much to choose from!
A must for Ramen lovers
Tonkutsu 10.5 $

We had a couple of days where I literately though I was going to melt. It was around 40 degrees hot and the humidify…..ohhh that damn humidity, it must have been like 99%. I saw a lizard in the house the other day (even they are getting inside to survive the heat haha) and because I grew up in Sweden where its too cold for anything living to survive, I am NOT used to living creepy things crawling around my home! Ambrose and his family don’t understand me at all so while I was screaming and jumping on our bed Ambrose was calmly licking an ice cream and observing his father petting that damn thing.

Ever since that incident I have been hiding in our bedroom but finally I had enough and went to the city. It was drizzling rain all day which is such a relief after those days with the heat from hell. After my Microdermabrasion appointment in the morning I head towards Chinatown. A place that is really lovely actually and often forgotten to visit while you are in Sydney.

There are alot of inviting restaurants once you walk along hhe area, but I read a recommendation on a Ramen place. This place has no fancchyyy paanschyy stugg going on. No hip decor, no table service. Nothing. Its actually located in a small corner inside a food court. This place is filled with squished in little “restaurants with all types of Asian cuisines. If you are here, trust me do choose the Ramen place. You wont be disappointed. I promise you.
Their specialty is Tonkutsu Ramen which is that thick broth made out of pork bones, fat and collagen. They cook it for hours and hours to be able to get that creamy, buttery and rich broth which symbolize a perfect Ramen.
They do have many varieties of RAmen here but if you are after the Tonkutsu, avoid visiting between 3-5pm as this is the time the pork bone is removed from the broth and preparation for dinner is done.

Its called; Gamushara Ramen
211/ 25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket

Fun fact! Gamushara is the meaning of doing something so intensely and extremely so that you forget how it affects the people or environment around you. 🙂

night out with the Latino’s

I finally got my shit together and managed to organize a dinner with Raymundo. We used to live together back in the days in Bondi. We haven’t seen each other in around 2 years now. All these times I’ve been back and forth but I stayed mainly in Mudgee with Ambrose, and every time we drove to Sydney either we had plans or Raymundo did. AAnnnyywways, he has a new (well they been together like 2 years now…) Camilla, she is from Chile like him and she is great! Beautiful and lovely.
We were laughing until they brought us the check, as if “thank you for coming, now fuck off we are closing” haha
There is something about Raymundo that always (!) makes me laugh. Have such great memories with him and Jose, our other friend that I used to live with. Kindest and funniest guys!
Cant wait until we travel to Chile to visit them. Heard its amazing over there!

Today I just got back from the workout that absolutely murdered every part of my body. Only wish my neck could be better so I can work even harder 🙁
Its around 37 degrees right now so I’m melting while writing this. Got to get back to learning how this Instagram business works Zzzzzzzz. Promised my friends back home to have the same like this but on Instagram. Its easier for them to keep in touch that way but come on! Its going to take me forever to figure that out.

So far I have a name ; nicci.marquart AND I have one picture out there YEAY. The point is to have that as a preview of what I’m actually writing here.
Going to try work it out… ehh 10 minutes…..

Oh almost forgot…the restaurant you see here.
We love Vietnamese and got a recommendation for this place called Uyen on 27 Albion St. Think it was in Bronte. The food was tasty and it was really busy which always is a good sign. Half open kitchen and you could see how authentic it was. The decor, the chefs, all of it felt like you were eating in a restaurant in Vietnam. Loved that! Prices was Not like back in Vietnam though hahaha. That was aaaallll Sydney, but still fair enough. I had the pork with black bean sauce. Very Yum.



imag1923My last day at this place. I know it is really good for me right now to focus on healing my neck and doing this kind of remedial postures from classes like this, but I’ve got to say that I really really miss my old Yoga classes. I used to go every day to the place on Hall street in Bondi. The teachers there were super good at what they were doing. Sooooon I will be better and I will be back at that place 🙂

imag1914 imag1928Such bad quality on these pictures but probably because the room temperature was over 40 degrees and humid as hell. But I just had to show this picture so you can see my ugly mat. hahaha I don’t even think its an Yoga mat, I didn’t have one so I just took whatever I could find at Ambrose’s parents house. Its this old washed out – military green colored thick thing. Its like broken all over and makes sounds (!?) when you do certain positions. Hahaha everyone else have these beautiful, nice trendy mat’s and there I am, looking like I’m about to go to the forest to camp on my mat.

Even the teacher has hinted a couple of times that I should maybe invest in a new mat. She said that she see me “struggle” on mine during her classes 🙂 🙂

13 hours

imag1732Walked Ambrose to work. Best views!


“Brewtown Newtown”. A must try for breakfast and their excellent coffee.

imag1737Sums up the “looks” of Newtown. Very charming. Very London.


