street girl

I slept like 10 hours last night. 10 hours! Not like me at all but well needed.
And to be fair, I was a street girl yesterday, at least I felt like I had been wandering the streets forever. Instead of driving back to the house after dropping Ambrose off at the airport, I made the mistake to think I should stay in the city. I drove to see my friend Manisha in Bondi, had a coffee and breakfast on the grass in Bondi Beach. And after all that it was only like 8 am. After I drove and returned a dress and did some shopping at Bondi Junction. Had some Japanese for lunch around 1:30 pm and then I started to be a bit bored. Luckily the sun was warming up so I drove to Bronte beach with some coconut water and my bikini and just fell asleep at the beach. Had SPF 50 so no burns yet 🙂

I had dinner plans with my friend Kali, went to her house around 5pm and had such a good time. I brought some dips, olives and vine with me so instead of going out we decided to stay in and watch trash TV. I never do this but last night a perfect night for it. Exactly what I needed. We know each-other true our partners. Her fiance Bart is one of Ambrose’s best friends. Last night me and Kali discussed their whole group (they are many) and their partners. Its funny to hear others perspective on everyone 🙂 For dinner we ordered a bunch of delivery food from Oporto’s. Sometimes you just cant be bothered to even go get food, even from across the street.

After a couple of hours of trash TV, rose’, spicy chicken and laughter, it was time for this “street girl” to head to bed. I was excused! As soon as I put my head on the pillow I fell straight to into sleep.

Today I am back, full of energy and working away at Sister2Sister. We have great plans ahead so very excited. xx


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