How much Christmas feelings can you have when lying at Avoca Beach?

How do I get freckles ??

Just came back after a lovey day at Avoca beach. As you know I have not been out much for the last couple of days because I’ve been sick. So I was extra excited to go for a swim in the ocean. And a tan is much needed! After a couple of sick days you tend to turn completely pale in the face.
Before we left this morning I had some fresh turmeric, Vitamin B complex, Fish Oil, and some thing Ambrose bought with Vitamin C and Olive Leaf. Nothing left to chances haha.

For some reason I don’t have any pictures from Avoca beach nor from our giant breakfast board we ordered after the beach for brunch. That is why all you guys get is this snap picture of me with freckles. To have freckles has always been a dream of mine. Ever since I was a child I admired the people in school who had them. Weird and unnecessary fact you did not know about me haha

Also wanted to show you guys this picture my mom sent us the other day. She woke up to this magic – first of snow in Sweden! One of my absolute favorite days. Can only be described as magic. After a while you tend to get really really tired of it. BUT the first day, or the first couple of weeks of it, its like a magical fairy land.
The reason why I even brought this up is because today its a Swedish group that organized a traditional Swedish Christmas Buffet’ at Bondi Beach.
I really wanted us to go, but honestly, how much Christmas feelings is there when its 29 degrees sunny outside. Not complaining…..just saying you know!?

Now we got to drive and  find a birthday present for Nick. For his b day tomorrow we are going paddle boarding. Love paddle boarding.
See you guys then.xx

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