Sweating at the gym

As tired as I was yesterday I still forced myself to go to the gym. I am not tired because of lack of sleep or anything. Just tired because it is 35 degrees hot outside, and very very hot inside. Heat always makes me drowsy and steals all my energy I feel.
Anyway, the gym instructor asked us to do 30 reps of all these exercises. Times 2 !! As always it feels good afterwards, I’m still in pain today from it. But while I was doing them I felt like I wanted to murder her for “forcing to so all of them twice hahah.

Today I did Pilates at the gym, could not go trough yesterdays madness today. I am now having a bit of lunch, Sweet soy chicken with salad. After I am planning to try to get a hold of a career planner, or whatever they are called over here. I know our partner Visa is on its way and I want to be on top of everything. Would be great to start a new job the day after my Visa arrives! Am I slightly desperate to start working…Yes.

Now I have to leave this nice, cool cafe’ and head back to my boiling car…
Hope you guys have nicer weather than me. Ciao for now.

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