Wine tasting in Mudgee

Fireplace, great wines, amazing view overlooking the fields of grapes that you are sipping on. Whats not to like!?

One last stop before heading back home. HERE at Logan Wines

Ambrose and Heath always being “too friendly” hahaha. Such little creeps! Wonder what the poor woman who took this photo for us must have though…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Beautiful beautiful Mudgee! Felt so good being back here.
I am planing to make you guys a list of my personal favorite wineries for wine tasting in Mudgee. Would you guys like that?
I have not yet been in Hunter Valley, which is probobly the most famous area for wine here in Australia. However, I do have alot of friends who has been there and they are all in agreement that Mudgee out-beats Hunter Valley. Its just a level of charm and authenticity among the wineries here that is very unique I think. Ambrose always tells me that we should buy a house here, and I have always told him no. But visiting Mudgee this time, I am really starting to change my mind. I would love to have a weekend getaway house here.

I will return with my list of “Must visit while in Mudgee” for you guys. Until then, get you Mudgee inspiration HERE


Glow Worm Tunnel

I know I have been away from here for a couple of days, sorry about that. It has been a long-weekend here in Australia, God knows why, queen birthday again or something… It really doesn’t matter, we used these days to the fullest haha!

One of our friend was invited us to celebrate his 30th birthday on his parents farm 30 minutes outside of Mudgee. As you might remember, we used to live in Mudgee for a while. We have been planing to go back and visit for some time now, so this long-weekend plus Boner’s birthday was perfect.

We managed to squeeze in quite a lot of things on this trip, I have therefore decided to post them in separate post’s in here. Otherwise it will be way too long! Lets start with something I really recommend – The Glow Worm Tunnel. Its this an old rail tunnel, 40 kilometers outside of Lithgow NSW. Inside this 400 meter long tunnel, which is pitch black by the way, you find these worms that glow in the dark. Its magnificent, I’ve never seen anything like it.

The 33 km long road to get to this place is an old dirt road. If you are not Australian, you probobly dont understand what this mean. All I can tell you is that its rough to drive on, no, actually this road was shit to drive on. It takes about one hour because the road is full of big wholes. If you have a normal car, don’t even think about it. You need a robust 4WD car to make it true. And prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!

But its worth it! Now I am going to finish my breakfast and run some errands, feels good to be back home! More stories from our weekend away later today. xx


date night tuesday

This Tuesday has so far been pretty good. Neither of us got much sleep but got up around 7.30am, did my morning meditation, had the breakfast I have been obsessed with these last few days – mini sesame crackers with strawberry jam and cheese with green tea.
Then I had alot to catch up on at my volunteer place so took the bus there ( its in the middle of city, so absolutely no parking spots and therefore I leave the car at home)

In the afternoon I came home, super tired from all the buzz and noise from the city. Worked a bit on my laptop in the lounge while admiring the sunset.

When Ambrose came home from the gym that evening we had date night planed so jumped in the car towards one of our favorite Japanese restaurants here in Sydney. Think there Ramen is voted something like top 3 in Sydney. Its called Ryo’s Noodles in Crows Nest. They dont take any reservations and its ALWAYS a long line outside so make sure you are there in time.

The original plan was to go to the movies first but we were both tired from lack of sleep, and we could not wait to get to our Ramen place! Afterwards we got some groceries for tomorrows dinner as we have friends coming over. We finished our night by going for a drive and singing along in the car.

Here is what I love about this city, almost everywhere you go, or get lost in has this perfect view or park or something. It was freezing cold so we only got a short stole in a little park overlooking the city.

Back at home now, had the longest hot shower and now I am about to fall asleep. Sweet dreams everyone. xx




picnic in north Sydney

Even though I was a bit grumpy today turned out to be great! We just came home from a perfect night out in the city. More about that tomorrow, just wanted to show you what a nice picnic we had today in North Sydney.
For lunch today I made these lovely but easy fish tacos and then some fresh watermelon. With a great view thats all you really need ๐Ÿ™‚
I made alot of food today as you can see, I was actually excused so I meditated in the sun in the afternoon and fell asleep straight after. I never ever sleep in the middle of the day! But it was good that I did, would not make the whole night in town otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

Now sleep, more from tonight with lots of great tips for you guys in the morning. xx

lunch with the perfect view

Again my colleague texted me this morning to say that the whole office (we are not many) are still sick! I was really looking forward to going there this morning and get some work done. well well, what can you do. So I started with a morning Priming exercise with Tony Robbins to set the “tone” of the day. If you are interested check it out Here

After breakfast, cleaning up a bit and washing a load of clothes I decided to run some errands in Crows Nest. An area really close to us which I love.ย  Its just filled with restaurants, bars and cafe’s. In other words, my kind of neighborhood.


