the flood in woy woy

The other day it was a crazy flood in Woy Woy. Well, it might not be strange to people here in Australia but I’ve never seen a flood before. Growing up in Sweden where there are not much crazy natural stuff going on. Not like this at least. Most people were walking around, taking pictures. These were some who were not as entertained as we were, they were just trying to get home! haha

Alot of people took the opportunity to go fishing during the flood. But I could not see anyone catch any fish. We were just driving around to try and find the “worst” spot. We thought it was where the whole wharf went under water, and people trying to catch the ferry but then we found the car under water. How this poor guy managed this is so strange to me. Why would you drive over that much water when you clearly can see that the road is completely under water!?

Anyway, its Saturday morning and I have been up for 2 hours. Waiting for Ambrose to leave the bed so we can go start the day. All I can think about is coffee, addicted! Usually we get up early but he is going back to work in 2 days so think he wants to get as much sleep as possible. Soon back to 5:30 in the morning again, I am looking forward to it.

Have a great day. xx


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