In the Jungle of Bondi

Ambrose choose Trio’s tasting plate. You get a small bite of everything and its to die for. Yum

A couple of pictures from our morning. Started with a jungle looking walk from our rented Airbnb town to the beach. All we wanted was a big breakfast and a swim in the ocean. The weather is hot and sticky so that’s what you want.
We went straight to Trio and luckily we got a table within 10 min. Trio used to be my absolute favorite place back in the days and I wanted really bad to show Ambrose how good this place is. He fell in love as well. We ordered well….everything!

After we got some drink mixture for when people are coming over to ours. I also went in to make a last confirmation on our bookings for tonight’s dinner in Bondi beach. I am starting to think I have some crazy organizational issues. I cant relax wherever I am organizing the smallest event. Really need to learn to relax.

Now the boys came and picked up Ambrose for a quick swim at Bronte beach. I am relaxing for a bit instead here at the apartment. Maybe I have time for a quick nap before people start coming over.

Last night we had dinner and waaaayyyy too many drinks with a couple of friends in Bronte. But think we were all back around midnight so we should be able to do today as well. So the plan for rest of today is : drinks and birthday cake at our place at 3pm. Pub/cocktail crawl, working ourselfs down towards Bondi beach where we will finish tonight with a dinner at Mad Pizza.

Now a quick meditation before I have to get ready. I really want to be meditating at least 20 min a day, so I need to start someday! xx


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