Just finished packing up everything in the apartment. Tomorrow morning Ambrose goes to work from here and I plan to go to the beach for a swim and breakfast at Bondi beach. Might also go to Sister Sister and get some work done. We see how I go. Think the cleaners come around midday so I could just stay here and relax but would rather enjoy Bondi a bit before heading back to the coast.

We did not have alot of energy too much today. After last nights craziness with the skinny dipping and coming home around 5 in the morning was tough on us today. Ambrose forgot his work clothes so I went with him to Westfield for some shopping and lunch. I could not eat after our huge breakfast at Brown Sugar this morning. So I sat there with my large coconut water and felt sick. But when I was offered Ramen for dinner I did NOT say no. I don’t think I will ever say no to a bowl of Ramen.

Feels like all we have been doing this last couple of days is food and alcohol. Wednesday we start with the healthy lifestyle again. Looking forward to it actually. You get tired and slow from all this!

Now we are going to lie in bed and watch something funny for a while. We both have a large glass of water next to us. Ramen and alcohol makes you ridiculously thirsty.

Hope you guys have a good night sleep. I know I will. Ciao for now.


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