Merry Christmas 2017

At the beautiful Palm Beach

In the boat on the way back it was 45 degrees. Insane!

Christmas food is the best. My absolute favorite is the Swedish Christmas food though. God I miss that so much!

Fresh passion fruit from their garden

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have been surrounded by your loved ones, that is what is important. I always have felt extra sad around the holidays when I see someone that “looks” like he/she is alone. Makes me extremely grateful that I always been surrounded with a big loving family, and still now, I have a an additional family. My Australian family <3
And soon me and Ambrose will have a large family of our own.

Back to our Christmas 2017. I told Ambrose earlier today that this was the least “Christmas like” and he agreed. It has alot to do with the fact that it was around 45 degrees on the 24th of December! Also everything around it, cant really explain it, it just was more like a couple of days of holidays.
On the 24th of December we had our friends Tim and Mia over from Brisbane. The plan for the day was to take the speed boat out to Palm Beach for a picnic and swim with a couple of their friends from London.
Next day was Christmas. The whole family was going to spend it at Leonard and Nicks house. Luckily this day was not as hot as the day before, so we managed to eat! Otherwise at least I have problems having a appetite when its super hot.

After all the yummy Christmas food it was time for presents, desert and games. When everyone went home me Ambrose Nick and Leonard kept playing a game called “Hat” until midnight. I love this game. I will introduce this to everyone now. Even now, I just wish I had a couple of people around me so I could keep on playing. That’s how much fun I had.

Oh, in case any of you wondered about presents. For this years Christmas we had secret Santa and we got hotel nights in Hunter Valley as a Christmas gift. Very nice, cant wait to get there. Wine tasting, cheese tasting, hotel beds, hotel breakfast… Yeay!


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