New Years Eve in Sydney 2017

This is a VERY late post on our new Years Eve in Sydney. Saying goodbye to 2017 with all its highs and lows, and welcoming 2018 with great expectations and excitement!

We spent New Years Eve in View Hills in Sydney. We were a bunch of maybe 25, invited to Ari and Hannah’s new house. And what a fun house, an true entertainment house. Well, that’s the best way I can describe their house. Basketball court, outside BBQ and Pizza oven, tennis court, pool, vine cellar. Just designed for entertainment right!?
And it dose’t hurt that both Ari and Hannah are one of the best hosts ever. They just love having friends over and it really shows.
We started with a mini day New Years party, I think people started around 2 in the afternoon. And most of us spent the night.





Starting the New Years Eve in the afternoon with bbq and hanging by the pool.

haha this picture makes me laugh. Monica’s eyes says it all! This is the panic pizza making team. Imagine 10 people running around trying to make pizzas from scratch. Its harder then it looks that’s for sure. By nighttime it was clearly not enough with all the cheese, dips and BBQ. Ari and Hannah had prepared homemade pizza to be cooked in their stone oven.And out comes 20 plus pizzas. Pretty great I have to say. To the right you see what came poring out of the Piñata. Candy! And all the nice cocktails Ari kept making for us all night. So good.

Here we all are, just after saying goodbye to 2017 and celebrating 2018. This is the now –  traditional – Visa Photo!

The spot where we all stood and watched the fireworks for New Years Eve 2017. We wanted to walk down their neighbors driveway to get a better view but we were to scared. haha

In the morning, everyone were either playing basketball, swimming in the pool or still sleeping. I took the opportunity to sit and enjoy the stillness. You guys now by now I love doing that.

My favorite time. Breakfast.


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