Byron Bay

Today has been a day filled with just studying for me. Not much of a intrest for you guys so I thought instead of trying to teach you what I am learning over the Internet, I would go trough the days before and after the wedding in Byron. After all, we were there for almost a week. And we were not alone, I think most of their guests turned the wedding day in Byron Bay to a mini vacation. The pictures Ive found are so random, a little from here and there so bare with me okey?

Don’t remember if this one is taken on the way there or when we left Byron Bay. But it was a 8 hour drive so not close.
Well with beautiful surroundings and lots of music made it go fast.
Here are some pictures from when we arrived. The house was very cute and we liked it straight away. I always make sure I relax and do nothing alone before a big event or if I know I have to be surrounded with alot of people. I never thought about it but I need to do it otherwise I get stressed out and uncomfortable. Weird I know, I don’t even listen to anything or watch anything. Just nothing hahah

2 nights before the wedding. We were invited to have dinner with Bart’s (the groom) family. Ambrose is more like a family member and I heard he apparently has his own bedroom in Bart’s parents house <3

The morning of the wedding. Me and Nour went to the beach for a swim and to get some tan ( we both got burnt btw). Stopped by the brides house to watch them get ready. Nobody was nervous. Only me. I think we were people in our house. Me, Ambrose, Nour, Adam, Elch, Kelly, Tiago, Cappa, Tani and Justine. Yep that’s 10! We had a very big house so it worked out well. We were about 20 meters from the bride and grooms house so that was fun. Days before and after the wedding we went to the beach, had house parties and had breakfast together.

Random pool party.  We were driving Andy back to the house they were renting in Byron Bay. He asked us to come and have a look, the house tour turned into a mini cocktail and floaties party.

From the recovery party. The plan was to have the recovery at Bart and Kali’s house but since they were leaving for their honeymoon the next day they were not keen on having 50 people over. Smart.


Bart & Kali’s wedding part II

Luckily (or unlucky for me of course 🙁 ) I am still having this damn virus so all I can do is rest. Which means I have time to put up all the remaining pictures from Bart and Kali’s wedding in Byron Bay.
The only big achievement for today is to find a good spot for next Sunday when the whole family is gathering to celebrate Ambrose 30th. I was totally exhausted after that. Coughing like crazy, so I ordered a take away coffee and went back to the house. I HAVE TO get well before the weekend comes!

What a nice memory these lovely Byron Bay and especially the wedding has now become. Every picture makes me smile. Hope Bart and Kali have an amazing honeymoon!

Lets have a look at the picture rain I just put up here, shall we?

Me and Anastasia. Sipping champagne after a very hot ,but very fun bus ride to the venue

With the pretty girl Amy. I hardly recognized myself when I saw this picture.
Doesn’t really look like me for some strange reason..

hahaha You just gotta love Jess

I snuck up to the groomsmen’s loft to see what they had been up to the night before the wedding.
And also to steal their nice whiskey. I don’t know why but I can only drink one glass of champagne. I drank whiskey sour rest of the night

The temporary Byron Bay ladies. They are all old friends of Bart (the groom)
From the left: Jessica, Kate, Suzy, Natalia, Talia and Monica


Bart’s handsome groomsmen; Ambrose, Kappa, Latif, and Andy. Ambrose has been best man to a couple of his friends now. One of the guys told me that we will probably have to have a whole damn train of groomsmen for our wedding….

Best man assisting with the brides wedding bouquet. Kali had chosen beautiful native flowers throughout the whole wedding which was really nice

Handing over the wedding rings

Stunning bride and groomWe were all on the dance floor pretty much most of the evening. Exactly how I think a wedding should be.


Bart & Kali’s wedding part I

The guests arriving…

The stunning venue – “Forget me not weddings” in Byron Bay

Mrs and Mrs Kennett !! <3

The witnesses signing – Best man Ambrose and made of honor Kali’s sister Nikki


Having a drink with the girls Jessica, Suzie, Natalia, Kate, Talia and Monica

I finally got together some of the pictures from Bart & Kali’s wonderful wedding. Sorry it took so long, I am still sick and went to the Dr today.

