Celebrating Nicolas Birthday with a picnic and paddle boarding

Love this picture of Anastasia, Leggs and Harper

Anastasia, I and the birthday boy Nicolas

Some of us are clearly not dressed for paddle boarding….

The Entrance Beach

Today we went to Canton Beach to celebrate Nicolas birthday. We did that with a picnic and some paddle boarding.
That is what he wanted and I was all for it, I love paddle boarding and picnic. The whole family was there, well the immediate family.
I am still not 100 % recovered so tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. But I could not stay away from the paddle boards! I want to get one for us, they are such relaxing and fun activity. Perfect for a country such as Australia were you have so many months where the weather allows you to be outside. It an investment the way I see it haha.

After a couple of hours we wrapped it up. Me and Ambrose were not ready to go home just yet so we got some take-away coffee’s and drove to The Entrance. There is apparently an ocean pool eight by the beach there that we wanted to check out. Unfortunately it was not all that impressive. Iceberg down at Bondi Beach still wins in our opinion.

Now after a shower, grilled sandwiches in front of David Attenborough. Well for me at least, just looked up and saw that Ambrose has fallen asleep <3

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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