Summer storms in Syndey and the ballet

Good morning. Or maybe Good evening since I know most of you are in Europe reading this right now. I am sitting at my desk trying to concentrate. Its hard today, cant stop myself to look outside the window. We have had a couple of VERY hot days here in Sydney, I am talking 45 degrees and it has been unpleasant as hell. Heat makes me tired and drowsy and that is not to say that I dislike summer or anything like that. Its just that I think around 30 degrees is summer. This 45 plus nonsense is not really my preference. After it has been hot like it has been the summer storms comes, and that is exactly what is happening outside the windows right now. The rain is poring down, the sky is dark and heavy except for when the lightening and thunders brightens it up.

I have been up since 5:50 this morning. getting myself some breakfast and will start heading to the office soon for my volunteer work. I love the rain because it is much needed, but would like it to stop raining just while I walk to the train 🙂

Later I have date with one of my friends visiting from Barcelona and then the ballet with Ambrose and Marnee tonight! cant wait.


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