Bart and Kali had organized one of the most amazing wedding I’ve even been to! Cant have been easy but somehow everything was perfectly planned and they looked stunning! I smiled so much my face almost hurt at the end of the evening. The are both amazing people and they deserve this – an amazing wedding.
I am glad Bart and Ambrose are best friends. So I now get to have Bart and Kali as friends <3

I have to find some better pictures of Kali. She looked magical as she walked down. But it will have to wait until tomorrow, it’s getting late and we are getting up at 5am, someone wants to go surf before work….hmmm. xx

back in Sydney after an amazing wedding in Byron Bay

Hi! Just a quick hello before I get back to what I was doing, watching cartoons in bed. hahha. I need it, its been a couple of hectic but beautiful and memorable days in Byron Bay. We just got back to Sydney after an 8 hour long drive. Puh! Our friends Bart and Kali got married last Saturday up in Byron Bay. And what a wedding!! They had one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.
Congratulations guys, and thank you for organizing such an gorgeous wedding. Everything was just…well perfect.

I have a some photos to show you. For now, my apologies but this blurry one will have to do. Here I am on the dance floor with one of the bridesmaids, Amy, Mia and the best man of course, my beautiful man Ambrose.

As I said, much more (and less blurry) pictures from Bart and Kali’s wedding, and well, the whole long weekend in Byron Bay mañana. Sssooooo tired now. xx


How much Christmas feelings can you have when lying at Avoca Beach?

How do I get freckles ??

Just came back after a lovey day at Avoca beach. As you know I have not been out much for the last couple of days because I’ve been sick. So I was extra excited to go for a swim in the ocean. And a tan is much needed! After a couple of sick days you tend to turn completely pale in the face.
Before we left this morning I had some fresh turmeric, Vitamin B complex, Fish Oil, and some thing Ambrose bought with Vitamin C and Olive Leaf. Nothing left to chances haha.

For some reason I don’t have any pictures from Avoca beach nor from our giant breakfast board we ordered after the beach for brunch. That is why all you guys get is this snap picture of me with freckles. To have freckles has always been a dream of mine. Ever since I was a child I admired the people in school who had them. Weird and unnecessary fact you did not know about me haha

Also wanted to show you guys this picture my mom sent us the other day. She woke up to this magic – first of snow in Sweden! One of my absolute favorite days. Can only be described as magic. After a while you tend to get really really tired of it. BUT the first day, or the first couple of weeks of it, its like a magical fairy land.
The reason why I even brought this up is because today its a Swedish group that organized a traditional Swedish Christmas Buffet’ at Bondi Beach.
I really wanted us to go, but honestly, how much Christmas feelings is there when its 29 degrees sunny outside. Not complaining…..just saying you know!?

Now we got to drive and  find a birthday present for Nick. For his b day tomorrow we are going paddle boarding. Love paddle boarding.
See you guys then.xx

Sisters, Barcelona restaurants and Bucks party

sisters in barcelona

Oh these two <3

Without exaggeration, I truly think I have the best sisters in the world. I miss them everyday because we always have such a good time together. If only Barcelona was closer! All of us out eating and drinking at Ciudad Condal must be one of my top three hobbies. And yes, I actually DO consider eating out a hobby. Judge all you want…..

If you ever visit Barcelona, and I highly recommend you do at least one time. The you must must must visit this wonderful Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Click HERE more information. Also make sure to ask for their “Menu del Dia” which is their daily specials and only in Catalan but do what I did ; just point at other people’s dishes sitting around you. You wont be disposed I promise.

On the schedule today is Ambrose’s brother Leonard and sister Anastasia’s birthday lunch at 3pm. After that I am taking myself down to Bronte. All the boys are away for a three nights to celebrate Barts bucks party ( do you say celebrate??) so I am spending the weekend with Kali – the bride to be. Our weekend plan is simple : Rose’, trash TV, take away food and cheese. It’s such a shit weather so it fits perfect.

