back in Sydney after an amazing wedding in Byron Bay

Hi! Just a quick hello before I get back to what I was doing, watching cartoons in bed. hahha. I need it, its been a couple of hectic but beautiful and memorable days in Byron Bay. We just got back to Sydney after an 8 hour long drive. Puh! Our friends Bart and Kali got married last Saturday up in Byron Bay. And what a wedding!! They had one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.
Congratulations guys, and thank you for organizing such an gorgeous wedding. Everything was just…well perfect.

I have a some photos to show you. For now, my apologies but this blurry one will have to do. Here I am on the dance floor with one of the bridesmaids, Amy, Mia and the best man of course, my beautiful man Ambrose.

As I said, much more (and less blurry) pictures from Bart and Kali’s wedding, and well, the whole long weekend in Byron Bay maƱana. Sssooooo tired now. xx


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