Time for my health exams

I’ve never been this excited for a doing a health exam! Today I have an appointment at 11:30. after the exam is done, I am just waiting for my police clearance rapports from Sweden, Spain and Australia, and that’s it! After that we have our Partner Visa !!! We have been waiting almost 2 years for this so you can imagine why I am this glad.

Started this morning with some toast and tea. I am looking thru my laptop for pictures to delete. It is time-consuming but needs to be done once in a while. I also saw these pretty pictures that we were tagged in from Ashalee and Stefano’s wedding. So because I forgot to take pictures of my yummy toasts, this will have to do.

After the test ( takes about 3 hours ) I have a lunch date with Ambrose. And I think we will stay in the city tonight. The groomsmen for Bart’s wedding are having their suits tailored this afternoon and then they have a dinner planned. So might as well stay the night. Now I am getting myself ready for X-rays and HIV-test. As you do…..

Oh life as a gypsy girl. xx

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