Earlier this morning was coffee with Ambrose followed by buying alcohol for the bucks party. It’s over 30 guys going to this thing, x three nights, so you can imaging how many cans and bottles Ambrose bought. He brought me to the shops as his side kick. I was pretty useless, did not carry anything, BUT I did put in a couple of bottles of champagne in the trolley. There is something about the popping and the bubbles that represents celebration. Nothing does that better than champagne. Perfect for a bucks party.

Alright enough chit-chat. Ambrose took our car so I need to find a train out of here.
I’ll see you guys again from Bronte. xx



Walking on Sydney beaches

Good evening beautiful people. We just finished dinner and are sitting down with some red wine and dark chocolate in front of David Attenburg’s lovely Planet Earth series. Right now its about polar bears, my absolute favorite animals!
Me and Ambrose dad agree that David Attenbourg’s has lived the ultimate life. Just imagine what he has seen and experienced.

I picked Ambrose up from the station with our swimwear, we drove to Umina beach, hoping for a dip. But it was too cold in the water. Instead we took a walk on the beach. Oh Sydney beaches, walking on Sydney beaches must me on many peoples wish list. And I understand you. I remember all those travel shows always recommending all these amazing Sydney beaches, or Australian beaches I should say. They sure are beautiful.
If you have the opportunity, you should experience these Sydney beaches. Come visit us !
Yes, I say “us” now. Very close to my Visa 🙂

Okey I need to say goodbye for .now. My show and chocolate are waiting. Have a great Thursday. xx



Kimberley & Nour’s Birthday Party’s

Here comes the stories on last night. And what a night it was! I honestly cannot remember laughing that much in a very very long time. It was fun from beginning to the end. We double booked and therefore had both Kimberley and Nour’s Birthday party’s going on last night. So we did what we had to, run between the 2 party’s and it clearly we made it work.

So we started here, at Jackson and Kimberley’s house. It was breakfast and cocktails at 10:30 am.  The cocktails were delicious (and strong!) After my 5th frozen strawberry, mint and lime daiquiri Kimberley brought out the champagne and mimosas and I knew I had to slow down a bit. Crazy Australians haha they sure know how to drink. I am still learning it feels like.
It was great meeting their friends who flew over from Brisbane. Such fun bunch of people, I had pain in my stomach from laughing so much with these people.

After a couple of hours of cocktails and laughter they went off to catch a boat and we went on to the next party, Nour’s birthday. We were a bit early so went to a couple of pubs with Kappa. Went back to his house for him to get changed. This took forever, here I am stuck drinking wine watching kappa ironing his shirt and Ambrose collapsing outside. I probobly mentioned this before but Ambrose needs like 18 hours of sleep and he probably only got 17,5 hours the night before. So he had to catch up some sleep… Zzzzzzzzzz

Finally we got to here – Cafe del Mar on the harbor in Sydney. Beautiful place with yes more delicious cocktails. Luckily we all ordered some finger-food.
I often remind myself how lucky I am that Ambrose’s friends are amazing. I really like ever single one of them. And all there partners. I am so lucky.

The clock turned 8:30 pm and like two Cinderellas it was time for us to join party number one again. Kimberley had made reservations at a restaurant called Meat District Co.
The guys were already on it as we walked in. After 5 hours celebration on a boat, and with us celebration with Nour at Cafe del Mar, it is safe to say that was one hectic dinner party hahaha. Actually surprised they did not kick us out.

After many hours we had way too much fun for any of us to want it to end so somehow we took ourselfs to a place called SlipIn, I was told this is the place Princess Mary met the prince of Denmark. Now after being at the SlipIn No idea how and why a prince was hanging out at this place?! We went in and the whole place was packed with Indians, without exaggeration, it was maybe 85 percent Indians. I blended in but my white friends looked like they were reporters from National Geographic lost in Mumbai hahaha.

