Ambrose 30th birthday

December 11. Ambrose’s 30th birthday. We had a big family picnic for him yesterday, just because its easier to get that many people together on a weekend. It was not at all as I expected to be. But you live, you learn.
On his actual birthday, which is today, we have been starting the day with swimming and body surfing at 3 different beaches. Then a big brunch. Go carting with his brothers, birthday cake with Xavier (Ambrose is his Godfather) and then we were starving and wanted to go to this nice restaurant with a beautiful view…. but we did not call beforehand and as we show up there we found out they are closed on Monday’s!! Ahhh. We quickly changed plans ( because we were starving at this point !) So instead we had a very dinner at The Bayview. Seafood platter, extra oysters and grilled beef with creamy garlic sauce. Yum. Very nice, will def be back.

As we still will continue to celebrate with his friends the following weekend i will not say much for now. hahah more to come on this whole birthday madness!


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