birthday party 2.0

The birthday boy relaxing before it strarts

hahaha Cappa, the only one posing for my photo

Brown Sugar – one of the best places for breakfast in Bondi

Yesterday we had Ambrose’s 30th birthday 2.0. Starting with drinks and cake at our place from 3pm. I soon realized that we did not enough chairs for everyone so it quickly became a circle on the floor. Normally this would stress me, but I am learning to let go a little bit. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Sometimes it is at it is and that’s perfectly fine. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. These people are great hahah

The plan to just have one drink and go for a pub crawl did not really work out either. Everyone had way too much fun at ours. So we left the apartment late, managed to fit in one place for some drinks before it was time to head to the restaurant. Ive arranged that we had the upstairs for ourselfs. As you can see there is no pictures, just that one. I am so glad most people could make it 🙂

After the restaurant, which by the way was really good, we went to Bondi hotel to have drinks and dance. At 3am I got most people out, I started to get tired but most of them wanted to keep going. In the end it was just me and some of the boys left. Of course they went for a skinny dip at Bondi beach instead of going home. Ad not just a dip, they went body surfing at until 4am in the dark.

We finished the night with birthday cake at 5 in the morning back at our place. I forgot to serve the cake at the party. Of course…..hahhaha All good, it will be fine!


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