Of course I stared with a black coffee at a, for me new place called Bean Drinking. Can recommend this place, very charming, on a side street so not too noisy and great coffee plus service.

After doing all the stuff I needed to do, I drove down to one of my favorite points over the bridge – McMahons Point.
I bough lunch with me, sat in the car with the roof and windows open and listen to Dr Joe Dispenza. I think I found a new idol. The man is a genius, specially when it comes to explain difficult stuff such as neuroscientist, programing our subconscious mind etc. If you are interested I will post more on what I learned from him.
Anyway, back to the lunch with the perfect view! I enjoyed it so much that tomorrow I’m picking Ambrose up and we are having a picnic lunch down there ๐Ÿ™‚

Back home to our beautiful apartment, that somehow always seems to have the perfect light!
Now I have to get going. Making dinner for 5 people so better get started! I am thinking maybe roasted chicken in the oven and baked root veggies with lots of garlic. Think that might work guys ?. Hope so haha. xx

Vivid Sydney recommendations 2017

Apologies for being absent for the last few days! It was well needed, sometimes you just got to take som time and hand out with yourself.

Lets just dive straight back from where we left it shall we!? As I mentioned before, Vivid 2017 is full on here in Sydney. The streets are packed with locals but also tourists who have come here to enjoy these spectacular light shows. What you might not know ( I just found out myself ) is that the city is doing Vivid in order to draw more people out into the streets of Sydney during the winter season. As well as attract tourists that otherwise only consider to visit Sydney during summer.

I think its such an clever idea. It boosts the economy, people interact more and its great marketing for this city.

Here are some information and recommendations from me:

Date: May 26 to June 17
Time: 6PM to 11PM each night
Cost: Vivid is an free event
Public Transport: During Vivid certain roads are restricted for cars. There are 3500 extra public transport services available during Vivid. The ferries are illuminated from 6PM
Food: There are many food-stalls around the city. Most restaurants are open for business. For restaurants with views over Vivid, I strongly recommend to reservation.
Additional Recommendation: Take one the ferries or book The Bridge Climb for the ultimate view experience.

Music Box – Cadman’s Cottage, which is one of Sydney’s oldest buildings. Where: The Rocks
Urban Tree 2.0 – Where: Martin Place
The Museum of Contemporary Art – Where: Circular Quay
Future City – Where: Chatswood CBD
Birds of Lumos – Where: Royal Botanic Garden

For more information click Here


Vivid Sydney

We are just back from our first Vivid night ! It was really good except the millions of people everywhere…. More about Vivid in Sydney tomorrow. Thought I was gonna give you some tips on the best spots to get to see Vivid.

Anyway, back home now and this is all we had at home so this was our dinner. It also happens to be 2 of my favorite dishes. Ambrose did not like it at all.
Its frozen spinach heated up with a bit of chicken stock and a soft boiled egg. And 2 minute chicken noodles with one teaspoon sour cream, tarragon and lots and lots of lemon / lime. Its so damn yummy. Nobody believes me when I tell them but it is, I promise hahah

Somehow I feel a bit sick again! I just got over one cold the other week and now again. So Im back in bed resting. Made myself and Ambrose tea with honey and lemon to get better. So nice to just get to chill sometimes, don’t you think?

How to develop useful skills

Oh my God! I don’t mean to sound like a grandma but there is so much good and valuable information on the Internet. I feel like I need more that the 24h we are given to actually be able to go true things I am interested in!

Right now my current interests (obsessions) are: 1. Web development, and 2. Self development.

There are some amazing people out there who are taking the time to teach people like myself how to increase our skills in those areas. Two that I personally want to thank and I am learning so much from within the two areas I mentioned are
Robert Mening at WebsiteSetup. If you want to learn more about web development click Here

And Carrie Green at Female Entrepreneur Association.
For more on Self development within female entrepreneurship click Here

Now, what I was suppose to come back and tell you yesterday, but I didn’t. Apologies for that!

So I had booked myself on a online Masterclass with a woman called Christie Marie Sheldon. In this Masterclass Christie Marie goes true 6 steps where she explains how we can “Unblock Abundance”. In step 4 she does a kind of meditation you follow in order to get your subconscious mind to release those limiting beliefs you might got from when you were a child. Those beliefs that can limit us when we have a goal we want to reach.
I will say this. This is definitely NOT for someone who are not open to new and alternative stuff. Even I who am very interested in all this was a bit skeptic after this class. If you are interested have a look Here and judge for yourself.

Got to run now, acting class soon and I need to study my lines !!!