Is walking on sand good for you?

Yesterday I decided in the late afternoon that I should go walk on the sand at the beach. Read somewhere that the feeling of sand is suppose to be good for you. Don’t know if that is true bu I suppose walking in any surroundings with nature must be better that just sitting around. I had an early start with waking up around 6am, coffee and being on the phone to Europe before my Yoga class that started at 8:30am.
I spent most of the day listening to podcasts on bonds and shares and Bitcoin and all that. I took a brake in the afternoon, downloaded alot of music, super tired of all the songs on my Spotify list right now. And then with good music its always a good idea to have it on full volume while driving around. That’s how I ended up at the beach. I walked for almost 2 hours and drove back just before sunset. Sunset here in Australia, well at least during the summer is like 8pm. How lovely is that!


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