Bart & Kali’s wedding part II

Luckily (or unlucky for me of course 🙁 ) I am still having this damn virus so all I can do is rest. Which means I have time to put up all the remaining pictures from Bart and Kali’s wedding in Byron Bay.
The only big achievement for today is to find a good spot for next Sunday when the whole family is gathering to celebrate Ambrose 30th. I was totally exhausted after that. Coughing like crazy, so I ordered a take away coffee and went back to the house. I HAVE TO get well before the weekend comes!

What a nice memory these lovely Byron Bay and especially the wedding has now become. Every picture makes me smile. Hope Bart and Kali have an amazing honeymoon!

Lets have a look at the picture rain I just put up here, shall we?

Me and Anastasia. Sipping champagne after a very hot ,but very fun bus ride to the venue

With the pretty girl Amy. I hardly recognized myself when I saw this picture.
Doesn’t really look like me for some strange reason..

hahaha You just gotta love Jess

I snuck up to the groomsmen’s loft to see what they had been up to the night before the wedding.
And also to steal their nice whiskey. I don’t know why but I can only drink one glass of champagne. I drank whiskey sour rest of the night

The temporary Byron Bay ladies. They are all old friends of Bart (the groom)
From the left: Jessica, Kate, Suzy, Natalia, Talia and Monica


Bart’s handsome groomsmen; Ambrose, Kappa, Latif, and Andy. Ambrose has been best man to a couple of his friends now. One of the guys told me that we will probably have to have a whole damn train of groomsmen for our wedding….

Best man assisting with the brides wedding bouquet. Kali had chosen beautiful native flowers throughout the whole wedding which was really nice

Handing over the wedding rings

Stunning bride and groomWe were all on the dance floor pretty much most of the evening. Exactly how I think a wedding should be.


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