During the Holidays

Its Thursday and it hasn’t been alot going on over here in Australia for us. I am right now sitting on our bed, trying to ignore the heat and watching YouTube clips on human behaviors. Thing you guys know by now are my interests. Today started really good but just turned out to be one of those days, you know like those that just bother you.
Just to break this bad pattern I took the car, sat at a cafe and read 2 chapters in my book on what shapes us as humans and it is our values. It actually made me feel better because sometimes you just need to get a better or at least a different understanding on what is going on in your head and in the head of others. The book was explaining that we do what we do because of what we, consciously or unconsciously value. What is mostly important to us. Sometimes conflicts occur when the value of those around you differs from your own value. Makes sense doesn’t it?
I am not going into much more details. Still pissed of from this whole day so instead lets have a look at these past couple of holidays around Christmas.

Like mentioned before, Our friends Tim and Mia were visiting from Brisbane. So we had a full boat day which is always fun. What is it with boats that makes you feel alive. Love them!

Yep, it’s happening. After many years as a girlfriend to an Australian man, this is whats happening. He is turning me into a outdoorsy girl. Just a warning to every girl who might fall in love with an Australian… you will need to sleep in one of these at some point. Now that I look at it actually looks like this is where you go to die. I am equally  scared as excited that I agreed to camping.

Picnic is more my kind of outdoorsy haha. Here at the beautiful Palm Beach

During the Christmas holidays we have also acted as puppy sitters for Leggs and Tally. Leggs is a giant puppy that behaves like a grandpa so he is easy. Just eats and sleeps all day. Tully on the other hand is crazy. But I think we did good.




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