Willpower and decision fatigue explained and how we can use it to reach our goals

Lets dig right into this topic because I believe the Willpower and decision fatigue explained and how we can use it to reach our goals title woke up your interest right away if you are interested in this sort of stuff. I know I am!

Our willpower gets depleted with every decision we make. This is why successful people such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wears same outfit.

Willpower might NOT be the best answer in order to achieve your goals.


  1. Plan everything the night before
    – This will reduce your decision fatigue for the next day.
    – e.i : put out the outfit to wear. Prepare breakfast. Plan when to go to grocery store and have a list on what to buy. Write down your What if then List.
  2. Work on your goals first thing in the morning
    – The amount of our “willpower” is at its highest in the mornings. Why? Because we haven’t reached Decision Fatigue yet.
    make sure to tackle your goals first 30 min in the morning.
  3. Pre-Commit
    – If you feel accountable you are more likely to stick with the commitments you’ve made.
    – e.i : Book courses with deadlines. Prepay memberships or courses you know will benefit you. Make plans to exercise with a friend. If you already promised someone to show up, you are less likely to back out.
  4. Use the 5 Second Rule
    – According to Mel Robbins whenever you have an instinct to act on something, you MUST physically move within 5 seconds. Otherwise your brain will talk you out of it.xx



Programming your brain using the “If Then Planning”

Went looking for a new car and we both fell in love with this collectors item

Here is a very interesting thing i recently learned about our brain and why we often feel insecure, vulnerable etc whenever we are taking on a massive change.

Examples such as starting dating after you’ve been heartbroken or your partner passed away. Deciding to run a whole marathon when you’ve never before exercised. Or dieting for the first time after a lifetime of obesity.

The reason why the change making you feel insecure and vulnerable is this ; anything that requires you to change your behavior and facing where you are and where/who you want to be caused massive stress in us. And the reason for this is because we focus on the gap between these two “people”. The one you are now, and the one you want to become.
The stress them pops into our head, we feel overwhelmed as our brain starts to focus on the huge amount of work it requires from us to go from one end of the spectrum to the next.

This what 2 things that can help according to my latest idol Mel Robbins :

• Narrow your focus. This means that instead of focusing on the big and overwhelming picture, you focus on what you can do minute by minute. Focus on what you can do in this moment that would help you get from where you are now, till where you want to be.

• Find and write down your Triggers. In case of wanting to diet but you find yourself eating badly. Identify what triggers makes you reach for the food. Is it whenever you are in front of the TV? When you are bored? When you are stressed? Or maybe whenever you have an argument with your partner?

• Next you use something called “If Then Planning”. Psychologist Robert Cialdini suggests this in the case of weight loss : “If/when, after my business lunches, the server asks if I’d like to have dessert, then I will order mint tea.”

Here is how you use this: take your list of Triggers and simply add an “If then planning”.
Here is an example: If I feel bored, then I will go on a walk around the block. Or If I’ll watch TV, then I will have a tea in front of me.
You see, you replace your triggers with already made suggestions for your brain. You wont as easily fall into the trap of autopilot. Instead you are re-training your brain to associate TV with tea, boredom with short walks.

And over time this becomes a natural response, soon you do this automatically.
You can find more on this topic in Business Insider Australia

Give these a try and see how you go. And of course, you can apply these methods in all areas of your life ; work, health, productivity. Good luck. xx