days before Bali

Good morning!
Today we woke up super early to drive Ambrose to the airport. He is going away on a surf trip to Bali, I could not go with him because I cant leave the country on my Visa. I don’t even want to talk about it….
But because I have hardly slept anything and I am sleepy like a little child, I though I keep it simple and just go true the last couple of days, before Bali with you 🙂

Last Thursday was Ambrose’s last day at work. Apparently they had a big farewell for him, with presents, speeches and after-work drinks. When Ambrose came home we were lying in bed reading what all these nice colleagues had been writing to him. I could not stop laughing. Fist of all, Ambrose hates being the center of attention. So when they have a speech for him and 40 people stands around starring at him is like hell for him. He was traumatized when he came home and told me what happened to him. Then I was laughing at him as he was reading his farewell card, he did not know who 80% of them where haha.

We woke up after a good sleep in and went for our favorite breakfast. You will see the same pictures of my breakfast because I ALWAYS pick the same when we are at “Little Piggi’s”. Ambrose is normal and try new stuff.

We drove and did all our errands we needed done before the trip. Went to the beach shortly, I did try to get into the water but its still freezing in the water. Stopped over to see the view. Its such a cool neighborhood. Cant remember the name but its like an island, so all these lucky houses gets this view to die for.

Saturday was Ash & Stefan’s wedding. It was an pretty amazing wedding at Taronga Zoo. (More about that later) We stayed over in a really cool, Japanese style airbnb in the city after the wedding. And This is how we spent most of Sunday day/night. After packing and an intense wedding weekend that’s all I wanted.

Now I have to run to the car, stupid 2 h parking…..

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