Byron Bay

Today has been a day filled with just studying for me. Not much of a intrest for you guys so I thought instead of trying to teach you what I am learning over the Internet, I would go trough the days before and after the wedding in Byron. After all, we were there for almost a week. And we were not alone, I think most of their guests turned the wedding day in Byron Bay to a mini vacation. The pictures Ive found are so random, a little from here and there so bare with me okey?

Don’t remember if this one is taken on the way there or when we left Byron Bay. But it was a 8 hour drive so not close.
Well with beautiful surroundings and lots of music made it go fast.
Here are some pictures from when we arrived. The house was very cute and we liked it straight away. I always make sure I relax and do nothing alone before a big event or if I know I have to be surrounded with alot of people. I never thought about it but I need to do it otherwise I get stressed out and uncomfortable. Weird I know, I don’t even listen to anything or watch anything. Just nothing hahah

2 nights before the wedding. We were invited to have dinner with Bart’s (the groom) family. Ambrose is more like a family member and I heard he apparently has his own bedroom in Bart’s parents house <3

The morning of the wedding. Me and Nour went to the beach for a swim and to get some tan ( we both got burnt btw). Stopped by the brides house to watch them get ready. Nobody was nervous. Only me. I think we were people in our house. Me, Ambrose, Nour, Adam, Elch, Kelly, Tiago, Cappa, Tani and Justine. Yep that’s 10! We had a very big house so it worked out well. We were about 20 meters from the bride and grooms house so that was fun. Days before and after the wedding we went to the beach, had house parties and had breakfast together.

Random pool party.  We were driving Andy back to the house they were renting in Byron Bay. He asked us to come and have a look, the house tour turned into a mini cocktail and floaties party.

From the recovery party. The plan was to have the recovery at Bart and Kali’s house but since they were leaving for their honeymoon the next day they were not keen on having 50 people over. Smart.


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