So it was time to take some Ubers back to the house for whiskey, story telling and playing video games. The last thing I remember was laughing before falling asleep on Ambrose’s chest.

Thank you Kimberley and Nour for organizing such great night.












vacation in Andorra

My family have been on vacation in Andorra for almost a week. A couple of days ago they sent me this photo. I always ask them to send me so I can feel included. It looks so cozy! Like a ski lodge. Well, Andorra is a place you normaly go on ski vacation, but its perfectly fine to visit during summer time as well.

I cannot believe I’ve lived in Barcelona for years and never took the time to vacation in Andorra. Its just about 2 – 3 hours drive. And I bet you the drive is really nice too.
Oh well, I believe we will have a life half in Australia and half the time over in Europe anyway. So I get to take Ambrose with me and have a vacation in Andorra next time we are over there. That sounds good too.

But whats up with the portion sizes in Andorra!?? Hanie’s steak looks like something Fred Flintstones would order. and she is a vegetarian…well sometimes haha ) And Jasmin’s plate is a serve to feed an entire family. Looks yummy though, don’t you think?

Miss them alot. This lovely group of people.

Today we drove to the city because our car needed service. I decided to come too, because I can actually go and help out at Sister2Sister for the day.


Asheley’s Hens night at pullman hotel

Just managed to get some blurry pictures from Ashley’s hens night at Pullman hotel on Saturday night, but that have to do 🙂
In just a couple of weeks its Ash and Stefano’s wedding so Saturday night we had been invited to celebrate Ash’s hens and Stefano’s bucks.
I dropped Ambrose off at the boys and drove myself to Kali’s place. Unfortunately my batteries decided that it had to absolutely run out during this drive (!) so I had to manage to find the way to Bronte without GPS. I was in the car for 2 hours…
No GPS and me focusing on driving on the “wrong side” is not a great combination!

I was still a couple of hours early before we had to leave for Ashley’s hens so me and Kali had 2 bottles of rose’ at the balcony before heading to Pullman hotels.
It was really nice to meet her friends before the wedding. We had a really good time, Hacienda is such a beautiful restaurant and bar. Thank you Melanie for organizing such good night and that you for my invite 🙂

Ashley is gonna be such a lovely bride. Cant wait for their wedding!



Last days in Sweden

Here are some of the pictures from my phone from the last days in Sweden. I just focused on spending as much time with family and friends as I know I wont be seeing them for at least one year! Well, that is to say, if they don’t come and visit us here in Australia 🙂

Here with the lovely Mina.

Mona, Milton & John Glad <3
Persians… eating pickles and raw onion for breakfast!

After my own family went back to Barcelona, I basically moved in to Mona and John’s house haha
They are exactly “my kind of people”. We had soo much fun together.
Looking back now, I am so grateful that they moved to a house close by, and I could stay with them.
Otherwise I don’t think I would have enjoyed Sweden half as much as I did this summer.

Last lunch in Sweden. Was not even planed, we just happened to run into each-other. I ordered a very typical Swedish dish of course. Fish, potatoes and remolade sauce. With extra lemon. Amazing!

One great dinner was spent with Måne Beate and her lovely family in Wild Väsby (as she calls it)
We almost managed to get her daughter in the picture as well 🙂 🙂
Good good evening!

This little fatso has to end this entry on my last days in Sweden. Because I thing he was the person I literately spent the most time with !

Such great least days in Sweden. Relaxed and spent with people that mean alot to me. But I was super ready and excited to get back home to Ambrose.

Since Ive been back it has been one full beach day, next day a storm in front of our cozy fireplace. A surprise engagement party for two of our friends. A new gym and 4 upcoming wedding to attend to. I thought all of that has to be on its own entry. xx



Reflect, refocus and decide

One stormy day at Bronte Beach

I haven’t been in here for many days now. I needed the time. Time to reflect. Time to refocus. Time to decide.
These three pictures, I believe represents my last days here in Sweden.

I have spend all my energy and dedication on doing just what these couple of sentences from Tony Robbins sais.

