Puppy sitting and family weekend by the lake

I think I seriously have to learn how to blog on my phone. I feel totally behind with the “updates”. Anyway, here are some from this weekend. Or at least from Saturday and today, Sunday. Friday was a whole other story. Had 7 cocktails at a Mexican bar with my friend Kali, followed by dancing at an underground Latino club. We take that maybe tomorrow.

So Saturday we had plans to stay over at Leonard and Nick’s house and baby sit their new puppy Leggs. If you think he looks like a giant instead of a puppy it’s because he is a Grate Dane and is enormous already. We all plan to ride him like a horse when he is fully grown. Just kidding….

Afternoon walks. He was way more into Ambrose then me. hahaha

Leggs loves the water so we took him down to the lake to splash around some water.

The plan was to wake up early and rent two paddle boards on Sunday morning before meeting everyone for breakfast by the lake.

Because the kitchen is still under construction we had homemade BBQ burgers in the garden. For starters dips with crackers and veggies. We curled up on the couch with the puppy and watched the entire season one of FARGO.

Ambrose sister Anastasia and Xavier <3

As you can see we did not get to paddle-boarding on the lake. Instead it was breakfast by the lake with the whole family. 

After breakfast we took Xavier to play at the children’s playground. ( think the other parents at the playground thought we looked suspicious when walking in with ten grownups with only one child. Haha ) Back at the house for some video-gaming and to plan Christmas. We each picked a name from a hat. Decided to do secret Santa instead of one present to each person. I got Nick and I am happy with that. He should be easy to pick a gift for.

We finished our Sunday with a family dinner out at the terrace.  

My Australian family <3



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