Finally booked an appointment to the hairdresser in Sydney

Detoxing days. Breakfast when you don’t really have anything and throw together whatever you can find in the fridge

My Hairdresser team back in Sweden. I finally booked an appointment to the hairdresser in Sydney

Good evening everyone. I just got out of the shower, drinking a peppermint tea, about to move into bed for the night. Tomorrow I am finally getting this crazy hair of mine done! A couple of days ago I booked an appointment at a new salon for a balayage, cut and blowdry. I am thinking to lighten up the roots and the rest I am having ashy blond. Also, I just though about the fact that I will most likely sit in the hairdressers chair for around 5 hours (this is how crazy long it usually takes to get my hair done !) So I better buy some lunch to eat while I am in there.

Ambrose wanted to try a new detox and I am going to do it with him. You eat normally (well try an d be healthy as much as possible of course) but you stop eating at 4pm. It’s like a fast-detox if you will. Some health guy at his work recommended this so we wanted to give it a try. Why not!?

Alrighty then! See you guys tomorrow with my new hair. I realize nobody but me cares, but still haha. xx


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