Christmas decorations are up at QVB.

imag1750 imag1753

Swarovski were clearly in charge of the Christmas decor.

imag1755Going Malaysian for dinner.

Had such an looongg day in the city yesterday. We drove to Sydney around 5:50am. Got to walk over this little bride that gave us the best view! We had some coffees in the park right outside Ambros’s office, everything was great but just when he left for work I just found myself overwhelmed with all these draining thoughts that I actually had 10 hours to kill (!) before we were meeting for the couples massages I had booked us in for earlier this week….
Lately I have found myself feeling exactly like this. Overwhelmed, anxious, sad and its just so annoying. What is the worst is that I am tired, and I don’t mean a little, I mean like extremely tired. Absolutely exhausted. Just the other day I called Ambrose because I got really scared after driving the car back home and I realized that I was like an zombie, completely out of it like I was tired and drunk at the same time. And this is while driving on a very busy road!
Now I know I understand that alot has changed. I was super busy at my last job as a coordinator at Karolinska Hospital. We were just in the process of re-recruiting and totally re-restructuring the entire organization of the hospital and this is one of Europe´s biggest and most influential University hospitals so there was alot all the time. Right around this time I was in a accident, the bus I was on had a big crash and I (and others on the bus) really hurt my neck. Ever since that alot have changed, in my daily routines, my overall health and even though I continuously have been to Dr´s and physiotherapy, I’m still in alot of pain everyday. This alone makes me tired and now that we are waiting to receive our Partner Visa I am not aloud to anything in Australia. Being injured and on hold for a Visa turns out to be a very very bad combination hahaha.

Anyway, enough of this. Just wanted to write this down, to get it off me a bit but also because writing is suppose to help when we overthink. And when you have as much free time as I  do, well then you over-analyze EVERYTHING 🙂

Here was our lovely Thursday; Breakfast at “Brewtown Newtown” was something I do recommend! I had the poached chicken,bacon,tomato/salad and orange aioli sandwich and iced coffee with sparkling water. Please do order that! Just have a look at their menu:
No Wifi. Decent prices. Sparkling water to the table instead of just plain tap which is very nice. A broad range of interesting and delicious coffee´s. Excellent variety to eat. cozy and trendy atmosphere, but gets very busy. Friendly staff. Will definitely return to this place.

Then I wondered around the city. Newtown in the morning, met Ambrose midday to look at a apartment for us in Crows Nest. Unfortunately it was to small for us, but I loved the neighborhood. Back to the inner city and finished our day with a couples massage and then went to China Town for excellent Malaysian dinner on Sussex St. We have no real experience of this  cuisine so we just ordered alot of different dishes and hoped for the best! Really yummy, unfortunately I don’t know the name of the restaurant.

Drove back home 13 hours later. We both fell asleep 2 seconds after our heads touched the pillow.

Crocodile or Kangaroo for dinner?

imag1675I cant believe I actually never even thought about this, that here in Australia they have the option to buy a crocodile, Emu or Kangaroo steak in their ordinary grocery stores !?! I did some Tabata and went afterwords to get dinner, and this is what I find on the shelf right besides the organic beef. Ive had kangaroo before, or I have at least taste it. Its okay, lean and kind of gamy taste. But crocodile…I don’t know, just too scared of the actual animal to be able to even want to try the meat. Dont know if that makes any sense but I mean Come On! Who eats dragons !?!? This coming from a Persian, we eat lamb stomach, chicken feet and fish heads….hahaha Yeaahh go Persians!

Showed Ambrose this picture and of course he wants me to get some crocodile next time I’m at the shops. Ehh Never. He is sooo on his own with this one.

Our Weekend

imag1625_1_1 imag1630 imag1638_1 imag1636 imag1642 imag1645 imag1639Its Sunday morning and we just came home from breakfast at Pearl beach. A quick rest at home before heading to birthday lunch for Anastasia and Leonard at the Entrance. Here are some pictures from our weekend containing alot of birthdays. On Friday I was invited to lady’s lunch at the club in Etalong by aunt Rey. Ambrose´s mum Deborah used to go with all the ladies so I was excited to go and see what ut was all about. But aunt Rey had somehow misunderstood that the time was changed to 6:30 PM so we were all by our self at the club. We decided to bring in some oysters and a plate of squid and just enjoy the lunch anyways. She even got me to gamble a bit ( I am normaly against gambling ) and we actually won 100 dollars! After lunch I took the train into the City to have some drinks at a bear garden in Surry Hills, walked along to the new park with some famous architecture design building ( I never remember what the names are ) before dumplings for dinner with Nick and Leonard. We had Messina for dessert. Oh how Ive missed there ice cream!! I tried almost all there new flavors but in the end, like always (!) I get Salted caramel & Mango and poached figs & Amaretto.