Shopping in Sydney

Gooooodddd moooorrrniiing.

I woke up not feeling great. My trough hurts and whenever I swallow its this pain in my ears. After driving Ambrose to the train I went straight back to bed with a hot tea. I haven’t been able to sleep but I have forced myself to stay in bed for a couple of hours to rest. Modern Family have been keeping me company.

The last couple of days I have actually been shopping a bit. As much as I dislike shopping I must say, Sydney has amazing shopping. My favorite type of clothe to shop for is, and has always been dresses. I found a couple that I liked. What do you guys think? Any of them that you think I should get. The white sparkly one is beautiful. I love white and I love bling so I think that one I have to buy. The powder-pink dress (looks white but it’s actually pink) I found in David Jones and I fell in love. The fabric, the cut, the thin straw-strap. Exactly right in every way!
And then we have the first one. The long super sparkling dress. I did not even look at it, the sales girl brought it to my dressing-room saying this would be perfect on me. I think its a bit too much and not something I usually wear. So I don’t know about that one.

Now I have to jump into the shower and try to get myself together. I am driving down to the office in Surry Hills. We have our big Ball event tonight for Life Changing Experiences Foundation. I am going to drive in earlier to help out. After I am meeting Ambrose at the even at 6pm.

I have been drinking lots of tea, water and some herbs to try to feel better. Hopefully these resting hours in bed with Modern Family did the trick.

We were going to spend the night at Marney’s after the event, but I think the its best to get back to the house tonight. I want to be able to rest as much as possible so I am healthy for our Byron Bay trip next week.

You guys take care and have a nice day 🙂


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