What an amazing day

This was us a coupe of hours ago. Having a couple of kebab’s at the beachfront. The picture makes me laugh so much, I wanted to take a picture because I thought it was cute that it said “Hers” and “His”. But as was taking the picture a guy walked past and smiled at us. You know one of those smiles that says “ oh those poor losers, they are so happy over their sad little kebab’s that they feel the need to take a picture of it and post it to the world to see”

hahahahha I could just tell from his eyes and his weird smile at us that this was EXACTLY what he was thinking.

One amazing thing happened to me today. Cannot really talk about it yet, but very soon. Or wait… two amazing things happened, Our Visa contact ( or whatever you call them) sent us an email saying that everything we have sent in so far has been approved, we just need the police clearance from Spain. That is something I will finish tomorrow with the Spanish consulate here in Sydney, sent it to Maya ( our Visa contact) aaaannndddd I believe I am in!  My heart just starts pounding thinking about our Visa being finalized.

The other great thing that happened is that today Ambrose sisters Anastasia’s partner Adam proposed to her! can’t wait for another wedding!
“Love is in the air la la la la. Love is in the air la la la”

Okey back to reading my new book by Napoleon Hill. Tomorrow I have another amazing and big day so better get some rest. Ciao


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