I should have been totally exhausted. Instead I just feel more empowered, enthusiastic and calm as Ive ever have felt before. Funny that. I don’t understand it but I think the explanation is that I am on the right tracks now.

Life; if your not who or where you should be, everything feels exhausting. When you are who and where you should be, nothing exhausts you.

The little time I had left I spend outside and with these crazy boys 🙂

Now I am 100 % ready to go home. My beautiful home. I could not be more excited.



Yesterday after I met my friend Måne for a long lunch I got picked up by Sara and her amazing little daughter Julia. The plan was to meet up with the rest of her family in Sigtuna for dinner. Its quite a drive to Sigtuna from Täby, about 40 minutes. Not in Australian terms haha but here in Sweden you usually don’t drive 40 minutes to someones house. In Sweden that’s like driving to another town hahah.

But I enyojed the drive, got to catch up with Julia who is one of my top five children I know. The way she looks, talkes and behaves is not like any other child. She is more like an character from a Disney movie.
And I’m not the only one saying that. An example of her is this; a family friend asked the other day if they could get a hug from her. Julia’s answer is this; ” No thank you, I don’t want to give you a hug, last time I hugged you, you smelled like farts”. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I mean how can you not love her!?

When we arrived we all went for a walk next to the lake, then sat down for some coffee and ice cream. I cant remember the name of this cafe’ but its just by the water and really cute. They had alot of salads and baked goods. All made at this coffee shot and it looked and smelled delicious. And their garden was super pretty. If you want to see pictures of something typical Swedish, this is it!

We had a late dinner at my aunty’s place, around 8 pm because nobody was really hungry and as usual she made food for an whole army and there was a take away bag for all of us as well. Family is the best.


Korean lunch & Hotel Diplomat

Today has been a day spent in the city. I left to meet my cousin Sara and she walked with me while I did some of errands. Fist stop was the camera store where we kindly asked Mats (the owner) to take some pictures of us in front of one of their fancy light equipment. I love the light it puts in your face! This equipment  probobly have a pretty name but I just know it as “light thing that makes you prettier”.
Then it was lunch time and we walked down Kungsgatan towards a Korean place with one of the best Bibimbap in Stockholm. At least in my opinion. Sara tried their Bento Box and she loved it. The only “negativity” one can say about this place one could say is that their portions are too big. I never manage to finish it unfortunately. Then Sara wanted to do some shopping so I kindly walked with her for a while. I usually don’t like shopping, especially with someone. But I finally convinced her to have a coffee instead at Wienercafee’t. I always try and visit this pretty place whenever I am in Sweden. Love their interior design.
Around 5pm, I exchanged Sara for my friend Suzie. She left work early to come meet me since she is leaving town for a week and there is a big possibility that I am in Australia by the time she’s back.
We choose to eat something small at Hotel Diplomat. We sat and talked for an hour or two before heading back.

Now I just had a super hot bath, watched some Masterchef Australia, the only one worth watching. I am sitting looking at my Visa, Insurance and flight tickets. Soon time for bed. Alot going on tomorrow and I want to wake up earlier than my usual 7:30 am. Have a great day wherever you are. xx



Summer in Sweden

Sorry sorry sorry for my absence. But these last days all my time and energy has been going towards spending time with family and friends. I released today that my sister and my mum are leaving in just a couple of days so I want all my focus to go to them. I will soon leave this place and go home, until then I think I will do alot of typical “Swedish” stuff. Promise that I am going to try to take you guys with me 🙂

Lets start with yesterdays lovely BBQ…

We had a bbq evening that never ended haha. When you live abroad as me and my sisters, its always extra fun to spend some time and just hang out with friends and family. Just wish Ambrose was here. Swedish summer and bbq. So many memories from growing up here 🙂
Some nice places I can recommend for when you visit Stockholm:

Hallwylska PalatsetHamngatan 4

Vau De Ville – Norrmalmstorg 6

Sturehof Stureplan 2