Choosing alternative medicine from BioCeuticals

Not a bad office space!

If you want to impress on Ambrose, get him a view and a telescope. Done and done!

Hello from our bed. Where I have been ALL day!

Yep, still sick so have been drinking hot tea, watching series, and sleeping. The only time I took myself out of bed today was to drive and get some medicine. Ended up talking to a very knowledgeable pharmacist. He had the exact same interest as me in regards to using more natural ingredients instead of just chemicals. The only difference was that this guy actually knew what he was talking about. I asked him questions for 45 minutes. I wanted something to increase my energy and I have heard Vitamin B is great for that. Just did not know what brand to go for. He went behind the counter and got me something from BioCeuticals. He explained to me that their products are activated, this means that the body don’t have to “work” as hard to well “activate” the vitamin. Also this brand only makes high potency stuff and use natural ingredient such as Turmeric and other great things. If you want to read more about what they have you can check out their website HERE.

Well as you can read not much exciting stuff today. Last night on the other hand we had the Ball for my Volunteering in the city. It was in a beautiful building on the 42nd floor, so pretty great view.
I got to meet the board of directors, some of the little sisters, and a lot of our donor’s or in other way, great contributors to our work at Life Changing Experiences Foundation. If you are interested to learn more how you can get involved visit out beautiful website HERE.

Now I am going to finish my coffee that I made at 7pm, and go spend time with Ambrose whom I have missed very much today. Isn’t the most boring thing to be sick and stuck in bed to rest for a whole day?



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