Birthday picnic by the beach

Last Sunday we I had organized a family picnic by the beach for the family. It did not go exactly as I had hoped for but it was a beautiful day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a big Christmas ham with french mustard, BBQ chicken on sticks, pesto pasta salad, cheeses, dips. And buckets filled with beer and cider for everyone.

I choose this spot because this beach does not have alot of waves. Safer for all the kids. We played games, someone brought a canoe to take out. Water activities are the best. Especially when it is as hot as that Sunday.

Nick brought their new puppy. They just picked him up yesterday and he looks like one of those catalogue model puppies

You can’t really tell but I totally burnt my shoulders in this dress. I went 2 hours earlier to save the picnic spot and set up all the birthday decorations. 2 hours in the Australian sun was enough! Still hurts when I wear a bra.This is how a normal person holds a puppy…… This is how I hold a puppy……. I just hate the licks in the face!!

And then the family photo……trial number One……Lets give the family photo one more try….trial number TWO ….

Finally! We got ONE good one 🙂 Thanks everyone for coming!

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