Beers with an old friend from Barcelona and the Sydney Ballet in Darling Harbour

Yesterday was absolutely full on. Think we got out of bed at 5:50 in the morning and back in it around midnight. But somehow we were both full of energy.
I went to do some volunteer work at the office in Sydney. Felt good after 2 weeks of Christmas holidays.
The afternoon came and it was time for an early Ramen dinner in China Town with Ambrose. We finished our dinner pretty quick  because we had plans to see Javier for a beer. Javier is an old friend and colleague of mine from the time I worked for TMC in Barcelona. I was so excited, have not seen him in over three years. Crazy how time goes by so fast!

Since we had tickets to the Ballet in Darling Harbour and Javier had dinner plans with some friends from Sydney, the beer date ended after just 2 beers. Instead we made some proper plans for next week, dinner and drinks all night in Sydney.

We rushed over to Darling Harbour, trying to find Marnee and the rest of the group. It was our first ballet, neither I or Ambrose have been to one before. We both really liked it, well maybe me more than Ambrose haha.

If you are interested to see it check it out HERE

It must have been around 2 thousand people there. not easy to get out, get our bags ( which they for security reasons made us hand in) and get to the train back to the coast. At the station we bumped into our friend Matty who just arrived from New Zealand. Everything was good until he informed us that the trains had been cancelled due to railroad works and the storm. So we were forced to take a bus and then change, in the middle of nowhere to a train. Gah!!

To keep the story short… the train was delayed from this new place the bus took us. We bumped into another guy we new, Bart’s colleague.¬† Found out that Matti’s parents lived close to the train station we were stranded at. Made hos dad come pick us up, we drove the dad back to his house, helped him move some heavy pots. Matty drove his car with all of us to the coast. Dropped us at our parked car so we could drive to the house and then took Bart’s colleague home.

At the house we had a shower, laughed about our surreal night and fell asleep like to babies.



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