Goodbye Mudgee, Hello Sydney

unspecified55 unspecified7 unspecified1 unspecified4 unspecified8 unspecified9Aaaannnnddddd we move again! We woke up early Saturday morning after Friday nights festivities and the plan was to move. But clearly we wanted to leave Mudgee our style…. So we spent a couple of hours in bed and then walk to into town to pick up the car. Stopped by the weekend market before driving to The Pumphouse for breakfast at this beautiful location.
Went back for a drive, had take away Thai food picnic by the river and then we finally picked up some coffees and went back home to start packing. But we actually did good. A couple of hours packing, stess-selling stuff on Mudgee Buy/Swap/Sell and I think by 6pm we were on the road to the coast with Golden Beauty filled to the max. Both me and Ambrose have moved so many times that I guess we know how to do this quickly by now.

This morning I woke up in Ambrose parents house where we will be staying while searching for our own house.

Ambrose and his dad had to drive back to Mudgee to get the last of our stuff. I will start cleaning up/ unpacking and then Leonard and Nick are picking me up for lunch at Gnostic.


Surfer hospital

unspecified2 unspecified3They all though I was such a nerd, and usually I don’t care about these stuff but I though it was really exciting to walk in to this place where they fix surfboards. Maybe its exciting because we don’t have this back in Sweden. I’m getting my own surfboard as well. Just got to recover my neck first….


Xaviers` first birthday

unspecifiedr unspecified6 unspecified4unspecified1unspecified2unspecified22unspecifiedx unspecifiedl unspecifiedbunspecifiedk unspecifiedYesterday was Xavier’s 1st birthday. Daniel and Rachel had a big BBQ at their house. So great to see everyone again 🙂 The best part was seeing Xavier having his birthday cake. He never had sugar before and he went from super tired to all excited, laughing, trying to talk and playing in the giant jumping castle. We left back to Mudgee straight after the party. Our last week in Mudgee…. And like always the sky was amazing. The sky is always amazing in Australia. ________________________________________

Jet lagged

unspecifiedh unspecified unspecifiedwThought I beat this Jet lagging nonsense this time but nope! It 4:18 in the morning and I haven’t been able to sleep anything. Although last night we did go to bed at 7PM and woke up the next day at 11AM so probably not the best decision….
Was messaging with Hanie and Jasmin and they advised me to get up and do something instead of just laying in bed tossing around. So having tea and looking at some pictures from today. After driving the bbq to Daniel and Rachels house we had brunch with Dad and Anastasia at The Secret Cafe. Their surf & Turf was actually really nice but huge.
Before heading back we went to check the surf ( well Ambrose checked it )
Lenonard and Nick were at the house when we came back so we decided last minute to go to Sushi train and the movies with them. Apparently there is a disco ice rink next door to the movies that Ambrose wants us to go to but they were thank God about to close. Being jet lagged and doing activities is exhausting. Such an 90´s looking place!




Crossing oceans

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Dear Diary,
Every time I’m forgetting exactly how long this journey is! The plane left Arlanda at 6:30, then DĂĽsseldorf ( Germany is really growing on my more and more ) and then Abu Dhabi. The best was that there was absolutely no line at customs in Sydney. They did  lose my luggage though. So now Im at Ambrose parents home, waiting for them to bring my luggage.


The guest house

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When there is nothing to say, nothing to do, days like today when honestly, all you can do is wait I always try and go back to the core of what Rumi meant with this poem. Which is basically, what is at this moment is whats suppose to be. And its for the best, right here and right now.

I wanted to have the other picture next to Rumi´s poem. This is a picture from earlier this year when Ambrose and I visited The Vatican City. That place represents all this rules and religion and more often than not, people mistake all of that bullshit with things like Spiritually, Peace, Joy, Love. Even if that place was beautiful and I’m glad we visited it, neither I or Ambrose wanted to stay there for long. I dont know, for some reason you could just feel that the energy was not a good one.
Whatever man! 🙂 Whatever happends…just go back to Rumi!

Xaviers´ Christening

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This is the day this chubby, cute, lovely and absolutely adorable little human being is having his christening ( is that even correct English ?? haha) I cant believe I missed this day! Think both me and Ambrose though I would be there by now. He is Xavier´s Godfather and Im desperately trying to get a cool role as well, but so far Im just “aunty Nicci” wich sucks haha

Im in love with him and I haven’t even met him yet. Super strange, but I started falling in love with him after all the pictures and videos Ambrose sent me. Cant wait to meet him, and all the rest of my Australian family. This picture is from New Years Eve 2014 when we all gathered at the house. We all look ridiculous but so much fun.

So instead of family celebration in Australia I went to Susie’s house, her dad worked at this translation company so he is going to help us translate the visa documents from Swedish to English. I am beyond grateful.
I decided to walk and somehow, because of all the construction sites and rebuilding going on here now, I totally got lost. I could not find my way out of the construction site and because its Sunday, there was no one around to help me. It was all good though, I got to listen to Calvin Harris and Elissa on repeat and pretend im a singer as I ALWAYS done as long as I can remember haha.

Now I have to go shower off this Indian oil treatment- Amla, that is suppose to be really good for the hair.