when partnership becomes a value

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Yesterday I realized something within myself. i came to the realization that being a team, partnership, or whatever you want to call it is one of, if not the most important thing for me. That is something I appreciate, something I need just more than anything else I can think of right now.
And I wonder why that is?

Those times in my life I don’t have it is those times I can remember as the most difficult times. And the opposite, whenever I am in a period of my life or even in a moment where I strongly can feel I am in a strong and genuine team with the one I love, its like that’s it. That is how it suppose to be for me to feel whole. To feel complete.

I know I had this conversation with people before. What are some of the basic needs we must have as humans in order to feel good. And many times the answer will be ; food and shelter, a satisfying job. And that is all fine, I do completely agree on all those things. Of course I do. But I just cannot leave out how stupidly satisfying and grateful it has made me feel those times life has been completely shit. For whatever reason I have been mentally exhausted, and I come home I can see, and I can feel how just the knowing that I don’t go true any of it alone. That there is somebody who shares it all with me. To me that is knocks out all the rest.

Everybody is different. Our past has shaped and conditioned us to who we are today. What we value in life and what we don’t give a damn about.
This was just mine.

“Shared happiness is double happiness.
Shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

Lonesome happiness is half happiness.

Lonesome sorrow is double the sorrow”

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